Here is the next chapter.

This one has a fair bit of stuff happening although some of it came to mind to push some things back. Also it lacks the usual training of skills I include aside from a couple points but I suppose its countered with nearly a dozen new Classes for Kichi to take. There's also the Animagus form reveals and the end to the werewolf side-plot. There's also the introduction into enchanting which I'm hoping makes sense given the enchantment slots on most equipment makes it a bit more complicated.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

Sitting at a table in the library, I skim through a book on potions before scribbling down notes on a notepad that I'd been using for working out what I'd dubbed my 'Permanent Potion Power-Up Plan'. The idea was to make [Everlasting Elixirs] of various enhancing potions so I could maximize the boost I would get from them. I wasn't going to even attempt to make them until I had maxed out [Potion Creation] but I could still work out the recipes for them.

"So, what are you working on?" Sirius asked as he sat down opposite me.

"I'm working on turning some potions into Everlasting Elixirs..." I answered, sliding the notepad to him to see what he thinks.

Sirius raises an eyebrow as he looks over a few of the pages before stopping on a page that had what I'd worked out of the [Vitamax Potion's] elixir form which should boost my DEX.

"You know some of these are hard to make even before you turn them into Everlasting Elixirs and you could get into trouble if the NEWT Examiners find out you've taken them?" Sirius asked concerned.

"I know, Father. I only intend to take them after the NEWTs if that Dark Lord is still around." I answered, Sirius nodding in understanding as I added "I'll probably make more sets of them with at least one being for Harry as a precaution..."

"Alright." Sirius relented with a sigh, "Just be careful with these if you get one like Felix Felicis wrong as an Everlasting Elixir then you might end up with perpetual bad luck for the rest of your life. That's not to mention the addiction issues with poorly made Wit-Sharpening Potions that could happen. I've seen some students have trouble remember their name from getting addicted to that version."

"I'll be careful, Father... That's why I'm doing all these notes and planning before even attempting to make one of them." I replied with a soft smile as Sirius put the notepad back down.

I suppose that explains why no one has done this before, the potions are dangerous if not properly prepared and if those ill-prepared potions are turned into [Everlasting Elixirs] then those side effects become even more dangerous. That's not to mention the work needed so the potions/elixirs don't interfere with each other when taken by one person. They might not cause too much trouble for someone like me with [Gamer's Body] but I want to have Bellatrix and the girls take them as well so they can get stronger.

That's not to mention I want to figure out how to use [Metamorphosis Magic] to turn them into a hybrid of [Homo Magi] and [Fallen Angel] to avoid the eventual aging issue but mainly to give them the means to learning magic or, in the case of Bellatrix, increase her own reserves. Maybe I can use my [Mystic Eyes] on Fleur Delacour to be able to add in a splash of Veela to the mix...

"How has curing the Werewolves been?" Sirius asked curiously.

"Already done about half of them but the others want to grab Greyback before I finish the rest." I answered with a sigh, "I only agreed mainly cause they don't want the Ministry involved and figured if I and Remus bring in a de-fanged Greyback it'd be good publicity for both werewolves and me."

"It would..." Sirius pointed out with a chuckle, "If they knew before the werewolves they'd think it was some ploy to get rid of them all without actual proof."

"Have you figured out what you want to do when September rolls around?" I ask curiously, "I mean without me, Harry and Bellatrix around you'll be here on your own unless Remus opts to stay."

"I hadn't thought about it really..." Sirius replied with a hum, leaning back in his seat as he added "I don't really want to go back to the Aurors as none of them really believed my innocence when I was imprisoned."

"Maybe you could do something about jokes. I mean you and Remus enjoyed pranking when you were at Hogwarts with Harry's father." I replied with a shrug, seeing a twinkle in Sirius' eyes at the idea as I added, "I just hope you don't test whatever stuff you come up with on me if you go through with it."

"That's a good idea." Sirius thought aloud, a calculating look on his face.

I think I may have caused more trouble for me, Bellatrix and Harry for the rest of the summer if Sirius gets back into his pranking ways and gets Remus involved as well.


"Why do you two want to do this?" I ask curiously as I stood in the dueling room with Nymphadora and Bellatrix. Both had knowing smiles and I'm pretty sure Bellatrix has spoken about last night to her while they were coming up with this. From what they had explained to me, they were both eager to see how good a duelist I was - and given the recent addition to my [Inventory] I had to resist some sort of [Yu-Gi-Oh] joke that would have flown over both their heads.

"Well, if what Bella's told me is true about you curing werewolves then we need to make sure you're capable of using your wand should Greyback try and attack you." Nymphadora replied, twirling her wand between her fingers as Bellatrix snickered.

"If you want to test my 'wand', we should really take this upstairs." I retorted amused as Nymphadora's face and hair reddened as she realised what she had said as her eyes even darted downwards.

"I didn't mean..." Nymphadora blurted out as I chuckled.

"I know but its the only wand I have, Tonks." I pointed out before clarifying as I asked, "You want to duel me to see how good I can defend myself?"

"That's it." Nymphadora replied with a nod, getting her colouring back under control.

We moved to stand with enough space between us as Bellatrix moved to the side so she could watch. Nymphadora turned side on so her wand hand was forward almost like a fencer while her other was down by her side. I took a simple side on martial artist stance, my left hand raised in front of my chin with fore- and middle fingers held outstretched together so I could point cast easier while my right hand was clawed and down by my side.

It wasn't a formal stance but something that made sense with the addition of [Anything Goes Martial Arts] to help with the dodging and adding a flow to my movements.

"Nothing permanent, right?" I ask, getting a nod from Nymphadora.

"Bella, count down when you want." She added.

"Alright." Bellatrix spoke with a eager smile, holding her wand with a [Protego] cast at the ready as well as she spoke "3... 2... 1... Begin!"

At that moment, both of us fired stunners at each other, in an attempt for a quick victory, Nymphadora ducks below mine while I use my other hand to cast a small [Protego] as I thrust it forwards. I quickly follow up with a pair of [Flipendo] aiming to knock her off her feet only to have to side step an [Immobulus] from her before adding a [Depulso] with my open hand.

Nymphadora quickly dodges out of the way of my trio of spells before shooting an [Incendio] fireball that I counter with a [Glacius] before conjuring a metal shield in front of me to block the next barrage of spells from her while using my [Charm Magic] to make it hover and move while firing back stunners and some pranks spells I knew.

An exploder destroyed my shield before I had to roll out of the way of both ropes and a pair of stunners, swiping my hand along the floor to use [Rune Magic] to write an array that would create a shield to block the next barrage of spells. Creating a ball was wind through [Elemental Conjuration Magic] in my clawed hand as I retook my starting stance, I use my other hand to fire a few stunners and [Immobulus] spells back as the shield broke.

Thrusting my hand out during a lull I fire the [Wind Blast] I had prepared, firing stunners to either side of it so Nymphadora couldn't dodge. She threw up a shield instead but my elemental attack smashed through it with ease before I cancelled it just in time for a stunner to slip through and knocked her out.

"That was pretty good." Bellatrix commented, sending a spell to Nymphadora to wake her up with a start.

"Damn that is a powerful wind spell to break through my shield." Nymphadora spoke as she got back to her feet, "Also good job on hemming me in with those stunners and conjuring and floating that shield."

"Thanks, I was surprised how quick you could fire spells at me given the wand movements." I replied, Nymphadora smiling pleased.

"Those were a few spell chains I was taught which means one movement leads into another fluidly." She explained, signalling to my foci rings as she added, "I suppose you don't need to learn stuff like that as you mainly point cast and you can cast twice as many spells at once."

"My turn now." Bellatrix spoke with an eager smirk.


The duel with Bellatrix had been similar although she had been more happy to cast some stronger and unusual spells that could have caused some damage had they hit. One spell had been nasty enough that I'd [Create Toy] to conjure a ball gag in her mouth to stop her from finishing the word much to Nymphadora's amusement and Bellatrix's arousal, if I'm reading her body language right. It had been the only spell she'd voiced as well suggesting it was a new one she had been learning to use. I'd gotten +10 Affection for both Bellatrix and Nympahdora from the duels

The two girls had left for some girls day out in Muggle London after they had cleaned up and changed, leaving me to wait on Harry while I enjoy the progress I'd gained from my new secondary [Class]: [Gardener]. Similar to [Buff Cooking], it turns out [Herbology] was the combined [Skill] of [Gardening] with probably something like 'Plant Identification' and, as a result, I'd instantly got 6 levels in [Gardener] and 12 points each into STR, END and LUC.

The reason I was waiting on Harry was that I'd decided to stop putting off something that I figured would happen at some point this summer: meeting the Weasley family. Harry had said that Mrs Weasley was eager to meet me for some reason which probably had something to do with healing Harry or talking to the twins about studying or something.

