Here is chapter 4 and I'm glad people are enjoying this rewrite.

Having Kichirou steal Shido's skills with Telepathy was something I came up with before the rewrite although the version done last chapter was more then just the knowledge to trigger the creation of skills as will be explained. I don't imagine he would do it again anytime soon as he needs more training with Telepathy to be able to do it again without damaging the person he uses it on.

As for the introduction of Resident Evil here, its done more to offer me a second arc for Highschool of the Dead if I have trouble deciding on future worlds beyond what I've currently got and opt to have him stay around long enough for it to start. That means while I'll probably include some of the enemies from the games here, there will probably not be much in the way of Umbrella depending on how things pan out for the rest of the journey.

Leaning against the wall as I wait for Kyoko to call me in, I frown as I look over the last screen in full that had appeared after the 'accident' I had caused. I hadn't expected just sending the guy to the hospital and possible brain damage would cause this to happen either way.

[Hidden Quest: Cult of Shido](Complete!)
Objective: Prevent Koichi Shido from forming his cult
Rewards: [Joker's Incomplete Battle Suit], [Omamori of Concealment], [Companion Gem] x1

I suppose [Hidden Quests] are ones that have to do with situations that happen in canon that are averted, altered or something.

That's correct! [Hidden Quests] are [Quests] designed to be unknown to the Gamer to avoid influencing them but provide greater Rewards upon their completion. These [Hidden Quests] could be as simple as diverting the course of 'canon' for a [World] or as complex as acting behind Heroes and Villains to cause unique events to occur amongst them.

That's interesting... but there's not much reason for me to worry about them given I won't know if I'm working towards completing a [Hidden Quest] or not at the time. For now I should just check the rewards from it and the change that happened from the levels I gained.

[Joker's Incomplete Battle Suit] DEF: 25/DUR: 50/50
Description: A formal suit that's made out of enchanted silk thread to make it more durable and strengthen the wearer. It's modelled after the leader of the [Phantom Thieves] and consists of a black ankle-length tailcoat, a high-necked waistcoat with gold accents and black slacks.
-[Body Booster (Adept)]
Increase STR, DEX and END by 30%
-[Sheath Magnet (Master)]
This item naturally allows weapon sheathes to stick onto it despite other layers of clothing between them
-[Self-Repair (Master)]
Restores 5 DUR every minute

It looks like this will be a good choice to use in the future although I get the feeling that it would limit my options in what else I can equip while using this. I mean without shoes or gloves I can probably equip my own for those and I probably won't be able to use [Adventurer's Belt] either so no instant access to my [Inventory] through it to hide it or be able to make my own sheathes for my weapons. The boost for my physical stats will be very helpful and [Self-Repair] means i won't have to worry too much about ruining it unless I take a massive attack that destroys it all.

[Omamori of Concealment] DEF: 1/DUR: 20/20
Description: A Omamori designed to hide the aura of a person from being detected by others, allowing them to blend in.
-[Presence Concealment (Master)]
Makes it harder for others to sense you by 100% (does not negate being seen)

As for the Omamori, I think this is from [Omamori Himari] given it completely conceals my aura which would be good for stealth although might draw more attention from not being sensed by those capable of it if I use it all of the time.

Now for the last part, the [Companion Gem]...

You have gained [Companion Gem]: [Bellatrix Black (HP)]!

... Bellatrix...? What the hell!? Why would I get a [Companion Gem] of Voldemort's right hand woman of all people? Wait..! It says Black not Lestrange so does that mean she's a younger version or something? Either way, I can't exactly summon her here and now to find out so I should just leave it to later... much later...

Now, the change that came about from [Training] and [Teaching] levelling up are, obviously, the EXP boost they both give me but the surprising part was that the latter [Skill] gained an increase in learning rate for those I'm teaching by 5% for each ten levels making it currently sit at 20%.

There's also some worrying information amongst what I took from Shido which is that the Umbrella Corporation practically run most this city so whenever Z-Day happens I'll have to be extra careful that I don't draw their interest. Especially if the rumour he had heard said they had control of all of the security cameras in the city with what I figure is a version of Red Queen running their systems. And drawing the attention of that program is probably going to screw me over at some point.

It also means that I might have to be more careful about how I fight as before I would be comfortable going all out if I'm on my own, now I have to constantly hold myself back unless I want to bring the soldiers down on me due to Wesker or whoever is in charge wanting to find out how I can use any flashy [Skills] I use. I could defend myself against soldiers on my own in this city but they'd probably soon figure out I'm travelling with a group and use them to capture for vivisection or something.

It also means that I'll have to watch out for the Zombies mutating and even infecting animals as I won't be dealing with the [Highschool of the Dead's] canon version of Zombies but the more diverse range of those in [Resident Evil] games and movies. Damn, I wish I'd played more of them then just the fourth one with [Las Plagas] virus although given how quick things spread here I'm tempted to say this [World] runs more inline with the movies somehow then the games.

Either way, I'll need to start making plans after classes today so I can avoid getting caught by surprise when Z-Day happens.

"Please come in now." Kyoko called from inside of the classroom, breaking me from my thoughts as her words signal that it was time for me to introduce myself to the class. Closing the screens, I take a calming breathe to clear my mind before entering and let my gaze skim over to see who I'd be sharing this class with. Yuuki's face brightens at seeing me while others, both boys and girls, look curious at me including the faces of Misuzu Ichijou and Toshimi Niki are looking curious at me.

"Please introduce yourself to the class." Kyoko spoke up as I came to a stop at next to her desk. I give her a nod before turning to face the whole class before introducing myself with a smile "Hello, I'm Shido Kichirou. It's nice to meet you all and I hope we get along."

