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"What is it,Nozomi?"

"I'm moving away by the end of this week."

"W-w-what are you talking about, didn't you promise that we will always be together?"Eli had a shock look on her face.

"Please don't cry, I didn't mean to break our promise but my parent's company has sent them to another country to work in, I promise I will be back .Let's break up."

"Okay,I won't cry. At least kiss me one last time , please?"

"Okay" Nozomi leaned and gave Eli one last final kiss and after a while, she pulled away and turned and slowly walked away from her prince.

As she turned back after walking a fair distance she could still see her prince crying.

Present time

" Oh hello, this is Eli speaking."

"Hi, Hi, Eli, it's Honoka."

"Oh Honoka, it's been a while, how can i help you?"

"Next Friday,It's the anniversary of Muse , so we are all getting together do you think you can make it."

"I should be free next Friday,I'll go."

"Yay, awesome then I'll tell the ,bye."

"Thank ,bye."

Eli's POV

Time passed by in a blink of an eye, it feels like just yesterday we had formed Muse, and how Nozomi encouraged me to help our juniors in my heart I still love Nozomi but I knew she would not be returning to decided to forget whatever i was thinking then and get on with my work.

I was teaching at a ballet school for young ladies for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and I opened a small Russian restaurant.'I am so excited to meet the girls' again after a few months of not meeting each other.'I thought to myself.

Timeskip Friday 3.30pm

" Oh hello,Honoka have you made any reservation and where are we meeting up?"

"It's at hotel Sonia and I made a reservation at 6 under my name. By the way, I forgot to tell you the last time i talked to you, this may surprise you but it seems that Nozomi has returned to Otonokizaka."

"Are you sure?Are you really really sure that she has returned?"

"Yeah and she is a famous model too."

"Did you invite her too?"

"Thanks for the info, I'll see you later."

What do I do? Nozomi actually returned and she is a really famous model too.I bet she has a really nice body down me,she probably doesn't even remember me.I'll be just fine there's nothing to worry about.I better go pick a gift to celebrate the moment.

Timeskip 5.55pm

"Hello, welcome to Hotel Sonia and karaoke. May I assist you ?"

"Hi , my friend made a reservation for the VIP room under the name Honoka seven hous starting from 6pm."Eli spoke to the reception, who confirmed Honoka's reservation.

"Ma'am, Miss Kousaka has also booked about four hotel rooms along with her reservation. Here are the room keys, please tell your friends that check out is 12 noon. Have a fun night."Eli was slightly confused but nevertheless still accepted the keys.

Eli took out her phone to text Honoka that she has already arrived at the karaoke room. As she reached the room she found Nozomi drinking a couldn't do anything but stare in shock and with a small blush across her face. When Nozomi saw Eli stare shockingly at her, she turned and placed her drink on the table then got up and bounced over to Eli. She then said "It's been a while ya been?"

"I've been great, thanks for asking Nozomi, what about you?I heard you became a famous model."

"I've been working hard,I didn't originally want to become a model but my mum introduce me to some producers and they asked me to work for a bit but after a while I became famous i couldn't back out "

"Oh I see."

The room was suddenly filled with an awkward silence.

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