As Nozomi and Eli reach the provision shop,they are greeted by the other 7 girls."Morning girls,last night was fun. We should do it again!"Honoka suggested. "Not anytime soon, I'm pretty busy this month, maybe next month on Eli's Birthday,"Umi suggested. "Sure why not!"Honoka other girls agreed and they all walked into the provision shop ,talking about their current living all noticed how awkward Nozomi and Eli were acting towards each other and only 1 of them had figured out why. "Neh, it okay if i borrow Eli for a second?"Nico looked at Nozomi with an angry actually was slightly taken aback,and all she could do to answer Nico was the reply Nico grab Eli's ear as she walked out the store,Eli was actually scared of what Nico might do to her.

As they step out the store Nico immediately turned and whacked Eli on the shoulder , "Please tell me you did not have sex with Nozomi last night?"Eli took a big gulp and nodded ashamed to even look at her good sigh and looked at Eli like she was a child getting scolded by her mum. "If you make her cry or if you make her lonely,I will take a knife and chase you to your death."Nico said to Eli with a scary smile on her face, and once again all Eli could do was nod her when they both walk back into the shop,Eli found Nozomi staring at a meat bun with saliva about to drip and after awhile her face grew a sad pout, 'Ah, she looks so cute , I wonder if she wants the meat bun' Eli thought while staring at Nozomi. "Hey ,Nozomi would you like a meat bun?"she asked as she watched the other girl try to resist saying yes, Eli found Nozomi's reaction to be adorable so she asked again "if not i will be buying that as i am hungry."Nozomi look so upset when she heard that Eli was going to buy it,for she wanted to buy it for herself but she remembered she was not allowed to eat anything that would cause her to gain weight. Eli only chuckled lightly as she saw Nozomi's face go from shock to a pouting face. As Eli bought it ,Nozomi just stared at her the whole time;knowing what Nozomi was thinking and took the bun out of the bag and split it in half ,pushing the half towards Nozomi. "You can have it ,I could not possibly finish such a big bun."Looking at Eli, Nozomi lips began to form a small smile "Arigato,Elichi" bringing up the old nickname for Eli caused Eli to blush and look away.

Looking away Eli could literally feel Nozomi smiling from eye to eye.

Afterwards the girls said their goodbyes and they all headed home.2 weeks later.

'Meeting up for Eli's bday gc'

Honoka: 'So where are we gonna celebrate Eli chan's birthday?'

Maki: 'We can do it at my villa,idm.'

Nozomi: ' I'm pretty free during the week that Elichi's birthday happen so i don't mind going that far.'

Umi: 'Kotori says she agrees and i'm the same as Nozomi so we also don't mind.'

Rin : ' I tots agree,nyan and so does hanayo,nyan.'

Honoka: 'So it's decided then, on the october 21st we meet at Maki's villa and Eli has no rights to say "No".'

Eli's Pov

Looking at the last sentence from Honoka, all Eli could do was just was waiting at a cafe as she made plans to meet Nozomi for lunch after her modelling because Nozomi had something to tell her. It has been two weeks after that day and every time she thinks about it she could not help but blush 10 minutes Eli could see Nozomi walking towards her with everyone staring at her. Eli could hear the whisper going around some saying 'Isn't that Nozomi Tojo,the famous model',or things like 'Wow she is so beautiful' from the people around Nozomi reached the table Eli was sitting at, Eli looked at her wearing a knee-length yellow skirt and a pink blouse to match as she sat down she apologised for being late