Here is the long overdo next chapter.

For those wondering about Rias, the start of this chapter does explain that as well as offering a potential reason for what happened to Takashi. I will admit that I've not given much thought to the others from Highschool DxD although I have tentative plans for a version of Akeno who was with Grigori potentially showing up in the future and thought about having Kichi, Rias and some others go to the canon series in the future. As for Tonks, I don't intend for her to join the harem at the moment but as I'm thinking he would come back to Harry Potter to gather either potion ingredients, materials or to do something else there's probably a chance it would happen in the future.

The update for the EXP is mainly to avoid Kichi just continuing to level up while at Hogwarts but also figured it makes sense that he'd need to start fighting things roughly around his level rather than grinding through loads of weaker enemies even with the EXP boosts in effect. I also do intend for Kichi to join the Triwizard Tournament but that will mainly be due to whatever reward I finalize for Quest that will come with it.

I don't intend to show many of the lessons beyond the important stuff and the time table is something I worked out based on Half-Blood Prince's one.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the chapter.

Note: I've had to change the Green Magick spells he learns as the ones before he had already gained previously.

(Day 87: Saturday 24th August 1993)

Arriving at Diagon Alley with the others, I blink as I catch Rias watching the apparation point from a table outside of Fortescue's while ignoring the various wizards trying to garner her attention. Seeing her relax slightly, I figure she was waiting for me to turn up so I should go see what she wants and find out how she's even here in the first place.

"Go on ahead." I spoke to Bellatrix with a reassuring smile, "It looks like I've got a meeting come up."

"Alright..." Bellatrix replied with a slight frown, glancing to Rias as she added "Just be careful."

"I will." I replied with a nod, moving towards Rias and speaking up once I was in hearing range, "Ah, miss... Sorry for being late, shall we move this to somewhere more private."

"It's alright." Rias spoke with a smile, pushing a pair of wizards out of the way before entwining her arm with my own as she led me to the apparation point as I used my [Mystic Eyes] on her.

Rias Gremory
Level: 75
Race: Devil
HP: 250,000/250,000
MP: 500,000/500,000
Bio: The heiress of the Gremory Clan, Rias Gremory was denied the right to own [Evil Pieces] by her father due to her arranged marriage. Her freedom is only due to taking the risk of jumping through a dimension rift that opened near her on the day of the engagement party. She's been enjoying her new freedom in this world while learning magic and curious to understand why Kichi is here.
Emotions: Curiosity, relief, eagerness, worry

That does explain things... although Morgan didn't mention dimensional damage happening from her fight with her ex, but I wouldn't be surprised given how strong I am while being below the lower limit for meeting other Gamers properly. I mean most of my 'sempai' must be planet busters at the very least. The alternative is that someone else opened up the path for Rias to get here but that would need to be another Gamer and does leave the question of why she was brought to a [World] I'm on.

Also that does open up the possibilities that Takashi fell into one himself and that was why he wasn't in [Highschool of the Dead] but where did he end up.

Given the choices, I'm more likely to believe it was damage to the dimensional walls of several [Worlds] 'cause of Morgan and Medea's fight that caused what happened to both Rias and Takashi which means that there are probably other things and people who fell through the 'cracks' so to speak.

Once we reached the point, Rias apparated the both of us to the coast... Dover if the ferry port my [Byakugan] picks up in the distance is any sign.

Rias let go of my arm, pacing a few steps in front of me in a rather eye catching pair of tight jeans and a scarlet t-shirt. Taking a seat on the bench behind me, I wait for her to organize her thoughts before she turned to face me as she asked, crossing her arms under her bust, "So, who are you 'Lord Black'?"

"I'm Kichirou..." I answered simply, seeing her frown before I added "I suppose I should ask 'why are you here, Rias Gremory?' but I think I'll rather ask 'how long have you been on this world?'"

Rias stiffened at both my of questions, her fingers twitching at the ready before relaxing with a relieved smile as she replied "So, I was right. You aren't a native of this world either. I wanted to talk to you after the World Cup but I couldn't risk the Delacours becoming involved in the riot or the Weasleys finding out."

"I take it that the Delacours took you in when you arrived here?" I asked as I relaxed, getting a nod from Rias.

"I arrived about nine months ago and they took me in after they found me unconscious in their gardens." Rias answered with a nod and a warm smile as she recalled the memory, "Got me 'transferred' into Beauxbatons so I could better settle in alongside Fleur. I even explained everything I knew about the books to them which was mostly thrown out of the window with learning about what you've been doing."

"So, who are you?" Rias asked, taking a seat next to me and focusing her gaze on me.

"I'm similar to an Otsutsuki really... And that allows me to freely travel through a number of worlds and gain a few perks." I answered with a shrug as that is the best way to explain the Game without mentioning it, "As part of that I can insert myself into the history of the world to fit in better..."

"And you chose to be related to the Black family." Rias continued with an understanding nod, grasping her chin in thought as she thought aloud, "You'd have the means to get the locket Horcrux and could work out a way to get the Cup from Gringotts with the tie to Bellatrix."

"Wait... That means you have foreknowledge of the worlds you go into..." Rias realised only for me to shake my head as I explained.

"I only have the knowledge I have about worlds before I became a traveller. I might learn more from others but 'the insertion' only gives me enough memories for a backstory, if I choose that option. And yes, I'm familiar with a counterpart of yours hence why I used the Japanese reference."

Rias nodded in thought for a moment as my words sunk in before she looked to me warily as she asked "How much do you know about me?"

"Some things from your counterpart but I wouldn't want to assume that you shared all those things with her as you're both different" I answered, pausing to decide what to reveal before adding, "For example, the version I know of you has blue-green eyes, is a little shorter and less... curvy."

"I suppose she was happy in her world..." Rias commented wistfully as she looked to the sea.

"...Yes..." I answered simply with a nod.

"So... How did you get to this world?" I asked after a minute of silence, Rias turning to me with a somber look.

"I don't know how else your counterpart of me is similar to me but my father refused to let me have a set of [Evil Pieces] once I reached that age. Instead, he and my mother started to groom me to be his wife despite my own refusal to the whole thing while I worked to get stronger to challenge him." Rias started to explain as she hugged herself, "Father refused to even entertain the idea of me fighting him on my own. On the evening of the announcement of our engagement, a tear in space appeared in the room I was getting dressed in and I sensed it disrupt all of the magic cast to stop me from running away so I decided to take the risk and jumped in. I mean I only had Sona, Seekvaira and my nephew keeping me there but I wasn't going to stay to become a sex slave and just give the future of the Gremory family to him. I don't think I even cared if I died or not from what happened."

Wrapping my arms around her shoulders, I hug her while trying to comfort her with my words, "You're fine now and safe here, Rias. After all, if the rift you used was still open then at least someone else from your world would have came through to find you when they saw it. If you're still worried about them finding you then you can come with me when I 'travel' as I doubt they'd be able to follow us even then and I can probably handle someone like the fire turkey fairly easily despite being a fairly new traveller."

"Thank you." Rias murmured as she hugged me back tightly while resting her head on my shoulder.

+20 Affection for Rias Gremory [39/100] (for offering to protect her and take her with you)

Mentally wiping away the screen, I blink as Rias leaned back to ask "What about that younger looking Bellatrix with you?"

"Ah, she was a boon, I suppose, wasn't expecting to pull a younger version from the day of her wedding... though she's from an alternate timeline." Shrugging, I continued to answer the redhead, "Anyway, at times I can get a random power, person or item from elsewhere and she was one of them. Another was these."

Slipping off my glasses I activate my [Rinnegan], making Rias stare in surprised before retorting "That must make things easier. Was your Sacred Gear another one?"

"No..." I started with a shake of my head, "That was more a gift from one of my sempai although they weren't just happy giving me a Blade Blacksmith and fused it with a weapon called 'Legendary Sword' from a series called 'Rising of the Shield Hero' but it basically means I can only make holy swords from material I've had it absorb or swords I've copied but I have other means to make them stronger so I suppose its a good compromise, even though it means I can only use sword based weapons."

"That does make it more difficult to use then..." Rias spoke with thoughtful hum.