At hearing Harry's footsteps, I got to my feet and headed towards the fireplace to see Harry come in with his broomstick resting over one shoulder.

"Ready?" I asked curiously, Harry nodding before I signalled for him to go first into the Floo.

"The Burrow!" Harry called, disappearing in a burst of green flames.

Giving Harry a few moments to move out of the way, I follow after him and easily step out of the floo to see Harry waiting while talking to Ron, the twins and Ginny. Mrs Weasley was smiling at the pair before turning at my arrival as she spoke "Hello dear, Kichirou wasn't it?"

"Yes, Mrs Weasley..." I replied with a friendly smile, drawing the attention of her children as I added "It's nice to meet you."

"Harry explained how you healed him of several issues and got him away from those Muggles and I just want to say thank you." Mrs Weasley replied with a warm smile.

"It was no trouble, Harry is family after all." I replied simply, getting a nod of agreement from the woman as I activate both my [Mystic Eyes] and [Byakugan] to scan my new surroundings as Mrs. Weasley started to peppering various questions at me like how I was adjusting to England and looking forwards to Hogwarts. Each was fairly easy to answer and from what I was getting from [Empathy] Mrs. Weasley was becoming more relaxed and trusting about me.

That and the lack of anything incriminating makes me think that her questionable action at King's Cross was probably more 'faith over wisdom' - in that she had such faith in Dumbledore that it overrode her own measure of common sense when asked to do something by him - rather then actual malicious intent. Its a shame I can't see her actual stats though to check if that's correct or not.

"If you don't mind Mrs Weasley, I'd like to do a check up on your daughter as Harry explained what had happened a couple years ago to her." I asked, getting Mrs. Weasley to wave her hand as she dismissed my concern.

"It's fine, dear, Ginny was seen to by Madam Promfrey after it happened." She replied with a smile.

"Okay then..." I spoke with a nod before adding my own explanation, "I was just concerned that from what Harry described the artefact as there may have been some lingering dark magic that might have clung onto her and while I don't doubt Madam Pomfrey's skills, from what Harry told me, she is still most use to dealing with school level injuries."

Mrs. Weasley nodded in understanding with a warm smile as she understood what I meant before suggesting "Why don't you head out to see what the others are doing?"

"Alright." I replied with a nod, heading outside while a portion of my gaze was still on her as she busied herself around the house.

Outside, Harry, Ron and the twins were all on brooms with a quaffle and playing some sort of game while Ginny watched from the ground waiting for her turn.

"So, what are they playing?" I asked curiously, drawing the girl's attention before she blushed as she looked at me.

"Th-they're playing a penalty shoot-out." Ginny answered with a slight stammer, turning her attention back to the quartet of boys who I could easily track.

Looks like my [Mystic Eyes] isn't picking up anything unusual from Ginny either so I imagine if love potions are used in the future then its her own idea, probably off the stories Mrs Weasley tells her about her own time at Hogwarts.

"Whose winning?" I asked curiously, Ginny glancing to me before she answered.

"George and Fred although Harry is close behind them." I nod at her response, seeing Ron glance down to see me. His eyes narrowed at seeing me before the quaffle zoomed past him as Fred through it past him into the makeshift goal.

-5 Reputation for Ron Weasley [-25/100] (for making him miss the quaffle)

Seriously? I lose Rep with him cause he was distracted by me. Honestly, I shouldn't expect anything better from Ron given what the books make him out to be. Immature, stubborn, un-empathetic, unambitious and lazy. Honestly between Harry's upbringing and Ron's personality its no wonder he has corner the place as Harry's 'best mate' as his attitude and personality drove others away.

"Have you played Quidditch before?" Ginny asked curiously.

"No. But that's more due to being a Metamorphmagus then anything else." I answered with a shrug, glancing to see her confused expression as I explained "Being one means that I can extend my reach more then should be possible to catch something, enhance my strength to hit or throw harder, sharpen my vision or even enhance my reflexes. It's something that's only an expert can do but cause of being possible Metamorphmagi aren't formally allowed to play as an expression of willpower can cause the change to occur just as easily as changing hair and eye colour could occur based on emotions."

Seeing that she understood, I look back on the boys to see the quaffle coming our way before I twitched a finger and caught it in a levitation spell with relative ease before Harry grabbed it as the other three came down.

"Fred, George, Ron. This is Kichirou." Harry introduced me to the trio.

"Nice to meet you." I replied with a nod.

"If it isn't..."

"The famous Lord Black..."

"Come to our humble abode." The twins replied one after the other with large grins.

"Fred, George. I've heard interesting things about you both." I spoke with a nod at each twin as I said their names, my [Mystic Eyes] allowing me to tell them apart as they both blink for a moment before sharing a grin.


"What interesting things, milord?" The pair chimed curiously.

"Well, Harry spoke about your pranks and warned me to be careful around you both." I replied with a smile and causing the twins to turn mock hurt looks to Harry.

"What are you two doing...? He's gotta be a dark wizard to be able to cure Neville's parents." Ron retorted, ears and face red with rage.

"Ron!?" Harry and Ginny spoke up surprised, the former glancing to me concerned as I shook my head.

"Healers do tend to need to understand the magic used to undo and cure the effects of it on their patients, Ron. Does that mean that Madam Pomfrey or the Healers at St. Mungos' are Dark Wizards as well? They do deal with the effects of Dark Magic as well." I ask curiously, watching Ron frown in thought before he shook his head.

"W-Well, if Dumbledore couldn't heal them then no one should be able to." Ron retorted regardless of the reactions around him.

"Dumbledore isn't a master Healer, he's a teacher first." I countered with a raised eyebrow, "He also has three jobs so chances of him finding a cure are rather slim with him being so busy."

"You're a Black, aside from Sirius, they are all dark." Ron blurted out before stomping inside. The twins looking towards him in disbelief.

"Sorry about our stupid brother." Ginny spoke up first, the twins adding their own agreement.

"Me too. I thought Ron would be alright with you." Harry added with a frown at the doorway.

"It's fine." I replied, waving a hand as I reassured them, "Some people are just going to assume I'm 'dark' cause of the Black surname. I just didn't think your friend would be the one to voice it first."

"Neither did I." Harry muttered with a sigh, one of his hands to run through his hair.

"Its fine, Harry..."

"Ron will come around." The twins tried to reassure Harry.

The next hour or so around the Weasleys were awkward to say the least with regards to Ron, who took to shooting a glare at me when I injected myself into the conversation despite the others being friendly to me.


(Day 54: Tuesday 23th July 1993)

Taking a breath to calm down I sheathe [Shusui] after taking out the last group of [Affinity]. The [Angel ID] turned out to keep spawning enemies as I moved across it meaning that until I find the Boss I couldn't complete it. The previous times I'd been in here I'd found the Boss Lair - a cathedral in the North part of the area - but hadn't thought to complete it as I could farm EXP here easier to raise my level. Now though, I figure I should be able to easily defeat it and see what those second level [IDs] are about.

Glancing at the screen with my results so far as I approach the cathedral.

You have defeated [Affinity] x60 and [Decoration] x90!
You have gained 174000EXP!
You have levelled up x4! 52 =} 56
You have gained 20 Stat Points!
[Green Mage] has levelled up x5! 15 =} 20
You have gained +10 INT, +10 WIS and +15 CHA!
[Gardener] has levelled up x3! 7 =} 10
You have gained +6 STR, +6 END and +6 LUC!
[Black Mage] has levelled up x3! 16 =} 19
You have gained +9 INT, +6 WIS and +6 CHA!

After the first ten [Affinities] and [Decorations] I had enough EXP for [Gardener] so I changed it to [Black Mage] for the rest of enemies I took out which also had [Shusui] hit Level 37.

Closing the screen as I enter, I start walking deeper inside while adopting an slight Iaido stance just in case the Boss tried to launch a surprise attack on me. The doors slam shut as I reach the mid-point of the room and light starts to fill the rafters before a gold trim, scarlet armoured, eight foot tall angel dropped down in front of me, holding a curved gold sword and a hexagonal, dome shield the same red and gold as its armour.

Blazing Ardor
Level 35
HP: 35,000/35,000
MP: 40,000/40,000
The highest ranking member of the Third Sphere, Ardor are christened with the rank of Principalities. Presiding over the protection of the masses from evil spirits, they are equipped with a shield and armor of proof. Wielding the power of Paradiso on those who encroach upon happiness, Ardor are recipients of much adoration from those seeking salvation. This one is a veteran from a war against Demons and has mastered its fire based powers, making it stronger.
Thoughts about you: You are a heathen who has been decimating its army.

