This chapter does have a some interaction in it but I've only just got back to re-watching/re-reading the anime and manga again so personalities might be a bit off - well aside from Rei and Hisashi that was done on purpose although I've not decided the fate of Takashi at the moment.

I will say in response to the Spanish review that Naofumi does get the Strengthening Methods after the meeting between the Heroes that Queen Mirellia arranges and they unlock for him cause he believes his Shield can do that. Seeing as Kichirou has seen/read most of the series he's already aware of that fact and understands the whole belief system of the Legendary Weapons even if he's not sure it still applies to his modified version.

AN: I'd like to point out now that the average Stat range for highschoolers is between 15 to 25 with higher then that being possible for the members of sports clubs and teams or trained in some way. Average adult is between 20 to 30 with professional sports people being 30 to 40 in their needed areas and the very tops being 40+ although not exceed 50 which is where I figure superhuman starts in HOTD. I'll probably have these averages change as movement between worlds happen but this is my current range for them.

As for Kichirou, his alignment is supposed to be Light Grey/Neutral Good overall.

Letting out a tired sigh as I stepped out of the [Slime ID] at about 9:15pm, un-equipping my [Scarf of the Sword Hero] through the [Inventory] before slumping on the sofa as I look through the other result screen that had appeared.

Through pushing yourself through combat, you have gained +2 STR and +2 DEX
You have defeated [Red Slime] x10, [Green Slime] x10, [Yellow Slime] x10, [Brown Slime] x10, [Pink Slime] x10, [Silver Slime] x5 and [Black Slime] x5!
You have gained 9000EXP!
You have levelled up twice! 6 =} 8
You have gained 10 Stat Points
[Chemist] has levelled up twice! 4 =} 6
You have gained +4 END, INT and WIS
[Slime Gel (Red)] x30
[Slime Gel (Green)] x30
[Slime Gel (Yellow)] x30
[Slime Gel (Brown)] x30
[Slime Gel (Pink)] x30
[Slime Gel (Silver)] x15
[Slime Gel (Black)] x15
[Fire Mana Crystal (S)] x10
[Wind Mana Crystal (S)] x10
[Thunder Mana Crystal (S)] x10
[Earth Mana Crystal (S)] x10
[Heal Mana Crystal (S)] x10
[Light Mana Crystal (S)] x5
[Dark Mana Crystal (S)] x5
[Gacha Token] x4
[Observe] has levelled up! 4 =} 5
[Light Ferry] has levelled up! 6 =} 7
[Mana Generator] has levelled up twice! 8 =} 10
[Byakugan] has levelled up thrice! 1 =} 4
[Ambidextrous] has levelled up! 4 =} 5
[Fire Blade (DQ)] has levelled up x6! 1 =} 7
[Fire Blade (DQ)] (0/0) Level: 7 - EXP: 278/700 - ATK: 21/DUR: 30/30 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A

Ability Unlocked for [Fire Blade (DQ)]: [Element: Fire (Passive)]
[Element: Fire] (Passive)
Description: This weapon was imbued with the power of the Fire itself during its creation, making it effective against enemies weak to the element.
-Add [Fire] to Element
-Increase chance to inflict [Burn] on enemies by 10%
-Increase damage dealt by attacks by 100% when facing a Preferred Enemy.
Preferred Enemy: [Ice], [Plant], [Beast], [Undead] type enemies

Getting five Levels in my first day is pretty good, I think, especially so when tomorrow will be mainly me having to talk to Shido and whoever he's chosen to guide me around the city. The two levels for [Chemist] also means my INT and WIS is in the twenties when my passives are included and helps [Mana Generator] jump my MP to 2241 with the Regen hitting 67/min while my HP is only 640 with 38/min as my Regen. Plus the couple of extra points for STR and DEX will at least mean I won't have them being left too far behind the rest of my Stats now and they are in double digits with the help of my passives boosts.

The [Byakugan] was a bit weird to feel when I first activated it but now it seems to have settled down so I can easily use it without discomfort and I have even got the range up to 92 metres already. [Ambidextrous] is also down to a damage reduction of 40% for my off hand while [Light Ferry] gives me a 70% boost.

Closing the screens, I open my [Inventory] to pull out a [Ice Mana Crystal (S)], a [Defence Mana Crystal (S)] and a [Light Mana Crystal (S)] before feeding them to a newly created [Legendary Sword].

[Sword Form Unlocked!]
[Blizzard Blade (DQ)] (0/0) Level: 1 - EXP:0/100 - ATK: 15/DUR: 18/18 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
Ability: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:5)]

[Sword Form Unlocked!]
[Barrier Blade (FE)] (0/0) Level: 1 - EXP: 0/100 - ATK: 11/ DUR: 25/25 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
Abilities: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:10)]

[Sword Form Unlocked!]
[Shining Blade (FF:4HoL)] (0/1) Level: 1 - EXP: 0/100 - ATK: 15/DUR: 18/18 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
Ability: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:5)]

With those three I now have ten [Sword Forms] I can start using [Smelting] and [Experience Transfer] if I need to.

*knock~ knock~*

Huh...? That's odd. I wonder who that is at this time?

Walking to the door, I dismiss my sword before checking to make sure that there is nothing unusual on display or that came back with me from the [Slime ID] before opening it.

"Hello..." I spoke nervously, managing to hide my surprise at the fact there was a rosy cheeked Shizuka Marikawa standing in front of me. A glance over her left shoulder lets me spot her friend Rika casually walking towards the door as well before Shizuka lets out a drunk giggle as she looks at me, "Hello~ We've come to meet the new family to the neighbourhood."

Focusing back on the blonde in front of me, and just about managing to not to get distracted by her impressive chest especially when its practically on display in the tight, pink tank top she's wearing, I keep my gaze focused on her face. Rika, on the other hand, looks sexy in a more exotic way between her tanned skin, busty yet athletic build and purple hair and only aided by the violet cropped top and leather pants she's wearing.

"A-Ah... That would be me then. I'm living on my own here." I replied awkwardly, Rika sighing fondly as she propped Shizuka up as she spoke "Sorry to bother you. My friend wanted to see who it was."

"It's alright, Miss..." I replied with a smile, Rika smirking as she introduced herself "I'm Minami Rika and my friend here is Marikawa Shizuka."

"Nice to meet you both. I'm Shido Kichirou." I answer with a short bow, Shizuka letting out a thoughtful hum as she lent in close to my face to look me over "Kichi-kun, are you a good boy? Or a naughty one I'll need to keep an eye on?"

Heat rose unbidden to my cheeks at the sight before me before I shifting my gaze to Rika who smirked amused as I muttered "I-I'd like to think I'm good."

"Hmm~" Shizuka hummed before her free hand moved to caress my cheek and bring my gaze back onto hers before she nodded to herself as she spoke "Okay. Keep being good and I'll reward you properly, Kichi-kun."

"E-Eh...?" I let out as my face heats up once more. A look to the slyly smirking Rika tells me that she's finding the whole thing funny, even as she spoke up "Come on Shizu-chan, let's leave Kichi-kun alone now. See ya around, kid."

"Bye~ Bye~" Shizuka chimed happily, waving at me as Rika lead the drunk blonde away and leaving me to watch them go before I close the door once they were out of sight.

Phew~... I wasn't expecting to meet any of the main cast that quickly, well aside from Teacher!Shido tomorrow. Let alone it being a drunk Shizuka and Rika given I would have thought the former would be working at the school tomorrow. I suppose I could have used [Telepathy] to find out why Shizuka came around but it would have probably been weird given I've got no experience with it and I don't think she would have an ulterior motive for doing it anyway.

