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Chapter 1:

Destination: Home

Starting from the East, checking down South and even checking out as far West as could go, Steven has checked out most of the 39 states and has really found a lot he wants to possibly call "home" in the future. Speaking of home, it's been almost two years since he left his old one, Beach City. Of course, he was able to come back to the temple to see his family and friends during the holidays, with help from Lion. Steven, now 19 years old, has grown a few inches taller, rocking a soul patch below his lower lip and sporting a new pink zip-up hoodie instead of his varsity one, but still proudly wearing his black t-shirt with the same golden star he's been wearing since he was a kid. Along with his change in appearance, he kept pursuing his journey of self discovery to find not only where he wants to settle down, but himself as well.

However, the direction he was heading in his Dondai Supremo, was heading East. The same direction as the sandy town of Delmvara. In other words, he's heading back to Beach City!

As Steven stops at a rest stop just by the border of Keystone to Delmvara, he takes his phone out to make a face-time call to a certain group of people that miss him constantly.

"Hey Guys!"

"Steven!" the three gems exclaimed at the same time, happy to hear and see Steven on screen.

"Hey Schtu-ball" said Greg, glad to see his son again.

"Can't wait to see you guys again."

"We can't wait either son. You're just at the edge of Keystone right?"

"Yeah Dad, Delmvara is just half an hour away from here. I should be at Beach City by tomorrow at around the same time"

"Oh Steven, tomorrow is just not coming fast enough" Pearl whined, wanting to see Steven right now face to face instead of waiting another day.

"Yeah dude, playing your video games and munching on pizza and fry bits aren't the same without you." Amethyst complained, wanting to see the very person who's been like a little brother to her.

"Basically, we're just looking forward to seeing you again" Garnet shortening their whines.

"Aw, I miss guys too. Don't worry, I'm going to drive into Delmvara and find a motel to sleep at for the night. Then, the only thing I'm doing tomorrow is driving back to Beach City. With a lunch break of course." Steven explained his schedule for tonight and tomorrow.

"Don't worry son, take your time. Beach City isn't going anywhere. We'll be ready and waiting for you." Greg told Steven.

"Yes, take your time. Although, if you can do what you can to get here as soon as possible, that would be even better" Pearl suggested

"Like Greg said, we'll be ready and waiting for you with big open arms"

Garnet has her hands out, saying she's ready to give him a great big hug as soon as he comes out of the Dondai when he gets there.

"By the way, you're gonna be running low on gas tomorrow. Just in case you want to get some now before then" Garnet suggested, indicating that she just used her future vision.

"Thanks for the heads up Garnet. I'll get some when the time is right" Steven assured her.

"You take your time Steven. Again, we're not going anywhere" Greg assured Steven

"Oh, and Connie's going to be so thrilled to see you again!" Pearl mentioned with excitement.

"I can't wait to see her too. I know her graduation is still a few months away, but it's going to be great to be there for her as she finishes off her last semester" Steven telling his dad and the gems.

"Connie will be glad to see you Steven" Garnet assured him.

"Yeah dude, when she ain't studying, she just wouldn't stop talking about you when she hangs out here".

"Oh you're one to talk Amethyst. You don't stop talking about him either." Pearl mentioned out loud

"Please, I'm hearing this from you? At least I don't sing the Ice Cream Kitty theme song to remember him" Amethyst countered with a grin.

"I-I only sing it because it's rather catchy" Pearl defended herself against Amethyst's claim.

As the two were playfully arguing over who really missed Steven more, he couldn't help but giggle at this and even give some slight tears. Just like how they miss him, he misses them too.

"Ok guys, I think I'm gonna get back on the road and get to the motel before it gets too dark. I can't wait to see you guys and everybody else when I get back!"

"Ok Son. Drive carefully" Greg asked him.

"I will" Steven assured him

"Oh, but there is one more thing we need to tell you Steven" Garnet mentioning to Steven.


One at a time, each of the gems smiled and formed a heart shape with their hands.

"We love you" Garnet said for all of them

Steven couldn't help but smile and use his own hands to form the same shape.

"I love you guys too! See you tomorrow."

After that loving chat, the video chat ended and Steven put his phone back into his pocket as he made his way back to his car.

After driving a couple minutes, Steven made his way over the state border. Leaving Keystone and seeing the sign saying "Welcome to Delmvara" meant he was just a couple hours away from his destination.

However, with it being 9 PM, Steven knew it was time to turn in for the night. Luckily, according to Boogle Maps, the motel he was planning to sleep at was close by.

After finding the motel and parking his car, Steven grabbed his bag, checked in at the front desk and proceeded to the assigned room. When he walked into his temporary sleeping quarters, he didn't hesitate sitting on the bed and then falling on his back onto the mattress.