"Now, there will be time to ask Shido-kun questions in your break." Kyoko spoke up to silence the whispers amongst the students before she looked to me as she pointed at an empty desk at the back as she added "Please take your seat, Shido-kun."

With a nod, I move to take my seat at the back finding myself sitting between the busty blue haired Toshimi on my left and Yuuki on my right and Misuzu sitting in front of me. I swear either my LUC is acting up or the Game is up to something by surrounding me with three of the girls who had unfortunate fates in the canon.

I already know that I've changed Yuuki's as the [Hidden Quest] hinted that I've stopped 'uncle' from building his cult. That leaves Misuzu and Toshimi who get chomped on by Zombies cause they rushed through the corridors of the school without even thinking of protecting themselves.

As Kyoko starts the first lesson for the day, Japanese Literacy, Yuuki moves her desk to next to mine as she whispered "You can share my book, Kichi-kun."

"Thanks, Yuuki-san." I whisper back with a smile as I looked at the open book on the tables and try to not get distracted by her large chest brushing against my arm or knowing smirk on Yuuki's lips. It's a good thing that I'm left handed otherwise my arm would keep brushing against her arm with having to write for this lesson and that would be more distracting.


Attending High School for the second time isn't as interesting as what fragments I recall from my first time. I already possess the knowledge of what should be taught, albeit for a western education rather then eastern, and have a good amount of INT and WIS so there's not much I need to do beyond looking as if I'm paying attention to the lesson and take some notes while actually taking note of what my classmates are doing through [Byakugan] while taking brief glances outside to the gates for the 'start point' of canon to rock up, which hopefully won't happen today.

The only other point of interest is that my [Teaching] skill is still gaining experience after what I did to Shido although I've only gained a single level in it so far as I'm watching three classes at the same time and don't have the audio to help.

With the end of the first lesson now though, I find that the attention of the class has returned to me as I sit back in my chair as my fellow classmates start to crowd around to ask questions.

"Are you related to Shido-sensei?"

"Why did you move here?"

"Where did you move from?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"C-Calm down everyone..." I chided the group with a nervous chuckle, holding my hands up as I went on to answer each question in turn, "Shido-sensei is my uncle. I was in the hospital before this due to having a weak heart which they've only recently managed to cure and was moved here so Shido-sensei can keep an eye on me while my Father is busy learning everything from grandfather. And no, I don't have a girlfriend, Ichijou-san."

Toshimi blushed as she was nudged by a smirking Misuzu, a few quiet laughs amongst the other students as Yuuki Miku smirked "He's even living on his own."

"Man, that must be great. Not having to follow your parents' rules and being able to do what you want." One guy spoke with a grin as I shook my head as I chuckled "It is in some ways but I have to do all the chores myself over this weekend and manage the allowance my parents send me. Also I've been trying to learn to cook which is harder then the chefs on tv make it look."

"So, what's with the bokken?" Another guy asked as I shrugged and answered "The doctors want me to keep exercising in some way so I can get healthier and I figured learning some Kendo would also mean I can learn to defend myself without much trouble."

The sounds of the bell ringing seemed to jar the girls and guys from being their musings as they moved back to their seats as the teacher, the guy who got chopped on first at the gate, walked in and spoke up "Alright you lot, get back to your seats so we can start."


The rest of classes for the morning seemed to pass by uneventfully and beyond some of the [Skills] I'm using getting levels: [Teaching] hitting Level 24 while [Holmesian Deduction] got three levels and [Byakugan], [The End] and [Mana Generator] all gained a Level each. I also managed to get 5 Affection with Yuuki for helping her with some of the algebra we were learning during the last lesson.

"Hey Kichi-kun, do you want to eat lunch with me?" Yuuki asked with smile which I returned as I shook my head and explained "Sorry, but I've already made was asked by Marikawa-sensei to see her for lunch. Is it alright for me to leave my bag here?"

"That's fine." Yuuki spoke with a slightly disappointed smile. I give her a nod of thanks before grabbing my bento and a bottle of water from my bag before leaving the classroom.

From my time using [Byakugan] I've got a full minimap of the school so I can easily navigate the school and that means that finding the infirmary is pretty easy without needing any of my [Skills] to help now.

Pausing at the stairwell to look over the grounds, I take off my glasses so I can take a moment to clean them only to feel eyes glaring at the back of my head from down the stairs before a familiar voice retorted "So, you're the new student here?"

Turning to face Saya Takagi's searching look, I manage to hide an smile behind a quizzical look as her eyes widened and cheeks reddening at catching the full force of my CHA stat before I slip them back on as I replied with a smile "Yes, I am. I'm Shido Kichirou."

"S-Saya, Takagi Saya." Saya answered trying to cover her own stammer and crossing her arms under her bust to enhance it as I replied "It's nice to meet you, Takagi-san."

+10 Affection for Saya Takagi [10/100] (for being polite and hot)

"Nice to meet you too..." Saya replied with a nod, relaxing slightly with my glasses back on although I think I spot a bit of disappointment in her eyes before she huffs as she left while muttering to herself, "I can't believe he's still missing."

Hmm, Saya must be really worried about Takashi to keep coming here to see if he's returned to school... although I thought they were in the same class to begin with. Either way, its rather cute to see her get flustered so easily by me as well and kinda points to my CHA being higher then the norm here.

Heading up to the third floor, I make my way towards the infirmary and end up passing several small groups of fellow students who give me curious looks. At the infirmary door, I knock only to not get a response before I slide the door open and find myself being glomped by Shizuka, my face trapped between her breasts as she cheered happily "You came?"

"Well, yeah... I did say I would, didn't I?" I replied red faced, once I managed to free myself from her massive breasts to see Shizuka smiling at me before guiding me to take a seat at her desk before grabbing another office chair for herself to sit on as she asked curiously, "So... How has your day been so far?"