"It does have some upsides like being able to use bow-swords, gunblades, even swords that transform into other weapons. I can even fuse them together to make stronger swords." I explained with a smile as I added, "I even managed to work out how to recreate the barrage of swords Gilgamesh can pull off."

Rias looked impressed at hearing that as I looked curiously at her and asked "So, how much wizarding magic has you learnt while being here?"

"Well with my Devil Magic I can recreate Transfiguration, Charms and duelling magic easy enough when I focus. I manage with Potions easy enough as its like cooking and Arithmancy as its theory but Runes is rather hard due to remembering the effects of each symbol. I even got a wand." Rias spoke with a smile, flicking her wrist to make a wand appear in her grasp as she added "Mahogany and Dragon heartstring. Although I can't put too much of my power into my spells when using it."

Nodding in understanding, the conversation turned to lighter topics after that with Rias talking about her time with the Delacours while I told a few funny stories from my time here as well before we parted to head back to head back to those waiting for us.

"If you need any help just owl me but I should see you in a couple months at Hogwarts." I spoke up with a smile.

"Ah, the tournament. Yes, I'll see you then and Fleur will probably be interested in talking with you." Rias replied with a smirk, "You are the first person she's met that completely ignored her allure. I mean even I am susceptible to it on occasion."

"Tell her that I look forwards to it." I retorted with a smile before watching her apparate away while mulling over her last comment.

Huh, I suppose this Rias is possibly bi- is the Veela Allure only affects those who are attracted to that gender. Still I should head back before my mind goes to the gutter with images of Rias and Fleur writhing around with each other...

Damn it! Too late...

Taking a calming breathe, and using a bit of [Limited Shapeshifting] to undo the boner forming, I look around to see if anyone was about before apparating back to Diagon Alley. I still have shopping to do after all.


Once I'd done the shopping, I'd settled in my room to go through the [Equipment] I regularly use and enchanted them to a the higher rank I had available. That included the [Quidditch Armour] set, my [Lumen Greaves], [Yiga Clan Mask], [Mighty Scale Gauntlets], [Troll King Necklace], [Tyrant Boots], [Tyrant Trousers], [Ring of Vampiric Power], [Boxers of Training] and Bellatrix's [Regal Dresser-Slime] - although I also added both a [Body Guard] and [Magic Guard] enchantments to the last one. I'd even managed to upgrade the [Mage Focus] enchantment on my [Foci Rings] - bringing the magic reduction to 33%.

Opening up my [Inventory], I figure its been long overdue for me to use some more of the [Gacha Tokens] I have stockpiled and after using five I've picked up three useful additions. The first was the [Sword of Paracelsus] from [Fate/Grand Order] which looks like its supposed to be a mana battery and enhancer from its abiities. The second was also from the same series: [Kiku-Ichimonji Norimune] - the sword used by [Okita Souji]. The last one was the [Buster Sword] that [Cloud Strife] is famous for using.

Actually, that reminds me of the book that I got from the [Troll 2 ID] about magical metals and if I can make them then I can further expand the number of [Sword Forms] I have available and get myself another set of elemental swords to use.

Along with the book, I pulled out various pieces of [Scrap Metal] I have and a couple [Mana Crystals (S)] to start with as I skim through the book to find instructions for making [Magisteel] although I figure it'll require some use of my [Blacksmith's Portable Station] as I doubt [Transmute] is at a high enough level to do it all. I could have use the [Steel Bars] I got earlier but I want to save them especially when [Scrap Metal] can be turned into [Steel Ingots] with a bit of work.

Reading the needed part in the book only took fifteen minutes - with a few rereads to ensure I knew what I needed to do - I [Transmute] the [Scrap Metal] into a [Steel Ingot] before gathering the [Mana Crystals] and book and apparating downstairs to the basement to take advantage of the space as I pull out my [Blacksmith's Portable Station] and open it up so I could sit at the stool in front of the anvil while on my right was a large barrel of oil and the other side had a metal table that gave off some heat.

Sitting down on the stool, I use [Telekinesis] to put the ingot onto the heated table before turning my psychic power onto crushing the [Mana Crystals] up as I waited for the metal to heat up enough. To make [Magisteel] is rather simple and also different then the [Tensura] way as all I need to do is take a [Steel Ingot], heat it up enough to be soft enough to work with and then cover it with the crushed [Mana Crystals] and then start hammering it to ensure its spread through the insides as well. I have to heat it up a few more times and add some more [Mana Crystals] powder but that's to get the properties worked in fully and stabilize the power of the new metal.

Six hours of hard work at the hot forge sees me rewarded with several metal ingots set on a table behind me. [Magisteel], [Hydro Steel], [Frost Steel], [Aero Steel], [Heat Steel], [Geo Steel], [Volt Steel], [Glow Steel] and [Night Steel] were made easily as I simply needed a single type of [Mana Crystal] included in their creation and each of their descriptions speaks of them being magical metals that would naturally make stronger weapons, armour and accessories with them and for the elemental metals they would naturally be created as that element.

I'd managed to get [Smithing] to Level 15 from working on them and reading the book some more while [Psionics] had only gained a single level from moving the metal and crystals around.

Putting away my [Blacksmith's Portable Station], I turn to the table and use a shard of [Aegis Shield] to trim a small fragment of each metal off the block so I could feed it into [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] gaining one [Sword Form] from each one - which was surprising in the dark elemented [Night Steel] but I guess 'Sacred Darkness' is a thing.

Each sword was a bastard sword in general design but was coloured and styled to reflect their elements aside from the [Magisteel Sword] which resembled the one [Kaijin] made in [Tensura]. They each have the same ATK and DUR and also rare so they seem like a ready made set which I can easily max out by using [Experience Transfer] now that I remembered to do it to complete the jewel-sword set a bit earlier.

The rest of the metal goes into my [Inventory] for safe keeping as I can use it in the future for making weapons or armour.


(Day 89: Monday 26th August 1993)

Waking with a yawn, I blink as I stare at the screen in my gaze before frowning.

Update Completed!
[EXP Gain] modified!
[Store] added!
The issuing of EXP upon defeating an enemy has been updated to remove a loophole that has been discovered. As such, if a defeated enemy is more than 20 levels lower then Gamer then the EXP gained is reduced by 10% for each level over that 20. Enemies that don't give any EXP to the Gamer also only gives 10% of their normal amount to [Classes] equipped before EXP boosters take effect. This is to ensure that the Gamer is continually challenged to gain strength while also not limiting the growth of [Classes]. Please note that [Class] EXP gained by levelling of the [Class Skill] is unaffected by this update.

The [Store] has been added to the Game at the demand of Gamers to aid with the buying and selling of wares in a secure manner. This includes the selling of custom [Weapons] and [Armour] as well as [Skills], [Perks] and even [Race Cards]. Buying from another Gamer includes a 15% charge but will guarantee a higher quality then the Game will naturally provide. To prevent confusion, all current currency owned will be converted into Credits, replacing Money on the [Status], although can be converted back for use in the [World] you are on. [Companions] are still subject to the [Gacha] but there is now a separate one part of the [Store] that will randomly generate only [Companions] for 10,000 Credits.

Due to the addition of the [Store], [Gacha Tokens] have become rarer drops ranking [Ultra Rare] and more mundane drops will be reduced.

Right... The first one is more damaging to me given I use my EXP boosts to make the low level enemies I fight as it means I'll have to complete more [IDs] to unlock one high enough level for me to get EXP from. At least my [Classes] won't suffer too much as it just means I need to take out four times more enemies then I normally would do.

At least I got the time to go through the [Angel 2 ID] twice over the weekend - completing it both times and fighting both types of Applaud while the boss was a Beloved - so I managed to get [Black Mage] to Level 32 and [Runesmith] to Level 19 and the [Classes] that unlocked from them up enough to not be locked into them.

