To begin with I will admit I only realised that I'd put in the wrong year when it came to writing the Quidditch World Cup but figured that it doesn't really change much in the grand scheme of things if the whole setting is just one year before canon-wise seeing as long as I fit with the dates given. I will also say that I don't plan for him going to Naruto as I haven't watched/read the series beyond a bit of wiki surfing for the information about Byakugan and Rinnegan powers as well as a few basics I was thinking of adding at some point: Shadow Clones. Breath of the Wild is part of the list of worlds for Kichi to go through and while I only know of Worm through some fanfics I might end up sending him there just to punt Coil around.

I also thought the throw into the goblet was the simplest way to get around it although I'm not a basketball player but have spent time throwing paper into a bin. As for Rias getting Evil Pieces from Kichi, I can see him getting her a set through the Store at some point but I imagine it would be very expensive given its both capable of reviving and empowering those its used on and each one has a special power in itself.

I do plan to include the Resurrection Stone at some point although it probably won't be till after he's finished with the library Quest and used with the Human Path of Rinnegan to finish of whatever Wizarding magic Skills he needs to max out.

I've also put a fix into this chapter that should have been in before given the powers that Kichi's Mystic Eyes provides and hopefully the explanation is good enough for how it didn't show up before although I hope I've got the stats right for the three girls.

Anyway, sorry for the delay but here's the next chapter.

(Day 151: Thursday 31st October 1993 Continued)

Making my way back to the Ravenclaw dorm, I take advantage of my [Byakugan] to look at the reactions of each House. Slytherin seems somewhat disappointed that it wasn't one of theirs but the few who have been in classes with me were pretty confident that I had the tournament in the bag given my magical power and skill and Bellatrix is smugly taking coins from a few others so I assume she bet on me. Gryffindor was rather similar but more students seemed supportive of me due to Harry, Hermione, Neville and the twins speaking about me positively.

The Hufflepuffs seem supportive as well with a few of the sixth and seventh years - along with Cedric Diggory - starting to make plans to approach me and help with training for the First Task. The Ravenclaws were celebrating for having one of their own be the champion, regardless of my 'transfer student' status, but were waiting for my return while Roger Davies seemed to be waiting to confront me over claiming 'Hogwarts Champion'.

It probably won't take much to deal with him than to disarm him and deflect whatever spell he shoots at me then I can use logic and point out it wasn't a foregone conclusion I would be picked just cause I entered and the Goblet was responsible for choosing the champions.

"Hello Kichirou Black." Luna spoke with a dreamy smile as I entered the corridor leading to the dorm.

"Hello Luna Lovegood." I replied with a smile as she skips alongside me.

"How did meeting with the Bulgarian champion go?" Luna asked curiously, a dreamy smile on her lips.

"It went alright. Krum is a man of few words and I imagine he was trying to size me up." I answered before answering the riddle to allow us both into the dorm.

"Thank you, Kichirou Black." Luna chimed, skipping off into the crowd without any concern.

Stepping inside myself, I roll my eyes at the roar of cheers that came from most of the other students celebrating as I chuckled amused.

"Why are you guys celebrating?" Roger Davies barked out with a glare towards me, "He just showed up this year and becomes the champion for us and you are all happy about it."

"Leave off Davies. With Black as our champion Hogwarts is bound to win the tournament." Belby retorted with a roll of his eyes, "You're just jealous you or Diggory didn't get it picked."

"So that's all that matters to you, Belby." Roger countered, "He embarrassed the Headmaster to both schools with his little trick."

"I only revealed the way to get around the Age Line to ensure none of the underage students could take advantage of it if they thought of it." I retorted, stepping forwards as I added, "If, by some chance, they got picked by the Goblet then they'd be bound to a tournament that could very well cost them their lives and the fact Dumbledore didn't think of it is worrisome. As for being picked Hogwarts' champion, you should blame the Goblet and not me seeing as it was the one to make the choice out of all those who entered."

Roger grumbled as he noticed most of his fellow students seemed to be agreeing with me on the matter before leaving to his dorm room. There's not really much else to debate on the matter seeing as beyond putting my name in the Goblet I had nothing else to do with being chosen outside of my level of power.

There was an moment of awkwardness before the celebration mood restarted as I got a bottle of Butterbeer from one of the study tables. As time past, I was offered help by my fellow seventh years and while I'd thanked them I explained that I wanted to compete to my own merits which earned some respect from them.

Flitwick ended up coming in at 11pm to break up the party as tomorrow classes would be back in order.


(Day 153: Saturday 2nd November 1993)

Stepping into the Room of Requirements, I stared at how packed it now was given that I had asked to see all of the books that had ever been in Hogwarts. It probably is easily triple the size of the normal Library and also had rolled up scrolls and bundles of parchment on some of the bookshelves which probably have them being notes from people that maybe even go back to the Founders.

Reaching the middle I wonder why there was a set of chairs around a round table here and if the room is expected one of the girls to join me here. I had only mentioned to them that I was going to expand my personal library and, while Bellatrix knew what I met due to my copying spree over the summer, I imagine Rias and Fleur probably would assume I was leaving for Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley to go shopping.

Oh well, I only set aside four hours today to make a start on this so I should be back before questions can be asked and I can probably bribe Bellatrix to keep quiet with a few books from there. Not sure how much progress I will make with the literal thousands of books here but seeing as I finished clearing out the room of lost things last night I can focus on this outside of my own training. After all, I have to copy all this as part of my [The Mystic Library of Gamer Quest].

Sitting down, I make sure my [Byakugan's] range doesn't extend past the walls of the room before activating my [Mystic Eyes] and [Memory Partition] so I could shunt all the information into the latter for it to sort through. Tapping into my [Telekinesis] I focus on the four bookshelves nearest of me and start pulling the books off so I could focus on copying them while lifting myself over the table so I can open up my [Inventory] below me and easily drop what books I make in there.

Pulling a book on wards towards me I let my [Skills] act through my [Memory Partition] as I telekinetically flick it open to start reading it as I would need to work on [Ward Creation] for the island when I go back to [Highschool of the Dead] to protect it, the girls and my [Home Base]. Plus training it this way will give me a boost cause of [Scholar's] studying bonus.


(Rias POV)

Slipping into the Room of Requirements while Fleur is having a private lesson with Madame Maxime, I can't help but to pause at what I was seeing. Firstly, the room looked even more packed with books than the Hogwarts library and the second is the fact Kichirou is floating cross-legged over a round table with a pink glow around him and a book flowing in front of him while his eyes glowed with a lilac light and the blood vessels around them stood out as other books zipped forwards before moving back to their shelves as a duplicate book appears and drops from his empty hands before disappearing before it can hit the table.

Honestly, its amazing to see how powerful Kichirou is to be able to do all this at the same time.

If I was to guess his eyes show similarities to the Hyuga's Dojutsu: the [Byakugan], but the glow speaks of some sort of scanning magic... Maybe something like [Structural Grasp] to allow him to copy everything about the book in an instant but making a duplicate that quickly must be some sort of 'permanent conjuration magic' before using some sort of 'storage dimension' to hold them all.

It's a good thing Fleur didn't come with me otherwise she might have an even harder time resisting her Veela urges to jump him before she learns if he's a good man or not. I'm having trouble not wanting to jump him myself at seeing him working towards amassing such an amount of knowledge although that is probably more my 'greed as a Devil' influencing me.

Not that I hadn't already been influenced with the idea of travelling the multiverse with Kichi and exploring the worlds of some of the gifts my big brother gave me when he travelled to the human world.


"Hey Rias." I greeted the redhead staring at me, moving so I could land on my feet while sending the finished books back to their shelves and retrieved my glasses from where they were resting on the collar of my jumper.

"The Byakugan and Rinnegan... Do you have the Sharingan as well?" Rias mused with a raised eyebrow as she walked towards me, "I suppose those glasses help hide there use from others as well."

"No, I have another means to copy things that I see though." I replied amused, "And you're right about my glasses. It helps me avoid the weird looks when I use them for things like making sure no one was putting Harry's name into the Goblet."

"Anyway, what brings you here?" I ask curiously, turning off my [Mystic Eyes] and leaving my [Memory Partition] to finish working through the books I had completed.

"I wanted to see the limits of the Room of Requirements." Rias answered while looking around.

"So what would you like to test about this room?" I asked curiously to Rias' growing smile as we both head towards the door.

What followed was Rias bringing me to places in France, her Underworld and even areas she knew from her anime/manga knowledge. It was a surprise to find out that the room could recreate the [Hyperbolic Time Chamber] along with its gravity and time dilation effects - albeit lesser in regards to both effects- and I think that might be my new training area for my supernatural [Skills]. I'll also have to see if the [Store] has time dilation [IDs] to buy for the future as that would be useful for crafting and training.