"Oh, it's been alright although odd." I start as I unwrap the cloth around my bento, Shizuka doing the same as I continued "I'm used to studying on my own with tutors so I'm kinda use to going at my own pace but its nice studying with others, even if its a bit slower."

"Well, I'm sure you'll get use to it with time." Shizuka replied with a soothing smile, chop sticks poised over her bento box as she spoke and watched me take the first bite of my lunch as I nodded.

"Have you made any friends yet?" Shizuka asked curiously before taking a bite of her meal as I nodded, swallowing my food before I answered "Uncle introduced me to Miku-san Saturday and she's in my class, so at least there's a familiar face there. I also met Busujima-senpai over the weekend."

"Oh no, I'm going to be left behind soon if Kichi-kun is already popular with other girls. " Shizuka spoke teasing pout, making me blush as I retorted "I don't think I could forget about you anyway, Shizuka-chan."

"Ah, that's so sweet." Shizuka replied with a smile, a hand resting on her cheek.

+5 Affection for Shizuka Marikawa [30/100] (for being fun to tease)

The door to the infirmary slid open moments later, drawing my gaze to see Kyoko was standing there with an embarrassed and somewhat uncomfortable expression on her face as she explained "I'm here to make sure nothing untoward happens, Shizuka-san, especially after what Shido-kun witness this morning."

Huh, I wonder what caused that look or why Shizuka is looking innocent about it...? I suppose she told Kyoko she'd do something scandalous with me if she wasn't here to supervise or something to lift my spirits after 'uncle's' accident...

"Okay. Come join us then." Shizuka spoke with a smile waving Kyoko over to another seat that was off in the corner of the room. Kyoko rolled her eyes as she moved the chair near to the desk so she could sit between me and Shizuka before she asked me, "How have your morning classes been?"

"They've been rather easy so far." I answered with a smile before taking a sip of water, Kyoko nodding as she replied with a frown "I imagined that was the case but Shido-sensei insisted rather vehemently that you'd should start in second year rather then see how you handle being amongst the third years."

"Oh... Uncle told me it was grandfather's idea but I could tell he isn't particularly fond of me cause of my father." I answer with a small nod before offering a smile as I added "I can't say I don't mind it though as it gives me more time to get use to talking to others my own age."

+10 Affection for Kyoko Hayashi [20/100] (for being a much better person then the Shido she knows)
+5 Affection for Shizuka Marikawa [35/100] (for pointing out the bright side of Koichi Shido's actions)


The rest of lunch was more pleasant after that and I managed to get another 5 Affection from Kyoko for admitting that I thought she was attractive when Shizuka teased the redhead about them both being single still. At the end of it as I and Kyoko left I heard her mutter something about having paperwork to do so hopefully the first change in canon will happen without me having to prod her mind with [Telepathy].

Getting back to class without any trouble, I slip back into my seat and activate [Byakugan] again to keep my focus outside of the school gates although Yuuki seems to have a rather determined air around her which makes me think she had saw me having lunch with the two teachers and thought she had rivals or something.

"Alright class, due to Shido-sensei's accident this morning I'll be taking over this class for today." The teacher spoke as he came to a stop behind his desk so he could start the lesson.

It was about halfway through when I picked up the first sign of canon occurring as I focus my [Byakugan] to see the group of teachers moving towards the gates and without Kyoko being with them which means I've at least managed to make a good change now. Teshima gets bitten trying to be all macho in front of some other female teacher and she gets bitten when she tries to check to see if he's alright.

From there it just spread amongst the group and as much as I felt [Gamer's Mind] step in to keep me calm I reduced the range of my [Byakugan] to only encompass the building as I fidget in my seat waiting for the announcement that'll cause panic to the student body while keeping an eye on Kyoko, Shizuka, Saeko and the other main cast.

[Quest: Survive the Apocalypse!] has begun!
[Skill]: [ID Create] has been [Locked]!
[Home Base] has been moved. Set [Waypoint] to [Home]? [Y/N]

Mentally tapping 'Y' at that a blue marker appears on the edge of my minimap so I know the general direction we need to head in. But now is the moment to prepare before the announcement happens and causes panic in the whole school and the only thing I really need to do is change my [Job] and while there's nothing new to pick at the moment I'll need to start building up some STR now so [Squire] is needed.

[Squire] - A basic [Job] for those who fight at close combat. Passively increases physical damage dealt by 10%. Passively increases HP Regen by 10% Grants +2 STR, DEX and END when Levelled up. Grants [Skill]: [Battle Tech]

You have gained the [Skill]: [Battle Tech]. Please choose the first three [Techniques] you wish to learn.

So, its like when I first got [White Magick] and I need to pick what I want to get. Looking through the list of techniques for [Battle Tech], most of them are either self buffs or debuffs for enemies although both target the Stats of the person its used on. In the end, I choose the three which would be most useful in the near future if I need help in the upcoming fight and hope don't show any visible signs when they are used.

[Battle Tech] (Active) Level: 1 - EXP: 0% - Cost: MP Varies
Description: A set of abilities designed to soften up enemy defences as well as enhance the user. They are also consider the foundation for anyone who wants to become a mighty warrior.
-Info: A new Technique can be gained every five Skill Levels
-[First Aid] Cost: 10MP
Gain 10% HP of user and cure status ailments.
-[Focus] Cost: 30MP
Increase user's STR by 10% (Stackable)
Time Limit: 1 minute x Skill Level
-[Rend Speed] Cost: 35MP
Lower target's DEX by 10% (Stackable. Requires contact)
Time Limit: 1 minute x Skill Level

A healing technique, a buff and a debuff. The choices make sense for me at least in regards to my current situation as I can make up for my poor STR with [Focus] although [Gandalfr] should be enough for now. [Rend Speed] I picked so I can use it on the zombies to slow them down some more and allow more people to escape, even if its time limit is rubbish at the moment and I need to make contact with them first. [First Aid] I got more for the status ailment removal part then the actual HP gain although in battle where my HP Regen doesn't work it will be helpful as a precaution, plus its cost barely makes a dent in my MP for recovering 10% of my current HP.