Due to not forgetting manners in the face of two beauties, you gained +2 CHA

+10 Affection for Shizuka Marikawa [20/100] (for not staring at her breasts)
+5 Reputation for Rika Minami [5/100] (for not trying to take advantage of Shizuka's drunken state)

Reputation Menu Unlocked.

Blinking at the two screens that popped up into my vision once I had closed the door, I dismiss them both before another appeared in the middle of my sight and provide me with a explanation on they were about.

Affection and Reputation grow from how you interact with people and can both go up and down based on what you do. 0 means that someone is neutral with you while positive values means they think good of you while negative means they think badly of you. Affection can only be gained by potential [Love Interests] while Reputation is gained by all. [Perks] and other rewards can be gained when a person reaches first +50 in terms of Affection/ Reputation and then +100, which is the maximum. This can be viewed in the [Relationship] option of your [Menu].

I suppose that's to be expected, I guess. There's bound to be a lot of people I'm going to be in contact with in the future between the different worlds I'll have to travel between so keeping track of how people feel about me will be useful. Plus the bonuses will probably be helpful as well somehow. Opening it up, I blink at seeing the list of three people, two are the pair of ladies who just left and the last one is Koichi Shido.

Koichi Shido: Rep: [-60/100]

Yeah... I can safely say that the feeling is mutual with my Uncle although I figure its lower then I expected cause he sees me as a means to regain his destined position.

*Yawn~* Heh, I guess I should head to bed so I can make an early start of things tomorrow and see if I can properly complete the [Slime ID] but first I should use those [Gacha Tokens] I've gathered.

You have gained [Weapon]: [Ashura (FFBE)]
You have gained [Item]: [Viagra] x5
You have gained [Item]: [Stat Crystal CHA]
You have gained [Accessory]: [Lucky Rabbit's Foot]
You have gained [Food]: [Chocolate Teapot]
You have gained [Sword Design]: [Anneal Blade (SAO)]
You have gained [Armour]: [Skeleton Onesie]
You have gained [Sword Design]: [Miló (RWBY)]

I...I don't know what's with this [Gacha]. I mean I get some good stuff in here but also get weird stuff like Viagra and a Onesie? Right... Let's focus on the [Stat Crystal] first.

[Stat Crystal CHA]
Description: A crystal that increases the user's CHA upon use.
- Increase CHA by 5

Gonna use that right now, I am in need for CHA at the moment. Now, let's move onto the [Accessory].

[Lucky Rabbit's Foot] DEF: 1/DUR: 35/35
Description: A Rabbit's foot necklace charm said to bring luck to the holder.
-[Lucky Charm (Master)]
Passively increase LUC by 50%

This is going to be helpful considering a strong boost of luck should be helpful with the loot drops and I can easily wear it under my normal clothing to making it almost permanent. Best to use the [Inventory] to equip it easily... and done.

Next will be the [Sword Designs]...

[Sword Form Unlocked!]
[Anneal Blade (SAO)] (0/1) Level: 1 - EXP: 0/200 - ATK: 28/DUR: 38/38
Description: A long sword which was an heirloom in the family residing in the village of Horunka which was gifted for helping retrieve the ingredient needed for a potent medicine.
Type: One-Handed Sword: Longsword
Rarity: Uncommon
Element: [Holy]
Abilities: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:10)]
Spirit Enchantment: None
Requirement: 20 STR

[Sword Form Unlocked!]
[Miló (RWBY)] (0/1) Level: 1 - EXP: 0/300 - ATK: 52/DUR: 60/60
Description: The signature weapon of Phyrra Nikos, Miló is capable of changing between a Javelin, a Xiphos (a double-edged short sword) and a rifle that resembles a WWII-era M1 Garand which in Javelin form can be used to give it an increase in range, speed and power.
Type: One-handed Sword: Xiphos/ Spear: Javelin/ Rifle:M1 Garand
Rarity: Rare
Element: [Holy]
Abilities: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Transformable Weapon (Passive)], [Element Bullet (Passive/Active)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:20)]
Spirit Enhancement: None
Requirement: 30 STR, 30 DEX, 25 INT

Looks like I'm not going to be able to use either of these in the near future, plus I've got my first [Rare Sword Form]. [Miló] looks like it'll be useful if I decide to arm the other in my group as it can be both a rifle for Kohta and a spear for Rei. So I can get two sources of EXP for it although I'd need to work out if I can use my own MP to supply the power for [Element Bullet] when someone else is using it.

[Sword Form Unlocked] through [Weapon Copy]!
[Ashura (FFBE)] (0/1) Level: 1 - EXP: 0/200 - ATK: 21/DUR: 30/30
Description: A katana that shares the same name as the war gods that the ninja revere. Though it bears an impressive moniker, the katana itself is quite ordinary and has no real special abilities.
Type: One-Handed Sword: Katana
Rarity: Uncommon
Element: [Holy]
Ability: [Holy Aura (Passive)], [Consume (Active)], [Locked (Lv:10)]
Spirit Enchantment: None
Requirement: 15 STR

As for [Ashura], I can easily figure how it'll be useful. The simplest one is to give a copy to Saeko to use as that would allow me to gain EXP for it still. It's also would be a good weapon to avoid drawing attention to myself if I can organise an appropriate way to find it if I keep my powers a secret. I should be able to get my strength up enough to use it once I can switch my [Job] to something else and start levelling that up.

Storing the rest of the items into my [Inventory] I decide to call it a night.


(Day 2)

"Hiyah~!" I grunt out as I swing my [Wind Sword] down onto the last of the Slime, a Black Slime, before I taking a calming breathe and look to the results screens. I've managed to hit Level 9 with being about ten Slime worth of EXP from hitting Level 10. Also I managed to get to Level 8 with [Chemist] as well which has pushed my HP and MP to 760 and 2886 respectively, the latter helped by [Mana Generator] hitting Level 11, while my Regens had jumped to 82 HP/min and 186 MP/min both currently under the effects of my [Scarf of the Sword Hero]. I also managed to grab six [Gacha Tokens] from my Loot along with the various [Slime Gel] and [Mana Crystal (S)].

The other [Skills] that had levelled up was [Sword Mastery] and [Ambidextrous] with only the latter getting two levels while the former just got one. The big one though was [Wind Sword] as that jumped to Level 8 and gained its first ability.

[Wind Sword (FE)] (0/1) Level: 8 - EXP: 710/800 - ATK: 22/DUR: 32/32 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A

[Element: Wind] (Passive)
Description: This weapon was imbued with the power of [Wind] during its creation, making it effective against enemies weak to the element.
-Add [Wind] to Element
-Increase chance to inflict [Knockback] on enemies by 10%
-Increase damage dealt by attacks by 100% when facing a Preferred Enemy.
Preferred Enemy: [Aqua], [Ice], [Insect] type enemies

Now, let's see if I can find this boss. I can't imagine it being something particularly hard to beat for this early on.

Before I can think more on the subject, a large quake shook the ground and I turned to see what looked like hundreds of Slime swarming together with a large hand of poisonous yellow-green coloured slime having slammed onto the ground as a bulky slime body started to rise up, a single red eye glaring down at me.

"Ah fuck!?" I mutter in shock as I look at the thing rising before hitting it with an [Observe].

