Time to address something in this story, this is an AU of Star Wars which involves Spyro, so yeah, enjoy


Space. It was a quiet place for most people, but not for all of them as a small fighter blasted through the abyss, being pursued by a large Corellian Star Destroyer. "Command! This is Red seven, I'm being pursued by Imperials, I need su-agh!" The pilot was cut off as he felt a laser blast scorch the hull of his X-wing from a TIE Fighter. "Red seven, this is the Resiliance, we're moving to intercept the Destroyer, just hang on." A voice said through the comms as the X-wing kept trying to outmaneuver the TIE Fighters, meanwhile, on the command deck of the Star Destroyer, a Captain was walking towards a tall, menacing figure.

"Lord Vader, we have the Rebel fighter in range." The Captain told Vader as he didn't turn and merely kept looking out the window. "Ready the Tractor-Beam and see to it personally that the pilot is unharmed, he may give us a clue to Skywalker's whereabouts." Darth Vader commanded as the Officer nodded and walked away to the crew.

"Ready the Tractor-Beam, and fire on my command." He announced as the crew begun the ignition phase. "Come on, where are you?" The Pilot asked. "Ready...Aim..." The Captain began as the X-wing destroyed a TIE Fighter.

"Fire!" He shouted right as a Mon-Calimarian Star Cruiser came out of hyperspace, and the X-wing managed to escape. "Skywalker..." Vader could feel his presence on the ship. "Captain, prepare a boarding party, and see to it that any attacking fighters are destroyed." He told the Captain as he left the command deck.

"Yes, my lord." The Captain replied as Vader left, and readied the shuttle.

The X-wing came to a speeding halt as it landed in the hanger, and the pilot exited. "Wooh! Great timing!" He announced as the entrance to the hanger doors opened, and Luke Skywalker walked out with Princess Leia and Han Solo.

"You made it, it's good to see you weren't captured." Luke walked up to the pilot. "Yeah, at this rate, we weren't sure if we'd make it in time." Leia added on, suddenly, Luke felt a tremor in the Force.

"Vader..." He trailed off. "Vader's coming, Leia, prepare the troops." Luke informed the Princess as she ran off. "Han, go with her, I'll meet Vader when he lands." He continued as Han went to find Leia, allowing Luke to wait and saw an Imperial Shuttle.

"Here we go..." Luke sighed as he unclipped his father's lightsaber off his belt, he took a deep breath and allowed the Force to flow through him. "Luke..." He could hear the voice of Ben Kenobi as the shuttle landed, and Darth Vader descended down the ramp with two Stormtroopers behind him.

"Young Skywalker, our long awaited meeting has come at last." Vader's deep voice broke the silence while his heavy breathing kept the room from going completely silent. "I'm glad I gave you something to look forward to." Luke replied as Vader slowly walked forward.

"We need not be adversaries, I could show you mercy, if you renounce your ties to the Jedi." Vader said to Luke, who clenched his fist, remembering what Ben told him about his father's death. "Never..." He grimaced as he activated his Lightsaber, allowing the blue blade to shoot up from the hilt.

"So be it." Vader grabbed his own lightsaber and ignited the crimson red blade from his own hilt, and they charged at each other, letting the two blade clash while the Stormtroopers merely watched, knowing better than to interfere with Vader's personal affairs. "Look, it's Luke!" Leia exclaimed as the Rebel footsoldiers opened fire on the Stormtroopers, while this happened, Vader had managed to push Luke back and knocked him to the ground.

"Luke, you must join me! I will train you in ways that you couldn't even imagine as a Jedi." He pointed the tip of his crimson blade at Luke's chest. "But as a Sith...never." Luke gritted his teeth as he whacked away Vader's blade with his own, and actually used some of the Force to knock back Vader, giving Luke time to get up.

"We could be more powerful than the Sith or Jedi, we could destroy the Emperor, you have the power to do so!" Darth Vader pointed at Skywalker as they clashed sabers again. "I'll never join the Dark Side, I'm a Jedi like my father before me, whom you murdered in cold blood." Luke retorted while they stayed in a saber lock.

"General Organa, something's happening, both cruisers are being pulled into a wormhole of some kind." Leia heard a transmission from her comm. "Brace yourself!" Leia cried as she shot a Stormtrooper, and the ships both started getting closer to the wormhole.

"Admiral! Our cruiser is being pulled into a wormhole, same with the Rebellion." A Captain informed the Admiral. "Reverse our engines, get us out of that wormhole's reach!" The Admiral replied as their ships started entering the wormhole, which had begun to damage their outer hulls.

"Prepare yourself for impact with the Rebel cruiser!" The Admiral exclaimed as the ships begun colliding and slightly damaging each other's hulls.

The Rebel ship had entered the wormhole, causing everyone to lose their balance and fall, except for Vader, who in fact activated his artificial gravity boots, and begun to walk towards the unbalanced Luke.

"Luke, join me." Vader held out his hand and deactivated his saber, allowing Luke to contemplate this for a moment, but they were all knocked off balance as the ships continued to crash through the wormhole, unsure of their destination...

The weather was warm and soothing as a purple dragon glided through the air, with a black dragoness at his side. "Hey Spyro, remind me why we're doing this?" The Dragoness asked Spyro. "The point, Cynder, is to make sure no remaining orcs or grublins survived after Malefor's destruction, plus I wanted to spend time with you." He replied as Cynder smiled.

"So, that's why you accepted this assignment from Terrador? To be with me?" She asked as she flew up next to Spyro. "Well, I felt like we could use it, especially since we're now like...a thing" Spyro responded and they landed.

"Then let's start our patrol" Cynder smirked, but they were distracted when they noticed two large objects appearing in the sky.

"What is that?" Cynder asked as Spyro shrugged. "Not sure...but we better tell the Guardians, come on" Spyro replied as they rushed back to Warfang to inform the Guardians of what they saw.