"All students and faculty! All students and faculty! There has been an incident on campus. Faculty, please lead the students through emergency procedures and evacuate immediately. Again, there has been an incident on camp-GAAAHHH!" The announcement from the speaker in the classroom caused the students to look shocked and fearful as Yuuki's hand clings to my forearm, tightening as it continued "HELP ME! STOP! AGH, OH GOD! HELP! THEY'RE GOING TO KILL ME! NGAAAHHHH!"

BGM: One For The Money - Escape The Fate

The shock that had filled the room broke into mass panic as students and the teacher made a run to the door as I called to the trio near to me "Don't join the crowd, you're more likely to get injured with how they are acting now then to get out."

Yuuki nodded as she realised what I was saying although her shaky hand had moved to grip my own as Misuzu asked "How do you know that?"

"Well... panicking just makes people stop thinking things through and leads to people hurting others to try and escape." I explained, grabbing my cloth bag and slinging it over one shoulder as Toshimi asked "H-How do you know this?"

"Disaster movies..." I answer with a sheepish smile, pulling out the [Bokken: Katana] inside, which I had made sure to wrap the grip and pommel with some [Ragged Cloth] to conceal the blue gem that was on the latter as I muttered to myself, "Good thing I brought this with me today..."

A quick glance around shows that none of the trio of girls have picked up on the runes of [Gandalfr] are glowing on the back of my left hand which makes this somewhat easier.

"Do you know how to use that?" Toshimi asked shyly as I nodded slightly as I answered "I've seen enough movies and anime to know how to use it but you should stay behind me just in case so you'll have the chance to run away if we run into any danger we can't handle."

+5 Affection for Yuuki Miku [30/100] (for being willing to risk himself to protect her)
+5 Affection for Misuzu Ichijou [10/100] (for saying you'll protect her and her friend)
+5 Affection for Toshimi Niki [10/100] (for saying you'll protect her and her friend)

"Where should we go?" Misuzu asked with a frown, looking to the other two girls rather then me given its my first day here before I spoke up "We could check the infirmary for anything important left there and Marikawa-sensei is the only one I know who can treat injuries."

Hearing the shuffling of footsteps from the doorway, I let go of Yuuki's hand and move in front of the girls and prepare for a fight. Annoyingly, the panic caused me to lose Rei and Hisashi and while I could scan the whole building, I don't think I have the time for it with the girls needing protecting now and the fact I'm keeping an eye on Kyoko who turned out to be taking over teaching Saeko's class and has stuck with the sword maiden for safety.

"W-What is them!?" Misuzu shouted in shock, drawing my attention to the trio of Zombies and their attention to us as I use [Observe] on one to take a measure of what I'm facing as they shambles towards us.

Level 10
Race: Undead
HP: 500/500
MP: 0/0
Bio: A poor soul who got bitten by someone who was infected with the T-Virus causing them to lose their life and become part of the undead.
Emotions: Hunger

Right... Good news: they aren't as strong as the Trolls I was fighting yesterday. Bad news: I can't use the rest of the equipment I was using yesterday and have a weaker [Sword Form]. Good news: I have the damage bonus from [Squire] to help me along with [Holy Aura] as long as they don't have much in the way of defence.

Making sure I keep [Non-lethal] turned off, I land an overhead strike onto the first one's skull, surprising myself and the girls as the Zombie dropped to the ground with a dent in its head. Quickly finishing off the other two, I let out a sigh as I spoke to the trio behind me "I think that must have been one of the things that attacked the principal."

Critical Hit x3!
You have defeated [Zombie] x3!

Ignoring the rest of the screen, I make a show of looking around while checking the floor below and above as Toshimi asked scared "Wh-What do you think th-they are?"

"I don't know but they don't seem human anymore." Yuuki muttered as I spoke "True. Let's move now while its quiet."

Taking the lead, I start walking towards the staircase I had used earlier and glanced back to see more shuffling Zombies coming upstairs. Looks like Saya and Kohta are in one of the woodwork rooms now as well and the former's shouting has drawn some of our enemies away while upstairs, Saeko is taking care of some of them on her way toward the infirmary with Kyoko behind her.

Heading to the stairwell, I smack down another Zombie with my bokken, knocking him over the railing, before doing the same to a second Zombie before noticing that my HP just jumped up to 1636 which I guess means that I levelled up [Squire] already.

Ushering them to follow me upstairs, I dispatch of another easily and causing it's head to make a meaty thud against the wall before it collapsed lifelessly. Toshimi and Misuzu scooted around the body while Yuuki took a more observant role as she looked around but still kept an eye on me as she cautiously stepped over its body.

Stepping onto the third floor, I snap my bokken down onto the back of a Zombie that might have caught Saeko off-guard. The purple haired beauty giving me a pleased smile before Kyoko spoke up "Shido-kun, are you alright?"

"Yes Sensei." I answer with a relieved sigh as Saeko finished off the two Zombies she had been facing before speaking "It seems that we had the same idea, Shido-kun."

"I suppose so, Senpai." I answer with nod, before signalling down the corridor as I added "Let's get moving, it seems like they are trying to get in the infirmary already."

"I'll let you take the lead then." Saeko spoke, drawing curious looks from Misuzu and Toshimi and frowns from Kyoko and Yuuki as I nodded and started to walk forwards as I added "Okay then. I'll handle those outside while you deal with any that got inside."