[Observe] has levelled up! 5 =} 6

Slime Titan
Level 15
Type: Slime
HP: 8000/8000
MP: 1000/1000

BGM Playing: Megaman 11 Original Soundtrack: Boss

That's like the Slime version of the Zombie Legion... and I think I'm going to have to start using magic attacks now. Christ! The [Slime Titan] is at least three storeys tall and looks like its related to the [Yellow Devil] from the old school [Megaman] games, especially so with the eye that seems locked onto me as the last of the Slimes form into its bulky legs. The fact said eye isn't blinking just makes it more freaky as I start to back away from it as it takes a massive step towards me.

Right... It's definitely focused on me regardless of not actually doing anything bad against it at the moment. The [Slime Titan] formed some sort of cannons over its whole body which sent me running for the nearest medieval house for cover as tank shells of slime was shot at me.

If it keeps that up I'll not be able to get in close so I need to work out what sort of magic I'm going to use to stop that Boss before my cover gets blown away.

"Maybe take a page from Vergil..." I mutter to myself as I dismiss one of my swords and focus on my mana to make my first spell. Drawing it into my hand comes surprisingly easy as I start to shape it into the form that I want with a smirk before a screen appeared to explain my success.

Through a special action, you have gained the [Skill]: [Summoned Swords]
[Summoned Swords] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: 50MP
Description: The ability of a son of the Demon Sparda: Vergil, [Summoned Swords] allows the user to create swords made out of mana which can be telekinetically controlled or fired like missiles. Once created they need no extra mana to sustain or command.
-Create floating swords of mana up to or equal to Skill Level
-Each sword inflicts magical damage equal to 200% of (INT x Skill Level)
-Each sword has a durability of 300% of (INT x Skill Level)

That's just what I need for this situation. I just need to level it up several times and I can have a full barrage of [Summoned Swords] to use on an enemy. Plus I can use them for defensive as well as offensive given they have durability.

That last part isn't particularly important now, I've got a titan to slay.

Stepping out from behind the now ruined house, I launch the [Summoned Sword] - a glowing spectral blue longsword that's similar in shape to [Legendary Sword] - at the [Slime Titan] before using [Light Ferry] on myself to help me jump out of the way of a giant fist that is on a stretching arm that is shot at me. Said fist ends up destroying the remains of the house but I managed to fire off two more [Summoned Swords] which both struck its torso near where the first had struck before I glance at the [Observe] screen I'd left open.

Slime Titan
HP: 7826/8000
MP: 1000/1000

That's a good start for a new [Skill], I guess. Also looks like whatever gets dragged inside that thing gets disintegrated, if the pieces of house disappearing into the giant fist is any sign. Also means its got some sort of acidic insides that I'll have to avoid as well. At least its not regenerating HP cause of what its taken in and has stopped shooting slime at me.

Several cannon shapes formed on its chest again as I thought that, making me curse myself for jinxing it as I swap [Light Ferry] for [Telekinesis] and yank myself into the air with it to dodge the shells of slime aimed at me. Luckily, my level with it means I can easily support myself in midair without any drain to my MP with my current Regen even if it coats me in an aura that's potentially a beacon to it.

Setting myself down onto the roof of one of the houses that managed to avoid any damage from the artillery barrage, I fire off a pair of [Summoned Swords] which both strike its eye which only seems to draw its focus onto me as I have to take flight again to avoid the extendable fist trying to slam into me.

Critical Hit x2!
[Summoned Swords] has levelled up! 1 =} 2

Slime Titan
HP: 7594/8000
MP: 1000/1000

At least those two attacks taught me something. Critical Hits double the damage caused so that is what I should be aiming for although I'll have an easier time with being able to fire two swords for the price of one especially as both of their damage is now doubled.

Shaking my head to focus on the fight, I decide to see what sort of damage I can do at close range as I flew forwards. The [Slime Titan] brought its hand up to try and grab me which I managed to dodge be soaring over it but not before I managed to land a slash onto the forefinger of its hand with my sword.

Slime Titan
HP: 7485/8000
MP: 1000/1000

So I only caused 109 damage from a single attack, I figure that's alright given its my second day. Anyway, it looks like my attack caused a fair bit of damage to [Wind Sword] given the longsword's blade looks like its start to melt due to the slime. It's easy to fix with a [Repair] but it's going to get tedious to have to keep doing it after each attack lest I end up destroying it.

Smaller hands end up sprouting form the arm as I fly over it, making me have to slash through the three closest to me before managing to avoid getting caught while I managed to dodge the others.

Slime Titan
HP: 7158/8000
MP: 1000/1000

[Telekinesis] has levelled up! 5 =} 6

Ignoring the screen from the Game, I fly away from the Boss so I could have a good range to fire off a [Summoned Swords]. The two mana swords are more a distraction as I fly towards the left and try and catch the Boss by surprise as I get close. I only manage to land two hits before I have to fly away from both grabbing arms and slime cannons as I streak through the air.

Slime Titan
HP: 6708/8000
MP: 1000/1000

That's decent progress made so far... I should probably push my MP Regen some more to use [Light Ferry] as well as [Telekinesis], especially as its already supporting my use of [Summoned Swords] as long as I leave a bit of time between uses. Casting [Repair], I make sure my sword is at top condition before I apply [Light Ferry] onto it before I have to descend to avoid another barrage of Slime shot at me before turning to fly in close, aiming for the legs. I manage to land a strike on roughly where the knee should be before hitting one on the inside of its leg before having to fly away to avoid getting caught.

Slime Titan
HP: 6388/8000
MP: 1000/1000

Putting some distance between me and the Boss, I cast another [Summoned Swords] and launch the two mana blades at the eye before having to dodge as its arm stretching once more so it could try and grab me again.

Critical Hit x2!

Slime Titan
HP: 5924/8000
MP: 1000/1000

[Summoned Swords] has levelled up! 2 =} 3

I smirk at seeing that I've gotten over quarter of the [Slime Titan's] HP now, plus with the level up for my new [Skill] it should make it more useful for this fight. I just need to focus on that weak point so I can end this fight quicker.

Flying forwards, I have to dodge both of the Boss' arms before I could land a hit on the eye with my sword. Limbs suddenly sprouting from around it to grab me as I dive down and deliver another slash down its body before getting some distance to avoid easier the follow up barrage of slime.

Critical Hit!

Slime Titan
HP: 5444/8000
MP: 1000/1000

Landing far away, I cast a [Summoned Sword] as I open up my [Stats] for a new idea that had popped into my head so I can assign the points needed.

Name: Kichirou Shido
Age: 17
Class: The Gamer
Title: N/A
Level: 9
Experience: 7500/9000
Job: [Chemist]: [8/50] (5000/8000)
Race: [Hybrid]: [Homo Magi (DC)]/[Human (Esper)]
HP: 760/760 (+5)
MP: 2886/2886 (+11)(x2)(+35%)
STR: 9 (+7%): 10
DEX: 19 (+7%): 20
END: 21 (+7%): 22
INT: 21 (+36%): 29
WIS: 20 (+32%): 26
CHA: 11
LUC: 10 (+50%): 15
Health Regen = 44/min (+5%): 46/min (+100%): 82/min
MP Regen = 58/min (+61%): 93/min (+100%): 186/min
Stat Points: 20
Money: ¥57000

Luckily, I only need a third of the Stat Points I've gathered so far to boost my DEX up enough for the [Sword Form] I want to use.

"[Change Sword: Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns!]" I call out, my [Wind Sword] being replaced with a pair of bladed handguns that appeared in my hands. Kanshou was black and red with a obvious red hexagonal pattern over the blade and the blue gem more rectangular and set on the right side at the bottom of the grip to avoid being in the way or covered by the hand while Bakuya was a mixture of black and white with a silver blade and didn't have a pattern over the curved blade and the gem was on the opposite side of the grip.