[Magus]: [13/50] (20800/26000)
A magical [Class] that focuses on bombarding the enemies with magic.
-Passively increase magical damage by 10%
-Passively reduce cost of magic/[Skills] by 10%
Grants +4 INT, +3 WIS and +1 CHA per Level
Grants [Skill]: [Multicast]

[Warder]: [12/50] (11800/30000)
A magical [Class] that focuses on protecting the user in a fight by making wards.
-Passively increase DUR of barriers by 10%
-Passively reduce cost of support magic/[Skills] by 10%
Grants +4 INT, +2 WIS and +2 LUC per Level
Grants [Skill]: [Ward Creation]

My own Level sat at 94 at the moment so with this new update, I can only get EXP from enemies Level 65 or above and below that my [Class] EXP is going to be quartered even with the bonus I have at work afterwards. The new [ID] I had - which was called [Ancient Gear City] - probably won't be in my range either so I'll have to work through it and the previous ones to complete them but it also means I can gather materials for me to use.

It does mean that my time at Hogwarts is going to be more working through the [IDs] and training [Classes] and [Skills] when not doing my own projects or attending lessons.

The upside though is the [Store] which means I can buy [Material] for my crafting easier and even sell some of the work while training and practicing with them. The fact it sells [Skills], [Perks] and even [Races] means that I can get stronger through it but I imagine the good stuff is all really expensive to make it harder to get then through other means like Affection/Reputation rewards or even jumping into other [Worlds]. The [Companion Gacha] sounds interesting but I'm not sure how often I would want to use it.

Either way this makes things easier and harder for me from now on.


(Day 95: Sunday 1st September 1993)

Apparating onto the platform nine and three quarters with Bellatrix, Harry and Sirius, I'm relieved to see that the place isn't too busy yet as I look around. With my sorted [Shopping Trunk] in my pocket while the rest of my important things like my [Library Trunks] were in my [Inventory].

"Wow..." I spoke with a smile as I look over the red train and carriages.

"Amazing, isn't it?" Sirius spoke with a grin at me, "Its just a bit of a shame this is the only time I'm going to be taking you here... If things were different."

"No need to think like that Father... It wasn't your fault what happened." I replied with a smile, "At least you'll be able to bring Harry here for the next few years."

"I'll see you at Easter." Sirius spoke with a grin.

"Yeah, see you then Father. Just try not cause too many problems for me with the Wizengamot even as you have a bit of fun." I replied with a smirk as he nodded back.

"Why won't we be able to come back at Christmas?" Harry asked with a frown.

"Let's just say that a special event is going on this year and and you might not want to come back at Christmas. I imagine it'll be explained once we get there and it has to do with why we needed dress robes." I explained to the teen.

"You know what's going on?" Harry asked as I answered with a nod.

"If it makes you feel any better, Kichi hasn't even told me what's going on." Bellatrix commented with a frown at me.

"I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise." I replied with a shrug.

"Right..." Harry spoke with a frown at me.

"You guys better find a compartment before it gets busy... and I've got to get ready to the Wizengamot and then I got to do paperwork with Remus for the shop..." Sirius spoke with a smile which faded at the work he'd have to do.

"It'll be fine once you get everything set up and Remus probably done most of it, Father. Oh, remember to get Kreacher to deliver any important papers or letters for me as well." I pointed out with a soft smile.

Giving a wave, I follow Bellatrix and Harry onto the train and find the compartment they were sitting in and taking the one next to Bellatrix - who had pulled a book from her un-shrunken trunk. Harry was looking out of the windows at the crowd, probably in search of Ron and Hermione, and leaving me free to skim through the Game and check up on my [Skills] growth after pulling out [Hogwarts: A History] to pretend to read.

Since the update I'd been taking advantage of the [Store] buying [Materials] for crafting and selling a few things of my own that I didn't need or had recently made - including a couple [Slime Guards] I had recently made. The selling portion had two sides to it, the first was more like your normal shop in a game and just gave you prices equal to their worth. The second was more akin to online shopping and allowed you to set up how many you were selling, a description and your own price although you could also have it act like an auction with the highest bidder winning.

I'd mainly been working to train up [Tailoring], [Smithing] and [Carpentry] getting twenty levels for each - and causing [Tailor] and [Blacksmith] to gain a level each - but had also fit in some work on my [White Magick] and [Green Magick] getting them 10 levels each and earning me four new spells for each and a level for [White Mage] and [Green Mage].

For [White Magick] I'd gained: [Esuna] - a general status effect curer, [Raise] which allows me to revive someone who has been dead for less than 3 + Skill Level hours, [Preserve Body] which allows me to keep a body in perfect condition negating the time limit for the previous spell and [Restore Limb]. For [Green Magick] I'd gained: [Toad] and [Confusion] - which all inflicted their chosen status effect -, [EnFire] and [EnIce] which allowed me to temporarily enchant a weapon to inflict that element of damage. I'd also gained [De-Veil] and [Veil] as I'd learnt all 'status inflictors' with the former reducing a target's resistance to them while the latter did the opposite and increased resistance.

Other bits of training had saw [Ultraspeed Regeneration] and [Mana Reactor] to Level 20 and [Stealth] to Level 25, [Internal Reinforcement] and [Limited Shapeshifting] to Level 65, [Steal] to Level 28 and [Armor of Fafnir] to Level 20. From that I'd also gained a level for [Scout] and [Thief].

I had also took advantage of [Experience Transfer] to max out the level of each of the [Sword Forms] from the metal I'd made and it turned out that I could now make a steady supply of each metal if I wanted to as they had gained the same [Material Generation] the jewel [Sword Forms] had. I suppose between both sets of swords I have a steady income and supplies for the future now.

Focusing back on my surroundings, I smile at hearing the Weasleys arrive with Hermione and a quick use of my [Byakugan] shows they had came out of the floo and it wasn't long for Hermione and Ron to join us in the compartment, sitting down on either side of Harry as the train's whistle starts to blow as a signal for the remaining students to hurry up.

The trio across from me and Bellatrix start chatting away about what had happened since the world cup. Crouch Snr being jailed with his son in cells next to each other, speculations about what was going on this year and even Hermione asking the pair if they had finished all their homework.

By the time they settle into a comfortable silence, the train has started its journey towards Hogwarts.

Deciding to be productive, I open my [Store] and start to look into one of the tabs I'd avoided so far: the [Skill] tab. The list of [Skills] that's purchasable probably goes in the billions given the numbers of [Worlds] about and just skimming through it would probably take years which makes the search function much more useful in the long run and while I've not gone searching for anything rare [Material] wise already.

Now I just need to think on what would be useful [Skill] to add to those that I already have... I probably don't need any more magic at the moment between my [Magicks], Wizarding magic and [Elemental Conjuration Magic] and probably don't need a sword style given my strength. Hmm... Maybe I should look for martial arts styles to add to [Anything Goes Martial Arts] or look for something passive or crafting.

Mentally adding the words 'martial arts', 'crafting' and 'passive' I see the list shorten to about five thousand given the three areas I'm looking in. From here I just skim through the list and open up windows for [Skills] that either take my interest or am familiar with and in the end I have five screens open to the sides.

[Creation Magic Skill Book (Arifureta)] Cost: 100,000,000,000 Credits
Description: A Skill Book that grants the user the [Creation Magic] of [Arifureta]. This allows the user to use manipulate any object's structure, allowing them to shape or transform them in anyway they wishes. This is mainly used in the creation of powerful items.

[Gate of Babylon Skill Book (F/SN)] Cost: 10,000,000,000 Credits
Description: A Skill Book that grants the user [Gate of Babylon] of [Fate] series. This allows the user to gain a vast storage space which can repair anything inside and can be accessed by golden ripples in the air.
Please note: [Gate of Babylon] will come empty and if used by a [Gamer] it will upgrade [Inventory].

[Gourmet Cells Skill Book (Toriko)] Cost: 50,000 Credits
Description: A Skill Book that grants the user [Gourmet Cells] of [Toriko]. This allows the user to gain cells that have extreme regenerative, strength-enhancing qualities and can empower evolution. This version does not require the consumption of more [Gourmet Cells] from their ingredients to grow stronger.

[Ssam-Su Taekkyeon Skill Book (GoH)] Cost: 100,000 Credits
Description: A Skill Book that grants the user [Ssam-Su Taekkyeon] of [God of Highschool]. This alllows the user to gain a martial arts style based on [Practical Taekkyeon] and modified and improved with [Renewal Taekwondo].