There were four Zombies that had started to break the windows of the infirmary, Saeko moving to my left and walking a few steps behind me as if ready to hurry into the room after I deal with those in the corridor. Yuuki, Kyoko, Misuzu and Toshimi all hurry along behind us before I take a breath and break into a light jog so I can swing my bokken diagonally upwards to strike the first Zombie, knocking it back into his allies. From there I use a horizontal swing to strike the second on the left, hitting against his temple before reversing it to end the third easily before bringing the bokken down on the last one who was trying to clamber out from under his fellow Zombie.

Turning my focus onto Saeko, I catch her dispatching the last three inside before moving to the door to watch her talk to the young man who had been bitten. Kyoko looking conflicted

"I'm captain of the Kendo team, Busujima Saeko. What is your name, second year?" Saeko asked, soon getting a response from him "...Kazu... Ishi..."

"Why isn't she helping him?" Toshimi asked quietly, hand clinging to Misuzu's as I quietly answered her "I think she knows what caused the students to turn like that and, if I'm guessing right, giving him the mercy to choose to stay human."

"Stay human?" Misuzu asked with a frown, Yuuki rolling her eyes as she retorted, taking my free hand for comfort, "He means that guy is going to turn like the others sooner or later."

"W-What!?" Shizuka and Kyoko spoke up shocked, drawing our gazes back onto the scene as Saeko spoke to the former, "I know you are a nurse, but I'll ask you not to interfere... Protecting a man's pride is a woman's duty."

Kyoko moves to rest a hand on Shizuka's shoulder, shaking her head as they share a look before Saeko struck down Kazu and I find myself being hugged tightly by the blonde as she spoke, to distract herself from what had just happened, "Kichi-kun, you're alright."

"Y-Yeah, Shizuka-chan." I replied nervously, catching Saeko's amused look as she asked "What's our next move?"

"Transport..." I answer with a nod, Kyoko and Yuuki helping me escaping Shizuka's grasp as I continue "If we have a better way to move around once we leave the campus, we should have a better chance of survival."

"Where are the keys then?" Misuzu asked the adults, Kyoko answering first as Shizuka adopted a thinking pose, "They are all in the faculty room."

"We've got a few minutes break now, so maybe take the time to grab some medical supplies as well." Yuuki suggested, getting a nod from both me and Saeko at the idea as I move to the doorway and add "I'll keep an eye on what's going on but let's not waste too much time here."

Leaving the ladies to gather up supplies, I step out into the corridor to look around through my dojutsu. Saya and Kohta is starting to move now and Rei and Hisashi are navigating through the roof with the latter using a baseball bat so he'll be surviving longer then he did in canon.

The other reason I left gathering things to the others is that it gives me a chance to look over the screens I was ignoring during the move up here.

You have defeated [Zombie] x11!
You have gained 2200EXP!
[Squire] has levelled up! 1 =} 2
You have gained +2 STR, +3 DEX and +2 END!
[Ragged Clothe] x55
[Zombie Meat] x33
[Sturdy Bone] x11
[Gandalfr - Gamer Edition] has levelled up! 12 =} 13

Closing them, I relax a bit more. There's not much change but what has changed is for the good with my first level for [Squire] increasing my STR, DEX and END as well as the boost I get from [Gandalfr] meaning I should be able to one shot a Zombie as long as I hit a Critical Hit. Not sure what use I'd have for [Zombie Meat] though, maybe they work as fertiliser or something, just as long I don't have to eat it.

The Zombies looks like they are starting to make their way up here but it should be easy enough to keep the way clear when we start moving again.

"We're ready." Saeko spoke as she stepped outside, Shizuka holding a black handbag in one hand while a rucksack was on her back while Kyoko had her own rucksack while holding a metal pole from an IV stand as a spear which was identical to what Yuuki was holding and both Misuzu and Toshimi had similar rucksacks to Shizuka's on as well.

"Which way?" I ask curiously, Saeko pointing to the left corridor before I nodded as I took the lead as we started to walk in that direction. The two Zombies that are shambling towards us are taken care of by me with a single hit each which I purposely aim at their temples as Shizuka commented "Amazing, Kichi-kun..."

Before the blonde could add anymore she tripped over, managing to sit up and moan "Ahhhh! What's wrong with me?"

"This clothing isn't suited for running." Saeko answered as she crouched down before ripping the side of it up to her hip as Shizuka retorted "Ahhh, this is Prada!"

"Shizuka, you're life is more important then some skirt." Kyoko pointed out, Shizuka pouting as she looked to her fellow teacher while Yuuki rolled her eyes.

The sound of Saya's scream trigger us to hurry forwards where it came from arriving to see her and Kohta as well as Rei and Hisashi, who are taking on three Zombies. I move to take out one of the nearer ones while leaving the further one to Saeko as Saya used the drill to end the one that had been close to attacking her.

Once they were taken care of, our now large group came together as Saeko started the introductions, "You know Marikawa-sensei, don't you? I am Busujima Saeko. Third year, Class A."

Shizuka moved to Saya as Hisashi nodded and replied "Hisashi Igou. Second year, Class B."

"You must be the Busujima who won the national championship last year. I'm Miyamoto Rei. I'm in the Sojutsu Club." Rei spoke with a smile before Misuzu spoke up with a smile, "Ichijou Misuzu. Second year, Class A and this is my BFF: Niki Toshimi whose in the same class."

"Miku Yuuki. Second year, Class A." Yuuki introduced herself, sticking close to me as Kyoko spoke up next, "As you're aware I'm Hayashi Kyoko."

"What about you?" Hisashi asked me, interrupting me before I could introduce myself which earned him an annoyed look as I spoke "I'm Shido Kichirou. Second year, Class A."