Unsheathing my sword as Ardor dashed forwards with a burst of flames, I caught its sword with my own before it swung its shield out to use its edge against me. I dodge with my immense speed with the added boost from swapping to [Blut Arterie], landing a heavy blow on its back that cut through the armour and left a deep wound that caused it to screech in pain.

Before I could land a second strike, the Ardor was enveloped in flames and sent me skidding back as I sighed in relief from my [Dragon Skin] taking all of the damage. The angel shot forwards faster then before and swung its flaming sword down which I easily blocked with my own while my hand had to dart out to grab the flaming shield before it could be bashed into me.

A glance at the screen I'd left open with its details saw that it was burning through its MP to try and injure me with the heat of its flames as I forced Ardor back with a kick to the chest that caused its armour to dent before noticing that my [Dragon Skin] was down to 250. The Ardor seemed intent to not give me time to act as it dashed at me and leading me to opt to meet it halfway and start launching a flurry of slashes that it managed to keep up with although resulted in both its sword and shield being damaged with each blow.

A shoulder charge knocked the wind out of me as the Ardor quickly discarded its weapons and pinned my arm to my side before glowing brightly and erupted into a fiery explosion after I brought the blade of my sword stabbing down into its back and activated my [Armoured Form] of my [Baslisk Hide Coat] to protect myself even further.

Using a blast of wind to disperse the smoke, I wince at the burns on my face and right hand from where the armour had broke as I set to work spamming [Repair] on my clothing to repair my them, mainly my [Mighty Scale Gauntlets] and coat, and let my HP Regen work on my injuries as my coat switched back to normal and dismiss [Shusui].

I blink at the four screens in my vision, opting to focus on the one with the new [Skill] first.

Due to a special action, you have gained the [Skill]:
[Heat Resistance] (Passive) Level: 3 - EXP: 10%
Description: A skill that allows the user to better resist heat and fire, allowing them to eventually walk through the searing desert with ease.
-Reduce damage from [Heat] and [Fire] by 1% x Skill Level

That's going to be fairly hard to train without getting awkward and concerned looks especially if I try and stick my hand into a fire at some point... I'm gonna have to leave this one until either the weather is right or the Game evolves it once I get a [Cold Resistance Skill].

To unlock the next [ID] you need to complete the Tier 2 versions of the existing [IDs]

Letting a sigh as I catch that screen, I wonder if the [IDs] for [Slime] and [Troll] will match this one in terms of levels. I'll have to try it out when I next get the chance as my current Level makes the [Angel ID] only really useful for early levelling of my [Classes].

Turning to the other two screens, I look over the results one from the battle first.

You have defeated [Blazing Ardor] x1!
You have gained 44,000EXP!
[Green Mage] has levelled up! 20 =} 21
You have gained +2 INT, +2 WIS and +3 CHA!
[Black Mage] has levelled up! 19 =} 20
You have gained +3 INT, +2 WIS and +2 CHA!
[Angel Armour Plates] x10
[Angel Feathers] x20
[Lumen Greaves] x1
[Ardor Shield] x1
[Ardor Blaze Sword] x1
[Shusui (OP)] has levelled up! 37 =} 38
[Shusui (OP)] (R:0/T:0) Level: 38 - EXP: 11042/19000 - ATK: 270(+0%)/DUR: 930/620(+50%) - Rarity: UR - SE: N/A - IE: N/A

Due to having over 250 WIS, you have gained the [Perk]:
[Sorcerer's Wisdom] (Passive)
Description: You have the wisdom of a sorcerer, allowing you to help others get stronger easier with your guidance.
-Increases MP Regen by 25%
-Increase all EXP for Party Members by 25%

I smiled at seeing the new [Perk] which sounds like it would help with training others. It also makes it seem like I could bring others into the [IDs] so they could get stronger in a similar way that I can, by having them kill the enemies. Explaining it would be difficult unless I use the 'Family Magic' excuse for it although I think Bellatrix probably accept it easily.

I'll also have to use [Weapon Copy] on the sword later on just to increase my numbers and hopefully it'll be sized down for my use otherwise it'll be hard to wield.

[Lumen Greaves] DEF: 35/DUR: 100/100
Description: A pair of metal boots created from holy metal from Paradiso that has been infused with holy energy.
-[Self-Repair (Adept)]
Restore 3 DUR every minute
-[Angelic Aura (Novice)]
Increase the effect of holy based magic and [Skills] by 20%

These boots are probably not as useful as other pieces of armour I have on their own but if I manage to get the set together then I could get an even greater boost to my [Holy Light Magic].

Closing the screens, I leave the [ID] and reappear back in my room where Bellatrix was sleeping in my bed, having taken to sneaking in during the night which had made performing any more book heists more difficult. I quickly un-equip all my equipment before sliding back into bed next to her and mentally opening my [Status] so I could change my [Race] back and swap my [Classes]. The former was easy to do while the latter showed that I had unlocked five more [Classes] from my two I had equipped.

[Illusionist]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A magic based [Class] that focuses on using magic to generate and manipulate illusions.
-Reduce costs of illusions by 10%
-Increase chance of success of illusions by 10%
-Grants +3 INT, +3 WIS, +1 CHA and +1 LUC per Level
-Grants [Skill]: [Illusion Magic]

[Sage]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A magic based [Class] that focuses on delving into the deeper magics of both [Black] and [White Magick].
-Increase the damage, effect and healing of all magic by 10%
-Reduce the cost of all magic by 10%
-Grants +4 INT and +4 WIS per Level
-Grants [Skill]: [Sage Magic]

[Eromancer]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A magic based [Class] that focuses on using magic for both pleasure and lust.
-Reduce cost of [Eromancy] by 10%
-Increase effect of [Eromancy] by 10%
-Grants +2 INT, +2 WIS and +4 CHA per Level
-Grants [Skill]: [Eromancy]

[Druid]: [0/50/ (0/2000)
A magic based [Class] that focuses on the manipulation of plant life.
-Increase effect of plant based magic by 10%
-Reduce cost of plant based magic by 10%
-Grants +2 INT, +2 WIS, +2 CHA and +2 LUC
-Grants [Skill]: [Plant Magic]

[Red Mage]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A balanced [Class] that deals with fighting physically while also using various magics the user knows.
-Increase damage caused by 10%
-Increase the effect of healing and support magic by 10%
-Grants +1 to all stats per Level
-Grants magical [Classes] EXP when associated [Skill] levels up (This [Class] gains the same amount itself when it occurs)

Looks like I've got more magic [Classes] for me to learn and I should pick up [Sage] and [Red Mage] at some point. I mean [Sage] probably has master level magic for me to use while [Red Mage] is probably the best to allow my other magical [Classes] to continue to get EXP from when their [Skills] level up despite there being one less stat point per level for it.

Annoyingly, if I had [Red Mage] before I could have probably speed levelled it enough through the Wizarding magic [Skills] that all feed into my [Wizard Class].

"Where did you go?" Bellatrix asked, turning to pin me to the bed while looking wide awake.

"Just to do some special training." I answered, making her frown as I added "I was thinking of bringing you with me next time but you'd need to keep what we do a secret for now."

"Alright." Bellatrix spoke with a smirk, nuzzling into me as I got a screen telling me I had gained +8 Affection from Bellatrix for preparing to get her involved in special training.


(Day 55: Wednesday 24th July 1993)

Letting out a groan as I stretch after the morning quickie with Bellatrix, I watch her strut off to the attached on-suite before sitting up myself and pull out and open my [Shopping Trunk]. I'd noticed that it had become especially full as I had long since been using [Shrinking Charms] to reduce in size and stuffing it into my [Inventory] to ensure my spell lasted as long as possible. Also if I was going to use this for my school stuff then House Elves would probably have to scan through them as they were who moved the trunks to their rooms and probably checked for dark artefacts.

"Kreacher..." I called, waiting for him to appear before adding "Do we have any empty trunks that can store a lot of books?"

Kreacher looked at my [Shopping Trunk] for a moment before nodding, "Kreacher knows where to get a large enough Library Trunk for all of Master's copied books and more. Kreacher will get one now."

"Kreacher, please get two more for me as well." I spoke up before he could pop away, getting a nod from him before he disappeared.

Right... I guess asking Kreacher was for the best if he could work out what sort of trunk I'd need and if all my books would be safely stored in one with just a few seconds looking at my [Shopping Trunk]. The extras would be for the remaining Pure Blood families I need to 'hit' as well as Gringotts, the Hogwarts Library and Room of Requirements.

Maybe I can get Kreacher to work on moving and sorting the books as well once he comes back although I'll have to swear him to secrecy and have him do it when he's not got any other work to do to avoid Sirius and Harry finding out what I'm doing.