(Day 156: Tuesday 5th November 1993)

Missing double Arithmancy cause of the 'Wand Weighing' is annoying but on the upside this probably will be fairly easy to deal with given my mental messing with Skeeter at the start of summer.

Entering the room, I take a moment to skim my gaze around to see Fleur, Krum, Maxime and Karkaroff although the two schools were in different corners for their own reasons although Fleur does give me a smile and a discrete wave.

I'd caught her more than once glancing over me which probably has something to do with Rias talking about Saturday and probably finding me levitating myself while setting about copying some of the knowledge of Hogwarts and my mentioning of being able to make more Veela. She'd even asked me for help navigating the Hogwarts Library a few times or asked for me to help her with some magic and not just what she would need for the task. Because of all that I had got a burst of Affection needed to cross over the 50 mark so I now had a new [Perk] which had helped me get Rias' 50 mark as well.

[Foreign Fancy] (Passive)
-Increase Affection, Reputation and Obedience with foreigners

[Devilish Charm] (Passive)
-Increase Affection, Reputation and Obedience with devils and demonic beings

Yeah, I suppose depending on how the Game classes 'foreigners' I could use it to boost the Affection of any girls if they are on a different [World] or country to their original one. Although that would be too easy in some cases.

"Ah, it looks like our three champions are all here." Bagman spoke jovially as he entered with Mr Brown, Dumbledore, Ollivander and Skeeter and her cameraman.

The group moved and following Krum and Fleur I took a seat near the door while opposite us was a table which had each judge taking their seat as Dumbledore spoke "May I introduce Mr Ollivander? He will be checking your wands to ensure that they are in good condition before the Tournament."

Ollivander stepped to stand in the middle of the space between the judges and us champions before letting his eyes lock onto Fleur as he asked, "Mademoiselle Delacour, could we have you forward first, please?"

Fleur swept towards the wandsmith and handed over her wand and watched as Ollivander twirled the wand between his fingers like a baton and making it emit pink and gold sparks. Then he held it close to his eyes and examined it carefully.

"Yes," He started quietly, "nine and a half inches... inflexible... rosewood... and containing... dear me..."

"A hair from the head of a Veela." Fleur replied proudly, "One of my grandmother's."

"Yes." Ollivander replied, "Yes, I've never used Veela hair myself, of course. I find it makes for rather temperamental wands... however, to each his own, and if it suits you..."

He took a moment to ran his fingers along the wand to check for scratches or bumps before muttering a spell to make a bunch of flowers which he handed to Fleur along with her wand.

"Mr Krum if you please." Ollivander spoke up, drawing the surly young man forwards and getting a scowl as Krum thrust his wand towards him before sticking his hands in his pockets.

"Hmm," Ollivander hummed, "this is a Gregorovitch creation, unless I'm much mistaken? A fine wand-maker, though the styling is never quite what I... however..."

He trailed off as he lifted the wand to examine it minutely, turning it over and over before his eyes before continuing, "Yes... Hornbeam and dragon heartstring?"

Krum nodded at the question leaving Ollivander to continue, "Rather thicker than one usually sees... quite rigid... ten and a quarter inches... Avis!"

The wand let off a blast like a gun and a number of small birds erupted out of the end and through the open window into the watery sunlight before Ollivander added, "Good. Now, Lord Black if you will."

Stepping forwards, I slip off both of my [Foci Rings] before holding them out to the wandsmith who gently accepted them and started to look over them intrigued while holding on up to his eye as he spoke, "Truly remarkable... It's been a while since I saw the beautiful craftsmanship of a Japanese wand-maker."

"Cherry Heartwood... and Ebony... with Thestral tail hair..." Ollivander commented surprised, glancing to me as he spoke "Its interesting to see two wand woods used for the same wand and surprising to see they work together with the core."

"My grandfather commissioned the Masamune family to make them and in a way they are a prototype in mixing wand wood." I explained, drawing on the memories of past!Kichirou to provide the answers.

"It's even been blood locked so only you alone can use them but they seem to be in perfect condition." Ollivander spoke, holding out the rings for me to accept and slip back on before I conjured a goblet and poured some wine into it and handing it over.

"Thank you all." Dumbledore spoke as he stood up, "You may go back to your lessons now - or perhaps it would be quicker just to go down to dinner, as they are about to end..."

"Photos, Dumbledore, photos!" Bagman cried excitedly, "All the judges and champions. What do you think, Rita?"

"I think that's great, Mr Bagman." Rita spoke with a smile.

The photos took longer than they should as the man had got caught in Fleur's allure while taking them and so focused on her a bit more compared to Krum and I for the individual photos. The group photo at least was done easy enough with the headmasters behind us - Maxime sitting down - and Fleur being in the middle as it was the first one done.


Sitting back on my bed as night set in outside, I hum as I skim through what is inside my [Inventory] - including some old fashion machinery parts of cogs, gears and poles from my bouts of heading into the [Ancient Gear City ID] - before deciding to use two of the [Gacha Tokens] I still had left over. Although before I do, I head into an [Empty ID] so I can unseal my LUC and use my [Lucky Hour] and [Luck Magic] on myself to give me the best odds of something good.

You have gained [Sword Form]: [Excalibur Transparency (DxD)]!
You have gained [Skill Book]: [Breath of Moon]!

My second piece of the [DxD Excalibur] is the one geared towards stealth and something I could have found useful before to help me off Voldemort. As for the [Skill Book], I've not heard of [Breath of Moon] before but it must be something useful for me and powerful given how much I pushed my LUC up.

Opening my [Inventory], I pull out the [Skill Book] with a blink at seeing a rather ornate scroll resting on me hand before I use my [Mystic Eyes] on it for a moment.

[Skill Book]: [Breath of Moon]
Description: A [Skill Book] that allows the user to learn the sword style: [Breath of Moon] from the [Demon Slayer] series.

An actual sword style for me to learn... I suppose having something more formal would be handy especially if it has special moves for me to take advantage of. Plus it would be good to be able to switch styles in a fight to catch someone off guard.

Learning the [Skill], I blink at the two screens that appeared in my vision before settling on the one that shared the name of the [Skill] I had intended to learn.