"Shido?!" Rei hissed with a scowl at me, getting a glare back from Yuuki as Kohta spoke up nervously, "Ah, uh, I-I'm Hirano Kohta from C-Class B."

"It's nice to meet you." Saeko spoke up with a smile to the others.

"What's with all you guys, acting friendly..." Saya started as she built up steam for a rant as Rei asked "What are you talking about Takagi-san?"

"Don't treat me like an idiot! I'm a genius." Saya continued before shouting "Give me the respect I deserve!"

"That's enough." Saeko spoke softly, drawing Saya's attention to the state of her clothing and taking the fight out of the pink haired beauty as she muttered "Ahh, my clothes are stained... I'll need to have mama take them to the cleaner's..."

Saeko pulled her into a hug to comfort her before I signalled with my head for them to head inside.


Once everyone was inside, Hisashi, Kohta and I set up a barrier with some of the desks against the door while letting the girls relax.

"Everyone seems to be okay. Let's take a little break here." Saeko spoke relieved, moving to take a chair as I sat down opposite her. Toshimi and Misuzu were huddled together in another seat while Yuuki was perched onto the desk near to me. Shizuka and Kyoko had taken seats as well while Rei was wandering over to the windows and Kohta went towards where Saya was fixing herself up.

"Takagi-san, are you alright?" He asked only to be surprised at seeing her put her glasses on after cleaning her face before he spoke surprised "Ah, glasses..."

"So what? My contacts will just fall out if I keep them in!" Saya retorted annoyed.

"So Marikawa-sensei, Hayashi-sensei... Where are your car keys?" Hisashi asked curiously, drawing the attention of the two teachers as they started looking through their bags before I speak up "No way are we all going to get into two cars. I mean there's eleven of us here and I know Shizuka-chan's car is small."

"How do you know that?" Misuzu asked curiously as I shrug and answer "I live near hers and saw her car before."

"Hey, what about the micro buses the clubs and teams use? The keys are on the hanger on the wall." Saeko suggested before Kohta pointed out from the window "They're still there."

"That's a good idea but where should we go?" Kyoko asked with a frown as I answer "Well, we'll need to make sure your families are okay to begin with."

"What about yours?" Toshimi asked shyly, getting me to sweep back my bangs as I answered "My dad is with grandfather last I heard in Tokyo and my mom... well, she passed on when I was young."

"Oh..." Toshimi squeaked with a sad look at me which is shared by some of the others, obviously not Rei if the scowl she sends me is anything to go by.

"After that we should find someplace safe." Kyoko spoke up, bringing attention back to the planning going on as Saya rolled her eyes and retorted "There should already be a place like that. I think the Police and Self-Defence Force are mobilised so they'll probably take everyone to a shelter."

"What's wrong?" Hisashi asked his girlfriend, catching her staring at the television as she muttered "What's going on...?"

Saeko grabs the remote near her before turning on the sound of the television as I turn to face it.

" with riots occurring everywhere, the government is looking into how to combat this emergency. However, regardless of political affiliation, politicians are viewing the deployment of the Self-Defence Force as..." The reporter on the television spoke, trying to keep her cool as Hisashi spoke up, looking paler then before, "Riots? What riots is she talking about?"

"...comment. The local death toll has already surpassed 1,000. The governor has declared a state of emergency, and has requested..." The reporter continued before the sound of gunshots where heard in the background before she turned and shouted "Those are gunshots. The Police have opened fire! I don't know exactly what's going on but..."

The reporter dropped her microphone as the two body-bags that had been wheeled towards the ambulance sat up suddenly, shocking those around before the screaming started before the screen changed back to the studio and the broadcaster who explained about technical difficulties.

"That's it...? Why won't they tell us any more?" Misuzu asked with a frown only for Saya and I to both answer in sync, "They don't want to cause a panic."

+5 Affection from Saya Takagi [15/100] (for not being an idiot.)

"Even now?" Rei asked confused, Saya huffing as she retorted "Especially now! Fear causes confusion. Confusion causes the collapse of order and without order... How are we supposed to fight against the living dead?"

Nodding in agreement, I keep my focus on the reporters on the television, "In America, with no hope of getting the widespread emergency under control, the top executives have fled the white house. In addition, they are evaluating whether nuclear weapons are a viable option. Communication with Moscow has halted."

The picture changed to show another city as the reporter continued "The entire city of Beijing is in flames." Another change in picture, "In comparison, London is having relatively few troubles maintaining public order." Another change, "Looting within Paris and Rome has reached..."

"Nothing was out of the ordinary when I checked the online new this morning..." Kohta spoke up before Rei spoke "I don't believe this... in a matter of hours, the entire world is in a state of disaster."

Rei moved to grip Hisashi's arm as she started to panic, "Hey, it can't be real, can it? There has to be somewhere that's still safe, right? Somewhere that everything's just like it always..."

"Of course there's not." Saya countered, "The fact is what we have a pandemic on our hands. I can't help it!"

"Pandemic?" Toshimi asked. I offer her a sad smile as I explained "It's a sudden spread of a disease. Whatever this is has spread throughout the whole world like Spanish Flu or the Black Death..."

"What he means is that the Spanish Flu was caught by over 600 million people and about 50 million of the died from it..." Saya explained before Shizuka added "The Black Death wiped out about a third of the population in Europe."

"How did they stop it?" Hisashi asked concerned, Shizuka turning to him as she explained "There are a number of theories regarding what may have happened... usually such a thing just end when enough people die, because everybody with the infection dies off."

"But... Everyone who dies comes back and starts attacking others..." Yuuki pointed out with a frown before Kyoko spoke up "If they don't die properly then there's no way to stop it spreading, is there?"

"When it gets hot, their flesh will rot and they probably won't be able to move anymore." Shizuka spoke in realisation as Rei asked "How long would that take?"

