hello again! i decided to write another jiara story. honestly, it might be a little far fetched, but i'm desperate for some angst and romance. i hope that if you are too, this helps. just as a warning, the real heavy romance will probably come later in the story. enjoy!

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Chapter One:

JJ woke up with a splitting headache, unsure of where he was until he noticed how cold and damp he felt. He almost gasped when he opened his eyes and saw that he was floating somewhere in the marsh, wrists and ankles tied up and an unconscious Kiara attached to him.

Looking around, he saw Rafe Cameron's familiar boat up ahead, a thick rope leading from it to them. There was nobody on deck. Not yet, at least. JJ didn't take any time to wonder what was about to happen to them, though. Even though his hands were bound, he managed to touch Kiara's waist gently. He was so grateful that they'd tied his wrists up in front of him, not behind his back. "Kie. Kie, wake up. Come on, open your eyes for me."

It took a bit of coaxing, but Kiara finally managed to awaken. Once realizing exactly where she was, she immediately began to struggle.

"Hey, hey, hey, it's okay," JJ quickly assured her, hand still resting on her bare skin in an attempt to calm her. He didn't know if it was a good thing that they were in their bathing suits. "You're okay, Kie, chill."

"What the fuck?" the girl breathed out, and locked gazes with her companion. Based on the minor redness on his skin, she assumed that they'd been floating out here for at least a couple of hours. "What happened?"

"I … I don't know," JJ replied honestly, worry settling in his gut. "Last thing I remember is Cameron and his buddies jumping us while we were waiting for the others..." He winced as he recalled the blow he'd received to his head, right before things went black for him. "Are you hurt?" he asked, urgency lacing his words. He prayed she was unharmed.

"I'm fine," Kiara said. She wished she could reach out and take a look at his head. If he had a concussion … She didn't even want to think about that. "It's you I'm worried about."

"I'm good, Kie, don't worry about it," JJ said softly, a crooked smile gracing his lips. "We need to get out of here. I don't really wanna stick around for what those Kooks have-"

He didn't get to finish his sentence, because all of a sudden they heard shuffling back on the boat. Rafe came out from below deck, a smug expression JJ could clearly see even all the way back there on his face. "Well," he began, a hint of insanity in his tone. "I believe we've caught ourselves some Pogues."

"Go fuck yourself, Rafe!" JJ called out, only to get gently kicked by Kiara. "What?"

"Don't provoke him. It'll only make things worse."

While he could see the reason behind Kiara's statement, JJ decided that the best thing for them to do was to get Rafe angry enough to pull them onto the boat, where they could possibly make a move. "Just trust me. What's'a matter? Afraid to fight me one on one?"

"Nah, we just think this would be a little more fun." Rafe briefly turned around and nodded to Kelce, who was driving. "Try to hold on!"

JJ and Kiara weren't given any time to react, or even consider what Rafe meant by that, when all of a sudden, the boat launched forward, pulling the two of them along. Neither of them had a chance to take a proper breath in. JJ just closed his eyes and pulled Kiara as close as he possibly could, wanting to keep her safe as they were dragged through the water. After about a minute of bouncing up and down, he felt incredibly lightheaded. There was no doubt that Kiara felt the same.

Finally, they stopped.

Kiara gasped as they surfaced, struggling to breathe. She certainly hadn't expected Rafe to do something like that. It was definitely one of the most terrifying things she had ever experienced. Slowly, she let her head fall into the crook of JJ's neck, his presence helping her get her breathing back on track. If only she could hug him, she thought.

"It's alright," the young man murmured, and pressed a gentle kiss to her temple. In that moment, he wanted to be as comforting as possible, knowing that they both needed some assurance. "Everything's okay, Kie."

They had only been through that once, but already, Kiara could hear the exhaustion in JJ's voice. She wondered how many more times they would have to do it.

"Wasn't that fun?!" Rafe taunted back from the boat. He and his friends were laughing hysterically.

"So fun!" JJ shot back, still holding Kiara against him. "Maybe you should try it next!" He tried not to let the fatigue and cold show through, not wanting to give Rafe the satisfaction of seeing him hurt in any way. "He's probably gonna do it again, Kie, so just hold on, okay?" he warned softly, reaching to squeeze the small hands hovering over his chest. He managed another small smile when she nodded.

"I mean … if you enjoyed it so much, maybe you should get another turn!" Rafe exclaimed, giving the signal yet again.