[Breath of Moon] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: SP Varies
Description: [Breath of Moon] is a swordsmanship style derived from a more powerful style: [Breath of Sun], by [Michikatsu Tsugikuni] and reliant on using a particular breathing technique to reinforce the user. This [Skill] allows the user to create many "chaotic crescent blades" when using any of its techniques that vary in length and size and enhance their destructive power.
-Gain [Skill]: [Total Concentration Breathing - Moon Style]
-Requires [Skill]: [Total Concentration Breathing - Moon Style] to be active to use Techniques
-[First Form: Dark Moon - Evening Palace] Cost: 300SP
A swift drawing of the sword and slash in a single motion, like Iaido, releasing numerous chaotic crescent blades.
Deals physical damage equal to 300% of (Skill Level x (ATK + STR))
-[Second Form: Pearl Flowers Moongazing] Cost: 200SP/per Slash
Several slashes which sent a barrage of chaotic crescent blades forwards at the target
Deals physical damage equal to 150% of (Skill Level x (ATK + STR)) per slash
-[Third Form: Loathsome Moon - Chains] Cost: 250SP
A pair of crescent slashes which forms a storm of smaller crescents being spread, causing huge destruction in a small area.
Deals physical damage equal to 400% of (Skill Level x (ATK + STR)) to anything within Skill Level metres arc in front of the user
-[Fourth Form: Shifting Moon Phase] Cost: 250SP/Min
The user utilizes this technique to evade incoming attacks with high-speed twists and rotations, thus creating afterimages. The afterimages work most effectively on enemies with good vision as they will probably fail attack the afterimage instead of the actual body of the user.
Increase DEX by 25% x Skill Level when active, leaving afterimages
-[Fifth Form: Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy] Cost: 350SP
A series of multiple curved slashes layered over one another to resemble a rising vortex with numerous chaotic crescent blades originating from them.
Deals physical damage equal to 400% of (Skill Level x (ATK + STR)) to anything struck by the vortex and blades
-[Sixth Form: Perpetual Night, Lonely Moon - Incessant] Cost: 300SP/per Slash
A wild storm of slashes in multiple directions which are powerful enough to slice up multiple opponents around the user.
Deals physical damage equal to 150% of (Skill Level x (ATK + STR)) to anything struck in Skill Level metres around the user. (Each slash that lands causes its own damage)
-[Seventh Form: Mirror of Misfortune - Moonlit] Cost: 300SP
A powerful frontal slash with a sword that then creates a multi-directional frontal assault, powerful enough to create several deep gouges in the ground.
Deal physical damage equal to 300% of (Skill Level x (ATK + STR))
-[Eighth Form: Moon-Dragon Ringtail] Cost: 400SP
A direct frontal attack that creates single gigantic slash.
Deals physical damage equal to 500% of (Skill Level x (ATK + STR))
-[Ninth Form: Waning Moonswaths] Cost: 250SP/Slash
A seemingly endless stream of slashes, capable of cutting down the intended target from long range.
Deals physical damage equal to 150% of (Skill Level x (ATK + STR)) per slash
Range: Skill Level metres
-[Tenth Form: Drilling Slashes - Moon Through Bamboo Leaves] Cost: 400SP
A triple-layered slash twister, capable of mowing down targets into three clean pieces.
Deal physical damage equal to 500% of (Skill Level x (ATK + STR)) to those struck
-[Eleventh Form: Lunar Crescent Dragon Dance] Cost: 350SP/Min
Resembling a dragon, the user moves in circles to avoid enemy attacks and slashes multiple times at the target.
Increase DEX by 20% x Skill Level when active
Deal physical damage equal to 200% of (Skill Level x (ATK + STR)) per slash
-[Twelfth Form: Temporal Lunar Slash] Cost: 400SP
A triple slash attack that occurs near instantaneous to prevent being blocked by the targeted enemy.
Deal physical damage equal to 250% of (Skill Level x (ATK + STR)) per slash
-[Thirteenth Form: Blood Moon Rain] Cost: 500SP
An upward swing that causes the blood of the target to rain down all around the area their in. Striking from behind, its a move that splits the target completely in half before using a pair of spiral swings to sever the neck and waist.
Deal physical damage equal to 450% of (Skill Level x (ATK + STR))
-[Fourteenth Form: Catastrophe - Tenman Crescent Moon] Cost: 500SP
A swing of the user's sword that creates a chaotic vortex of powerful omni-directional slashes that destroys whatever is caught up within its attack radius.
Deals physical damage equal to 500% of (Skill Level x (ATK + STR)) to anything within Skill Level metres of the user
-[Fifteenth Form: Eclipse Shadow] Cost: 1000SP
A swift swipe that follows a prior form is a flawless switch at the last second, the user will combine the momentum from the previous form in a reverse grip back swing and release chaotic blades.
Deals physical damage equal to double previous form used
-[Sixteenth Form: Moonbow - Half Moon] Cost: 1000SP
A downward slash with a sword that results in a powerful six-fold slash that crashes down onto the user's opponents. The attack itself is powerful enough to create several miniature craters where the slashes have landed.
Deal physical damage equal to 450% of (Skill Level x (ATK + STR)) per slash

Damn is a powerful style but the fact it relies on my other new [Skill] to even be able to use any of this forms must means its even more costly for my sealed state especially due to its reliance on SP.

[Total Concentration Breathing - Moon Style] (Passive/Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: 50SP/Sec
Description: [Total Concentration Breathing] is an advanced application of [Breathing]: a state where a [Breathing Style] user inhales the maximum amount of oxygen within a specific breath pattern to raise their physical and mental prowess to their utmost limits. It is often used by Demon Slayers for a brief moment to temporarily boost their combat capabilities to prepare a decisive attack but skilled users are capable of keeping it constantly active to provide a greater, permanent boost to their combat capabilities.
-Passively increase STR, DEX, END, INT and WIS by 1% x Skill Level
-Passively increase HP/SP Regen by 10% x Skill Level
-Increase STR, DEX, END, INT and WIS by 20% + Skill Level
-Increase HP/SP Regen by 25% + Skill Level

The fact its 'per second' rather than the 'per minute' my other [Skills] use makes it even more obvious that its not something I'm expected to keep active long term if I keep the seals in place. I mean this takes 3000SP per minute to keep active and that's on top of the SP requirement for which ever form I use from [Breath of Moon].

I can probably get around it with [Moderate Extra Reserve] or at least use it to supply the needed points for [Total Concentration Breathing] although I'll need to use my MP to fill it although I don't think even that would be able to handle the 3k cost unless I unseal. I'll probably have to use it as it seems to be intended and just activate [Total Concentration Breathing] seconds before I use whatever form of [Breath of Moon] that I want to use.

It also looks like its meant for a katana so I'll have to get some practice with it by using [Shusui] or [Shigure] but I think that I can adapt it to the other types of swords I have access to.

Reactivating my seals, I move into [Ancient Gear City 2] before I create a sheathed [Shusui] in my right hand and change into my battle clothes as I appear just inside the steam-punk gates that allowed someone to enter the city.

Taking a few steps forwards, I smirk at seeing the [Ancient Gear Gadjitron Chimera] barrelling out onto the street in front of me, letting out mechanical hissing and growls as it turned towards me and starts to run.

Looks like I've got my first test dummy for this [Skill]...

Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera
Level 35
Race: Machine
HP: 7,500/7,500
MP: 10,000/10,000
Bio: Created to emulate the mythical creature, Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera, was created to be empowered and operated by the [Gadgets] in defence of the [Ancient Gear City].
Emotions: None

Taking my first step, I activate [Total Concentration Breathing - Moon Style] and hide a grimace as my breathing changes rhythm and strength before I draw [Shusui] as I use [Breath of Moon] for the first time once the mechanical chimera was a couple metres from me.

"[First Form: Dark Moon - Evening Palace]!" I mutter quietly as I unleashed the Iaido slash at my target which released a energy wave of black-purple that held silver-white crescent moons trailing along it that sliced the monster in two with ease.

Ending [Total Concentration Breathing] with a sigh, I stare surprised at the thin scar that marred the ground in front of me and covered a couple metres past the chimera.

From the looks of it with my sealed stats, my bonuses - including [Pumba] - work with it while using [Breath of Moon]. That means the base 1146 damage is turned into over 14k and that will only go up as I level the two [Skills]. That's also not to mention the boost from adding in [Aegis Shield], [Blut Arterie], [Internal Reinforcement], [Battle Tech]'s [Focus] or even [Green Magick]'s [Brave] into the mix of them.

Starting to walk again, I take a moment to replenish my SP by taking energy from [Moderate Extra Reserve] before refilling it fully with my MP.

As I reach the crossroad where the chimera had appeared a trio of [Ancient Gear Beasts] came into view, bounding down the street although they were quickly destroyed after using a [Seventh Form: Mirror of Misfortune - Moonlit] once they got close and leaving multiple deep gouges into the ground of the street in front of me.

Looks like the [Breath of Moon] is going to be more suited for fighting outdoors if its causing this amount of damage easily.


As I crossed the [ID] the damage to my surroundings increased with each use of my new sword style and the more comfortable I got with the breathing rhythm of [Total Concentration Breathing] although my two new [Skills] levelled at different rates due to the fact I was only using the latter for a handful of seconds each time I activated it. From the quick look at my [Log], [Breath of Moon] was sitting at Level 6 while [Total Concentration Breathing] was only Level 3. [Shusui] had even jumped to Level 50 from the monsters I'd taken out.

Along with [Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera] and [Ancient Gear Beasts] I'd ran into [Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Hydra] and [Ancient Gear Howitzer] with the latter being rather numerous atop of rooftops closer into the city to try and snipe me down while the Hydras acted as air support.

Several metres in front of me, and closing, was a large factory-like building which had the [Ancient Gear Castle] attached to the back although I imagine the factory would be the Boss room of this [ID].

It seems to be proved true as once I open the doors, I'm greeted by a giant monster that looks like [Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon] but had three heads and looked like the last touches were being put to it by various Gadget monsters before a Red, Green and Yellow Gadget were yanked into place by various thick cables before metal covers them.

Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Ultimate Dragon
Level 48
Race: Machine
HP: 48,000/48,000
MP: 25,000/25,000
Bio: The latest project by the Gadgets in conjunction with the Ancient Gear Army, [Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Ultimate Dragon] is the true epitome of the two groups working together to make an 'ultimate' machine and equipped with the best technology each group has.
Emotions: None

Damn... That's impressive... And I think it spotted me.

The tri headed dragon lets out a mechanically triple roar as Gadgets and [Ancient Gear Soldiers] all quickly retreat from the factory and leave me staring at a monster that rivals [Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon] in size if my scaling based on the anime is right.

Breaking into a run at the Boss, I snap my [Aegis Shield] into multiple barriers to block the trio of fireballs launched at me from the heads while using other shards of my [Skill] as steps to get up to its middle head while using both [Blut Arterie] and [Internal Reinforcement] to boost my stats further.