Blinking as Kreacher popped back into sight with a trio of bulky trunks next to him as he asked "Does Master want Kreacher to move all his copied books into them?"

"Yes please, Kreacher, but don't let it distract you from other work so Sirius learns of this." I replied with a nod, getting a enthusiastic nod from the House Elf before he popped away to probably make breakfast.


Entering the dining room after getting ready for the day, I smile at seeing Sirius, Remus, Harry and Bellatrix chatting away as I take my seat and greet them. Remus had been coming and going as he talked to the werewolf packs and also helped them search for Greyback.

"Hey Kichirou." Remus replied with a smile, "Harry and Bellatrix were just telling me how their Animagus training has been going. How about yourself?"

"I think I'm nearing the point where I can attempt a full change soon." I replied with a smile.

"Really?" Sirius asked eagerly, "You've been secretive about your form since you three started to move onto partial changes."

"I want to keep it a surprise beyond being a bird with white feathers." I answered, "Plus I don't want to seem like I'm showing off before I can actually complete the change."

"Anyway" I started, deciding to change the topic, "How has the search been going?"

"Well, the packs and I have managed to narrow it down to one place." Remus spoke with a more serious tone, "They intend to make a move this evening with the full moon coming up in the next week."

"I'd like to come and help out, just in case." I replied, offering a reassuring look to Sirius as I add "I'm a healer, Father. I can help those who get injured during the capture plus if Greyback's got any surprises I can hit him with the cure to stop him using his werewolf passive abilities."

Sirius and Remus both blinked in surprise at what I had pointed out. I suppose neither as really thought about how easy it would be to catch Greyback if he wasn't a werewolf as while he probably still be a decent spell caster, Remus had admitted he'd missed the passive boost in strength and speed he'd got, and that meant Greyback would probably be relying on that aspect as well. Plus if there's a chance he can freely change himself like werewolves in some series can then losing it would make it laughably easy to catch him.

"Alright." Sirius spoke with a sigh, "Just be careful. Even if you can heal yourself I don't want you getting injured."

I nodded in response, glad he was open to letting me go help them.


Appearing with a pop with Remus, I blink at the forest clearing we're now standing in as evening started to set in. I'd made sure to have both [White Mage] and [Mystic] equipped so I could case an [Area] enhanced [Viruna] and [Cursna] should it be needed. I also had my [Byakugan] and [Rinnegan] active to avoid the fading light from affecting me and see if I can locate Greyback myself, finding him in the cabin in the middle of a clearing about thirty metres ahead making dinner.

"Here we are..." Remus spoke as we looked around at the group of werewolves, former and current, gathered.

"Heh, I had a feeling you would come along to help, Lord Black." Radcliffe spoke with a wolfish grin.

"Well, I wouldn't want any of you getting killed while taking down this guy." I replied with a smile, getting a nod from him as he turned back to the group.

"Alright, you lot. We've got Lord Black along with us for this but that doesn't mean we need to be any less vigilant." Radcliffe spoke up, getting nods from some of them, "I doubt he can bring any of us back from the dead if one of you acts like an idiot and gets killed by Greyback."

Watching as Radcliffe started to bark orders for groupings and explain the plan to surround the cabin and cast anti-apparation and anti-portkey wards over the whole area to avoid him getting away while Radcliffe's group would move to confront him directly. I and Remus would stick with a pair of others to act as a back up/medic station for the main group and we would be in sight range of Radcliffe's group to be able to back his group up or so they could back us up.

As the groups started to move into position, I took a moment to skim through the [Skills] I'd been working on today for this although I'd had to spam a lot of 'Bar' techniques to get [White Magick] to Level 40 and leading to me being able to learn [Burna] - cure for burns - and [BarConfuse] - protection against mental debuffs. I'd also managed to get two levels in [Self Regeneration], [Mana Generator] and [Internal Reinforcement] but that more from the whole time since I met with the Weasleys which is a sign I've been laxing somewhat in training my [Skills] while working on get my [Animagus Skill] to Level 40 and spending time with Bellatrix and Nymphadora - resulting in her Affection getting to 54 and resulting in a new [Perk].

[Shifter's Charm] (Passive)
Description: Those who can magically alter appearance, their own or others, are more drawn to you.
-Increase Affection, Reputation and Obedience with those who can magically alter appearances

It's pretty good albeit limited depending on how they define altering appearance as most magicals can do that with [Charms], [Transfiguration Magic] and even potions.

As Remus and I follow after the two werewolves assigned to our group out of the forest along with Radcliffe's group while the four other groups break off towards their points so they can create the protections.

The next ten minutes are held in eager silence as my group and Radcliffe's headed to the edge of the woods where we waited for the signals from the others.

My [Mystic Eyes] picked up on the magic before sparks of red shot up before exploding like fireworks but without the sound.

"Let's move." Radcliffe commanded his group, taking the lead of the quartet as they moved towards the cabin. Before they got too far, the window shattered and spells started to shoot out at Radcliffe's group as two quickly put up [Protego Horribilis] to protect themselves while Radcliffe and the other started firing spells back.

"War tactics..." Remus muttered surprised, his wand tightly in his hand as I flicked my wrist to cast my own [Protego Horribilis] in front of the two [Protegos] from the other two members of our group to block the stray spell that came our way.

"Organ Rotter." I answered at the questioning looks before focusing back onto the magical battle ahead while one of the changed their shield to match my own before I dropped it.

Greyback's cabin seems to be taking most of the damage from the spells shot at it before a spell struck the inside and started to spread flames. Moments later Greyback burst through the door, rapid-firing spells at the group as he moved to the side and ducked, weaved and jumped out of the way of spells at him.

Catching a glance aimed at me, I threw up another shield to block the pair of dark [Curses] aimed at me amongst the barrage at Radcliffe's group. I countered by conjuring and firing a pair of silver arrows at Greyback before using [Psionics] to make them speed up and hit both his right shoulder and left knee, making him howl in pain as he dropped his wand.

Three [Incarcerous] soon followed and bound the werewolf in heavy chains as the groups started to move warily to ensure he was captured.

"Good work, milord." Radcliffe spoke with a smirk as I hit Greyback with [Sleep] to knock him out.

"Let's pull those arrows out. I'd rather hand him over to the Ministry alive." I replied with a smile, "Plus I think it would be amusing to not ruin the surprise of him being cured until he tries to turn the next full moon."

"Haha, I like that idea." Radcliffe spoke with a chuckle as Remus moved forwards and yanked the first arrow out. I hit it with a [Cure] to heal the wound before Remus pulled the second one out and I repeated the spell.

"Is everyone here the last to be cured?" I asked curiously,

"Yeah, they are the last from three packs." Radcliffe spoke with a nod.

"Alright then. Now, if everyone can stand still I can cure the rest of you now." I spoke up, drawing surprised looks as I start focusing my magic to prepare to cast an [Area] enhanced [Viruna]. I'll only need 3k to cover twenty one metres around me and I'll need it three times for adding in [Cursna] and [Cura] to the latter two to make sure everyone is healed.

"[Area: Viruna]! [Area: Cursna]! [Area: Cura]" I cast in Japanese while using myself as the centre of the spell and making a wave of white magic spread out to cover each remaining werewolf before sinking into their skin and fading.

"Hey, Radcliffe. Do you fancy coming with to share the good news?" I asked with a smirk, getting a large grin from him.

"Oh, yeah. I wanna see what happens." He replied eagerly.


Apparating into the entrance of the Ministry, I share a grin with both Remus and Radcliffe as we start walking inside while Radcliffe dragged a sleeping Greyback across the floor by a length of chain while a red bow was tied around his mouth and head.

There was only a few staff about and most of them were the Ministry's night guards, the one at the check in only staring at us as I chimed in "Hello there, I'd like to speak to whoever is in at the Auror Department if you don't mind contacting them ahead of us. We have a criminal to drop off."

"O-Of course Lord Black." The man stammered looking from me to Remus and Radcliffe and then to Greyback with a mixed look of amazement and surprise.

"Thank you." I replied with a nod as we moved on. Radcliffe letting a deep chuckle along with Remus' own amused look as we headed towards the elevators just as a paper airplane flew over and up one of the shafts.

"Are you sure Madam Bones is still going to be in at this time?" I ask concerned.

"I'm pretty sure she will be. Amelia has always taken her role as Director seriously even though its the summer holidays and Sirius says there's a lot of paperwork old Crouch had to deal with before he could home when he was in charge." Remus spoke with a nod.

As the door for the lift opened, I blinked at seeing the gathering of Aurors and Madam Bones with their wands pointed at us.

"Kichi, what are you doing here? Are you alright?" Nymphadora asked surprised, her eyes wandering over me in concern as she added, "I heard that Greyback was here with you."