[Renewal Taekwondo Skill Book (GoH)] Cost: 100,000 Credits
Description: A Skill Book that grants the user [Renewal Taekwondo] of [God of Highschool]. This allows the user to gain a martial arts style that involved strong, linear kicks aimed towards the upper parts of the body using the rotation of the body as a source of power.

[Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist Skill Book (OPM)] Cost: 100,000 Credits
Description: A Skill Book that grants the user [Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist] of [One Punch Man]. This allows the user to gain the [Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist] martial art which relies on flowing movements that lead the enemy around and can deflect stronger attacks before landing a swift, strong strike to surprise them.

Those would probably be my shortlist for now but the prices make it hard to want to splurge when 1 Credit is the equivalent to 100 Yen and my current amount is 447542 which means I can't get neither [Creation Magic] and [Gate of Babylon] at the moment as they are both way out of my price range. I could buy the others but that would leave me just over 97k of Credits left and while I can easily make it back with selling gemstones and magical metals due to their [Sword Forms] I'd need to spend weeks making and selling them and it might reduce the value of them by flooding the market with them if I use the Gamer focused portion of it which would give me more Credits.

I think for now I'll just buy the [Gourmet Cells] and [Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist Skill Books] and then use the [IDs] to build up my Credits to buy some of the others throughout my time at Hogwarts. The latter will probably merge with [Anything Goes Martial Arts] and I'll need to practice it to work it in with the other styles I have while the former will be easier to train with Hogwarts footing any bill for food although I'll have to avoid going extreme with meals and that will limit how quickly it can level up.

Going back to my [Inventory], I quickly learn both [Skills] with the martial arts joining my [Anything Goes Martial Arts] but not granting me any levels. The other does provide a handy boost although also leaves me with an issue for the future.

[Gourmet Cells - Gamer Edition] (Passive) Level: 1 - EXP: 0%
Description: [Gourmet Cells] are the physical embodiment of savouriness and Appetite Energy; known as the source of life and all known ingredients in the [Toriko World]. These cells have extreme regenerative and strength-enhancing qualities, can empower evolution, but most importantly greatly enhance flavour of any organism they are part of. This version still houses these powers but does not rely on needing to consume [Gourmet Cells] within food to make them become stronger, instead relying on any sort of food eaten to help the user become stronger but due to these unique [Gourmet Cells], they make the user release a strong alluring scent that convinces monsters that they would be tasty to eat and requires much more food to become stronger.
-Gain [Trait]: [Monster Attracter]
-HP Regen is active during battle
-Passively increase STR, DEX and END by 5% x Skill Level
-Passively increase HP/SP per END by 5 x Skill Level
-Passively increase HP/SP Regen by 5% x Skill Level

[Monster Attracter] just means I'm more likely to draw monsters to me as I release an alluring scent which should make things easier when I go hunting Acromantula and another source for active regeneration is always going to be helpful but the boost to my physical stats, HP, SP and Regens are the most helpful - partly due to [Homo Magi's] [Mana Affinity] and partly due to another [Race] I'm thinking about purchasing from the [Store]: [Anodite] from [Ben 10].

[Anodite Race Card] Cost: 500,000 Credits
Description: A Race Card to unlock the [Anodite Race] from [Ben 10]. Anodites are a free-spirited race of humanoid energy beings from the planet Anodyne who draw life from the mana around them as well as use it to defend themselves with various magical powers and even manipulate it to allow them to form disguises.

It sounds like it could be a stronger version of [Homo Magi] and, from what I know of the series, they can use magic in various ways that would be similar to [Esper] powers so it might be the first lone [Race] I'll use so far.


The rest of the trip to Hogwarts was fairly uneventful. There was no Malfoy showing up to gloat but only Harry's dorm mates coming up to catch up with the trio and a half dozen small groups wandering past the door to try and catch a glimpse of myself or Bellatrix.

Instead, I had spent some of the time working on [Meditation] - only getting a single level for it - and talking to the 'golden trio' about the teachers and lessons and got my first 'warning' about Snape.

I'd also used three [Gacha Tokens] to see what I'd get and was surprised at what I gained.

[Blood of Sinbad]
Description: The blood of the legendary adventurer [Sinbad] which can grant someone a bloodline connection with it. When used there is a chance to gain one or more of a set of Perks related to Sinbad.

This is an interesting [Item] for me to gain but it might be worth it to use later on to see what [Perk] I would gain from it. I may be able to gain multiple ones if I'm lucky enough or use [Lucky Hour] before I take it.

[The Primordial Codex of Magic]
Description: A tome that was created when the first wisp of magic emerged, making it older than gods. It holds every spell that has ever or will ever exist within its pages. The text is ever shifting to prevent someone from learning all it holds and magically bound closed but once ever 30 days, the user can learn a single spell from 22 that have been randomly chosen. The Cover and Bindings of this most ancient Codex are made of an Ancient Black Eldritch Metal and the pages are made of an unknown substance that acts like the highest quality paper.
-[Indestructible (Master)]
-[Spell Teacher (Master)]
Can learn any single spell [Skill] that is equal to or lesser than their current MP from a selection of 22
Requires a cool down of 30 Days between uses

This is a lot more useful for me in the long term as even with the limit and required cool down, being able to pick up a new spell once a month although the random element does mean there's a chance of getting the same set of spells appearing for me to learn and after so long I could end up opening it to find its only showing spells I already know or have learnt before.

The last gain from the [Gacha] had me needing to employ [Performer] to avoid smirking and laughing when I saw it and drawing weird looks from the others.

[Control Art Restriction System] (Active)
Description: A set of seals designed by the [Hellsing] family to restrict the power of the vampire: Alucard to a reasonable level while still allowing him the means to access it when needed. This [Perk] allows the user to limit their own power to various levels in a similar manner and with the use of vocal commands can be changed, allowing the release of more or less power and can even be done temporarily with conditions applied so there isn't need for a second vocal command needed to revert back to the previous seal that was active.
-Only one Seal can be active at a time
-Requires vocal declaration and intent
-[Restriction Level 5A]
Reduce all stats by 90%
Render all stat boosts from enchantments inert
-[Restriction Level 5B]
Reduce all stats by 90%
Stat boosts from enchantments apply afterwards
-[Restriction Level 4A]
Reduce all stats by 70%
Render all boosts from enchantments inert
-[Restriction Level 4B]
Reduce all stats by 70%
Stat boosts from enchantments apply afterwards
-[Restriction Level 3A]
Reduce all stats by 50%
Render all boosts from enchantments inert
-[Restriction Level 3B]
Reduce all stats by 50%
Stat boosts from enchantments apply afterwards
-[Restriction Level 2A]
Reduce all stats by 30%
Render all boosts from enchantments inert
-[Restriction Level 2B]
Reduce all stats by 30%
Stat boosts from enchantments apply afterwards
-[Restriction Level 1A]
Reduce all stats by 10%
Render all boosts from enchantments inert
-[Restriction Level 1B]
Reduce all stats by 10%
Stat boosts from enchantments apply afterwards
-[Restriction Level 0]
Reduce all stats by 0%

This [Perk] means that I can limit myself down to normal human levels if I use [Restriction Level 5A] with my [Passive Switch] to get rid all of my bonuses and dampen down my Stats which would also weaken my magic and some of my [Skills] range down to an expected level. It'd be really cool for unnerving enemies as well by using the same lines that Abridged!Alucard uses when unsealing for a more powerful enemy.

Luckily, I managed to get a chance to whisper an explanation to Bellatrix and got her agreement that it was a good idea to avoid alerting anyone of my true power. With [Restriction Level 5A] in effect by sub-vocalling it and my [Passive Switch] turning off my bonuses made all of my stats didn't even pass the 100 mark now and only my INT and WIS exceeded 50 which is rather disconcerting to feel that sort of loss of power.

It shouldn't affect my range enough to stop what I am planning as my [Byakugan] range is 5494 metres radius around me and with [Memory Partition] I can have 40 partitions in my head to keep the knowledge from the library I get through [Mystic Eyes] or what I see from interfering with whatever I'm doing at that time. Plus if I need to have a sudden boost without losing the seal I can simply put [Most Powerful, Most Beautiful Perk] back on and that should boost my stats barring LUC into the hundreds.

