After a while in the carriage, they knew they were on their way to the train station to get on their ride. It was waiting for them, so, they were to be transported to the Capitol at once. They got onto the train, Effie, was in front of them. Mindy and Danny found their way to the dining room.

Effie had said this was where they have to wait for their "mentor." The mentor was going to come and teach them how to survive the hunger games. Effie had moved to another spot in the dining room so she could try on her makeup while Danny and Mindy sat in their table and stared at each other.

"Mmmmhhmmm, look at this food.. Danny!", shouted Mindy in excitement. She picked up a biscuit from the plate so she could eat it. All that Danny could do was grunt and start eating the food. He tried not looking or paying attention to Mindy. Mindy grunted as she reached for the remote that was near he. She tried switching the channels on the tv, but, she couldn't because most of the channels they had on the tv was all about the Hunger Games. She could not find a good channel to watch tv as she was eating her food from the table. Suddenly, a good channel she came across and got herself comfortable to eat.

Suddenly, a man who was tall,muscular and blonde who blocked her way into staring at the tv screen

"Who are you?",asked Mindy.

She turned off the tv. Mindy stared hard at this man that was standing in front of her. Danny was too. The both of them watched him made as he made his way to sit with them at the table. He reached for a bottle of beer. He drank then, wiped himself.

"Hello there... names, Haymitch.",he introduced himself in a howdy tone.