"I'd like to know that as well Lord Black?" Madam Bones asked as she stepped to the front of the group, blinking as I stepped to the side to ensure she could see the captured Greyback.

"Myself and my two friends here were just bringing in this mutt after he tried to attack us." I explained with a reassuring smile.

A surprised look formed on the pair's lips which morphed into a smirk on Madam Bones as she signalled a pair of Aurors to take Greyback as she asked "If you don't mind answering, Lord Black, why did he attack you?"

"Well, since I first met Remus I have been working on a cure for werewolves and over the last few weeks I was administering it to the last of them when Greyback attacked." I answered to the shocked look of the Aurors and Madam Bones, "You can have a healer check for you if you wish as Mr. Radcliffe and Mr. Lupin were both werewolves before and they both along with members of the main packs helped me capture and administer the cure to Greyback as well."

"Oh yeah. Bella mentioned something about that before." Nymphadora mused, catching the look from her boss as she added "I didn't know you were so far ahead with it."

"Why don't we sit in my office while I send for an Healer to check them?" Madam Bones suggested, "Auror Tonks, why don't you contact Saint Mungo's for a healer who can check Lord Black's party over."

"But..." Nymphadora started before I interrupted.

"Trust but verify, Nymphadora." I reminded her with a slight smile at how she shot a quick scowl at me for using her first name.

"Right." She replied before hurrying off, leaving Madam Bones to smirk as she looked at me.

"There's very few who can get away with her first name..." She mused with a curious look.

"Well, she's helped me a couple times get use to London and while I normally call her Tonks there was a little bet on a few practice duels I had with her a little over a week ago which I managed win." I answered honestly.

"Ah." Madam Bones replied, "Let's move this to my office."

Following after Madam Bones and the remainder of the Aurors, I, Remus and Radcliffe made out way through the bullpen and into the director's office. From there it was about ten minutes of small talk before a healer arrived and started their tests on Remus and Radcliffe.

"Incredible..." The healer spoke, turning to me and Madam Bones as he added "They are both have no signs of being werewolves aside from some scarring."

"That's amazing." Madam Bones spoke with an impressed look towards me, "Looks like I'll have to talk to the Minister about an Order of Merlin tomorrow morning, especially if you've cured all of the major packs in Britain."

"Oh, he has." Radcliffe retorted with a pleased smirk, "And I agree he does deserve one."

"Me too, Amelia." Remus added.

"I should think Fudge would agree. Healer Montague, please write up your report about both Mr. Lupin and Mr. Radcliffe." Madam Bones spoke, getting an eager nod from the healer as she added "Also do the same when you check up on Greyback."

"Of course, Madam Bones." Healer Montague replied with a nod before leaving.


(Day 57: Friday 26th July 1993)

Honestly, I was expecting a longer turnaround for this award ceremony but I suppose Fudge wants good publicity and to get me more on his side although I've made sure his speech has nothing to do with him or the Ministry becoming involved, just in case. The fact I've dealt with a major problem in Wizarding Britain as well makes getting it recognised more important especially to explain to the average magical that the former werewolves are cured for when they try and gain jobs in the magical world. Not to mention the news that Greyback has been caught by me and the packs.

The presentation was being done on a stage put up in the lobby of the Ministry and seemed like the usual procedure that the staff easily handled and Fudge seems to only be waiting for the media and people to finish arriving before starting.

Sirius was smiling in a mixture of pleased and proud next to me along with Harry, Bellatrix and Remus.

Yesterday had been somewhat peaceful and I'd opted to use some [Gacha Tokens] which ended up with me getting various basic materials that might be useful for crafting in the future. The big gains though was a new [Sword Form] in the form of [Jaune Arc's] [Crocea Mors V2] - the upgraded form where the shield could merge with the blade - and a [Perk] called [Most Powerful, Most Beautiful] which is probably easier to understand seeing it.

[Most Powerful, Most Beautiful] (Passive)
Your power and beauty have become linked together. This mean that, while this is a small effect, the more beautiful you are, the more powerful this will make you, or the more powerful you are, the more beautiful this will make you.
-Only counts Base Stats
-Passively increase CHA by 1% x (STR + DEX + END + INT + WIS)/5
-Passively increase STR, DEX, END, INT and WIS by 1% x CHA

That meant that I now had a +187% boost to my physical and mental stats while my CHA got +237% boost meaning most of my stats had gone through a rather large jump in power although it makes my CHA and LUC still seem small compared to my other stats.

Huh, looks like Fudge is ready to start this.

"Today, everyone, we are here to reward a person who has done a great service for all of Wizarding Britian despite not being long amongst us." Fudge started as he stood in front of the podium, drawing whispers from the crowd as he continued, "This person has helped several people before this but their latest feat deserve true praiseas they have ended a threat which has plagued many people and ruined others by creating and administering a cure to the Werewolf Curse and has also brought into custody, with assistance, the dangerous criminal: Fenrir Greyback."

Letting my [Byakugan] run over the crowd, I catch sight of Lucius and Narcissa who both look shocked at Fudge's words for some reason while most people around seem relieved and happy at the news.

"So, for services to the whole of Wizarding Britian in ending the werewolf problem and saving those unfortunate people, I'd like to award Lord Kichirou Black an Order of Merlin, First Class!" Fudge spoke with a large smile as he turned to look at me.

Stepping onto the stage and into the sight of those gathered, I offer a smile at the crowd as cheering and clapping started up as I moved to shake hands with Fudge before he accepted the medal from fake smiling Umbridge and slipped the green ribboned medal over my head.

[Title] Gained:
[Order of Merlin (First Class)]
-Increases Affection, Reputation and Obedience with Wizards and Witches
-Increase [Class] EXP by 50%

"And now, I'll let Lord Black say a few words before you can ask questions." Fudge spoke with a smile, stepping away from the podium so I could take his place while discretely equipping my new [Title] in place of [Apprentice Zombie Slayer].

"Thank you Minister." I started with a smile, "And thank you all for the warm reception. I started looking for a cure because of a family friend. Once I found the cure, I thought it only right to offer it to the three main packs of werewolves to allow them to return to living the normal lives they once had. Now, I'd like to extend the same offer to any other werewolves who keep themselves secreted away in Britain and ask they contact me via post so a meeting can be arranged for me to give the cure to them as well."

"Lord Black! What do you intend to do next?" One reporter called out.

"At the moment, I don't have any more plans beyond completing my final year at Hogwarts and learning more about magic." I answer simply, turning my gaze to Rita Skeeter and I nodded at them "Yes?"

"Lord Black, will you be offering the cure to the ICW for other werewolves in the Wizarding World?" Skeeter asked.

"Yes. But, as the cure uses [White Magick], I would need to understand more about spell creation to make a version that could be cast by any Healer or assist others with creating one. As such, I'd prefer to be involved with curing those who wish it until such a time a version of the spell is created." I answered with a nod.

The rest of the questions after that were more mundane from then on and was more for the media to get to know me a bit better.


(Day 59: Sunday 28th July 1993)

As I wait for Bellatrix to get ready in some durable yet flexible clothing I look over my [Classes] to see what I should learn next. I think I'll go with [Scribe] being my main one for now and pick up [Enchanter] for my second one. Hopefully my new increase for [Class] EXP should make levelling them easier especially as I'm taking her into the [Slime 2 ID] for her first time while making it look like I had [Shusui] in my [Shopping Trunk].

[Enchant] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: MP Varies
Description: The art of [Enchanting] is to imbue the effect of spells into items to provide a longer effect that can help or hinder the owner until it wears off.
-For 1000MP, you can imbue an [Item], [Weapon], [Armour] or [Accessory] with an effect of one known spell/enchantment for INT x Skill Level minutes
-For 100,000MP - (100 x Skill Level), you can make said enchantment permanent or remove it without damaging the [Item], [Weapon], [Armour] or [Accessory] used
Ranks Available: Novice
Number of Enchantments Extra per [Item]: 1 + (Skill Level/20)

Looks like the [Enchant Skill] is a lot more useful then I expected but it looks like I need to know the effects I want to cause to be able to make them as enchantments. That's not to mention that making a permanent one is going to wide out a decent portion of my MP so I could only cast 7 permanent enchantments at one time and I can't even put that all on the same target.

I could probably use [Minor Extra Reserve] to stockpile the needed MP for it but I'd need to raise its level by a lot to be able to hold the needed amount for even a single permanent enchantment.

Luckily, my [Mystic Eyes] caught enough details of enchantments on both my own [Equipment] and things I've seen that I can apply the right ones onto the right pieces for now although working on the right level of enchantment will be harder until I get this to a higher level.