The only other thing of note to happen was Crookshanks had happily taken to sitting in Bellatrix's lap after about half an hour of wary staring at her which probably had something to do with her animagus form and that Hermione had been blushing once the two boys and I had came in after she and Bellatrix had changed into their uniforms. I'd also caught Ron trying to staring discretely at Bellatrix as while the uniform covered a fair bit, it couldn't hide her curves.

At the moment though, we were getting off the train at the station among the other students with the most of them moving to the Thestral drawn carriages while the first years were all called over by Hagrid.

Bellatrix and I moved towards the carriages as neither of our letters mentioned what we should do and I'd rather not head over the lake on those boats. The one we get into ends up lead to us sitting opposite a pair of third year Slytherins males that I didn't recognise but stared in awe at Bellatrix.

Bellatrix smirked at me and I can tell she already coming up with some funny plan to amuse herself for this year before the feeling of Hogwarts' magic washes over us as we get closer and with a quick look with my [Mystic Eyes] and hide my grimace at the sudden influx of information before I quickly shunt it into my [Memory Partition] and [Occlumency] for the former to work on it. What I did get though showed the wards were powerful but dormant for the most part although I can't tell if its by accident or design.

"Are you alright?" I quietly ask Bellatrix as I caught her frowning. She gives me slight shake of her head and a look that tells me that she wants to hold off till later to answer that.

With a nod myself, Bellatrix covered her concern with a smirk as she spoke "I'm just wondering which house I'll be put in and how differently it'll be from my home schooling before."

"That's understandable." I replied with a nod, hiding my amused look at the idea of what the Slytherins may do if the two boys spread any information or try and plan something.

I was pretty sure that Bellatrix was going to end up in that dorm as she had been a Slytherin before and she could have some fun taking advantage of their assumption of her ignorance to fight some Death Eater children. The slight doubt came from the fact she would have to deal with Snape being her Head of House and she had mentioned that she wouldn't be able to take the greasy little creep seriously and I had mentioned Snape might try and take out his hatred for Sirius against her if he couldn't get a reaction from me. Luckily she's got her animagus powers so she can sneak away and [Regal Slime-Dresser] to further protect her.


Standing in the entranceway of Hogwarts, Bellatrix and I waited for Professor McGonagall to finishing her welcome speech for the first years. She had already told us while we waited that we'd have to join the back of the group and wait till the end to be sorted into a House.

Honestly, I would have thought they'd allow Bellatrix and I to be sorted in private to avoid the inevitable delay but apparently its tradition to be sorted in front of the whole student body. I wouldn't be surprised if it was also to ensure someone wouldn't be able to play themselves off as another House as long as the teachers aren't around although that wouldn't work for long depending on who they got close to.

"Come along then." McGonagall briskly added in, turning to lead the new students into the Great Hall as Bellatrix smirked amused and looped her arm with my own as we followed them in.

With my [Byakugan] active, I can see variety of emotions on the students faces as some stared at the pair of us and the teachers looking on curious barring Snape who sneers at seeing me and more or less proves that one Drawback has picked him like I expected. As for the other one in effect, well Dumbledore has a curious and thoughtful look towards both me and Bellatrix before it darts to Harry and his barely noticeable scar. It looks like he's put the pieces together so I might get a summons to his office if he wants to enquire about it. Moody is also already sitting at the table as well and my [Mystic Eyes] show that he's the real one so I don't have to worry about anyone else following Voldemort's plan to sneak a Death Eater in.

"Bella... Bellatrix Black." McGonagall called with a slight falter as she read out the name due to what I imagine was memories about the canon version of her when she was being sorted. Quiet murmurs started up amongst the students at that as well while Bellatrix approached the hat and sat down before McGonagall put the Sorting Hat on her head.

It takes a couple of minutes as it seems like Bellatrix is chatting with the Sorting Hat before it called out "Slytherin!"

Bellatrix respectively handed back the hat to McGonagall before striding towards her house table with a slight smirk on her lips and taking a seat on the end of the bench while the students clapped politely and whispered amongst themselves.

"Kicheru Black" McGonagall called, making me frown as I moved towards the seat.

"It's Ki-chi-rou, Professor." I replied as I sat down, getting a small nod from the woman as she put the Sorting Hat on my head.

I barely had to wait a minute before the choice I made in the [Jump Chain] comes into effect as the Sorting Hat calls out "Ravenclaw!"

[Title] Gained:
[Hogwarts Student (Ravenclaw)]
-Passively increase Affection and Reputation with Hogwarts students and teachers
-Passively increase [Skill] EXP by 25%

[Perk] Gained:
[Wit Beyond Measure] (Passive)
Description: You are a preeminent puzzler, have a naturally quick wit and grasp theoretical principles with the best of them.
-Passively increase INT and WIS by 25%
-Passively increase [Skill] EXP by 50%

The clapping from the blue and bronze is enthusiastic along with a few cheers as I hand the Sorting Hat back to McGonagall and walk towards their table while scanning the table for Luna and spotting a seat opposite next to her while dismissing the screens.

"Can I sit here?" I asked Luna curiously, ignoring the reactions of others as she bobbed her head.

"I don't mind, Kichirou Black." Luna answered with her normal dreamy tone, "Its refreshing to see someone without wrackspurts."

"Thank you." I replied as I sat down with Luna on one side and a first year boy on the other.

Dumbledore quickly got to his feet as McGonagall picked up the stool and hat and left, his arms wide as he smiled welcoming and spoke "I have only two words to say to you. Tuck in."

With those last two words, the empty plates were filled with food and with some cheers everyone started to assemble their meals and eat. I took a generous amount of both meat and vegetables to begin with and ate large bites between the inquisitive questions from other students and mainly about Mahoutokoro and some of the magical creatures with Luna's questions.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were chatting away while Bellatrix is dealing with several of her male housemates trying to get friendly with her. I'm glad that Bellatrix had explained about House Elves to Hermione during one of the lessons as it should avoid her going on her crusade this year especially as I confirmed that they were symbiotic beings who needed magic and preferred to work for it.

It was after I'd finished a large slice of chocolate gateau and the others had finished that the plates were cleaned magically and Dumbledore got back to his feet to speak up.

"So! Now that we are all fed and watered I must once more ask for your attention, while I give out a few notices. Mr Filch, the caretaker, has asked me to tell you that the list of objects forbidden inside the castle has this year been extended to include 'Screaming Yo-yos', 'Fanged Frisbees' and 'Ever-Bashing Boomerangs'. The full list comprises some four hundred and thirty-seven items, I believe, and can be viewed in Mr Filch's office, if anybody would like to check it." Dumbledore's lips twitched slightly in a smile before he continued, "As ever, I would like to remind you all that the Forest in the grounds is out-of-bounds to students, as is the village of Hogsmeade to all below third year. And may I introduce our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Moody."

Moody stood up to sparse applause as most of the students seemed transfixed by his unusual appearance. He sat down after a minute, allowing Dumbledore to continue his announcements, "It is also my painful duty to inform you that the inter-house Quidditch Cup will not take place this year."

As most of the students broke into murmurs, I can't get why they would do it beyond Rowling not wanting to have to deal with the matches as well as tournament tasks but with this being a real [World] its not much of an issue and they could easily do both at the same time. I mean the Quidditch Pitch is only used for two of the tasks and I imagine the matches can be set up around those times as well plus it would be another good means for having the three schools compete and not have them laze around when the one the Goblet of Fire chooses has to compete in the actual tournament.

"This is due to an event that will be starting in October, and continuing throughout the school year, taking up much of the teacher's time and energy - but I am sure you will all enjoy it immensely. I have great pleasure in announcing that this year Hogwarts is hosting a very exciting even over the coming months, an event which has not been held in over a century. It is my very great pleasure to inform you that the Triwizard Tournament will be taking place at here."

"You're joking!" The Weasley twins called loudly, breaking the tension in the room and getting some students to laugh.

"I am not joking, Messers Weasley." Dumbledore replied with a chuckle, "Though, now you mention it. I did hear an excellent one over the summer about a troll, a hag and a leprechaun who all go into a bar..."

McGonagall clearing her throat brings Dumbledore back on track, "Er... but maybe this is not the time... no... Where was I? Ah, yes, the Triwizard Tournament... well, some of you will not know what this Tournament involves, so I hope those who do know will forgive me for giving a short explanation, and allow their attention to wander freely."