"Never get tired of doing that" Steven says to himself in a relaxed mood

Although Steven felt a desire to swim in the motels pool at the front of the building, Steven knew that it was already late and that he needed as much rest as he can before he can get back on the road. After changing into his sleepwear and brushing his teeth, Steven made his way over to the bed. After lying his head on the pillow and pulling the covers over him, he decided to give himself a little "pep talk".

"Alright Steven, you're just a few hours away from seeing everyone again. Yeah you've visited a once or twice thanks to lion, but this will be the longest break from travelling you've had. You're going to be there for a few months. You're gonna catch up with the gems and everyone in Beach City & Little Homeworld. You're gonna be there for Connie when she graduates. Oh, and you're gonna see Dr. Ellis face to face. Talk about how you've been doing well since…" Steven stopped himself there, trying not to think about what happened a few months before he left.

"It's gonna be great!" Steven told himself with enthusiasm before he slowly closed his eyes to drift into slumber.

He's been driving for a long time to reach his destination, but he can see it now, his hometown, Beach City! The town just as it was when he left it, full of people AND gems wandering around and talking with one another. Of course, he also noticed a couple of them facing their phones instead of who's next to them. He can greet everyone later, right now, the only thing on his mind was getting to his family

As he pulled up in front of the temple, he quickly got out of the Dondai and didn't even bother grabbing his bags. He couldn't get up the stairs fast enough before halting himself before he could walk through the door.

"Ok Universe, what do you say the second you walk in?"

"I'm back?" Nah, too simple.

"We….. Are the Crystal gems"? No, haven't sung it in a while. Not the way to start off your return.

"It's official! The Universe is set in motion!" What?

"Geez, why is it so hard to simply walk through the door and embrace everyone?" Steven asked himself.

"Maybe it'd be easier if one of us opened the door for you" Garnet said interrupting his train of thought, catching him by surprise.


Steven, not containing himself any longer, rushed over to Garnet and embrace her in a hug he's been wanting to give her for a while now. Garnet gave Steven a few seconds before she covered him in her arms as well.

"Welcome back Steven" she said as she maintained her hug.


Steven opened his eyes quickly as he heard two people say his name. Recognizing those voices, he didn't need to look behind Garnet as he can already hear them running towards the hug between him and her. Pearl and Amethyst joined in making it a group hug.

"Oh Steven, we're so glad you're here!" Pearl exclaimed as she couldn't be happier to see him in person rather than on a small screen.

"Yeah dude, I don't care if you get tired of this, we're always gonna hug you like this whenever you show up". Amethyst added.

"It'll never get old for me. Trust me". Steven commented as he enjoyed the embrace of his guardians.


After hearing his nickname, he eyed the man that said it. Knowing that he'd want to hug his dad as well, the gems slowly let go of Steven as he made his way towards Greg.

"Dad!" Steven exclaimed happily just before he embraced his dad in just a big a hug as he gave the gems. Greg returned the favor by wrapping his son in his arms too.

"Glad you're back son"

"It's good to be back"

After ending their embrace, the sat down on the couch next to his dad as he told them everything he saw during his travels since the last time he visited. As he was telling his stories though, he heard the door open up and saw someone he was looking forward to seeing the most and the main reason he came back during this time, his girlfriend, Connie Maheswaran.



Quickly getting up from the couch, he quickly made his way to her. Just like with his dad and the gems, he couldn't wrap his hands around her any faster. After the hug, they looked into each others eyes and gave each other a quick kiss on the lips. Greg and the gems were happy to see the lovely reunion, especially Garnet.

"Welcome back" Connie said to Steven, refusing to let her eyes wander away from his. Steven, still looking down at her eyes, simply responded by embracing her again and saying the same thing he told his dad, "It's good to be back".

After continuing his tales of his road trip, he wanted some time with Connie and the gems and Greg didn't hesitate to let them do just that. Leaving the beach house and going down the steps, Steven and Connie walked on the beach and made their way to the boardwalk as they were talking about what's been going on with Connie.

"So midterms are already done?" Steven asked her.

"Yeah, and it feels good to be done with them." Connie told him. "Now all I have to worry about is my finals in a couple weeks and I'll be done with high school."

"You'll have a diploma and Jayhawk to look forward to."

"That's not all I'm looking forward to" She added

"Oh, well, what else is there to look forward to?" Steven asked. Only after that did Connie laugh and give her answer.

"A summer with you silly." Steven couldn't help but join in laughing with her as he should have figured that out right away. However, as they held hands and laughed together, a sudden earthquake broke them from their joy as they were losing their footing on the sidewalk. They looked up and realized that the sky was getting dark and cloudy with a lot of heavy wind approaching the town. As Steven tried to maintain his balance during the quakes and heavy winds, he was mostly focusing on hanging on to Connie's hand. However, his struggles were in vein as he not only lost his grip to Connie's hand he fell backwards to where he hit the back of his head on the ground knocking himself out.

As he regained consciousness, he looked at his surroundings and was confused at what he was seeing.