Now to use [Experience Transfer] to pass on [Wind Sword's] EXP into this one.

[Experience Transfer] activated!
[Wind Sword (FE)] (0/1) Level: 1 (8) - EXP: 0/100 - ATK: 22/DUR: 32/32 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
[Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns (F/GO)] (0/1) Level: 6 - EXP: 510/1200 - ATK: 45/DUR: 70/70 - Rarity: UC - SE: N/A

"Now let's try this again." I spoke with a grin as I started by firing a pair of holy bullets at the [Slime Titan] after pausing long enough to get a clean shot.

Slime Titan
HP: 4552/8000
MP: 1000/1000

Ignoring the screen that had appeared about a new [Skill] I'd gained from using the pair of handguns, I focus on the Boss in front of me with a smirk as I can tell [Ambidextrous] doesn't have any effect on the magical ability: [Element Bullet] which means I can use this freely without any risk of damage reduction.

The next two [Element Bullets] that flew from my bladed-guns struck the approaching arm before I flew into the air with [Telekinesis] and shot a [Summoned Swords] that created and fired three blades down at the offending limb.

[Telekinesis] has levelled up! 6 =} 7

Slime Titan
HP: 3660/8000
MP: 1000/1000

As the arm retracted, I flew closer to its main body before opting to attempt a bigger attack while it seems to need to recharge. Also its time to take advantage of my sword limit being increased as well.

Summoning 4 more copies of my gun-blades for me to use I expand [Telekinesis] to grab them from out of the air before taking aim with all of them and firing all ten guns at once into the body.

Slime Titan
HP: 1810/8000
MP: 1000/1000

Damn... That took over half of its remaining HP in one go. Just need to do it once more and I can end this now.

Before I could do so though, the whole [Slime Titan] separated into car sized blobs and flew at me in a wild pattern that forced me to focus solely on dodging them and causing me to lose the floating gun-blades around me to its acidic insides before it reformed a dozen feet behind me with a shocking surprise.

Slime Titan
HP: 2810/8000
MP: 20/1000

What the...? Did that thing just convert its MP into HP by taking itself apart. And now its disintegrating a building inside its legs just to regenerate its MP. Is that sort of secret weapon supposed to be possible this early on or... No focus. If its gonna keep transferring its MP to HP then I'll need to take out before it can heal itself too much.

Double casting [Summoned Swords], I fire the six blades at the [Slime Titan] before I fired off a pair of rounds of [Element Bullet] from my guns as the Boss shot a barrage of slime out again at me and forcing me to dodge again.

Slime Titan
HP: 1396/8000
MP: 250/1000

With that I've halved its remaining HP once again, so if I just pull off what I did before I can end it now. Once more creating an extra four pairs of [Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns], I use [Telekinesis] to repeat what I had done before only to be countered by a third arm suddenly shooting out of the [Slime Titan's] body and smacked me away before I could fire.

-232HP [528/760]

"Damn, that's a heavy hit." I mutter as I pull myself from the trench my body had dug, casting a combo of [Clean] and [Repair] on my self to get rid of any clinging Slime on me as well as repair the damage to my clothing and [Armour]. Turning my focus back to the [Observe] screen, my frown deepened at seeing that it'd healed itself once more, proving that the [Slime Titan] didn't need to have full MP to use whatever [Skill] to heal itself.

Slime Titan
HP: 1646/8000
MP: 0/1000

Creating a new [Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns] to use, I use [Telekinesis] to grab four more pairs that I made soon after and took aim at the approaching [Slime Titan] before muttering "Eat this!"

The ten [Element Bullets] all slammed into the giant monster's arm which had shot forwards to protect itself, holes opening up as its shot to pieces before some of the bullets continued to hit its main body which starts to melt into pieces where it stood and leading me to have to fly away with my [Telekinesis] to avoid large chunks of Slime from landing on top of me.

Once I was clear, I landed in an empty patch of ground before dropping onto my rear as I dismissed all my gunblades and take a moment to calm down before turning my attention to the new screen that had appeared.

You have defeated [Slime Titan]!
For defeating the [Slime Titan] first time, you have gained [Title]: [Slime Slayer]!
You have gained 12000EXP
You have levelled up twice! 9 =} 11
You have gained 10 Stat Points!
[Chemist] has levelled up twice! 8 =} 10
You have gained +4 END, INT and WIS!
[Slime Gel (Silver)] x15
[Slime Gel (Black)] x15
[Lesser HP Potion] x10
[Lesser MP Potion] x5
[Skill Book]: [Drain Energy]
[Accessory]: [Adventurer's Belt] x1
[Light Ferry] has levelled up! 7 =} 8
[Mana Generator] has levelled up thrice! 11 =} 14
[Gun Mastery] has levelled up thrice! 1 =} 4
[Physical Resistance] has levelled up twice! 6 =} 8
[Self Regeneration] has levelled up thrice! 5 =} 8
[Household Magic] has levelled up twice! 6 =} 8
[Ambidextrous] has levelled up! 7 =} 8
[Wind Sword (FE)] has levelled up twice! 1 =} 3
[Wind Sword (FE)] (0/1) Level: 3 (8) - EXP: 40/300 - ATK: 22/DUR: 32/32 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A
[Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns (F/GO)] has levelled up! 6 =} 7
[Kanshou and Bakuya: Handguns (F/GO)] (0/1) Level: 7 - EXP: 465/1400 - ATK: 47/DUR: 74/74 - Rarity: UC - SE: N/A

That stuff does make the long fight worthwhile especially the two Levels I gained and the two for [Chemist]. The multiple levels for various [Skills] I used are all great as well.

Looks like both my newly made [Summoned Swords] is going to be useful although this [Gun Mastery] skill I've gained got three levels as well but probably won't be very useful given I'm most likely to use it with [Sword Forms] with [Element Bullets] and it doesn't help with magical damage caused although the accuracy boost is helpful. Ah, there is the [Skill].

[Gun Mastery] (Passive) Level: 4 - EXP: 0%
Description: Since the invention of gunpowder, various guns have become the most commonly used military, as well as mafia and thugs, tool for the mundane world. From handguns and rifles to cannon and artillery, the number of weapons that have been made beggars belief. [Gun Mastery] skill allows you wield any of them with ease.
-Grants the user the ability to use any sort of [Gun] with ease.
-Passively increase the damage caused by a [Gun] by 5% x Skill Level
-Passively increase accuracy when using a [Gun] by 1% x Skill Level

My [Physical Resistance] is now up to 10% and [Ambidextrous] is down another 10% to 10%. [Self Regeneration] and [Mana Generator] going up has helped bolstered up my newly enhanced HP and MP some more, helped along by the END and INT points the two levels from [Chemist] gave me, it also means that I can finally change my [Job] if I want to.

Also looks like I don't get the full EXP for my [Sword Forms], roughly 10% if my guess is right, but a proportionate amount equal to how much damage I caused with them in the fight.

"[ID Escape]" I mutter as I pull myself back to my feet, letting out a groan as I stretched and find myself standing in my living room again.

[ID Create] has levelled up! 1 =} 2

Dismissing that screen, I unequipped my [Scarf of the Sword Hero] before equipping my [Nerdy Specs of Normality] before focusing on the last screen I have open in my sight.

