"Welcome,welcome to the annual 74th hunger games!",broadcast Effie on the microphone. Mindy was excited that today was where one of the people in her district would get selected to join the Hunger Games. Mindy didn't know what the Hunger Games was about. She had heard for years the name of it. Since it had the word "Hunger," the only thing that came to Mindy's mind was that it must be a eating competition. She didn't know why everybody else around her had bummed out faces.

"Everybody should be excited to eat! I don't know why everyone's upset?!.",thought Mindy to herself.

She looked around the area, then, looked up to pay attention to Effie, the one who is shouting in the microphone.

"The time has come to select two people for a fight to the death.",announced Effie.

"Wait,wait fight to the death? I thought it was a eating competition?",said Mindy astonished to her parents and brother.

It seemed like no one was responding to what Mindy just said. They watched Effie on the stage picked a name tag from a jar. She grabbed the name tag she walked back towards the microphone to say the name out loud.

"Rishi Lahiri!",she announced.

The crowd went silent, everyone's eyes turned and rested on Rishi. Mindy eye's popped open wide.

"Hold up! EX-SQUEEZE me! If the hunger games is a fight to the death, then Rishi could die in the games? No way! Not MY little brother, I don't want him to die! He is my little brother! As his older sister, it is my job to look after him!", thought Mindy to herself.

She watched Rishi as he tried to walk towards the stage. Before he made his way to the stage, Mindy started calling out for him

"Rishi,Rishi!",shouted Mindy.

She tried to stop him, but the guards ran up to stop Mindy from making her way close to Rishi.

"Quiet girl!",ordered the guard.

"I volunteer!",cried out Mindy.

"What was that?",asked Effie.

She watched as Mindy pushed the guards out of her way. Mindy waved her hands in their face, telling them how wrong they were for being part of this.

"I volunteer as tribute!",said Mindy.

Everybody gasped.

"Mindy you can't do that.",whispered Rishi.

"I can and I will. Rishi, I'm in my late 30's, I can do what I want!"scolded Mindy.

"You would like to volunteer?",asked Effie.

This was like the the most ridiculous thing she heard in her life.

"Yes, please,don't take my brother! Please take me instead!"exclaimed Mindy.

"I-I believe we have a volunteer.",said Effie.

The guards escorted Mindy up to the stage and left Rishi standing there. His eyes wide frozen in shock along with Mindy's mother and father like statues in the square. Mindy's mother was trying to keep it together. She could not face the fact that her little girl may die in the arena. Her father tried to keep a straight face on.

When Mindy got up on stage, nobody could hear Effie as she asked her name. Mindy gave a clear answer into the microphone

"Mindy Lahiri.",she answered.

"Oh what a pretty name ,so Rishi, that must be your brother?",asked Effie.

"Yes.",answered Mindy.

"Well let's have a big clap for Mindy Lahiri!"encouraged Effie.

She is started clapping cheerfully. On the ground,people are held their hands showing three fingers up. Mindy didn't know what they meant. Either they are trying to get a taxi cab or asking for three slices of pizza. Then, in one motion, they put their hands back down

"And now for the next person!"presented Effie.

She went back to the jar to pick up another name tag. When she was done, she held the name tag in her hand ready to shout out for the other person's name,

"Danny Castellano!",she shouted loud and clearly.

Everybody was now staring at him. Danny was completely frozen. He didn't want to be in the games, but ,after seeing Mindy volunteering for her brother maybe someone in his own family could volunteer for him? Danny turned over to his mother.

"Ma,Ma you have to volunteer for me!",he shouted.

"Oh course, I would volunteer Danny. They have to get a ticket for Dot. Then.. I'm going. You know I won't go anywhere without Dot."said Annette.

Danny groaned and turned to his younger brother, Richie.

"Richie,Richie you gotta volunteer for me!",pleaded Danny.

Richie's response was silently shaking his head,

"No, come on, Richie! I need you please!",shouted Danny.

The guards came and took Danny away towards the stage. They made him stand to face everyone in the crowd.

"Well now! Here are our tributes from District 12!",introduced Effie.

Come on you two shake hands.",said Effie.

Danny and Mindy decided with no choice but to shake hands.

"Happy Hunger Games!"shouted Effie loud and clear.

She walked off leaving Mindy and Danny staring at each other. Later, they walked off in their separate huts to wait until their ride to pick them up to go straight to the Capitol.