The ocean is riddled with rough waters.

The sky covered in storming clouds and roaring with thunder in contrast to the sunny blue skies he was seeing earlier before quake.

"Connie" Steven realized that his girlfriend was nowhere close to him and as he turned around hoping to find her, he saw something really disturbing.

Beach City is in ruins. The boardwalk businesses, completely demolished with debris and broken glass surrounding them. The homes of its residents, wrecked. Even the Big Donut, trashed with the big donut on the ground shattered into big pieces. Surprised and frightened at the destruction, Steven figured he should go get his friends at Little Homeworld to see if they're ok. He didn't have to take too many steps to see on top of the cliff the neighborhood resided on was decimated.

"N-no…. No Way!" Steven mumbled to himself as he was backing away in fear.

As tears began spilling out of his eyes, hoping he wasn't actually seeing his hometown destroyed, he looked to his right and saw that the temple, the house he lived in most of his life, was wrecked as well. Even the statue of Obsidian was hardly in its place on the cliff side as its head and all but one of its arms was on the crushed remains of what use to be his home.

"No, no, no. This…. This isn't happening." Steven said to himself, scared and praying that all of this is just a simple dream. Even if it is though, it didn't change the fact that he was scared so much, that he glowed pink for the first time in these past few years.

As he stepped back from the ruined temple, he quickly ran towards the debris to see if his family was ok.

"Garnet? Amethyst? Pearl? Dad?! CONNIE?!"

What confused him though, as he was easily throwing debris out of the way, was that there was nobody there. No gem shards could be seen. No corpses of his dad or girlfriend. Not even a little drop of blood.

"Where is everyone?"

In fact, as he looked back at the city, he didn't see any sign of hurt citizens. No humans, no gems, the city was empty. A total ghost town.

"Does that mean everyone is ok?"

But before Steven could check out the town, he noticed that there was a bright light coming from behind him.


As he looked back at the ocean, he noticed the clouds up above were opening up. Descending from that opening were four figures in grey hooded-cloaks. As grey as the the stormy clouds hovering the ocean. Those four went into a rhombus shape formation. With one of them floating higher than the others. Two of them lower and each one on a left and right side. The last one was at the lowest point, still above the waters.

As Steven wondered who they were, he quickly noticed the dark sphere that was forming in the middle of their formation. Not only was it forming, it was expanding. It was getting bigger to the point that it actually enveloped the four that made it. Even with those four seemingly gone, the black ball was still growing. It didn't stop. Steven realized that he should protect himself and the remains of his home. As the sphere made its way closer, Steven put his hands out to summon the biggest hexagonal shield he can make. With all of his strength, he's able to make as tall as the Cliffside and big enough to cover the temple and anything else in the spheres' path. However, even with this being the biggest shield he's ever made, he's shocked to see that the sphere has little effort in making cracks in his shield and eventually breaking it completely as if it was nothing but a thin sheet of glass.

"No way!"

Steven's strongest defense was completely shattered. Nothing could protect him from the ball of darkness that kept growing and getting closer to him. Trying to avoid his fate, Steven kept summoning multiple shields as he kept backing up away from what might kill him.

"No. No. Get Away!"

Steven bringing his arms up as a last line of defense before all he could see in front of him was black.


Steven woke up with sweat dripping down his head as he kept breathing in and out after being frightened by just what might be the scariest nightmare he ever had.

"It was….. just a dream." Steven told himself. He looked around and recognized that he was in the same motel room he checked out for the night. To be sure that he was in real life though, he tried the simplest test. After pinching himself in the arm and feeling a slight pain, he realized that this was indeed reality.

"Phew. Thank goodness" Steven said to himself in relief. Still, he couldn't help but wonder what that nightmare was about and why is he having one as terrifying after a few years?

After packing up his bag and checking out at the front desk, Steven quickly walked to his car. Putting his bag in the trunk, Steven went to the driver's seat to finish his quest back to his friends and family.

After leaving the motel and as he drove through Delmvara, although he was focusing his attention on the road, he couldn't help but think about his nightmare. Sure he's had some dreams that scared him. Then again, instead of dreams, he use to have visions of his late mothers past. The thing with those was, they actually did happen.

But, Beach City was never destroyed. And I never met people in grey robes before. Steven shook his head focusing once again on his driving. That's all it is, just a dream. Steven should have paid more attention to his surroundings though. He saw a red blinking light that told him he'd be delayed for a bit.


Forgetting about Garnet mentioning he'd need gas, he drove to the gas station he saw up ahead and turned his car into the vicinity.

"Note to self, when Garnet tells you you're going to need gas, get gas!" Steven told himself with a chuckle.

"Don't worry guys, I'll see you guys soon"

That concludes my first chapter of Steven Universe Beyond. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Again, this is my first fanfic, so don't be surprised if it's a little sloppy. I'd appreciate your comments on the chapter and even some of your thoughts about it.

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