"I'm ready." Bellatrix spoke as she entered through the bathroom, dressed in a pair of tight black jeans, black, high heeled ankle boots and a black corset with a leather jacket left open on top. Her hair was mostly pulled back into a ponytail as well to avoid it getting in the way.

"Alright." I replied with a nod, "Let me just cast some spells on your clothing and we'll go."

At Bellatrix's nod, I cast [Enchant] on each piece of clothing to apply a temporary enchantment on them. On her corset, I cast a [Mind Restore Booster] which would help her regenerate magic 20% faster, her boots got a [Dexterity Booster] - which gave her a 15% boost to her DEX, her jeans got a [Magic Guard] which reduced magical damage by 5% and her jacket got a [EXP Booster] which would increase her EXP by 10% on top of [Sorcerer's Wisdom's] 25% boost.

Hopefully those should help her in the [ID] with getting stronger easier especially as they should last 60 hours easily.

"Right. Now you need to hold on." I spoke up, Bellatrix grabbing my hand before I activated [Create/Escape ID].

We end up appearing outside the castle from the previous version of the [Slime ID], the gate now open and allowing us to enter.

"Amazing..." Bellatrix commented as she looked around, spotting the milling around [Slime] behind us as I gently pulled her towards the castle.

"We need to go this way." I spoke up as we moved to the entrance of the courtyard to see the first enemy in this part of the [ID] standing guard.

"What is this place?" She asked curiously.

"This is a small pocket dimension that I can enter to train in and it makes dangerous enemies for me to face" I answered before adding "So, get your wand out. This will be your first enemy"

Bellatrix nodded as she flicked her wand into her grasp while keeping her gaze focused on the Slime in front of her.

Unlike those outside the castle, this one resembled [Chaos' first form] from [Sonic Adventure] and was lumbering around similar to the slow zombies in some movies. I take a quick moment to hit both the Slime and Bellatrix with my [Mystic Eyes] to see the level difference.

Slime Soldier
Level 10
HP: 1000/1000
MP: 0/0
Bio: The warrior of the Slime family, Slime Soldiers fight up close with the aid of their extendable and morphic limbs in defence of his [Slime Queen].
Thoughts about you: None

Bellatrix Black
Level 28
HP: 5,000/5,000
MP: 35,000/35,000
Bio: The oldest of the Black Sisters, Bellatrix was expected to get married into the Lestrange family. This version didn't go through with it and was saved by [Gamer: Kazuhiko] using her [Companion Gem], earning her thanks and now love and lust.
Thoughts about you: Love, Lust and eagerness

Huh... I suppose bringing her in here wasn't the most helpful thing for her given the level difference but at least it should give her some experience with dealing with [ID] enemies before I take her into the [Angel 1 ID] for something more fitting.

Bellatrix wastes little time sending a [Bombarda] at the [Slime Soldier] which struck it in the side before exploding and sent slime everywhere before they disappeared in pixels.

You have gained:
[Slime Core Shard] x1
[Slime Jelly] x5
[Hipokte Grass] x3

That's odd. I didn't defeat it but I got Loot for it. It didn't happen with the girls when I was in [Highschool of the Dead] so it must be something to do with being in the [ID]. The [Hipokte Grass] is going to be useful for me making healing potions although given I've got the [Potion Reagents] case I already have a decent amount of ingredients for [Potion Creation].

"That is too easy." Bellatrix commented, glancing to me.

"Well, you are stronger then it." I replied with a nod, "I brought you into this one cause I didn't want to overwhelm you by throwing you at something that is strong enough to give you an actual challenge until you're ready for it."

Bellatrix pouted slightly before nodding, "I suppose you're right. This is the first time I'll be fighting magical creatures."

Moving into the courtyard properly, we see seven more [Slime Soldiers] wandering around. Bellatrix wastes little time going after the trio on the left while I dash forwards and slice through the other four with ease.

You have defeated [Slime Soldiers] x4!
You have gained 2000EXP! (2500EXP)
[Slime Core Shard] x4
[Slime Jelly] x20
[Hipokte Grass] x12

Glancing at the new results screen, I'm pretty sure the brackets EXP is the amount towards my [Classes] cause of my [Order of Merlin Title]. Looks like each one gives me 250EXP before my boosts get to work while Bellatrix gets about 338EXP for each one she takes out.

Glancing to Bellatrix, I see she's already taken them out with three more [Bombardas] before turning to face another pair with a long cutter spell that bisected them at the chest to destroy the marble sized core floating there. I focus on the pair that had appeared from the other of the two side doorways into the castle and unleash an [Element Slash] to cut them in half before following Bellatrix inside as she struts into the castle through the doorway while firing off a couple spells at her next pair of targets.


Navigating the castle was ridiculously simple with my [Byakugan] active and taking out the [Slime Soldiers] posed no threat to either myself or Bellatrix. We even ran into [Slime Snipers] which were much the same as the other counterpart but shot bolts of hardened smile from their shorter clawed arms at us. Bellatrix had gained a level from the sheer numbers she took out with ease and I even gained one for myself, [Scribe] and [Shusui] while [Enchanter] was just shy of Level 5.

At the moment the pair of us was standing in front of large wooden double doors that lead to the throne room, the most likely Boss Room for this place.

"If you will..." Bellatrix asked with a coy smile as she stepped back so I can push the large double doors open.

Inside was a distinctly female pink Slime looking downright human aside from the obvious strapless dress made of darker pink slime and a similar crown sitting atop of her head. Honestly, she kinda reminds me of [Suu].

Using my [Mystic Eyes] on her while I wait for her to make the first move although she seems happy to just sit on the throne.

Slime Queen Beta
Level 15
HP: 8000/8000
Bio: A weaker duplicate of the Slime Queen created to deceive adventurers from finding the true body.
Thoughts about you: You look tasty

Right, so we're going to be fighting the copy of the Slime Queen.

"What the..." Bellatrix spoke confused, walking past me into the room as she looked at the Boss.

"Wait..." I call too late as Bellatrix stepped on a trap in the floor, the stone dropping only an inch before a stone wall erupted up to block our exit.

[Slime Queen Beta] took the door closing as a sign for the battle to start as 'she' shot dozens of spinning spikes of slime at us without affecting her size. Bellatrix transfigured a stone wall in front of her to block them though some of the went wide before bending in mid-air to try and strike her only to be blocked by my own transfiguration turned the wall into a dome with my [Elemental Conjuration Magic] as I dashed around her while slashing away at the spikes aimed at me.

The pink slime woman stopped the barrage soon after before charging at me with both hand turning into long slime swords which she swung at me, my own sword slicing through each blade with ease only for her weapons to keep regenerating just as quickly. I think she's realising that she's outmatched as I land two slashes that take off her arms before a metal spear is shot into her side from Bellatrix using some of the earth from the dome.

It let out a screech as its core was scratched, giving me the chance to stab [Shusui] into it after I'd used both [Light Ferry] and [Blut Arterie] to increase my STR and strengthen my weapon and causing the half formed duplicates from the cut off parts to all collapse as [Slime Queen Beta] did.

You have defeated [Slime Queen Beta]!
You have gained 24000EXP! (30,000EXP)
[Scribe] has levelled up! 11 =} 12
You have gained +2 DEX, +2 INT and +2 WIS!
[Enchanter] has levelled up x2! 4 =} 6
You have gained +2 END, +4 INT, +4 WIS and +6 CHA!
[Slime Core] x1
[Slime Jelly] x10
[Regal Dresser-Slime] x1
[Slime Whip] x1
[Shusui (OP)] has levelled up! 39 =} 40
Ability Unlocked: [Self-Repair (Passive)]

Smiling at the results, I dismiss the screen as I noticed Bellatrix approach me.

"That wasn't much." She spoke up before pouting to me, "Did you have to trap me like that? I could have dealt with those spikes."

"Even when they were curving to strike your blind spot?" I ask curiously, getting her to huff before turning her focus onto the throne room.

Pulling out the [Regal Dresser-Slime], I look over the large blob of pink Slime with my [Mystic Eyes] to see if its useful.

[Regal Dresser-Slime] DEF: 30/DUR: 100/100
Description: A special slime that can alter itself based on the wearer's wishes and will always be perfectly comfortable.
-[Shift Form (Adept)]
Allows this to take the form of any clothing or accessory including under- and footwear
-[Self-Repair (Adept)]
Restores 3 DUR every minute
-[Aura Boost (Novice)]
Increase all stats by 10%
-[Regen Boost (Novice)]
Increase all Regens by 10%

"Here. This should be useful for you." I spoke, getting a raised eyebrow from her as I explained "It can morph into whatever you want, repair itself and also give you a small general boost."