Activating [Total Concentration Breathing] at the last second, I grip [Shusui] in both hands before bringing the sword down while using [Eighth Form: Moon-Dragon Ringtail] that allowed me to slice the tri-headed mechanical dragon down the middle before I even reached the ground while the Boss exploded into pixels once the two sides hit the ground.

You have defeated [Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera] x25, [Ancient Gear Beast] x50, [Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Hydra] x25, [Ancient Gear Howitzer] x50 and [Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Ultimate Dragon]!
You have gained 0EXP! (95072EXP)
[Mystic] has levelled up x3! 10 =} 13
You have gained +6 END, +6 INT, +9 WIS and +3 CHA!
[Druid] has levelled up x3! 10 =} 13
You have gained +6 INT, +6 WIS, +6 CHA and +6 LUC!
[Shusui (OP)] has levelled up x19! 40 =} 59
[Shusui (OP)] gained ability: [Hide Gem (Active)]!
[Breath of Moon] has levelled up x5! 1 =} 6
[Total Concentration Breathing] has levelled up x2! 1 =} 3
[Ultraspeed Regeneration - Gamer's Edition] has levelled up! 38 =} 39
[Mana Reactor] has levelled up! 38 =} 39

That's a pretty good score for my [Classes] and looks like I've got [Mystic] on the same level as [Devout] and [Magus] which will make things a bit easier for hoping to find a 'Spell Modification' [Class]. As for [Druid] it gives a bit of CHA and LUC boost which I want to try and focus on getting to 500 soon although looking over the rest of my [Classes] I might have to take up the [Bard Class] to help in that area and maybe work more on [Eromancer] for the former.

I've also made a lot of progress with [Shusui] which should help with using [Breath of Moon] in the future and [Hide Gem] will always be useful if I need to make a sword look more ordinary than usual.

Closing the screen, I move onto the next one with a nod.

To unlock the next [ID] completion of one [Tier 3 ID] is needed!

That should be easy enough to do as I can just go through the [Slime ID] version to complete this but it wouldn't be much use to me in regards to EXP. I'll have to see about trying to convince Rias and Fleur to come along to start their training as the Level based EXP restriction is probably only limited to myself and it would give me the chance to see how they stack up compared to what training Bellatrix has been through. Also give them some bracelets enchanted with 'EXP boosters' to help with the low amounts they'd be getting.


(Day 160: Saturday 9th November 1993)

"So..." I started, raising an eyebrow as I step into the room of requirements to see both Fleur and Rias standing in front of massive mirrors while altering their [Slime Guards] into various outfits while Bellatrix smirked in her own black jeans, ruffled sleeved blouse and leather waistcoat and boots. Rias' had settled

"...Am I interrupting something?" I asked, drawing the trio's attention as Fleur's clothes had settled onto a version of [Lara Croft's] iconic outfit albeit with her low heels from her uniform on her feet. Rias' clothes had settled down into a white and red version of [Serafall's] magical girl outfit which did little to hide her body.

"Non~" Fleur replied with a small smile as she looked over to me, absently flicking her wand down to at her shoes to cause them to be transfigured into brown knee high boots, "Just waiting on you, Kichirou, and enjoying seeing some of the things people Rias knew wore."

"Ah right." I replied with a nod as Rias' [Slime Guard] changed into corseted red dress that looked like [RWBY's Ruby Atlas] one although consisted of only a red corset that was only held together at the front by black laces on top of a black strapless dress with a short skirt. A twitch of her fingers saw her low heels become knee high, high heeled boots with crimson laces. If I didn't know her dress was magical I would be concerned for her breasts breaking out of it although I wasn't aware [RWBY] was in her [World] unless its a coincidence.

Oh well, I can ask her later...

"Ready to see where I train?" I asked Fleur and Rias. Bellatrix has already moved over to me in preparation for entering the [ID].

"Oui~" Rias and Fleur chime in together in amusement as they approached me.

The choice is which one is probably going to be important as while I originally thought to take them into the [Slime 3 ID], Fleur is already at Level 30 and Bellatrix has already gone through that and the [Angel 1 ID]. I don't want to risk them in the [Ancient Gear City] as if I easily step in to destroy whatever threatens them it might make them lax in actually trying to destroy. [Angel 1 ID] probably is for the best especially with Rias' current Level even with their attacks being her weakness.

"Hold on." I spoke while holding a hand out to the pair, Rias and Fleur grasping my wrist with one hand each before I sent us all into the [Angel 1 ID].

The looks of amazement on Fleur and Rias' faces are worth it as I explained "This place is filled with Angels and each one you destroy will give you some 'points' that'll help you get stronger. The more you kill the stronger you get but the downside is dying here is as permanent as in the real world."

Activating [Aegis Shield], I let the small shards swarm around me as I added "Don't worry too much as I can use these to block most fatal attacks and my [White Magick] is strong enough to heal you fully of any others."

Seeing the two young women relax but not clock onto the little slip is good as I'd rather not have the pair of them lose any sort of alertness here at the fact I can use [Raise] or [Rebirth] to bring them back from any recent death. Plus it'll allows them to train their senses so they can pick up magic better and their reflexes and reaction speed.

Keeping both options a secret is for the best anyway as I'd rather not have people badger me about reviving their recently dead relatives or become too reliant on me in case my magic is ever blocked or they contact me too late.

"Also..." I add, fishing out a trio of metal, twisting torcs I'd made out of [Scrap Metal] for the girls with [Transmute].

[Iron Torc of Training] DEF: 5/DUR: 25/25
Description: A metal torc created by the [Gamer: Kichirou] to increase recovery and training.
-[Self-Repair (Adept)]
Restores 3 DUR every minute
-[EXP Booster (Adept)]
Increase all EXP gains by 33%
-[Regen Boost (Adept)]
Increase all Regens by 33%

"These should help increase how much magic and stamina you'll regenerate and boost your training speed." I continue as each girl put it on around their necks curiously.

The [Iron Torc of Training] had been something new I'd started to sell through the [Store] as it would be something useful for Gamer's allies to use and while I could incorporate them into the [Slime Guard], I didn't want to put too many enchantments onto a single item.

I'd also started to try and make something akin to [Final Fantasy 7's Materia] and armour with sockets for them but until I settle on a default size and shape that I can easily make the jewels take then making the armour and 'Materia' will be harder. That's not the mention I need to work out how many enchantments that sort of jewel can hold, how to have those enchantments interact with the piece of armour and working out a convention of what jewel would be used for what enchantment. I'd also have to see about making 'spell jewels' if I try and completely copy Materia although the issue would then involve making them reusable and possibly making them regain magic after each use.

Flickering my gaze over to Rias, I smile at seeing the crimson-black of her [Power of Destruction] erupt from her hands in several beach ball sized blasts while Bellatrix sends a mixture of dark cutters and blasting curses and Fleur seems to be fighting with charms and some sort of intense blue flames.

Learn [Power of Destruction] through [The End - Gamer Edition]? [Y/N] (Cost: 7,000SP)

Oh yes!

[Gehen] has merged with [Skill]: [Power of Destruction]!
[Power of Destruction] has levelled up! 1 =} 2
[Power of Destruction] (Active) Level: 2 - EXP: 0% - Cost: MP Varies
Description: The heritage of the [Bael Clan] of Devils, the [Power of Destruction] is a type of demonic energy, that grants its users great explosive power and can completely annihilate things when used. It is said to be a very difficult power to defend against due to it's erasure properties as well the possibility of molding it into different forms and is even capable of cutting down even the consciousness and souls of living creatures.
-All techniques are 1% x Skill Level Armour Piercing
-Can infuse [Power of Destruction] into other [Skills] to increase damage dealt by 5% x Skill Level. Increases [Skill] Cost by 100% - Skill Level
-[Gehen] Cost: MP Varies
Destroys the target by invading the weaknesses to blow it apart from the inside
-Allows the user to destroy both physical and magical targets on magic's contact
-Cost depends on target's DUR, Skill Level, INT and WIS
-[Destruction Sphere] Cost: 100MP
A football sized sphere of power which can be fired at a target
Deals destruction damage equal to 300% of (INT x Skill Level) to a target

That is sweet and even better than I expected cause of the whole being about to infuse it into other [Skills]. I mean that basically allows me to work on 'Holy Destruction' if I use it with [Holy Light Magic] or could even combine it with the forms of [Breath of Moon] to make them even more destructive although the mix of magic and stamina might cause some issues.

Maybe I can use this to teach Rias the [Ruin the Extinct] Sirzechs uses and her canon-self's [Extinguished Star] although might have to make them more private lessons lest something goes wrong while Fleur and Bellatrix are in range of it. Plus I need to work them out for myself but my massive MP and the [IDs] should make it easy enough as I can use [Mana Absorption] to just pull it back in before it can destroy me.