[Title]: [Slime Slayer]
+20% damage to Slime monsters.
-20% damage from Slime monsters.

By performing a significant feat in the eyes of the Game, a [Title] can be awarded to the Gamer. [Titles] can provide additional benefits to the Gamer which can work with [Jobs] and other bonuses to further aid the Gamer. Currently, you can equip three [Titles] at one time but there are opportunities to increase this number.

Honestly, that's not really much in terms of a [Title] but I suppose it'll make training in the [Slime ID] easier. Plus, I can have three [Titles] at once so that means if I can find compatible ones I could get a bigger boost from them. Now, let's have a look at that [Skill Book].

You have the [Skill Book]: [Drain Energy]. Do you want to use it?[Y/N]

Well if its anything like what the [Slime Titan] could do then I'd be happy for it.

Skill Gained: [Drain Energy]
[Drain Energy] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: HP/MP Varies
Description: A technique possessed by some middle rank and above slime. This technique manipulates the energies within allowing for them to absorb HP or MP from a target and add it to the user. With training, it is possible to transfer the user's HP or MP to allies or convert it within themselves. This always relies on contact with the target to work.
-For every MP used, gain HP or MP equal to Skill Level from the target
-For every HP used, gain HP or MP equal to Skill Level from the target

At first glance it looks like a really useful ability as it allows me to theoretically convert my MP or HP to HP or MP for others making it a potent healing power or take it from others to heal myself but I need to be careful of how much I drain. That's mainly cause the amount drained will depend on the [Skill's] level especially if I'm using it to heal others as the cost probably doesn't count towards the amount drained from me meaning at the moment I'll be draining double my HP or MP when I use it. Half as the cost for it and the other half being the actual transfer. The best time I can see myself using it is in battle as my HP Regen doesn't work then while my MP Regen still does and that means I can keep topping up my HP with this as long as I've got MP available. I can also see it being something to help me train [Self Regeneration] as long as I can keep using my MP and keep track of how much I use.

Let's give this a try then. So if I pay 10 MP to use this then I should lose 12HP to recharge my own MP.

-10HP through [Drain Energy] [900/910]

Sweet. As long as I can keep using it like this then I should be able to level [Self Regeneration] easily enough.

I should check the newest [Accessory] and the potions I've gotten before I move onto getting ready given I've got about an hour and half till midday when 'dear old uncle' comes around with his student.

[Adventurer's Belt] DEF: 10/DUR: 50/50
Description: A simple set of leather belts at first appearance, the [Adventurer's Belt] is designed to aid its wearer in minor ways. This usually is in the form of sheathes/holsters for weapons or protective pockets but can also cling to existing sheathes or holsters to allow the user place their weapons where they feel comfortable.
-[Sheathe Maker (Master)]
This clothing can create appropriate sheathes or holsters for weapons upon the user's desire
-[Adventure Pouch (Master)]
This clothing can create protective pockets for the user allowing them to access the [Inventory] and pull the correct item with just a thought.
-[Sheath Magnet (Master)]
This item naturally allows weapon sheathes to stick onto it despite other layers of clothing between them

That does look like its supposed to be a version of Link's belts and the quick access to my [Inventory] is a good thing. It just means I'll have to remember the important things I might want to draw out when I do use it. Plus it means I can have sword sheathes on my back as long as I remember where the belt runs which is diagonally across the body before a smaller one goes down in the other direction from just below midway with both belts attaching to a waist belt at the sides while also going up the back to connect over one shoulder.

As for the potions...

[Lesser HP Potion]
Description: A simple potion that allows the drinker to be healed.
-Restore 25% of the drinker's total HP

[Lesser MP Potion]
Description: A simple potion that allows the drinker to regain magic quickly.
-Restore 25% of the drinker's total MP

The percentage recovery is a lot better then your standard set amount most games have you get early on so I'll probably keep a large stockpile on these until I work out the next level up or other types of potions. I'll need to learn how to make them as well but I think I can just cheat with [Structural Grasp] and hope I can easily get the ingredients to make them.

Anyway, I should head to the shower and get a change of clothes as I was using those from yesterday for this morning's dungeon run.


The hour before I expected my slimy uncle to arrive was spent working out another [Skill] I figure would help me in the long run. It came from a famous detective and was something I managed to work out with the aid of [Byakugan] and the deduction methods he used as the former would allow me to zoom in, at the cost of my range, on someone to pick up the tiny details and making deductions from that like in the more modern TV series. Plus it'll probably give me more information on the person or place I use it on then [Observe] currently would and I figure there are going to be times when I can't risk using it or [Telepathy] on someone or they have protections against it like I imagine other Gamers have with at least [Gamer's Mind]. The only issue with it would be my limited knowledge base but that might be offset by my INT and WIS Stats.

With [Byakugan], I can even try and do this from the safety of my own home although I had a couple shocks when I figured out how to look through walls but the [Skill] was worth it when it appeared.

Due to a special action, you have gained the [Skill]: [Holmesian Deduction]!
[Holmesian Deduction] (Passive) Level: 1 - EXP: 0%
Description: The famous method of deduction of Sherlock Holmes; a mixture of Abductive reasoning, Inductive reasoning and Deductive reasoning. This works on taking note of sets of observation and then coming with the most likely and simplest explanation for them while also use logical reasoning to ensure that explanation is plausible based on knowledge available.
-Passively increase INT and WIS by 1% x Skill Level
-Allows the user to deduce intent, emotions and past of beings/items/places in sight
-Affected by INT, WIS and LUC

That's a better addition then I had expected but with it being a passive, its always going to be on when I'm around people which isn't too bad right now but I'll have to be careful with it in the bustling city. It also means that I won't be able to train [Byakugan] much in the city either unless I keep it to a close range. I also used the time to keep training [Drain Energy] and [Self Regeneration] leading to the former getting to Level 4 and the latter hitting Level 11 while [Mana Generator] got a level up itself.

The ring of the doorbell breaks me from my thoughts as I adjust my glasses and made my way towards the front door while letting my eyes return to normal.

"Hello Uncle." I greeted the slimy teacher at the door cordially, moving aside so he could enter along with Yuuki Miku, who instead of her school uniform was wearing a pair of tight denim, short shorts with a wide belt looped around the top, white knee socks and running shoes as well as low cut, scarlet red t-shirt looked to be falling off her shoulders, showing the red straps of her bra underneath. Resting on one shoulder was a small black handbag which made it seem like she was going on a date rather then showing me around, also her figure is noticeably curvier then Rei's but still rather athletic and an inch taller then me... and given the sexy smirk on her face she's noticed that I'm staring at her.

"This is one of my students, Miku Yuuki." Shido spoke with a faux smile, sounding almost pleased at my reaction as he added "And this is my nephew, Shido Kichirou."

A quick use of [Telepathy] helps explain why, and 'Uncle Shido' is hoping to use Yuuki's openness about sex and sex appeal to cause a scandal for me to discredit my dad in this world. The other reason is he wants me out of the house so he can nose around for anything that might help him towards that.

"It's nice to meet you, Miku-san." I greet with a bob of my head, Yuuki smiling as she replied "You too, Shido-kun."

"Now, now. There is no need to be so formal between you both. You'll be classmates soon." Shido spoke as he stood to the side of us, arms open as if to lower my guard about the whole thing but it seems rather obvious now as he pushes us out of the door as he added "Go have fun children."

"I'm fine with you calling me Yuuki, Kichirou-kun" Yuuki spoke with a smile as she started lead me towards the city as I replied "Kichi is fine then, Yuuki-san. How are we getting into the city?"