"The Triwizard Tournament was first established some seven hundred years ago, as a friendly competition between the three largest European schools of Wizardry - Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. A champion was selected to represent each school, and the three champions competed in three magical tasks. The schools took it in turns to host the Tournament once every five years, and it was generally agreed to be a most excellent way of establishing ties between young witches and wizards of different nationalities - until, that is, the death toll mounted so high that the Tournament was discontinued."

Dumbledore paused for a moment as everyone whispered excitedly or in concern of the death toll of the tournament before he continued "There have been several attempts over the centuries to reinstate the Tournament, none of which has been very successful. However, our own Departments of International Magical Co-operation and Magical Games and Sports have decided the time is ripe for another attempt. We have worked hard over the summer to that, this time, no champion will find himself or herself in mortal danger.

The Heads of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be arriving with their short-listed contenders in October, and the selection of the three champions will take place at Halloween. An impartial judge will decide which students are most worthy to compete for the Triwizard Cup, the glory of their school, and a thousand Galleons personal prize money."

The excitement grew at hearing that and I could even see Bellatrix giving me an asking look which I gave a shrug in response.

"Eager though I know all of you will be to bring the Triwizard Cup to Hogwarts, the Heads of the participating schools, along with the Minister of Magic, have agreed to impose an age restriction on contenders this year. Only students who are of age - that is to say, seventeen or older - will be allowed to put forward their names for consideration this..." Dumbledore continued before the outrage from several people caused him to raise his voice. " a measure we feel necessary, given that the Tournament tasks will still be difficult and dangerous, whatever precautions we take, and it is highly unlikely that students below sixth and seventh year will be able to cope with them. I will personally be ensuring that no underage students hoodwinks our impartial judge into making them Hogwarts Champion."

Flicking his gaze to the Weasley twins with a twinkle in his eye, Dumbledore added, "I, therefore, beg you not to waste your time submitting yourself if you are under seventeen."

"The delegations from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be arriving in October, and remaining with us for the greater part of this year. I know that you will all extend every courtesy to our foreign guests while they are with us, and will give your whole-hearted support to the Hogwarts champion when he or she is selected. And now, it is late, and I know how important it is to you all to be alert and rested as you enter your lessons tomorrow morning. Bedtime! Chop chop!" Dumbledore concluded before sitting down to talk to Moody.

The sounds of discontent, scrapping and banging filled a good portion of the hall as they all started to get up and leave. I follow the crowd with Luna up the stairs with the Gryffindors while using my [Byakugan] to keep an eye on Bellatrix as she walked with the Slytherins into the dungeons.

Its interesting to see the moving staircases at work but with my eyes and range I can avoid getting lost amongst the numerous corridors even if I was on my own. Plus I could always apparate around given [Phoenix Apparition] can't be blocked but I'd only do that away from the portraits to avoid them reporting back to Dumbledore that I could do it although I'd need to use my [Rinnegan] to avoid House Elves or ghosts from seeing me.

Getting to the sixth floor, I hide a smirk as I had used [Mystic Eyes] on the bronze eagle knocker that made up the guard for Ravenclaw's dorms.

[Bronze Raven Knocker]
Description: A bronze knocker of a raven that acts as the guard to the Ravenclaw common room and dorms. It asks a riddle to all who wish to enter past its door, different each time.
-[Riddle Lock (Master)]
Creates a riddle that needs to be solved before it opens
-Current Riddle: What force and strength cannot get through, I with a gentle touch can do. And many in the street would stand, were I not a friend at hand. What am I?
-Current Answer: A key

It looks like I can cheat my way into the common room if I can't be bothered working out the Riddles it gives. Actually if that's the cast for the other guards then I can enter any house's common room when I want to.

"It's a rather interesting enchantment, isn't it?" Luna chirped with a dreamy smile.

"That it is. Although I imagine it causes troubles for those who can't work it out." I replied with a smile as we followed the others into the common room.

Ravenclaw's common room was mostly blue with bronze accents and looked similar to the Gryffindor version although there was several single sized desk lined up in one portion of the room with chairs for others to use for studying.

"Your right, some times last year it would say random things when I tried to get in and I had to wait till someone else opened it." Luna responded with a nod of her head.

"Well, if it happens this year you can just ask me for help." I pointed out with a smile.

+8 Affection for Luna Lovegood [13/100] (for offering to help her)

Luna's dreamy smile grew before she turned and skipped off towards the stairs leading to the girls dorms while I moved to wait for the first years to come so I could be shown where my room is.


Sitting down on the four poster bed, I sigh in relief that the Ravenclaw dorms for the seventh years were one room per person as it meant I could safely get away from the stares and questions which was bound to come about. Luckily, it was late enough that most of them wanted to actually sleep or catch up with their friends then question the new guy.

Looking around the room, my [Shopping Trunk] was already at the foot of the bed by means of House Elf with the bed itself pointed towards the door that had a bronze plate on the other side of it with my name on. There was also a wardrobe against the wall to the right of the bed and a desk and chair sat midway across the room on the left side under a window and a bedside table was on both sides at the top of the bed. There wasn't any bathroom facilities as they were shared with the four other boys of my year - much like how it looks like for Harry's dorm from what little was mentioned about it - but the private rooms is definitely a plus especially as I have enough space for my [Blacksmith's Portable Station] to be set up with a bit of moving about as long as I can make sure no one comes in while I'm at work.

Changing into some pyjama bottoms, I settle onto the bed so I can work on some [Occlumency] and [Meditation] with [Memory Partition] so I could ensure my memories was all sorted and get some training in before I head to sleep.


(Day 96: Monday 2nd September 1993)

Heading out of the main doors at 6AM, I take a breathe of crisp air before starting to stretch before moving on to doing a jog around the Black Lake to warm up. With getting [Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist] added into the list of styles of [Anything Goes Martial Arts], I needed to practice to combine it with the others and work it into my personal style for when I need to use it. Also this morning training will allow me to work on [Parkour] as well as [Armor of Fafnir] when the weather gets colder.

It should also help explain the larger portions of food I'll eat to work on [Gourmet Cells] although it'll still be a slow burner given I don't know if I can get fat by binge eating just to speed level it.

Taking the first stance, I slowly move through the katas I have which is similar to Tai Chi from what I read from the wiki. The flowing style should work well with allowing me to move from one style to another especially in a fight and deflect blows before delivering a powerful counter. I should be able to easily recreate [Silver Fang's] techniques if I need to use them although I might have to turn on my [Internal Reinforcement] or loosen the seals to dip into more of my STR and DEX as I am at the moment.

At the end of the hour and half of practice I had got a good grasp on the [Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist] style and got one level with both [Anything Goes Martial Arts] and [Parkour]. I had also got a level up for [Household Magic] as I cleaned myself up as I walked back inside and into the great hall to join the early risers.

There looks to be only McGonagall and Flitwick here at the moment, teacher-wise, so I use magic to undo the transfiguration on my tank top, jogging bottoms and sneakers to turn them back into my school uniform before grabbing my shrunken satchel bag from my pocket as I sat down, unshrinking it and pulling my robe and tie from it and finish getting dressed.

"Godd morning, Kichirou Black." Luna dreamily chirped before nibbling on some lettuce.

"Good morning, Luna Lovegood." I replied amused while starting to load up my plate with food and starting to eat.

"Morning, Kichi." Bellatrix replied moments later as she took a seat on my right.

"Morning." I replied with a nod, before signalling to Luna with my fork as I added "Bellatrix, this is Luna Lovegood. Luna Lovegood, this is Bellatrix Black."

"Nice to meet you, Luna." Bellatrix replied with a smile, dishing up her own breakfast.

"Nice to meet you, Bellatrix Black." Luna responded, quirking her head slightly as she asked "Is it hard to deal with others thinking you're a de-aged Bellatrix Lestrange?"

"I've not had much trouble about others thinking that I'm her." Bellatrix replied, smirking as she added "Not that I don't use that sort of assumption to my advantage given the Slytherin students last night."

"Did you have any trouble?" I asked concerned, Bellatrix shaking her head as she explained.