Holding my hand out, I activate [Destruction Sphere] and marvel over the ball of crimson and black energy before absorbing it and focusing back on the girls' fighting and see that they are doing pretty good on their own even if my [Aegis Shield] is blocking a few attacks from the [Affinity] and [Decoration] attacking them. Rias is even using 'slashes', beams and barrages of bullets of PoD so that's at least a good sign she's stronger than her canon counterpart due to the extra training she was put through.

Setting up a [Memory Partition] to keep track of the girls and operate [Aegis Shield] is rather easy and also give me a chance to focus on the few [Affinity] moving towards me from behind as I create a small spiralling ball of [Power of Destruction] before throwing it at the nearest target and watch it expand into the size of a bus-sized dome once it connected, disintegrating the monsters caught in its range.

New [Power of Destruction] Learned: [Destruction Flare]
-[Destruction Flare] Cost: 500MP
A ball of condensed power which expands into a dome once it hits the target or the user activates it.
Deals destruction damage equal to 250% of (INT x Skill Level) to each target in range per second
Time Limit: 10 seconds x Skill Level
Maximum Range: 3 metres + Skill Level

That's pretty good for a first attempt at copying the [Hell Flare] from [Tensura] and its probably going to become much more destructive as I level it up.

Smirking at my next idea, I hold my arm up above my head before channelling the PoD above my palm. From there I flatten it into a paper-thin disk before sharpening the edge and starting to make it spin.

New [Power of Destruction] Learned: [Destruction Saw]
-[Destruction Saw] Cost: 300MP
A sharp cutting disk of power which can be telekinetically controlled by the user
Deals destruction damage equal to 350% of (INT x Skill Level)
DUR equals 200% of (INT x Skill Level) and loses 1% of INT in DUR per minute

Well, that just confirms that this is already stable enough to use although I guess it changed the name to avoid confusion if I learn the actual [Destructo Disk] in the future.

Flinging the [Destruction Saw] forwards, I grin as I mentally control it to slice through several [Decorations] easily before I dismissed it.

Flying after the trio with [Telekinesis], I watch as they easily take on the angels here and they even seem to be covering for each other which leaves my [Aegis Shield] not needing to do much in the way of defense.

Activating my [Mystic Eyes], I focus on the trio to see how well their training is going and while the screens I was use to first appeared for the each of them, I was surprised what had appeared after leaving my [Mystic Eyes] active afterwards.

Fleur Delacour
Level 31
Race: Hybrid: [Veela/Human (Magical)]
HP: 7,500/7,500
MP: 28,500/28,500
STR: 18 (+33%): 24
DEX: 36 (+33%): 48
END: 31 (+33%): 41
INT: 48 (+33%): 64
WIS: 52 (+33%): 69
CHA: 65 (+33%): 86
LUC: 25 (+33%): 33
Bio: The heiress of the Delacour family, Fleur has grown use to being the centre of attention of men and hated by women due to her Veela powers. This changed after meeting Rias Gremory but she still wishes to prove herself more than the stereotype by becoming the Triwizard Champion for Beauxbtons although she has already realised the world is much larger since her meeting with [Gamer: Kichirou].
Thoughts about you: Impressed, amazed, crushing
Affection/Reputation: [55/100]/[43/100]

Rias Gremory
Level 75
Race: Devil
HP: 250,000/250,000
MP: 500,000/500,000
STR: 43 (+33%): 57
DEX: 58 (+33%): 77
END: 65 (+33%): 86
INT: 60 (+33%): 80
WIS: 64 (+33%): 85
CHA: 69 (+33%): 92
LUC: 39 (+33%): 52
Bio: The heiress of the Gremory Clan, Rias Gremory was denied the right to own [Evil Pieces] by her father due to her arranged marriage. Her freedom is only due to taking the risk of jumping through a dimension rift that opened near her on the day of the engagement party. She's been enjoying her new freedom in this world while learning magic and looks forwards to the adventures [Gamer: Kichirou] can take her on.
Thoughts about you: Impressed, Lust and amazed
Affection/Reputation: [53/100]/[57/100]

Bellatrix Black
Level 34
Race: Human (Magical)
HP: 8,500/8,500
MP: 39,000/39,000
STR: 22 (+33%): 29
DEX: 42 (+33%): 56
END: 39 (+33%): 52
INT: 55 (+33%): 73
WIS: 55 (+33%): 73
CHA: 55 (+33%): 73
LUC: 35 (+33%): 47
Bio: The oldest of the Black Sisters, Bellatrix was expected to get married into the Lestrange family. This version didn't go through with it and was saved by [Gamer: Kazuhiko] using her [Companion Gem], earning her thanks and now love and lust.
Thoughts about you: Love, Lust and pleased
Affection/Reputation: [93/100]/[60/100]

What the...? When has my [Mystic Eyes] showed this much information to me about someone? Is it cause I've only been flashing them when using them on people and enemies...? Or cause my [Mystic Eyes] have hit Level 70... No, if it couldn't do this earlier than I'd probably not have been able to seamlessly copy hundreds of books before well enough to recreate with my [Bookmaker Skill].

Damn it! That means just flashing them at people was only giving me the basic details that my [Observe] gave me about them rather than this in-depth version which would be much better for keeping track on how strong others are. It would also help me in training the girls up... which sounds wrong in a rather lewd way...

Shaking my head, I focus on the trio of girls and commanding my [Aegis Shield] while mentally working out both [Ruin the Extinct] and [Extinguished Star] for my to try out in another [ID] later and maybe see about combining them.


(Day 175: Sunday 24th November 1993)

Making my way towards the tent where the champions were to wait, I smile at the results of the training over the last two weeks had been great for me. I'd been heading into [Ancient Gear City 2] multiple times during that time and managed to level [Blacksmith] to Level 21 and [Green Mage] to Level 33 which caused me to unlock three more [Classes] which will be useful for my plans and the future.

[Jeweller]: [0/50] (0/2500)
A production [Class] that involves the shaping and cutting of jewels.
-Passively increases quality of jewels made by 10%
-Passively increase speed of crafting/repairing jewels made by 10%
Grants +3 DEX, +2 INT, +2 CHA and +1 LUC
Grants [Skill]: [Jewel Crafting]

[Time Mage]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A magical [Class] that focuses on the manipulation of time.
-Passively reduce cost of [Time Magick] by 10%
-Passively increase effect of [Time Magick] by 10%
Grants +3 INT, +3 WIS and +2 LUC per Level
Grants [Skill]: [Time Magick]

[Space Mage]: [0/50] (0/2000)
A magical [Class] that focuses on the manipulation of space.
-Passively reduce cost of [Spatial Magic] by 10%
-Passively increase effect of [Spatial Magic] by 10%
Grants +2 INT, +4 WIS and +2 CHA per Level
Grants [Skill]: [Spatial Magic]

[Jeweller] and [Jewel Crafting] will be great for my 'spell jewels' plan of making armour with slots on for them and with my jewel [Sword Forms] I can easily supply myself with the jewels to work on the former. It also means I can make higher quality jewels to sell in the [Store] so another good source of money for me to use.

As for [Time Mage] and [Space Mage], they are both powerful [Classes] that I didn't expect to come from [Green Mage] and they'll get a boost once I equip them but I hold that off until after this task when I intend to rush through the [Slime 3 ID]. After all, having [Classes] based on two of the [Marvel's Infinity Stones] is going to be helpful and maybe I can work out something together to give me 'Space-Time' powers and maybe I can build myself a [TARDIS].

I'd also got [Red Mage] to Level 23, [Wizard] to Level 30 and [Shaman] to Level 14 from copying books which saw the main wizarding magics to hit Level 92 with [Potion Creation] on Level 95, [Curse Magic] on Level 83, [Divination] at Level 70 and [Ward Creation] at Level 16. I'd also got [Scholar] to Level 72 in between classes and my library copying which had also gotten [Bookmaker] to Level 55 which allowed me to get [Forge Document].

As for my other [Skills], I had focused on levelling a my newer ones so that [Breath of Moon] and [Power of Destruction] was now each at Level 10 while [Total Concentration Breathing] was sitting on Level 20 and [Elemental Conjuration] was at Level 55. That didn't mean I'd neglected the others as [Ultraspeed Regeneration], [Mana Reactor] and [Moderate Extra Reserve] had all reached Level 40, [Gourmet Cells] to Level 15 and [Parkour] and [Anything Goes Martial Arts] had reached Level 56.

The last important gain was from my training I'd managed to get my STR over 500 and earned myself a new [Perk].