"Well, you live rather close to it so I figure we could just walk it and talk." Yuuki spoke with a smile, looking over her shoulder at me as I nodded "That's fine... The doctors said I needed to keep doing light exercise to make sure I'm alright."

"Doctors...?" Yuuki asked curiously as I explained "Well, I was born with a weak heart so I've only recently gotten better enough to be allowed out."

Yuuki nodded in understanding as she looked concerned for a moment before offering a kind smile as she opted to change the topic onto something more trivial.


Out first stop for the day turned out to be a family restaurant which Yuuki had suggested for lunch. It was a fairly nice place and was popular enough to have couples spaced around as we took a table next to the large windows so we could see outside if needs be. It also looked to be a great place for me to practice [Telepathy] and [Holmesian Deduction] as long as I can keep Yuuki from noticing anything unusual.

"This place does great burger and chips." Yuuki spoke with a smile as I smiled as I replied "That sounds great. I don't think I've had a burger in a long while."

"So, why did you offer to help me out?" I asked curiously, Yuuki smiling warmly as she replied "I saw your picture at Sensei's desk and so when he asked for someone from the Track Club to show you around I offered to do it. You are rather cute after all."

That's... That's true although I feel that she's hiding something extra about it. Probably something to do with uncle's scandal plan.

"So what did you do in the hospital most of the time? It must get boring to be stuck there?" Yuuki asked curiously, leaning forwards so she could rest her chin on her hand while drawing my gaze, momentarily, to her cleavage once more before I answered "It was mainly studying, watching movies and playing video games."

"So, are you two ready to order?" The waitress asked with a smile as she prepped her pen and notepad as Yuuki answered first "I'd like a strawberry milkshake with burger and chips."

"I'd like..." I started, looking down at the menu for a moment before answering "...Burger and chips with cola please."

"Alright, I'll bring the food over when they're ready." The waitress spoke with a smile before walking back to the counter to hand it over, leaving me and Yuuki to talk about more causally topics for a few minutes as the waitress brought over our drinks before Yuuki excused herself to go to the bathroom.

The break is just what I need as well so I can focus my gaze on the two screens I've kept in my sight. I stifle my smile at seeing that [Holmesian Deduction] has hit Level 5, [Telepathy] went to Level 4 and [Meditation] rose to Level 8. The good thing cause of those levels brought my INT and WIS into the 30s and my MP is now up to 3956. I also managed to get another 2 CHA points from the talking and treating Yuuki like a normal girl.

Tilting my head up at the sound of the bell on the restaurant's door, my eyes widen in surprise at the young couple that had entered: Rei Miyamoto and Hisashi Igou - if I remember the latter's name correctly. There's something obviously off about the pair as it looks like they are both trying and failing to hide how saddened they were although Rei looks downright depressed despite looking like they are supposed to be on a date.

Let's see what [Observe] gives me on her then cause I get the feeling something has happened to Takashi if she's acting like that.

[Observe] has levelled up! 6 =} 7

Rei Miyamoto
Level: 14
Race: Human
HP: 1100/1100
MP: 0/0
Bio: Rei Miyamoto is a second year student of Fujimi Academy and member of the Sojutsu Club, who was held back by one of her teachers due to her father's work as a police man. She still harbours a crush on her childhood friend: Takashi Kumuro and hoped that her dating of his best friend: Hisashi Igou would spur him to act on their childhood promise between them. This act seems to have backfired as Takashi has suddenly disappeared in mysterious circumstances that lead to some family and friends believe he's run away while others believe he is dead.
Emotions: guilt, conflicted, sadness

Well... I didn't expect that much information from using [Observe] on her. I guess [Holmesian Deduction] is expanding what its giving me based on what I can see and deduce from looking at her. Having her Level and HP now means I'm roughly in the same range of ability as her although I imagine her physical stats are stronger then my own given her being in the Spear Club.

Still, the important point from that [Observe] is that Takashi Komuro isn't here for some reason which makes things more complicated given he's the only reason Rei survives the initial outbreak in the school given she nearly got munched on by her overconfident boyfriend... Black belt my ass.

Although without Takashi here, she'll probably get pulled along by the panicking crowd rather then run to the roof so I can just pluck her out or step in to save her from amongst them. Honestly, I never was particularly fond of her in the anime, even though she's hot. Its mainly due to how I recall how often she puts Takashi down in the course of things. I mean the guy saves her multiple times and she moans at the littlest thing he does wrong, in her eyes, and even goes to throw him having to kill his friend in his face as nothing more then getting rid of an obstacle between Takashi getting Rei again.

It does mean I'll have to find out about the other male of the group... Kohta, I think he was called? Well, the one who Saya sticks with when it all starts. He'd be someone good to help ensure the group survive and his gun knowledge would make him a good expert to help me with [Gun Mastery].

Saeko and Shizuka should be alright as well while in the school given the former can look after herself and she heads towards the latter before they both start towards the others.

Shelving those ideas for the moment given that it looks like there are minor changes in this world compared to canon which will affect things. I mean Takashi's vanished and I'm the nephew of the only known antagonist. Not sure if there is anything else at the moment but I should keep an open mind about it.

Dismissing the screens, I turn my gaze back to Yuuki as she returns with a smile just as the waitress came with our lunch.


The rest of the 'date' went pretty well from what I can tell. Lunch was a rather engaging affair with Yuuki and I trading questions to get to know each other which revealed that Yuuki is more 'people smart' then 'book smart' and was hoping to become a psychologist in the future and that most of the rumours I might hear at school were made up beyond her tendency to flirt which she enjoyed doing to find out how people acted in response.

After lunch, Yuuki ended up taking me around the city showing me various shops that I'd probably need at some point if this was a normal situation. Jewellery shops, clothing shops, sports shops, book shops, cafes, manga/anime shops and even electronics along with one of the popular malls in the city centre before she had to go back home, with me convincing her that I would be fine to get back on my own.

+5 Affection from Yuuki Miku [20/100] (for being a good date)

Two and a half hours of walking around wasn't that tiring for me, even with a bag of clothing I had bought after finding out that those in the stores actually had a Defence stat. My satchel also had several manga and anime in it but it seems like only the [Ranma 1/2] manga from yesterday acts as a [Skill Book] for me.

The other big gain was on the [Skills] front as I had managed to train several of them discretely and as I was talking and walking with Yuuki.

[Telepathy] has levelled up x4! 4 =} 8
[Byakugan] has levelled up thrice! 4 =} 7
[Holmesian Deduction] has levelled up x4! 5 =} 9
[Mana Generator] has levelled up! 15 =} 16
[Training] has levelled up thrice! 6 =} 9
[Meditation] has levelled up twice! 8 =} 10

The big increase from these is with [Meditation] which added an extra 10% onto how much my Regen gets boosted while its active.

At the moment, I'm just leaving a book store with my arms full of various books I'd bought about Mechanics, Gardening, Survival guides, Cooking, Tailoring and even Farming books to prepare for the future.

My next stop is the sports shop so I can start make another preparation for what is to come especially as I've no idea when it'll happen and I doubt 'uncle' is going to say no to having more time to look around and see if there is anything incriminating already. I suppose I should deal with him at some point but I should probably wait till I get [Telepathy] to a high enough level so I can rip the knowledge out of him to help both my [Training] and [Teaching] skills.

The inside of the sports shop brings a new dilemma as the shop literally has a wall of different style [Bokken] and [Shinai] to choose from and don't think I have the time to use [Structural Grasp] on all of them to find the best one.