"I just had to put a couple in their place when they tried to poorly convince me they were worth the time to get to know more... intimately."

Nodding at hearing that, I can imagine she had to curse a few of the Slytherin boys who wouldn't take no for an answer last night. Maybe even insinuate what sort of curses she would use on them if they kept bothering her.

"Well, its their own fault if they can't take no for an answer." I replied with a nod, taking note that Snape had just arrived with a sneer aimed towards me.

As the next half an hour passed by more of the students arrived along with the other teachers - albeit they came from a doorway in the far corner rather then the large double doors. No sign of Dumbledore but I imagine the old man can get away with a lie in.

Taking a sip of tea to wash down the last of the fried mushrooms, I activate my [Byakugan] to scan the hall and prepare for keeping them on all day as with them, [Scholar], the [Perfect Student Perk], my other boosts, [Holmesian Deduction] and [Memory Partition] I should be able to learn multiple lessons at the same time and work on mastering the various wizarding magics I had. I'd probably need to be able to use my [Mystic Eyes] as well for the spell portions so I'll need to work on practicing to ignore the magic of the wards with them or take the time to scan them all so I could recognise what to ignore when inside them.

Looks like they're starting to hand out timetables although Snape seems to hurrying up a little just so he could confront Bellatrix. Probably wants to scold her for being at the wrong table but the rules only make that a requirement for the start of the year, Halloween and important meals.

"Miss Black, what are you doing away from the Slytherin table?" Snape asked with a sneer as he glanced my way as the three of us turned to look at him.

"I'm talking to my Lord, Professor." Bellatrix countered with a roll of her eyes that made Snape's expression darken.

"The rules only say that sitting at our House tables is mandatory for certain important meals, Professor." I chimed in, catching Snape's eyes and smirking slightly at the screen that popped into view.

[Legilimency] negated by [Gamer's Mind]!

Snape hid a wince as he stepped back, eyes slightly widened and a barely noticeable look of shock on his face as I looked at him knowingly. Snape sneered back before dropping Bellatrix's timetable onto the table and continued walking.

-10 Reputation with Severus Snape [-60/100] (for blocking his Legilimency so easily)

"That's rather rude..." Luna mused with a quirk of her head.

"Yes, it was." I replied with a nod, taking a moment to refill my cup with tea.

"Ah, Miss Lovegood and Lord Black." Flitwick spoke with a friendly smile, floating out two pieces of parchment towards us as he added "Here are your timetables."

"There's no need for the unusual formality, Professor, I am just a student at the moment." I replied with a nod of thanks, getting one back and a brighter smile from the half-Goblin as he continued down the table.

+10 Reputation with Fillius Flitwick [27/100] (for being respectful and not lauding your lordship)

Taking a look at my timetable while Bellatrix tries to be discrete while looking at mine to compare it with her own. It looks like today I've got double Ancient Runes first thing with a free period before Transfiguration and another free period after lunch before a single Potions lesson. Tuesday starts with double Charms and then DADA before a free period before lunch and double Arithmancy afterwards. Wednesday seems like the lightest day with only a single Herbology lesson for 2nd period and Charms for 3rd period. Thursday starts with double Transfiguration first thing and then just Herbology for 5th and 6th periods. Friday has two doubles: starting with Potions and then having DADA after the morning break. Overall, it means two afternoons off and most of my early mornings being filled with lessons.

"Looks like we'll be sharing Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, DADA and Potions." Bellatrix commented with a smile while folding up her parchment to slip into her satchel bag.

By the time Bellatrix had to head off to get her books for our classes today, both [Empathy] and [Holmesian Deduction] had levelled up three times.


Making my way towards the dungeons for my first lesson of Potions with Bellatrix, I muse on how the day has gone so far.

Ancient Runes was a recap on the previous year's lessons to most of the class as well as a test for Bellatrix and my knowledge on the various rune systems taught to ensure the whole class hadn't forgot the previous year's work. With the level of my [Rune Magic Skill] and my INT I was easily able to answer them without any issue. The second half was the introduction to the year's work which would continue of learning to create strings of runes to enchant an object with a desired effect and also translating difficult sets of runes back to understand what they could do. Professor Babbling had been interested in learning what I could do as well and I'd explained how ofuda were typically made while talking about the kanji used instead.

Transfiguration had been shared with the Hufflepuffs and was much the same albeit there had only been enough time for a written test and practice at one of the last spells the class. McGonagall had been pleasantly surprised at the fact I'd easily performed the spell as well and I ended up pointing out that I had [Foci Rings] rather then the normal wand when she asked why I hadn't taken it out.

The two free periods I had were spent observing other lessons although none of my wizarding magic [Skills] had levelled up from it but I did get my first level for [Gourmet Cells] after eating lunch. I'd also picked up two levels in [Scholar], [Calligraphy] and [Holmesian Deduction] and a single level for [Byakugan].

Joining the rest of the class waiting outside of the classroom, I notice the lack of Gryffindors which makes sense given how Snape treats them while favouring his own House. Speaking of the vindictive man, he's crossing the classroom from an office at the back towards the door.

"Get in." Snape sneered after opening the door, allowing the half dozen of us to enter and take our seats. Bellatrix sat down next to me with a smirk as Snape's eye twitches and his expression darkened while I pick up a sense of anger which probably has to do with not being able to do something against me without targeting her as well - at least in regards to grades.

Honestly, I'm not too worried about Snape's actions now as being in the last year of studies at Hogwarts the classwork doesn't matter much compared to the actual NEWT exam at the end of the year. Plus, Snape can't actually influence the Ministry examiners about it so as long as I max out [Potion Creation] during the year I should be able to make any potion I like as long as I've got the recipe memorized.

"Well, seeing as we have new students in class... you will be doing a quiz to ensure you dunderheads are worthy of this class or haven't forgotten anything from last year." Snape sneered as he moved to the front of the class, a flick of his wand sending the parchment flying towards each student as I briefly switch to my [Mystic Eyes] to check the whole room, looks like everything is alright so he must have just hoped I wasn't knowledgeable about potions although some of the questions seem rather high level for a test to check our level.

Seems a bit simple minded for someone who acted as a double agent during a war but I suppose Snape lacks wisdom more than intelligence otherwise he would have known that joining up with a bunch of bigoted terrorists who were targeting the same sort of people as his crush wasn't a good idea to win her over before or after he called her a 'mudblood'.

"What are you waiting for? Get started." Snape snapped out, starting the others to work on the questions along with Bellatrix and I. It looks like she's not having any trouble with the questions which is good.

Snape ended up sitting down at his desk while opening a dusty tome to skim through while glancing over the room every couple of minutes.

With the amount of books I'd consumed with my [Mystic Eyes] and my [Occlumency] giving me perfect recall answering all of the questions were easy enough although some were worded in a way that they could easily trip up other people.

Amusingly, I was the first to finish much to Snape's loathing and that left me with the remaining fifteen minutes reining my [Byakugan] in so I could use my [Mystic Eyes] over the whole room so I could store away the information about the various ingredients in the room and copy the book Snape was using - which looked to be one filled with various esoteric healing potions.

Once the test was over, Snape had summoned the papers before standing in front of his desk as he spoke "This year you will learn more about ingredient interactions and how to substitute one for another while not affecting the end result. You will also learn about controlled potions like Veritaserum, Wolfsbane and Amortentia and how to make cures for unknown poisons. Any of you who doesn't turn in an at least acceptable potion will be seriously punished as you all should be beyond making dunderheaded mistakes."

Snape looked over the class with a cold look before sharply adding "Class dismissed."


(Day 97: Tuesday 3rd September 1993)

Waiting for Moody to arrive, I can't help but be a bit intrigued on what the real one will do for our first lesson. I imagine its some sort of test but Moody doesn't seem to fit the sort who would just give us a written test and having us demonstrate the spells we should know like Flitwick had done earlier.

Everyone quieted down as the thunk of Moody's leg hit against the stone floor before the door from the office slammed open.

"Alright..." Moody started as he moved to stand by his desk, his magical eye darting around, "Now, seeing as you've had multiple teachers fill this role this first lessons will be me testing you all to see how you compared to what you should know by this point. Unlike your other teachers, I won't be giving you a written test but I expect you show me how well you can defend yourselves for five minutes."

