Author note: hello every one, I posted a story with the same name a year ago but lost inspiration and found this new idea. I am posting the two first chapters and i am already working on the third. Hope you like it and stay safe.

Two bodies walked hand in hand down Hogwarts's corridors leading to the Headmaster's office. It were the bodies of two women in their early thirties, they were holding hands and the brunette one was pregnant. When they reached the gargoyle the blonde looked at her partner and kissed her cheek, making the other woman blush, then she said the password that the letter told her to say.

Regina was feeling so young walking this corridors again and doing it with Emma, like they did for the last two years of school, holding hands, never breaking apart.

"I think that you have never been to this office"

"Well, yes, I had been while I was prefect and Head Girl"

"Yeah, yeah, I always forgot that I am married to the most intelligent woman on earth"

"Well dear, I am a Ravenclaw while you are a stubborn Gryffindor, which says something. Don't you think?"

Emma stuck out her tongue at her but suddenly the sound of a door closing from above startle both women. Regina's posture changed immediately, like it does every time she is in front of a superior.

"Good evening Miss Mills and Miss Swan"

"Good evening Professor, but I must inform you that our surnames almost eleven years ago, is Miss. Swan-Mills now"

"Oh great, great, that's great girls, but can I call you Emma and Regina?"

Both women nodded and the Headmaster smiled at them. Emma couldn't help but feel at peace whenever this man was around. He had always make her feel in calm with herself and she feels protected in every place where he is at and like she felt the time she met him when she was just an orphan.

"Emma was playing darts with the only friend that she had in this orphanage, Ruby, when an old man with a long beard and strange robes asked to talk to them. They were nervous because they thought he was there to punish them but nothing was further from the truth.

He came to give them the best news, they were going to a foster family and one that was as special as then. At first they don't understand until he reassure them that they are not freaks for being able to do the things they were able to do.

" I want you to tell me if you can do things that no other kid here can do?" The girls looked at each other and Dumbledore saw hope in their eyes "See?, I want you to know that are other people like you, other people that can do this but that we are a secret community with a secret school, secret jobs and secret Ministry and we want you to be part of that community. Ingrid and Josh are going to foster you and next year you would be going to Hogwarts School of Witchrazt and Wizarding"

A couple that must be in their early thirties enter the room of the girls and smile at them.

"Hi, I am Ingrid and this is Josh, we are the Swans and we want to give you your best chance, we have a son Seth, he is 13 and already at Hogwarts, we live in Godric Hollow, near my sisters house and iis big enough for two girls like you"

After two hours of getting to know about them and about the magic world Emma wants to talk to Dumbledore alone so the old man take her to a private room and sit down with her on the sofa.

"What is bothering you Emma"

"It's something I never understood, when the people that gave birth to me abandoned me in the side of a road when I was just 9 months old, I was wrapped in a blanket with the name Emma on it, in purple letters and a note that said that I was a girl but they had to protect me. I was named Emma but… I have male attributes, I dont understand how that was the thing they did to protect me?"

"Listen Emma, your mother's name was Snow White and your father was a muggleborn named David, your mom was the daughter of a powerful dark wizard, Leopold White and he made a deal with another dark wizard, Rumplestinkin, when he found that your mother was pregnant with the child of a muggleborn. The deal was to sell his first granddaughter to him because he liked to have servants, especially girls servants, so your mother worked on making that potion the moment she found about the deal because she thought that by changing your anatomy he wouldn't take you with him. That note was directed to me, she knew you would feel like a girl but would have boy's anatomy. That's the explanation Emma, she did that to protect you and she died to save you, so you have powerful magic inside you, the magic of true love"

"And what about my dad?"

"We don't know about him, he can be far away from here or dead, i am sorry i can't give you more information"

Dumbledore smirked at Emma's dreamy face and watched her wife and how uncomfortable she must be feeling standing when she was seven months pregnant.

"Oh Regina, how rude of me, sorry, take a seat and get comfortable" Regina does as told "Do you know what you are having?"

"Thankfully just one kid this time and is a girl"

After banal conversation about their lives and current jobs Dumbledore makes the offer they knew he would offer.

"Regina, you are an excellent potion maker and you had excellent grades as any other Ravenclaw and I know how much you enjoyed Hogwarts and how much you liked to teach others. Had that changed?"

"No sir, I love teaching my kids everything I can teach them. Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting?"

"I am offering you a position as Potion's teacher alongside your old friend Severus and Emma I would absolutely love for you to be our Charms Professor, Professor Flitwick is getting old and is overwhelmed with so many classes. You are excellent in this area and you had very great marks in others so, what do you say?"

"We have other jobs Professor Dumbledore"

"And that's why I am offering you this job at Easter holidays and not in August so you can have time to think and quit your jobs is that is what you want"

"I, yes, we need to think about it but we would give you an answer soon but can you give us all the details sir?"

"Yes, you both would have a flexible schedule so you can still be the mothers that those six kids need. You would have classes from ten to five thirty from Monday to Thursday and from nine to four on Fridays. Emma I want you to teach first years and then five and seven years so Professor Flitchwick doesn't have to teach O.W.L.S or N.E.W.T and Regina I want you to teach four, six and seven years so Severus would have O.W.L.S students and you would have N.E.W.T students"

"Ok, and what about transportation, there's any way that we can floo here from home?"

"Yes, I would give you the secret password for the floo chimney at the Staff Office and you can come and go from there and of course Regina you would have maternity leave as much as you need it"

"Oh thank you Professor but this baby would be born in a couple of months in June and then I would only need like five months of maternity leave so I should be able to come by the end of October or November."

"As you may see Regina dear, and aren't you nervous that Henry, Ava and Nicholas would be here this year?"

"Don't say that Headmaster, she is all emotional and she can't believe that her three first babies are already old enough to be in Hogwarts and she is experiencing separation anxiety"

"Sorry dear but I think that you are as emotional as I am, and it is not my fault that you knocked me out as soon as we were engaged, and with THREE kids none the left"

"Well, well my dears, don't you worry much, you happen to have a very great life after all Regina. I expect your response in less than two months please"

"Yes Professor"

So sometime later Headmaster Dumbledore let them use his floo network to get back to their mansion where they were immediately greeted by a beautiful sight to their eyes: their triplets, Henry, Ava and Nicholas, were in the floor with their grandmother Ingrid and aunt Zelena playing with their new set of trains and the twins were playing hide and seek with their grandfather.

When the kids saw them the mansion was immediately filled with loud voices and giggles from them. Emma took the two twins and raised them in the air while Regina sat down on the sofa and greeted the triplets with kisses and hugs.

They spent one more hour playing, Zelena went home to her family and after dinner they put the five year old twins to sleep and the triplets decided that it was time for their mothers' story, Ingrid and Josh, Emma's adoptive parents, very happy to hear the story too.