Bellatrix blinked at hearing that before a devilish smirk formed on her lip as she opts to strip in front of me before taking the Slime and focusing. It first turned a tar black in colour before wrapping around her arm and expanding to cover her body in a skin-tight cat-suit with high heeled boots and was parted over her chest to show off a decent amount of cleavage.

"Very nice..." Bellatrix purred, running her hands over it the whole suit shifted into into a copy of what she had been wearing before although her jeans and ankle boots are merged together and there is probably some connection between her corset and jacket at the back out of sight.

"Looks like you've got a hang on it quicker then I thought." I replied with a smile as Bellatrix gathered up her clothing so we could leave the [ID]. I hope that's not a unique item as having more copies would be useful for myself and the girls if I can get more or maybe I can recreate it with the various Slime parts I had and my [Transmute] and [Enchant Skills].

Resting a hand on Bellatrix's shoulder, I dismissed the [ID] and taking us back to my room.


(Day 62: Wednesday 31th July 1993)

Watching with a smile as Harry and Neville eagerly opened their presents from me, I hope they likes what I made for them both. Alice, Frank and Sirius had decided to hold a joint birthday party at Longbottoms Hall and friends from both boys were gathered around the ballroom.

I had spent the last two days working on my [Enchant Skill] while making it and got it to Level 11 while working out the mechanics of it. It had also resulted in [Enchanter] hitting Level 7.

From what I had worked out the enchantment system is that the slots an item has in their description are what they can safely hold normally and is dependant on quality and skill of the maker. My [Enchant Skill] allows me to fill those slots myself, or I could have another enchanter fill them, but also allows me to go over that limit and as i get more skilled at enchanting myself, the more extra enchantments I can add to the normal limit but it causes the description and name to change, like in the case of my former [Ring of Vampirism] I was wearing.

[Ring of Vampiric Power] DEF: 1/DUR: 20/20
Description: A simple blood red ring that was enchanted by a Vampire to heal while in the midst of battle. It has been further enchanted by the [Gamer: Kichirou] to reduce damage from magic and offer a minor boost in all areas to the wearer.
-[Violent Heal (Apprentice)]
Restore HP equal to 5% of damage dealt to enemy
-[Aura Boost (Novice)]
Increase all stats by 11%
-[Magic Guard (Novice)]
Reduce magical damage by 6%

In a way this means that the more skilled I am at enchanting the better I can make my equipment in terms of enchantments and the only real need to change it now would be if I find or make something better or to reapply the stronger version of existing enchantments.

Harry's was a simple silver ring that I'd enchanted with [Magic Guard] and [Magic Resist] to protect him from magic by 6% and resist its effects of magic by 20% as well. It's name had changed to [Ring of Mystic Protection] and it should help protect him from anyone out to attack him.

Neville's was a pair of dragon-hide gloves that I'd enchanted with [Self-Repair], [Self-Clean] and [Resizer] to make them better to help him with tending his plants.

"Harry, yours can resist and negate some of the magic from spells and the damage they cause." I explained at his quizzical look before I shifting to Neville and added "Those are size-adjusting Dragon Hide gloves with both self-repair and self-cleaning enchantments added onto them so you don't have to worry about getting any more for Herbology as long as you don't completely destroy those."

"Woah. These are amazing." Neville spoke brightly as he looked over them before setting them to the side.

"Thanks, Kichi. This is great but I hope I don't have to use it too much." Harry replied with a smile, slipping the ring onto his middle finger of his right hand.

"It's no problem. Happy Birthday." I replied before moving to mingle through the crowd and glanced at the latest screen I'd gotten.

+5 Reputation for Neville Longbottom [51/100] (for giving him a great birthday gift)

Due to reaching 50 Reputation, you have gained the [Perk]:
[Green Thumb] (Passive)
Description: Gardeners and those who use plants are drawn closer to you.
-Increase Affection, Reputation and Obedience with those who grow or wield plants

That's going to be interesting to see who it affects given most of the students at Hogwarts are studying [Herbology].

Anyway, as much as this party was for the two 'chosen ones' the adults here was quite happy to congratulate me for my [Order of Merlin] and curing werewolves or curious about what I was hoping to do next or about politics. Bellatrix had got some nervous looks but those had quickly faded as she and Sirius started talking to Fred and George and sharing ideas on pranks after I'd mentioned to the latter pair Sirius was thinking of opening a job shop and name dropped him as Padfoot.

I had also met several of the students in the two boys' year which was good for putting faces to the names from the books but those who had read The Daily Prophet had been surprised looks towards me.

"So, enjoying yourself?" Nymphadora asked with an amused look.

"Yeah. Its a lot more lively then I recall birthdays in Japan." I replied with a smile, "I just wish some of the girls wouldn't keep glancing my way."

"Ah, fangirls... The price of fame." Nymphadora started with a jokey tone before becoming a bit more serious as she continued, "Its something you'll have to get use to if you keep doing great things for people."

"True." I sigh before taking a sip of the bottle of butterbeer I had.


(Day 63: Thursday 1st August 1993)

Stepping out of the floo back to Grimmauld Place after the Wizengamot meeting, I sigh in relief as I take off the robe and chuck it onto the back of the nearby armchair before spotting the amused gaze of the sleek yet powerful black panther lounging on the sofa. The interesting thing is that it has violet eyes like Bellatrix so I guess this is her [Animagus] form.

Taking in the rest of the room, I see Padfoot on the floor while a Peregrine Falcon with bright green eyes was sitting on the back of an armchair along with Hedwig.

"So you both got your [Animagus] forms then?" I ask the two with a smile. Bellatrix let out a huff before transforming back and turned her gaze to Sirius.

"I told you he wouldn't be scared." Bellatrix spoke with a smirk, Sirius huffing himself as he turned back while Harry chuckled after turning back so he was sitting in the armchair.

"Fine..." Sirius retorted, throwing a galleon to Bellatrix as he added "We've still got to find out what his Animagus form is though and I can still win my money back then."

"You've been betting on what I'll turn into?" I asked amused, looking between the two Blacks.

"Sirius thinks you're going to turn into a phoenix while Bellatrix thinks you'll turn into some sort of Nundu." Harry explained.

"Well, let's have a go then." I spoke with a smile as I closed my eyes to focus before activating my [Animagus Skill] for my first full change.

The first changes I notice is my size shrinking and my fingers fusing together. Next came the white feathers covering most of my body aside from my bird feet while my neck lengthens slightly and a beak forms in place of my nose and mouth and long tail feathers forming over my ass. Weirdly, the whole change feels natural for me for some reason but that is probably cause of the [Skill].

"Woah..." The trio spoke amazing as I opened my eyes, which widened further at the screen in my sight.

[Animagus Skill] Updated:
[Animagus] (Active) Level: 40 - EXP: 0%
Description: An [Animagus] was a witch or wizard who could transform themselves into an animal and back again at will. It takes skill, practice and patience for one to become an Animagus and the process is long and arduous with the potential of backfiring in a way that can cause the transformation to go horribly wrong. It was debated, but generally believed possible, for one's Animagus form to be a magical creature although this is exceedingly rare.
-Can transform into [White Phoenix] form
-Can gain [Traits] based on [White Phoenix]
-[Traits] Gained: [Phoenix Regeneration], [Phoenix Flames], [Phoenix Apparation], [Phoenix Life]
-Passively increase the speed of change by 1% x Skill Level

That is a lot of [Traits] to gain from becoming a phoenix but I suppose those are the important ones.

[Phoenix Regeneration] (Passive)
-HP Regen works in battle
-Passively increase HP Regen by 100%

[Phoenix Flames] (Passive)
-Increase damage, effect and duration of fire based magic/[Skills] by 50%
-Increase damage to [Dark] beings by 50%
-Damage from fire based attacks, restore user's HP instead
-Increase effect of healing spells/[Skills] by 50%

[Phoenix Apparation] (Passive)
-Apparation is unblockable

[Phoenix Life] (Passive)
-Once per week, the user can instantly restore HP to 100% if it hits 0
-Each use, reduces your Level by 1

I guess I'm pseudo-immortal now with the addition of [Phoenix Regeneration] and [Phoenix Life]. Well, once a week revival is pretty good and the fact it only costs me one Level a time means that I can easily make up that loss by a decent training session in the [IDs]. It also looks like I'm immune to fire now given that it heals me and might also lead to me being immune to heat rendering [Heat Resistance] moot.

"A phoenix!?" Sirius spoke shocked and amazed as he looked over me, "And you're pure white!?"

"Isn't that an irony. A Black having a white [Animagus] form." Bellatrix retorted with a smirk as I chirp at her with a frown.

Flapping my wings, it takes me a couple goes to get use to using them before I can fly over to the sofa Bellatrix was on, perching myself on the back of it. While I do have some experience due to my [Fallen Angel Wings] its not really the same as my [Animagus] form as its my arms being replaced even if the process has given me a better understanding of my form.