[Warrior's Strength] (Passive)
-Increase physical damage dealt by 10%
-Reduce damage taken by 20%

It's not as powerful as my other STR [Perks] but I think the damage reduction is worth it especially as this'll team well with [Overwhelming Vitality] to give me a 40% reduction.

"Good luck." Bellatrix spoke up without any sort of worry towards the stands which make sense seeing the sort of magic I've pulled off in front of her and how strong I am. Still, its going to be a bit odd without [Byakugan] allowing me to watch my back but I don't intend to turn my back on the dragon so I should be fine with my current plan.

Entering the tent, I give a nod to Fleur where she was sitting on a stool and still looking a bit nervous despite knowing what was to come from Rias. Krum looked surlier then normal and was leaning against one of the wooden poles. Bagman and Mr Smith was also waiting there, the former wearing his old Wasps robes.

"Well, now that we're all here, time to fill you in!" Bagman spoke brightly as he moved forwards, "When the audience has assembled, I'm going to be offering each of you this bag..."

Here he held up a purple silk bag that holds the figurines before continuing, "...from which you will each select a small model of the thing you are about to face! There are different varieties, you see. And I have to tell you something else too... ah, yes... your task is to collect the golden egg!"

As we watched for the audience to settle in, I glanced over my own appearance to check I'd not forgotten anything. Most of my outfit consisted of [Quidditch Armour] set - minus the helmet underneath a black Hogwarts robe with the school emblem on the back under my surname. The robe I'd found in my room this morning and after checking it over I'd saw no magic that would affect me negatively. Still, I looked more protected then Krum in what he wore in the movie and Fleur's school uniform - although I have a feeling that was her [Slime Guard] at work so it should protect her better.

The sound of the crowd settling in above us seemed to spur Bagman into action, opening the neck of the purple bag and offering it to Fleur, "Ladies first."

Fleur put a nervous hand into the bag and a moment later saw her withdraw a Swedish Short-Snout with a number 1 dangled around its neck.

That's weird... but given the training I've helped her with I'm sure she can handle it and her canon plan of putting the dragon to sleep should work still if not be a bit harder to pull off.

Bagman moved the bag towards Krum next and he pulled out the scarlet Chinese Fireball which had a number 2 around its neck. So that should leave me with the Welsh Green...

As Bagman held the bag out for me to take the last dragon inside, I blink as I pull out the Hungarian Horntail with the number 3 on it.

"Well, there you are!" Bagman spoke enthusiastically, "You have each pulled out the dragon you will face, and the numbers refer to the order in which you are to take on the dragons, do you see? Now, I'm going to leave you in a moment, because I'm commentating. Ms Delacour, you're first, just go out into the enclosure when you hear a whistle, all right?"

Watching as Bagman left, I catch Fleur's concerned look before offering a reassuring smile that seemed to relax her a bit before turning back to look at my dragon.

I didn't think that the Horntail is supposed to be in this tournament now. I mean there's only three Champions and I thought that was the one brought in at the last minute cause of Harry's getting dragged into it... Damn, it's never mentioned which dragon was added to bring up the numbers, was it? And I assumed it was the Horntail cause it was considered the most dangerous of the four. There's also the chance that this also a part of multiversal chaos in that some [Worlds] would have any one of the dragons removed if Harry doesn't get entered.

Still, my plan should work with it anyway and I just need to make sure I don't break any of the eggs like Krum will do - if he follows the same plan as before.

Hearing the sound of the whistle, I catch Fleur's gaze once more before she heads out of the tent and leaving me and Krum to just listen to the crowd's reactions and Bagman's commentary to find out what was happening.


Its hard to sit back and listen to it all when I have the means to watch but I don't want to risk the [Quest] judging my using the [Byakugan] now as breaking the Bonus Objective about only using Wizarding Magic. I might have to invest into [Skills] to enhance my senses to act as a back up if I'm blocked off from using it in the future cause that way I'd at least get something close to [Daredevil-esk] level of awareness around me.

Anyway, from what I can tell, Fleur did great although there was a couple close calls from the gasps of the crowd so the Short-Snout must not have went to sleep as easily as Welsh Green did. As for Krum, that seemed to go like in canon if the crowd's reaction and the pained roar from the Chinese Fireball is anything to go by.

At the moment though, I'm waiting for the whistle to go off so I can enter the enclosure and get this task over with. Not that I'm not going to enjoy it but there's a few things I need to remind myself to avoid happening including trying to avoid showing that I have [Phoenix Regeneration] as that would get too many questions directed at me and probably lead to my [Animagus] form being revealed.

At the sound of the whistle, I leave the tent and enter the enclosure with a calming breathe as I feel all of the eyes on me while the Horntail was crouched over her eggs, wings half-furled and yellow, slitted-eyes locked onto me. There wasn't much sound from the crowd which made the single clap of my hands seem louder before I slammed both of them onto the ground with a hiss of Japanese, "Earth Susanoo: Level 1!"

Hundreds of fist sized rocks shot out of the ground without affecting the arena and start to coalesce into a giant stony ribcage around me and spine behind me. From there stony giant bone arms and a skull form much to the shock of the crowd - and a squeal from Rias - as it looms over the Horntail.

With a mental command, I send the right arm towards the Horntail to grab and pin it to the ground only for a gout of flames to try and scorch the dense earth I'm using for my [Element Susanoo: Level 1] and also miss the left arm which slams its head into the ground and keeps its mouth clamped shut. Feeding some more earth into replacing the damaged earth in the right arm, I order it to clamp onto the spiky tail to avoid it from breaking the left arm and freeing the Horntail's head.

The crowd starts to cheer wildly as I cast another new [Elemental Conjuration]: [Element Arms] that see a identical pair of earth bone arms erupt from the ground to clamp around its body and ensure it doesn't drop down and damage the eggs while stepping out of the protective ribcage and start walking casually towards the golden egg.

The Horntail is continuing to struggle more while snarling and growling as I walk. I still need to infuse my conjurations with more earth due to the dragon's power as minor cracks were forming while its eyes continue to track me maliciously as I got close enough to see the golden egg. Scooping it up, I jump back while launching a burst of wind from my free hand as the Horntail swiped a claw at me, missing its own eggs as it had been aiming to take my head off.

It's a good thing I kept my gaze on the Horntail otherwise I might have lost something important.

Casually walking to the exit, I wait till I'm out of harm's reach before dismissing the conjurations; return the earth deep into the ground and leaving the Horntail snarling and roaring at my back as I left. Fleur had a flushed face and it looks like she has been watching from the entrance of the tent that is the exit and radiates an feeling a lust through my [Empathy].

As I entered the tent Madam Pomfrey hurried over to me to check that I was alright despite us both knowing that I was fairly capable of healing myself had it been needed. The [Diagnosis Charm] that followed made me glad that I had the [Anodite Race] as I read as normal human to those that I had used on myself to test it.

"Dragons..." Pomfrey muttered in disgust which faded as she looked amazed at the results, "Not a mark on you... Take a moment to sit down and then you can get your scores."

Rolling my eyes, I sit down on the edge of the bed and skim the list of Affection/Reputation gains I'd gotten from my performance. Amongst them was Ravenclaw House as a whole hitting the 50 mark, hitting or going over 50 Reputation with Flitwick, Hermione, Fred and George Weasley and Astoria Greengrass and Bellatrix hitting 100 Affection.

For reaching 50 Reputation with Ravenclaw House, you've gained the [Perk]: [Wise Bookman]
[Wise Bookman] (Passive)
-Increase Affection, Reputation and Obedience with bookworms, intellectuals and studious people

For reaching over 50 Reputation with Hermione Granger, you've gained the [Perk]: [Wise Bookman]
[Perk] already taken. Finding alternative...
[Perk] Gained: [Intellectual Equal]
[Perk] already taken. Finding alternative...
[Perk] Gained: [Gryffindor Colours]
[Gryffindor Colours] (Passive)
-Increase Affection, Reputation and Obedience with those courageous and/or reckless

For reaching 50 Reputation with Filius Flitwick, you've gained the [Perk]: [Earthern Harmony]
[Earthern Harmony] (Passive)
-Increase Affection, Reputation and Obedience with those who live in and under the ground

For reaching over 50 Reputation with Fred and George Weasley, you've gained the [Perk]: [Trickster]
[Perk] already taken. Finding alternative...
[Perk] Gained: [Double Trouble]
[Double Trouble] (Passive)
-Increase Affection, Reputation and Obedience with multiple identical siblings (i.e. twins, triplets, etc.)