"Try this one. I find they are the best for practising with." A calm female voice spoke from my right, although I could hear something else in there, as the owner: Saeko Busujima picked one of the wooden swords that looked identical to the one she had used when navigating the school and handed it to me.

"Thank you." I reply with a smile, accepting the sword from her. She looks like a true Japanese beauty and even hotter then she does in the anime with a somewhat curvier like Yuuki that doesn't seem to detract from her naturally athletic build at all. She's wearing a long black skirt and a lilac blouse that gives her a traditional look which is much different than she dresses in the anime. I'm hoping that my discrete look isn't caught by her as I'm using the excuse of looking over the sword in my hands to do so before I admit "I was thinking of trying to learn cause of how cool the samurai look in anime."

"Fufufu... It's not something to learn lightly." Saeko spoke with a small smile as she looked me over as I moved into an Iaido stance before asking "That's a rather good stance. Have you any experience?"

"Afraid not. The doctors wouldn't let me do too much but I like to think I pick things up from watching people do it." I answer with a shrug before dropping the stance.

+10 Affection for Saeko Busujima [10/100] (for showing her that you have potential)

Saeko hummed thoughtfully as she looked over me before speaking "I wouldn't mind helping you. Which school do you attend?"

"Ah. I start at Fujimi Academy on Monday." I answer with a smile, Saeko's smile growing pleased as she replied "Well, I suppose we'll be spending more time together as I'm captain of the Kendo Club there, Busujima Saeko."

+5 Affection for Saeko Busujima [15/100] (for wanting to join her club)

"I suppose I will. I'm Shido Kichirou, Busujima-san." I reply with a short bow, Saeko blinking at me the only surprise on her face as I look to the [Bokken] in my hand before adding "I better get a normal Shinai and a clothe bag as well then. Thank you for the help."

"Oh, its no problem." Saeko spoke kindly, waving off my thanks before she added "I'll see you Monday then."

"Yeah." I reply as I move to the counter to pay for my purchases and unaware of the speculative gaze that was on my back from the purple haired beauty.


After grabbing those two training swords, there was only one last place I was going to visit before heading back home and get back to training. That place was the local junkyard and the reason was two fold. The first was that it was a sure fire way to find [Material] to feed into [Legendary Sword Blacksmith] given I could find various types of metal there or pieces. The second is that with [Household Magic] I can clean and repair anything I use it on so I could grab some damaged stuff there so I can make them like new and either keep them due to their usefulness or sell them off to the right shop for a decent amount of money.

Looking through the piles has been fairly easy for me between using [Byakugan] to find things and using [Telekinesis] to pull them out before using [Structural Grasp] on them and then either returning them or sticking them into my [Inventory] for later.

As such, over the hour that I've been here so far, I've found a few pieces of [Copper], [Iron], [Steel], [Aluminium], [Wood] and [Rubber] to use later along with some [Bronze], [Silver] and [Gold] from some jewellery and a [Toy Sword] made out of plastic, a pair of broken scissors and a couple mirrors. As for the repair and resell front, I've managed to grab two mangled BMXs, a couple of CD players, a large TV and a fairly modern Computer for now although I figure I might keep one of the BMXs and the Computer for myself until I can get something more up to what I'm use to.

With my third category I managed to have more success as I got a wind up radio, several two way radios, various alarms - although all out of batteries, a wind up torch, a electric heater, a dirt bike - which is without petrol - and a dozen large pieces of [Scrap Metal]. It might not seem useful but seeing as all of this is probably going to be in my [Inventory] for the most part then I don't have to worry about the EMP knocking them out although that still leaves me with the problem of charging what of them need electricity to work. The other stuff would be helpful with make shift defences, distractions and even a possible transport if I can get enough petrol for it or work out a way to make it work off my mana or find some solar panels or wind turbines.

The other good thing from doing this is that I managed to get [Byakugan] and [Telekinesis] to gain two more Levels each and increasing my limits to 333 metres and kg/10MP respectively while [Structural Grasp] gained four levels and caused my MP Regen to hit 120/min due to the influence of its passive WIS boost. I also managed to train both [Drain Energy] and [Self Regeneration] at the same time as well, getting them both two more levels and push my HP to 1126 and Regen to 61/min.

Storing the last of my finds away, I take one last look around before starting to jog back home to see if I can get some experience in some more [Skills].


Jogging back turned out to work to my advantage as I managed to get two levels in [Parkour], two in [Telepathy] and a level in [Mana Generator]. Plus by the time I got back it was nearly 6pm and there was no sign of Shido in my [Home Base] aside from a note about directions to the school for Monday. It doesn't stop me from checking over the whole place with my [Byakugan] to ensure there's no cameras or listening devices and finding none which is good for me and means he's being careful given that both of us know how to avoid and cause sandals from 'gramps' Shido so he would expect me to look around for such things.

I'm going to need to come up with a plan for Shido... I mean once I have his knowledge, there's really no point keeping him around otherwise. I mean having him look after the background characters might be a plus given I doubt I could fit twenty odd people comfortably in here without needing an extra bathroom so Shizuka and Rika's home would be the same but it would also limit out modes of transport. But leaving him with impressionable students would mean he'd form a cult like in canon and undoing the brainwashing would be annoying to have to do in the future if I end up setting up a compound outside of the city for them to live in. Either way he's not really a threat to me as I can just turn him into a pin cushion with my swords if I wanted. Hmm... Maybe I should arrange an accident for my first day for him then... I'll have to work that out later either way.

I'll have to think on it more later on but for now let's get to work on repairing the junk I got and building up my [Sword Forms] with the [Materials] I've found which in the end jumped me from 13 [Sword Forms] to 27 especially once I added the [Shinai] and [Bokken] I'd bought as well although I didn't stop there and added one of each coloured [Slime Gel] I'd gotten from the [ID] which added another 11 [Sword Forms] for me and means I can now use both [Experience Transfer] and [Smelting] three times now.


It's official, [Repair] is one of the most useful abilities I have for general life. I mean it only took me an hour to go through the long list of stuff I'd taken from the junkyard and cast it on them, even if some of them needed multiples casts of it, and I was finished. It also turns out that if parts are missing from something I'm trying to use [Repair] on it magically creates them to be added in which means that I can move onto using it on ruined buildings and make them look as good as new with this ability.

Overall, my effort was rewarded with getting two Levels in [Household Magic], meaning that it was at Level 10 now and I'd set up the computer in spare room that looked like it was supposed to be an office and one of the BMX left in the hallway so it was easy to get out to use tomorrow or Monday. The various other things I'd grabbed for the inevitable trouble was all tucked away in my [Inventory] after I had fixed them.

Once [Household Magic] had hit Level 10, it had given me a good 'gift' in the form of a new pair of [Techniques] that would be useful in the future.

New [Household Magic] Learned: [Unlock], [Lock]
-[Unlock] Cost: 30MP
Use magic to unlock things that have a physical lock
-[Lock] Cost: 30MP
Use magic to lock things that have a physical lock

Looks like its two for the price of one then with these and almost seems like this should be renamed something like 'Thief Magick' or something given these two fit right in. Only possible downsides of them is that I've no way currently to test to see if it works on something locked by magic or electronics. The test on my front door showed that [Unlock] in that case is more akin to finely controlled [Telekinesis] used to shift the insides of the tumbler so it would open without any effort needed. [Lock] is just the same but in reverse.

Oh, that reminds me that I should have changed my [Job] already so let's see if there is any new options for me.