(Day 66: Sunday 4th August 1993)

Gently landing onto the roof of Gringotts, I shift my avian weight for a moment before renewing my [Camouflage] to avoid being seen even as evening set in as it wouldn't do for people to see a white phoenix flying around.

After getting my [Animagus] form, I'd realised I'd been more lax then I had thought with training in favour of enjoying sex with Bellatrix in the nights and spending time with the others during the day and even taking her into the [Slime 2 ID] had been a brief bit that had been more for her benefit then my own. As such, I'd gotten back into training my [Skills] over the last few days so I could make up for it and started with [White Magick] and [Green Magick] to both unlock more spells and to see if I can get more [Resistance Skills].

I'd also worked on [Minor Extra Reserve] to get it to the point that I can have it hold enough points for a permanent enchantment, [Self Regeneration], [Mana Generator], [Glyphs] and [Black Magick].

My three [Magicks] had reached Level 50, Level 25 and Level 30 respectively giving me eight new techniques: [BarStona], [BarCurse], [BarVirus] and [BarBurn] for [White Magick], [Blind], [Berserk], [Stone] and [Stun] for [Green Magick] and [Dark], [Leaf], [Bio], [Quarter], [Fira], [Blizzara], [Thundara] and [Aerora] for [Black Magick].

It had also caused [White Mage] and [Black Mage] to level up. [Self Regeneration] and [Mana Generator] had both hit Level 80, [Minor Extra Reserve] had hit Level 60 and I'd managed to get [Glyphs] to Level 30. [Limited Shapeshifting] had also levelled up three more times because of staying in my taller form.

I may have gone over the top In my pursuit to gathering [Resistance Skills] as I'd even cast [Curse Magic], [Holy Light Magic] and the various [Black Magick] spells on myself to see if they would give me the relevant ones for various elements although once I'd hit the ninth one [Dragon Skin] had merged with all of the [Resistance Skills] I had to become something I hadn't expected at all.

[Armor of Fafnir - Gamer Edition] (Passive) Level: 5 - EXP: 0%
Description: [Armor of Fafnir] is the [Noble Phantasm] of [Siegfried] which allows his skin to cancel physical attacks and magic below a certain level, reducing damage taken. This version is similar but relies on the user's own endurance and resilience to act as a shield to lessen damage taken as well as increasing their resistance to status effects.
-Passively reduce damage taken by 1% x Skill Level of END
-Passively increase resistance to status effects by 1% x Skill Level
-Both effects are halved when struck by powers that are effective against Dragons
-[Locked (lv:75)]

I'm not really sure how to react to this as my large END is enough to give me a decent damage reduction even with the low level of it and it does render the need for [Armour] not as important as it would normally be. Its also odd that it required so many [Resistance Skills] to form it but I suppose as its a catch all protection its a [Skill] that needed so many of them to avoid it seeming like a instant cheat to a strong defence. I suppose in the end its a pretty good [Skill] that'll grow stronger even beyond max-ing its level as it relies on my END and it'll render my [Bar-] spells unneeded for me when its at that point.

Another thing I'd started was a nightly training session in the [IDs] -although I stuck to the first [Angel ID] for the moment. So far I'd managed to get [Enchanter] to Level 14, [Thief] to Level 23, [Archer] to Level 20, [Black Mage] and [White Mage] to Level 25 - both with the help of my earlier training. This meant that I now had some more [Classes] available due to both [Thief] and [Archer].

[Scout]: [0/50] (0/1500)
A physical [Class] that involves scouting territories out regardless of the terrain.
-Increase movement speed by 10%
-Increase stealth [Skills] by 10%
-Grants +3 DEX, +2 END and +3 LUC per Level
-Grants [Skill]: [Stealth]

[Machinist]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A physical [Class] that involves modifying existing machines to get the best out of them or give them new abilities.
-Increase speed of optimizing machines by 10%
-Increase chance of success with altering machines by 10%
-Grants +2 STR, +3 DEX, +2 END and +1 INT per Level
-Grants [Skill]: [Tinker]

[Bard]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A physical [Class] that involves playing instruments to distract and gather information.
-Increase effect of sound based [Skills] by 10%
-Increase senses by 10%
-Grants +3 DEX, +3 CHA and +2 LUC per Level
-Grants [Skill]: [Instrument Mastery]

[Ninja]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A physical [Class] that involves the use of inflicting status effects around swift strikes with knife or blade.
-Increase the chance of inflicting a status effect by 10%
-Increase DEX by 10%
-Grants +2 STR, +3 DEX and +1 END and +2 LUC per Level
-Grants [Skill]: [Ninjutsu]

[Hunter]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A physical [Class] that involves hunting and trapping animals.
-Increase the speed of making traps by 10%
-Increase the success of traps by 10%
-Grants +2 STR, +3 DEX, +2 END and +1 INT per Level
-Grants [Skill]: [Trap Mastery]

[Sniper]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A physical [Class] that involves sharpshooting while using a bow.
-Increase the accuracy of long ranged attacks and [Skills] by 10%
-Increase chance of Critical Hit by 10%
-Grants +3 STR, +3 DEX, +1 END and +1 LUC per Level
-Grants [Skill]: [Snipe]

Its interesting to see what [Classes] I got although I'm not sure if I'm going to pick any of them outside of [Machinist], [Ninja] and maybe [Sniper]. [Machinist] would allow me to modify machines from the sound of its [Class Skill] and also leads to the one that'll let me make machines as well. [Ninja] just looks cool and the [Ninjutsu] will be useful if my [Green Magic's] debuffs is countered or magic won't work in certain areas and [Sniper] will help with my long range attacks especially if I want to work on accuracy of them. [Scout] might be another I take but that's more cause [Stealth] will probably affect my [Sneak Skill].

Another boon from my training was that my own level had jumped to 66 and, with the help of my free Stat Points, I'd managed to get the rest of my Stats - STR, END, CHA and LUC - over the 250 mark after my DEX reached over on its own.

For reaching 250 STR, you have gained the [Perk]:
[Giant's Strength] (Passive)
-Increase physical damage dealt by 25%

For reaching 250 DEX, you have gained the [Perk]:
[Flexible Body] (Passive)
-Can bend your body in unusual ways easier

For reaching 250 END, you have gained the [Perk]:
[Warrior's Body] (Passive)
-Increase HP/SP per END by 15
-Increase HP/SP Regen by 25%

For reaching 250 CHA, you have gained the [Perk]:
[Flawless Appearance] (Passive)
-You always look perfect, regardless of injuries, dirt and damaged clothes

For reaching 250 LUC, you have gained the [Perk]:
[Blessed Looter] (Passive)
-Doubles amount of Money gained from defeated enemies

For all stats reaching 250, you have gained the [Perk]:
[Passive Switch] (Active)
-You can toggle on and off one or more of the passive bonuses from your [Skills]

Honestly, the whole lot of these are really useful for me but I think [Passive Switch] takes the cake as it will give me a good sign on how my base stats stack up to those around me. Plus, it would be nice to be able to use it as a "This isn't even my final form!" sort of deal against annoying enemies.

I'd also managed to get [Legendary Sword] to the point I can turn it into a [Rare Sword Form] and its already got to Level 34 afterwards which makes it over halfway to the Level 60 I need to enhance it to a [Super Rare Sword Form].

Shaking my head and continuing to my whole avian body, I focus back on why I was sitting atop of Gringotts under an invisibility technique that I need to renew every so often. It was time for me to attempt my knowledge heist here and I'd even checked to make sure a good portion of my [Skills] still worked while in this form outside of the obvious issue of no hands. Activating [Byakugan] and [Mystic Eyes] I focus through the building below me to start scanning through the vaults for books I can copy.

Although I can leave that to my [Memory Partition] so lets see what a couple [Gacha Tokens] can give me.

You have gained [Item]: [Blacksmith's Portable Station]!
You have gained [Material]: [Steel Bars] x5!
You have gained [Weapon]: [Steel Spear]!
You have gained [Item]: [Mystic Needle]!

The [Steel Spear] isn't going to be much use but the [Steel Bars] will be especially with [Blacksmith's Portable Station] which basically allows me to do blacksmithing anywhere kinda like a 'Crafting Table' in some RPGs. It and the [Mystic Needle] which allows me to use my MP to make the thread to sew things together which makes it a must have for making tailoring easier. I should probably start the [Tailor Class] soon given all the cloth based [Materials] I've got in my [Inventory].

Closing the screens, I return my focus onto the vaults below Gringotts and see if I can find anything else useful down there like the recipe for Goblin Silver or more useful enchantments.