For reaching over 50 Reputation with Harry Potter, you've gained the [Perk]: [Destined Ally]
[Destined Ally] (Passive)
-Increased Affection, Reputation and Obedience with those touched by destiny and fate

For reaching over 50 Reputation with Astoria Greengrass, you've gained the [Perk]: [Noble's Favour]
[Noble's Favour] (Passive)
-Increase Affection, Reputation and Obedience with nobles and royalty

For reaching 100 Affection with Bellatrix Black, you've gained the [Perk]: [Dark Mystique]
[Dark Mystique] (Passive)
-Increase Affection, Reputation and Obedience with those associated with Dark and/or Evil
-Reduce Affection, Reputation and Obedience losses with those associated with Dark and/or Evil

That's an impressive set of gains just from my performance and most of them seem to stack in the right way for some people. I'm surprised Bellatrix's 100 Affection reward is a [Perk] with such a broad area but it'll work quite well here some magical races are considered 'Dark' here and similar opinions occur in other [Worlds] so I can take advantage of that. Plus the fact it reduces losses means I should have an easier time not having to fully keep up some sort of front to some of those I might run into.

Mentally wiping away the screens, I head back into the arena to see where the judges was sitting and waited for them to give their scoring. Madame Maxine started by pointing her wand up and causing a silvery ribbon to come out and mold into a 9 in the air. Mr Brown was next and he shot a 9 into the air as well. Dumbledore shot out a 9 as well while Bagman shot a ten while the crowd roared in applause. Karkaroff was the last one and he seemed to be pausing shooting out a 3.

Looks like he's being as bias as canon to ensure Krum is at least equally in the lead with me as that gives me forty points. Still, the boos are quite amusing seeing as Karkaroff's fellow judges are all giving him incredulous looks at his chosen score for me while he squirms in his seat. At least I still got first place so that should be enough to qualify for the second Bonus Objective of my [Triwizard Tournament Quest].

Heading back into the first tent, I smile as Fleur muttered annoyed as she moved to walk next to me, "I can not believe he gave you so few points especially after how you handled the dragon without getting hurt."

"Well, he wants his own school to win and marking us both down despite not causing any damage to the dragon's eggs or getting injured is the only way he can try and do anything." I answered with a shrug as we entered the tent to see Krum waiting around.

"Well done, all of you!" Bagman spoke as he entered a few minutes later with a bounce to his steps, "Now just a quick few words. You've got a nice long break before the Second Task, which will take place at half past nine on the morning of February the twenty-fourth... but we're giving you something to think about in the meantime! If you look down at those golden eggs you're all holding, you will see that they open... see the hinges there? You need to solve the clue inside the egg because it will tell you what the Second Task is and enable you to prepare for it! All clear? Sure? Well, off you go then!"

With that Bagman left just as happy as before with Krum heading out soon after and leaving Fleur and I in the tent before we were soon joined by a flushed Bellatrix and Rias.

"That was so hot." Bellatrix purred as she wrapped her arms around me before pulling me into a hot and heavy kiss.

"I didn't know you could use Susanoo..." Rias spoke with a tinge of envy in her eyes as she glanced at Bellatrix.

"That was just [Elemental Conjuration] used to recreate it." I answered, feeling envy from both Rias and Fleur as I rose an eyebrow at the cat-like and knowing smirk Bellatrix was sporting as she nodded at the pair.

I get a feeling this trio of beauties had planned something like this as Fleur crushed her soft lips against mine in a lustful French kiss that seems like she's trying to steal the breathe from my lungs while her hands grasped my hair to avoid me pulling back. A throaty moan slips out from the blonde as I slapped her ass to get her to break the kiss which was in sync with two yelps as I had cast [Mirror Feelings] on both Rias and Bellatrix to link them to Fleur beforehand.

"How?" Rias asked surprised while Bellatrix's eyes widened in realisation.

"Eromancy?" The ravenette asked knowingly to the curious looks from the two Beauxbatons students.

"Yep." I answered with a nod, noting the confused look from Rias and Fleur as I added, "Sex Magic."

"Really?" Fleur purred, sounding rather eager while Rias looked interested as well.

"I'll get you each a copy later." I answered as Harry entered the tent with Hermione, Fleur stepping back from me with a smile as she nodded and left with Rias just after.

"That was amazing!" Harry spoke excitedly, "The way you made that whole skeleton form out of the earth to fight the dragon and those two additional arms as well."

"Karkaroff shouldn't have given you such a low score." Hermione added with a frown of disapproval.

"It'll be fine. The first two tasks only have a bearing of starting order for the last one so the points aren't particularly important in the grand scheme of things." I replied, signalling to the others about leaving as I added "How about we all get back to the castle to celebrate?"

At the agreement of the others we started walking back to the castle to see what sort of parties would be on.


As evening set in, I smiled amused at the Ravenclaw's celebrating with a rather lively party with butterbeers and snacks gotten by the Houselves. There had also been a wizarding wireless turned on so some music could be played at a low volume.

I'd taken a seat on one of the chairs and was sipping a bottle of Butterbeer while thinking back onto the afternoon when I'd slipped away from the student body into my [Slime 3 ID].

That [ID] had saw me going underground through a spiral staircase behind the throne and had been populated by horse sized hounds called [Slime Beast] and more human sized [Slime Assassin] that stayed as a puddle only to sprout up to try and attack with a bladed limb. The [True Slime Queen] looked like a Xenomorph Queen if sized up to elephant size and took great delight in spitting blasts of acidic slime from its mouth and various parts of its body. Still, it wasn't much of a match against my [Breath of Moon] and [Shusui].

As a result of my time there and my previous experience [Space Mage] had reached Level 6 and [Time Mage] had got to Level 5 which means I'll have to head back into the [IDs] later for some more training to get them to Level 10.

I'd also unlocked the next [ID] which was called [Limbo City] and makes me think of demons if its any reference to the [Devil May Cry] reboot. Hopefully, if I'm right, then I will be fighting the original series Demons rather then the reboot as I'm not too familiar with the latter ones. The plus side on that is due to the fact I have an arsenal of holy swords cause of [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] destroying what enemies I find in there would be much easier.

Still, I'll need to wait for an appropriate time to leave this party to be able to explore it without drawing any potential issues with my fellow Ravenclaws or any of them coming after me so I can train in peace.

Taking another sip, I glance amused at the sour yet wary look on Roger Davies as he sat in the corner. He's been avoiding me even more from my performance earlier and probably has come to realise that I'm fully capable of curb stomping him if I was so inclined to do so. The questioning from the others had been easy to answer over my [Elemental Conjuration] and had pointed out something on the level of my [Element Susanoo: Level 1] was rather hard to pull off without the willpower and magical power.

As for the Second Task, well I've got three months to figure what to do with the Black Lake and how to swim to the bottom without running out of air. The easiest way would be to part the whole lake but I'd probably injure a lot of the locals there and risk injuring the hostages cause of nothing to break their fall. There'd also be the fact I'd hinder both Fleur and Krum and wake up the hostages - meaning I would have to save all of them at the same time. That's not to mention the messiah reaction that'll probably happen if I pull off something that big with ease - not that I've not seen a few Slytherins loitering around when I was with Bellatrix in the castle.

The second option that comes to mind is doing like Harry and use Gillyweed although I think I'd prefer to perfect that sort of transformation with my [Limited Shapeshifting] anyway to remove the issue of having a time limit in the future.

The last one at the moment is to use a mixture of [Bubble-Head Charm] and [Transfiguration Magic] to conjure some flippers to use. Team that with the boost from [Parkour] and I should be able to outswim them both.

"Congratulations for the First Task." Luna spoke muffled as she plopped into the seat next to me, a bowl of pudding in her hands while the spoon was in her mouth.

"Thank you." I reply amused, "Enjoying yourself?"

"Of course. " She replied with a bright smile before pulling out a notepad and pencil, "Now, if your open to it I'd like to do an interview about the First Task."

"Yeah, I don't mind." I replied with a nod while my [Byakugan] allows me to spot Bellatrix disappear from her Common Room by using her Shadow Walking and not appear in my bedroom that was normally her destination.

"Thank you. Now, first question, what made you think to form a giant necromantic construct to take down the dragon?" Luna asks with a straight face as my smile grew.

"Ah, well, that was cause I figured it was safer to have it handle the dragon rather then focus on affecting it directly." I answered, my [Empathy] giving me an approving feeling from Luna at my answer. A quick flicker of my [Mystic Eyes] shows that she's actually writing down my responses in regards to manipulating the earth so she's just having a bit of fun with the others around us who were trying to listen in.

Luna nods as she writes down my answer before asking "Was the bones already there or did you place them ahead of time?"

"Well, if you can sense the fine bones in the earth from various animals its easy enough to pull them all together and shape them into what you want." I answered, Luna giving a thoughtful nod as she continued to write.


Heading to my bedroom as the party broke up, I quiet hum at the two [Skill Books] I was thinking of buying from the [Store] after my interview with Luna for the Quibbler.