"If it were Summer, it'd take about twenty days for them to be reduced to skeletons. In the Winter, it'd take a number of months but before that happens, we'll still..." Shizuka answered with a thoughtful look on her face before Saya interrupted, "We don't even know for sure if they'll start rotting."

"What do you mean?" Misuzu asked with a frown.

"Killer corpses don't fall into the realm of medical science as we know it. It could be a while before we really understand them..." Saya explained with a frown before Kyoko spoke up "Either way the most important thing right now is finding a place to hide after checking on your families. Still, we won't survive if we act selfishly."

"We should stick as a team. We've worked together well so far and if we run into other survivors we can join them as well." I spoke up reassuringly, finding myself being the centre of attention once more as Hisashi nodded, despite Rei's scowl, and asked "But how are we going to get outside?"

"Going through the front entrance is the fastest way to the parking lot." Kyoko answered, fixing her glasses as she looked at each of us as if to gauge our reactions.


It didn't take long for us to be ready to make out next move. I was taking the lead after Rei had shot Hisashi a look daring him to risk himself which means that this world's Rei is a complete bitch whose quite happy to sacrifice me to the Zombies for her own safety. Looks like I know who wears the pants in their relationship. Also seems that her hatred for Shido extends to all those with the Shido name and I'm going to be the target of her ire until she either gets some sense knocked into her, decides she and Hisashi are better off on their own or I 'adjust' her mind. The last one I wary of doing as its a rather slippery slope given that 'adjustments' can easily lead into just 'rewriting' minds or full on 'mind control' and I'd rather stick to communication and 'Knowledge Absorption' as 'Knowledge is Power' after all.

Anyway, Saeko opted to position herself on my right side and a bit behind me while Kohta took the same position on my left. Misuzu and Toshimi are in the middle with Shizuka and Saya while on either side is Kyoko and Yuuki which leaves Hisashi and Rei at the rear.

"One more thing. Don't fight if you can help it. Run away if you can. We just want to get out of here." Saeko reminded us all before Saya added "They're only sensitive to sound! They're also strong enough to rip a door off its hinges so if they grab you, you're done for! Be careful!"

Heading down the sparsely occupied corridor, it looks like the sound from other parts of the school has drawn the Zombies away from here.

"Ahhh!" Moving towards the cry, I quickly jump down the stairs and take out the Zombie nearest me with my bokken as Kohta shot the one nearest to the group on the mid-point of the staircase. Saeko takes out another as Yuuki and Kyoko hit two more with their impromptu weapons as I take out the last one.

"Th-Thank y..." One of the girls started before Saeko interrupted her "Don't speak so loudly."

"Were any of you bitten?" I ask curiously, moving to look downstairs as the same girl spoke up "What...? No, none of us were bitten!"

"They look fine to me." Yuuki spoke up before Kohta addressed them "We're going to escape from the school. Do you want to come along?"

With their agreement, our now larger group of sixteen start moving again. The corridors were now eerily quiet once again with few of Zombies about before we had to come to a stop near the top of the staircase that lead to the shoe lockers.

"We'll have to be careful here." I spoke to the others quietly, Saya speaking up to remind me what we already knew "They can't see, so we don't have to hide or anything."

"Okay Takagi, show us." Misuzu spoke with a questioning look, Saya look frightened as Saeko commented "Even if Takagi-kun is correct, with this many people, we can't very well proceed quietly. Even if we were to go back into the school building... There's no telling how they might move. The front entrance is out only way out."

"I'll check it out if Takagi-san's theory is correct." I volunteer, Toshimi grabbing my arm as she quietly retorted "You don't have to..."

"I'll be fine, Niki-san." I reply with a reassuring tone, turning to offer her a smile to the bluenette as I added "Plus, if anything goes wrong I can keep myself safe."

"A-Alright..." Toshimi replied, Misuzu gently pulling her back as I meet Yuuki's concerned eyes before nod and add "Just a word of warning, we should make sure nothing hits the railings here otherwise we'll probably draw more here through the noise."

"He's right." Saya spoke up impressed as I moved to slowly go down the steps. I take slow and even breathes as I keep my footsteps quiet while approaching the Zombies and with my [Byakugan] active, I can avoid bumping into any of them. It looks like they can't see me already but I need to prove it to the others, holding my breath and stepping around an approaching Zombie to avoid drawing its attention. It's a good thing [Holy Aura] isn't a visible effect otherwise the damage I'm passively causing to them would draw questions from the others, it also looks like the Zombies can't discern where the damage is coming from with regards to the AoE portion of the ability especially as they are taking three sources of damage: my bokken and the two [Shinai] in my cloth bag.

Crouching down, I scoop up a sneaker off the ground before flinging it to the door that leads into the school and hear it make a dull thwack against the door it hits. The sound looks to be enough to draw the Zombies towards it so I slowly move towards the doors after sheathing my bokken so I can use both hands.

Turning back to the others, I beckon them over with a wave of my free hand. Saeko is the first to join me and we both hold the doors open and allowing me to redraw my bokken so I could be ready for any Zombies who might be near. Our group manages to get outside without issue before the same idiot from the anime lets his pole strike the railings despite my warning, making a loud clang echo out.

"Move!" Hisashi shouts out, causing more Zombies to draw closer as Saya yelled at him "Why did you do that, idiot!? If you had kept quiet we'd only have to worry about the ones close by."

"That sound echoed all around so there's no point in arguing." Rei retorted before Misuzu added with a snort "You're yelling isn't helping us either Takagi."

Saeko takes the lead with Hisashi as I slip back to strike at those that are closing in on the straggling members and saving 'Towel Boy' from being eaten with a single swipe of my bokken before pushing him forwards as I take out another three in quick succession while ignoring the voices around me as I take another out before moving to catch up. I end up having to help the new additions to our group more as I take out several other Zombies on the way to the bus with Kohta and Saeko guarding the entrance as I watch the last two get on as I join them.