Kiara couldn't help but yelp as they were roughly pulled forward at a ridiculously high speed. She could feel JJ's body tense, slightly curling around hers just in case. This time, the "ride" lasted for much longer. And unfortunately, she couldn't stop herself from taking a reflexive breath right before Rafe ordered Kelce to pause, water instantly filling her lungs. The minute she felt cool air on her face, she fell into a raging coughing fit.

"Come on, Kie, breathe," JJ urged. "Everything's okay, I got you." His gaze fell on Rafe. The bastard was grinning from ear to ear, clearly enjoying his captives' suffering. "You're a sadist, Cameron!" he yelled, wishing that he could punch that awful smile right off.

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

JJ wasn't able to hold in a growl, seeing nothing but red. How dare he act like he wasn't a maniac? How dare he watch as Kiara fought to get a proper breath in? How dare he laugh while she suffered?

"Calm down, JJ," Kiara said when she finally stopped coughing. "You can't let him know he's getting to you."

Signing, JJ nodded, an involuntary shiver traveling up his spine. The water was getting colder and colder by the second. "We need to get on that thing," he muttered. "Somehow tell the others where we are."

"We will." Like always, Kiara was his tether, keeping him from going insane. "We'll figure it out."

"Ready for another one?!" Rafe yelled.

"Dammit," JJ muttered, jerking his head to the side to get the hair out of his eyes. "Deep breath, Kei."

The next thing he knew, it was happening again.


By the time the sun set, Rafe was clearly bored of tugging the two Pogues around. He ordered his friends to start pulling them to the boat, a knife in his hand for when JJ would pounce.

Just like he predicted, the minute they were pushed onto the hard ground, JJ tried to get up and hit someone, only to get punched back down, Kiara falling on top of him.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Rafe said coldly, crouching down and grabbing JJ by the chin. "You don't want your girlfriend to get hurt, do you?"

"Don't you even think of touching her, you asshole," the young man said slowly, never paying attention to the rich bastard's comment about his "girlfriend."

"Then don't try anything stupid." Smirking, Rafe took his knife and raised it up menacingly, taking his time in pressing it against JJ's temple and dragging it down. He stopped right below the major artery, pleased that JJ grunted in pain.

"JJ!" Kiara exclaimed, shaking in fear as Rafe ran the knife across JJ's chest. She could tell that it hurt, based on the way JJ bit his lip and snarled, and it pained her to see him like this. "Rafe, stop! Please!"

"We gotta entertain ourselves somehow, Kei! I'd say this is the perfect way."

This time, the knife went down his arm, going deeper than usual. JJ let out a low groan, and Kiara cried out. "Just stop! Come on, Rafe, let us go!"

"Shut up, Kie, I'm fine," JJ ground out. He couldn't have her get hurt trying to protect him. He just reminded himself that this was nothing, that he'd handled worse at his father's hands. And he had to just deal with the pain and anger, for the sake of Kiara's safety.

"Yeah, Kie, he's fine," Rafe echoed. "'Cause he's such a tough guy, right?"

He suddenly landed a hard punch to JJ's face, laughing when he moaned quietly. He continued beating him for what seemed like an eternity, not stopping even when Kiara begged him. When he finally did have enough, he told his buddies to take them below deck, where they were locked inside.

Right before he left though, Kelce was nice enough to restrain them with separate rope.

Kiara rushed to JJ, who sat himself up against a wall and wrapped an arm around his waist. His eyes slid closed. All he wanted to do was sleep. "You okay, Kiara?" he said softly, leaning into her touch as she wiped away the blood from his neck.

"They didn't touch me, JJ, I'm fine," Kiara replied, unable to hide the terror from her voice. "We need bandages. You could bleed out."

"I won't bleed out," JJ said reassuringly. "It's not a big deal. Promise."

"I wonder what he's planning for us." There was no way that Rafe would bring them back home, Kiara knew it. More likely than not, JJ would continue to suffer until their friends found them.

"As long as I'm here, nothing will happen to you, okay? I'm not gonna let anything happen."

But what JJ didn't understand was that Kiara didn't want him to take all the hits for her. She knew that it was absolutely impossible for her to convince him to stop, so instead, she decided to be there for him in any way she could. Letting out a deep breath, Kiara curled up beside him and took his hand in her own. "Just sleep, okay? You need it."

JJ nodded. "Yeah," he said, and pressed his lips to the top of her head. "Okay."