[Squire] - A basic [Job] for those who fight at close combat. Passively increases physical damage dealt by 10%. Passively increases HP Regen by 10%. Grants +2 STR, DEX and END per Level. Grants [Skill]: [Battle Tech]

[Black Mage] - A magic based [Job] that focuses on using [Black Magick] to inflict damage on enemies. Passively increase magical damage by 10%. Passively reduce cost of offensive magic by 10%. Grants +3 INT, +2 WIS and +2 CHA per Level. Grants [Skill]: [Black Magick]

[White Mage] - A magic based [Job] that focuses on using [White Magick] to heal allies. Passively increase healing magic by 10%. Passively reduce cost of healing magic by 10%. Grants +2 INT, +3 WIS and +2 CHA per Level. Grants [Skill]: [White Magick]

[Green Mage] - A magic based [Job] that focuses on using [Green Magick] to strengthen their allies and weaken their enemies. Passively increase buff and debuff magic duration by 10%. Passively reduce cost of buff and debuff magic by 10%. Grants +2 INT and WIS and +3 CHA per Level. Grants [Skill]: [Green Magick]

It's surprising to see that the three [Mage Jobs] I have all increase my CHA but I should go for [Squire] cause I'll need the increase in STR at the moment unless I want to use more Stat Points up...? If I did then I'd probably have enough STR to get by and I could use the time learning a [Magick Skill] while training that [Job].

The other thing to think about is how increasing my physical Stats will alter my body given there's only so much I can explain with 'doctors wanted me to keep healthy' without it seeming odd that I had a weak heart most of this life here yet am built like an athlete. It's also probably be easier if I knew what the average Stats of someone here is but seeing as Yuuki or Saeko didn't say anything I think I'm mostly likely still in the norm for DEX and END so it should be safe enough to increase my STR.

Plus given that I'm going to be facing Zombies then I can easily make up for lack of STR with a stronger [Sword Form] and [Holy Aura]... which means I just have to pick which magick I want to learn now. [Green Magick] would be the easiest to level up cause its mainly buffs and debuffs and I can use all of them on myself and just let the timings run out, possibly getting resistance [Skills] for myself.

[Black Magick] would be next up in difficulty as I'd need enemies to use them on to train it and that's mostly elemental magic which would be too noticeable in this world.

[White Magick] would be the hardest given it'd need an injured person to work on but I could do it to myself with [Drain Energy]. But if I have to explain my changes then I can possibly explain it as I'd used it to heal myself and it was something an elderly woman helped me start to learn before she passed on and I've been using discretely in the hospital.

Yeah, [White Mage] is probably the best for me to go to for now so I can at least back up that story if I need to tell it in the future. Plus healing magic is always going to be useful.

Tapping my chosen job, I'm instantly greeted by a screen that popped up.

You have gained the [Skill]: [White Magick]. Please choose the first three [Techniques] you wish to learn.

Huh? I didn't expect it to allow me to pick the [Techniques] I would start with but I suppose it's good in the end as I can probably learn the other ones later on as the [Skill] grows. Looking through the list of techniques for [White Magick], most of them are greyed out for the moment given they seem of a higher level magic. In the end, I choose the two which would be most useful to start with and one of the simple status removers it has.

[White Magick] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: MP Varies
Description: [White Magick] is a class of magic focused on supporting the party with healing and removing status ailments of the party. These spells can also be used to damage the [Undead] due to their holy nature.
-Info: Two new Techniques can be gained every five Skill Levels
-[Scan] Cost: 30MP
Scan the target to determine HP, MP and any Status buffs/debuff/ailments
-[Cure] Cost: 50MP
Magickally bind the target's wounds. Restores HP and deals damage to undead.
Restore HP equal to INT x Skill Level (if used on [Undead] inflict damage instead)
-[Poisona] Cost: 80MP
Cures [Poison] Debuff

Annoyingly, it wouldn't let me pick [Viruna] - a spell to cure the [Virus] and [Disease] debuff - to begin with which I'd hope would let me cure those who be bitten before they actually turn but it looks like the Game doesn't want me to have easy access to it. Good thing though is I can learn two more [Techniques] every five levels so as long as I train this [Skill] I should be able to pick it up later.

Oh yeah, I've got those six [Gacha Tokens] to use.

You have gained [Material]: [Bolt of Fabric] x10
You have gained [Item]: [Handcuffs]
You have gained [Item]: [Toothbrush]
You have gained [Armour]: [Onyx Boots (Arifureta)]
You have gained [Food]: [Oran Berry]
You have gained [Skill Book]: [Gandalfr - Gamer Edition]

Huh. That's some more normal stuff plus two good additions.

[Onyx Boots (Arifureta)] DEF: 10/ DUR: 50/50
Description: An Artifact created by Oscar Orcus which increases the wearer's leg strength exponentially and are enchanted with Wind Magic "Updraft" to aid the wearer's leaps. They are also enchanted with mini-barriers magic "Holy Shield" at the soles, to which create temporary platforms to help leap in mid-air.
-[Rabbit Blessing (Master)]
Passively increases jumping height and running speed by 50%
-[Light Step (Master)]
Allows the user to temporarily create a platform to leap from

The [Onyx Boots] are going to be very useful for when I need to cover distance, especially so given that I don't have a movement [Skill] beyond [Parkour's] boost. It also mean I can perform at least a double jump once I get the timing down with them and they look like normal black boots so I can use them all the time. The only thing I need to do is learn to handle the boost so I can avoid suddenly dashing off if I have to break into a run.

The [Skill Book] I recognise although I only recall a few episodes of the anime it was part of and I know its gonna be useful to help with my swordsmanship and my other [Skills] with weapons.

[Gandalfr - Gamer Edition] (Passive) Level: 1 - EXP: 0%
Description: Gandalfr, also known as the Left Hand of God, is a legendary type of familiar whose primary power is absolute mastery of any item meant for combat, from swords and pistols to artillery cannons and fighter aircraft. On physical contact with such weapons, the Gandalfr's runes will glow, and the familiar gains heightened strength, agility, endurance, and reflexes in addition to complete proficiency over the weapon. This version though makes it that the glowing runes are only visible to magic users and supernatural beings nor requires the Gamer to become a 'Familiar' to someone else to wield this power effectively.
-When holding a weapon passively increase STR and DEX by (20 + Skill Level)%
-When holding a weapon gain a [Mastery] Skill for that weapon (This skill starts at Level 1) and temporarily increase appropriate [Mastery] Skill by 20 Levels
-Passively increase EXP for Weapon [Mastery Skills] by (20 + Skill Level)%

That's pretty good, a straight 21% boost to STR and DEX is alright boost to start off with but the real upside is the weapon [Mastery] part. I mean a straight up boost of twenty levels means a Level 1 weapon mastery [Skill] would already get a damage boost of 105% if they all work like [Sword Mastery] and [Gun Mastery]. Looks like I'll be saving those Stat Points then given damage boost should be more then enough for me to have the advantage in a fight.

Now I just need to start training up my new [Job] and see about levelling up a few more of my [Sword Forms]. Equipping my scarf, [Adventurer's Belt] and a set of newly bought clothing before putting my glasses away has me ready as move onto create a pair of [Thunderbolt Blades] to sheath at my hips before adding a pair of [Bokken: Katana], sheathed to my back to see if there's a passive EXP gain for me to use if I keep a [Sword Form] out or whether fighting is the only means to gain EXP.

"[ID Create: Slime]" I muttered as I activated the [Skill] and sent myself into the dungeon again.