"Kichi-kun, everyone's in!" Saeko called as I turned to take out another as I reply "You two get onto the bus first."

Getting inside after them, I keep my gaze outwards and searching for the expected other group as I hear Shizuka mumbles to herself "Ahh, this isn't the same as my car... Umm, A-B-C, A-B-C."

Where is the rest of Shido's group...? They should have seen us work our way across the grounds to the bus and make their move to join us to avoid being left behind but they aren't coming. Was Shido so important to those students' survival with what leadership he had? Spreading my [Byakugan] to full range, I search the school for the faces I remember from Shido's group... Yuuki's with us but I can't see any of the others aside from the gloomy looking guy cowering in a janitor's closet. I can only assume they left or got infected but I suppose this is the consequence for offing 'uncle' so early...

"Here we go!" Shizuka called as she started up the bus, Saeko resting a hand on my shoulder to stop my search and lead me to a seat resulting as Shizuka starts muttering to herself about the few Zombies in front of us, "They're not human anymore... They aren't human!"

The awkward silence gives me a moment to check screens that had appeared from the fight which is a lot more then I expected.

Critical Hit x28!
You have defeated [Zombie] x28!
You have gained 5600EXP!
You have Levelled up! 14 =} 15
You have gained 5 Stat Points!
[Squire] has levelled up twice! 2 =} 4
You have gained 4 STR, DEX and END!
[Ragged Clothe] x140
[Zombie Meat] x84
[Sturdy Bone] x28
[The End - Gamer Edition] has levelled up twice! 12 =} 14
[Mana Generator] has levelled up! 25 =} 26
[Sneak] has levelled up twice! 3 =} 5
[Holmesian Deduction] has levelled up! 15 =} 16
[Sword Mastery] has levelled up! 17 =} 18
[Bokken: Katana] has levelled up! 13 =} 14
[Bokken: Katana] (0/4) Level: 14 - EXP: 1177/1400 - ATK: 25/DUR: 46/46 - Rarity: C - SE: N/A

Learn [Improvised Weapon Mastery] through [The End - Gamer Edition]? [Y/N] (Cost: 9,500MP)
Learn [Club Mastery] through [The End - Gamer Edition]? [Y/N] (Cost: 9,500MP)
Learn [Spear Mastery] through [The End - Gamer Edition]? [Y/N] (Cost: 9,500MP)
Learn [Vehicle Mastery] through [The End - Gamer Edition]? [Y/N] (Cost: 9,500MP)

Dismissing the screen about my Critical Hits and ignoring the screens from [The End], I focus on the the actual results. A level up for myself and two for [Squire] is pretty good and helps bring my HP to 1828 and my Regen to 96 even if my magic side easily dwarfs that still and even nearing the point I could spend it all for learning a single [Skill] through the [The End] by being at 9293.

Hmm... Let's see something. At the moment my base INT is 43 and I have 40 Stat Points so if I wanted to I can use 7 to bring it up to 50 and see what the [Perk] I'll get will be as well as having enough MP to learn [Vehicle Mastery]. Plus its not like I can do much with my MP at the moment so I have the time to let it recover and can even use [Meditation] to speed it up. Yeah, if I can start using [The End] then spending the points now would be worth it. With the points spent, I inwardly smile at seeing the new [Perk] as well as seeing how my MP has jumped up.

For base INT reaching 50, you've gained the [Perk]: [Mana Attuned]
[Mana Attuned] (Passive)
Description: You are naturally attuned to magic, capable of gaining more compared to others.
-Increase MP per INT by 10

Name: Kichirou Shido
Age: 17
Class: The Gamer
Title: [Slime Slayer],
Level: 15
Experience: 2700/15000
Job: [Squire]: [4/50] (2400/4000)
Race: [Hybrid]: [Homo Magi (DC)]/[Human (Esper)]
HP: 1828/1828 (+23)
MP: 12914/12914 (+36)(x2)(+35%)
STR: 15 (+17%): 18
DEX: 25 (+27%): 32
END: 31 (+17%): 36
INT: 50 (+56%): 78
WIS: 51 (+56%): 80
CHA: 33 (+20%): 40 (-50%): 20
LUC: 20 (+50%): 30
Health Regen = 72/min (+33%): 96/min
MP Regen = 160/min (+176%): 442/min
Stat Points: 33
Money: ¥214000

Closing my [Stats] screen and I'm feeling rather sad about how low my HP is, I mentally tap 'Y' on one of the screens from [The End] and turn my focus to the new screen that had appeared.

Through [The End - Gamer Edition] you have gained the [Skill]: [Vehicle Mastery]!

There's not much to explain about this one as it's mainly gives me the means to be able to use any vehicle I want and increases the speed and efficiency of any vehicle I'm operating as well as knowing how to repair them.

Getting rid of the rest of the screens and deactivating [Byakugan] and open my eyes so I can check on the others. Kohta and Saya are sitting in the row in front of me like in the anime with Kyoko sitting in the row in front of them just behind Shizuka. Saeko is on my left on the single chair there while Yuuki has the seat on my right next to the window. Misuzu and Toshimi are in the row behind me and Rei and Hisashi are in the back third with those we saved from the staircase.

"Are you alright?" Saeko asks as I glance to see Yuuki was sitting next to me, holding my hand as I nodded "Yeah... Just wondering how bad my luck is that my first day at a new school coincided with the end of the world."

Saeko's lips twitched at my attempt at humour, Yuuki's own quirking in amusement at seeing me trying to break the silence before she pointed out "I'm sure its not that bad, you did help me and a lot of others get out of there."