At learning that a quiet mumbling filled the room before Moody growled, "Quiet. Now, everyone get up and move to the sides. Appleby, you'll be first. Stand by the doors and prepare yourself."

A rather lanky blond young man stepped out with a confident look as he moved into position as Moody added "Now, you'll only be allowed to use jinxes and charms from your first four years."

Appleby nodded in response, standing at ease with his wand loosely in his right hand before Moody barked out a [Bone-Breaker Hex] that caused the blond to look shocked as he barely managed to cast a hasty shield which shattered.

"I never said that I was going to sticking to that rule. Constant Vigilance!" Moody explained with a shout before Appleby could try and reply. The student shot a [Stupefy] which Moody batted away with ease before sending a pair of [Stupefy] back that knocked Appleby out.

"Mr Black, can you wake your classmate while Ms. Black takes his place." Moody spoke with a disappointed scowl.

Giving a nod, I move to hit Appleby with an [Esuna] to wake him up before helping him move out of the way as Bellatrix moved to take up position and a duelling stance.

"Right Ms Black. Same rules for you." Moody spoke up, before smirking for a moment as he had to shield against a [Knockback Jinx] before firing a stunner and disarmer back. Bellatrix twirled to avoid them before firing back a variety of jinxes and charms and putting Moody on the back foot only slightly as he has to shield some of them due to their wide groupings.

The duel went back and forth for a couple minutes as Bellatrix and Moody traded spells while the former kept to the rules and danced out of the way of most of those aimed at her while shielding others.

"Time." Moody barked batting away the last of Bellatrix's spells with a pleased look as he looked to the rest of the class, "That was a good effort, Ms Black, and a good lesson for the rest of you. Using a shield spell should be the last option when its easier and safer to dodge it."

"Mr. Black, you're next." Moody added, taking a swig from a small flask in his pocket.

Moving to take the spot, I transfigure my robe into a jacket making Moody nod in approval as he spoke "Now class, what has Mr Black done right already?"

"He's making sure that his clothes don't get in the way." A female Slytherin answered after a few minutes.

"Exactly." Moody replied, "All it takes is for one stray Transfiguration spell to hit you and you'll be bound up or hampered enough for another spell to take you out. It also means you won't get caught tripping over yourself if you're in a running battle or get caught by any debris."

"Now, Mr Black, you'll be limited to transfiguration and conjuration magic only although I'll allow animation and banishing charms." Moody spoke up as he turned back to me, smirking at my raised eyebrow as he added "I would have set the rules for elemental magic only as I know its one of the magics taught extensively at Mahoutokoro but it's not taught here and this a demonstration will be more fitting later on."

Slipping into a ready stance, I nodded and took a calming breathe. Using just [Transfiguration Magic] and conjuration should make this interesting as the most obvious way to fight this is to just use the [Arrow-Shooting Spell] but with the [Animation Charm] and [Banishing Charm] allowed it means I can send out various animals made from transfigured materials.

It started as we both cast our spells, mine a conjuring of a giant slab of granite to block the [Exploding Hex] shot at me and giving me the beginnings of debris which I hit with two spells and shot a third above me. The first two transfigured the pieces of granite into metal before they were pulled together into jagged form of a serpent dragon that charged forwards while the last one conjured up two dozen robins which circled around me in a loose pattern.

My metal serpent was sliced in half by Moody's next spell and two stunners shot towards me only to be intercepted by two of my birds before I transfigured them into Yari spears and shot them forwards. Moody banished those back at me and I transfigured them both into round shields to block the follow up [Reductos].

The bout continues on like that with me creating projectiles, shield and animals to send towards Moody who fires a barrage of spells back that destroys what they hit, banish it back at me or take control over it. The students barring Bellatrix are watching with surprise and awe at how I'm keeping up with Moody.

"Very good." Moody retorted with a smirk once he'd called for a stop, giving me a moment to use [Drain Energy] to convert some of my SP into MP so I could give [Ultraspeed Regeneration] some EXP.

"See that class. Mr Black used what he had available to protect, hinder and counter my spells as well as launching attacks of his own. Had there had been more space and no restrictions he could have set up ambushes used his conjured animals and items and even fired off various spells in between them." Moody explained, his magical eye scanning over the group as he added "Now, I don't expect you any of you to be at his level as he uses two foci and has obviously practiced using both to cast spells at the same time but that doesn't mean any of you can slack off as there are ways to handle facing against multiple opponents which may work against him."

The other students seemed a bit more determined at hearing that as I return to the group as the next student moved to take my place. The rest of the duels were interesting to watch for at least Moody's spell choices and tactics.


(Day 98: Wednesday 4th September 1993)

Stepping out of the last Charms lesson for the week and with nothing else for the rest of the day, I made my way up to the Room of Requirements after commented to a few classmates I was going to wander around the castle to learn the layout.

Over the last couple of days, my training had been fairly light with just the morning routines and some work that had been done in between lessons and in the evening. As such [Ultraspeed Regeneration] and [Mana Reactor] and both got to Level 25, [Gourmet Cells] had hit Level 3, [Moderate Extra Reserve] had reached Level 28 and [Empathy] had hit Level 65. The main source of EXP had came from watching the various students here - roughly 281 if I included Bellatrix - through [Byakugan] and [The End] which had saw the latter reach Level 66 and also caused [Scholar] and [Calligraphy] to reach Level 60 and Level 68 respectively.

I'd also used about an hour each of the last two nights exploring my new [ID] which had helped me work on levelling a pair of [Classes]. The first was [White Mage] - getting it to Level 28 - as I figure like [Black Mage] it had an stronger [Class] available once it hit Level 30 and the second was [Paladin] - which reached Level 8 - so I could build up my STR and END. I'd also got [Legendary Sword] to go through a [Rarity Enhancement] to [Super Rare] and it was sitting at Level 42 from the EXP it had gained through the two [ID] runs.

For the rest of today though I figured I should make a start with the Room of Lost Things and see what I could repair to sell or keep for the future. Also I can get around to destroying the last but one fragment of Voldemort's soul and repair the other [Vanishing Cabinet] so I could use the pair as a quick travel option for others given my own speed at full power. Maybe use it to evacuate people in [HOTD] if I need to move large groups from one 'survival camp' to another although I'd need a bigger island if I end up going that route and an easy means to explain magic to them.

Either way, that sort of transportation option will be handy in the future and also means I don't have to reveal [Spatial Magic] or [Apparation] unless its truly urgent.

Spotting the tapestry of the dancing Trolls in my sight, I casually wander over to it to look it over as I've noticed some figures in the paintings watching me out of curiosity. Making the last turn towards the bare section of wall, I go through the motions of calling up the Room of Requirements before heading inside the double doors to find myself in the heavily cluttered yet massive room.

"Woah..." I mutter as I look over everything here, making sure the door was closed behind me and locked before taking a slow breathe so I could utter in a deeper tone, "When hope is lost, undo this lock and send me forth on a moon-lit walk! Release Control Art Restriction System to Level 0!"

Feeling the [Control Art Restriction System] react and unleash all of my power, I take a moment to stretch and adjust to having all of it back along with my sudden expansion of my [Byakugan] before turning them off. Raising both hands, I activate [Psionics] so I could begin to telekinetically pull some of the items towards me as I turn on my [Mystic Eyes] to analyse what is coming towards me before I fix and/or stored away in my [Inventory].

Most of what I was getting was ripped clothes, dog-eared books, broken quills, spare parchment, loose change, furniture and trunks. There was also a few wands but I set those aside for the moment as I could use the cores to get more [Sword Forms] or keep them as spares for others. I also set aside a handful of simple rings so I can see if I can [Enchant] them later with [Mage Focus] so they'd work as back up foci for others.

After three hours, my [Inventory] was a lot fuller and I'd even stored the multiple copies of books into a [Library Trunk] I'd found beforehand and I had plans to visit Hogsmeade to sell some of the clothes and furniture when the first chance came about. I had only cleared about an eighth of the room which was an easy sign for how large the room was and how much stuff was lost over the centuries of students.

Letting the seals resettle on my body, I slung my satchel bag over my shoulder before leaving the room to join the student body for dinner.