[Gentle Sword Training Style Skill Book] Cost: 20,000 Credits
Description: A [Skill Book] that teaches an elegant sword training style that focuses on speed and precise strikes.

[Strong Sword Training Style Skill Book] Cost: 20,000 Credits
Description: A [Skill Book] that teaches an brutal sword training style that focuses on power and savage strikes.

They both seem like useful things to gain as I can probably stack them atop of my [Breath of Moon] style especially as they seem more for general use compared to the list of attacks from the Breath style. The only issue would be that I probably wouldn't be able to use both of them at the same time given one focuses on speed and the other focuses on power but I imagine it'd be easy enough to adjust to switching between them as I need to once I got use to them.

Buying the two, I leave the books in my [Inventory] and slip into my bedroom quietly to see Bellatrix, Rias and Fleur sitting atop of my bed, each wearing just a pair of small cotton shorts and tight, tank tops and looking over the book on [Eromancy] I'd copied for Bellatrix.

"Mou Dieu!" Fleur exclaimed breathily, her cheeks enflamed as a finger gently glided across the page as she read over the [Alter Sensitivity] spell, "You could drive anyone wild with lust with any of these... I wonder how far Kichi has went with this..."

"I haven't tried too much but Bella has been a good test subject on those spells I have tried." I chimed in, making the pair of French students jump in surprise as they turned to me, "Plus, it would be wrong to make such smart young women into sex-mad sluts. Even if it would be rather hot."

They each straightened up a bit at the compliment as their cheeks darkened at my words. I moved to take a seat in the empty space left on my bed so my back can rest against the head board before making a pair of duplicate books through [Bookmaker].

"These are permanent copies like the one Bellatrix has so be careful with them as I'd rather they don't get spread around." I explained, holding them out for Rias and Fleur to take which they did eagerly with an understanding nod.

"Maybe you should give them a proper demonstration of Eromancy, milord?" Bellatrix suggested with a salacious smirk at me.

"Really, I would have thought you'd have shown some of the spells yourself?" I asked Bellatrix curiously, getting a shake of her head as I look at Fleur and Rias as I asked "Do you...?"

"Oui," Fleur interrupted, "I would like to see how effective they can be in a skilled user's hands."

Rias smirked sexily at the blonde before adding, "I suppose it would be good to see her writhe under someone else's effort especially as she usually takes charge with me."

Blinking at the pair, I gave a slow nod as Rias and Bellatrix got off the bed and Fleur took on a predatory look while sitting there waiting for my spells. I suppose I kinda of expected Fleur being the dominant sort given what is known about Veela and their predatory instincts with regards to finding a lover, well if some of the fanfiction I've read before is true. Wasn't expecting Rias to be bi- but I suppose Devils live in a society that accepts harems would mean she'd be more open to things especially after getting away from her [World].

Focusing back on Fleur, I opt to hit her with [Alter Sensitivity] first to increase it and [Enhance Pleasure] at a low setting as to not overwhelm her. The pair caused her to let out a low moan at suddenly feeling her nipples and sex rubbing against her clothing and only grew as I added [Enlarge] to grow her nipples and clit so the effect was stronger while Fleur's hands shot to feel the changes herself as her clothes shifted into a tiny thong to allow easy access.

"My body..." Fleur moaned surprised, looking at me with a lustful expression as she crawled closer only to collapse so her face landed on my lap as I used [Phantom Hands] to caress her whole body and send her over the edge as amongst the numerous hands her breasts were milked, nipples tugged, engorged clit rubbed and fingers plunged into her sex.

"It's only temporary, Fleur." I explained, running a hand through her hair while glancing at the heavy breathing audience of Rias and Bellatrix as the former looked a mixture of pleased and lustful want while the latter held a look of approving and lustful awe at seeing the effect of [Eromancy] on the Veela. It's a bit of a power rush to seeing Fleur's reactions to my magic but I manage to hold back the urge to push things further.

Cancelling the spells, I run my fingers through Fleur's hair as I asked, "So, how did I do?"

"Très magnifique..." Fleur murmured out, her cheek rubbing against the strained crotch of my pants, "To make moi reach le petite mort without even laying a hand... such magic is more dangerous than I expected, mon ami."

"I'll say..." Rias spoke with a shudder of delight, a look of envy and reddened cheeks.

"Kichirou, why don't you give Rias a taste as well?" Bellatrix chimed in with a pleased look, pushing Rias forwards while Fleur smirked as she pushed herself to sit up.

"Well, that's her choice Bella." I replied with a smile to the ravenette before glancing to Rias to see she had taken up a kneeling position in front of me on the bed while Fleur pressed against her back with a smug smile and her hands wrapped around her waist.

"I'd like a sample..." Rias answered my unasked question, an eager look in her eyes as her clothes had been replaced by a crimson strapless teddy that was both crotchless and left her breasts on full display.


Giving Rias a sample of my [Eromancy] had been quicker than Fleur purely due to the build up she had from watching the blonde writhe about although it didn't help the erection straining my slacks. Luckily, Bellatrix came back after taking the pair back with her shadow travel power especially horny from the 'show' and wasted no time helping me relieve the built up lust.

Letting out a sigh, I slip away from the sleeping ravenette and quickly got dressed before heading into the [Demon ID] and finding my surroundings change into a rather dreary pier with a fun fair, roller coaster and Ferris wheel spread out around. In the near distance was a large run down city that was mostly grey in colour and looked relatively modern and even the sky was filled with grey clouds that made it look like it was seconds away from raining.

I would be annoyed at being put into the [Devil May Cry] reboot's main location if not for what my [Byakugan] picks up in the distance as Limbo City now sports [Temen-ni-gru] from the third game on the far side. Plus, I can see the various [Damned Chesssmen] and tons of [Assault] wandering in the streets with one group of the latter running towards the pier.

Opening my [Inventory], I quickly learn the two sword styles I'd bought earlier and take a moment to look over them while summoning a [Shisui] to use on the approaching group.

[Gentle Sword Training Style] (Passive/Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: 250SP/Min
Description: A elegant sword training style that focuses on speed and precise strikes.
-Passively increase DEX by 2% x Skill Level
-Requires wielding a sword to be active
-Can't be used with another [Sword Training Style Skill]
-Increase DEX by 5% x Skill Level

[Strong Sword Training Style] (Passive/Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: 250SP/Min
Description: A brutal sword training style that focuses on power and savage strikes.
-Passively increase STR by 2% x Skill Level
-Requires wielding a sword to be active
-Can't be used with another [Sword Training Style Skill]
-Increase STR by 5% x Skill Level

They seem fairly simple but that's to my advantage seeing as I can keep one active while fighting to help me and switch when I need it so I can boost my speed a bit more or my strength. Plus I can stack either of them atop of [Breath of Moon] to increase the damage or speed of my attacks even though it'll drain a bit more SP cause of it when I launch a big attack.

Closing the screens, I turn my focus onto the pack of [Assaults] charging onto the pier and take a moment to activate my [Gentle Sword Training Style] and adopt a simple Iaido stance. It seems fitting for the increase in speed and given the [Skill] leads my grip to be flexible but secure as it favours precision over power.

As the first [Assault] comes into range I hit it with my [Mystic Eyes] and bring up the full details of what I'm about to face.

Level 40
Race: Demon
HP: 7,500/7,500
MP: 0/0
STR: 75
DEX: 75
END: 50
INT: 30
WIS: 10
CHA: 1
LUC: 10
Bio: A demon from hell, Assault are skilled fighters with both speed and power.
Thoughts about you: bloodlust, malice, hunger

Right, looks like its pretty strong - well stronger than my currently sealed stats without [Gandalfr] boosting both my STR and DEX above the demon. That's not to mention its a sign that enemies here and in the future [IDs] might warrant the need to stack my various [Skills] if I want to fight them and even the boss without releasing the [Control Art Restriction System] in some manner.

Unsheathing [Shusui] with deft flick of the wrist, my sword carves the demon in two as I sidestep its charge. A twist of my wrist allows me to bring the katana backwards along the same arc to remove their legs from their high lunge at me, making their bodies crumble apart as they hit the ground behind me as I started walking towards the last two. Shifting to [Strong Sword Practice Style], I grip the katana with both hands to split the next reptilian demon with a single downwards slash - even with it trying to use its shield to protect itself.

Turning to the last one, I point a finger at the head of the demon and making it stall for a moment as I combined [Holy Light Magic] and [Power of Destruction] to make a [Spinning Light Arrow] that was a mixture of white-gold and crimson-black before I smirk, firing the attack that destroyed the demon's head, as I retorted, "Jackpot!"