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Winter Tale

They had been walking for hours. It wasn't late but the sun was beginning to set and the cold wind blew around them. Fred was taking the lead with Niska. Leo and Max were walking just behind them and Mia was at the back. They all stopped at the same time where they hear a twig break. Maybe it was the people looking for them. Maybe it was just other hikers. But maybe Junkers… they were just as bad as the people looking for them.

Then people moved towards them – a gang of some sort. Not the kind of people you can talk too.

"RUN!" yelled Leo at once.

And they did. All running in a different directions. And the gang gave chase.

It was a few hours later when Mia found the others. They all had old phones with them. And they all remember and could keep up with all the phones numbers they ever have. "Where is Leo?" asked Mia at once. She was worried, it was mid-winter and almost dark. Leo was still part human and he was beginning to struggle with the cold. No one spoke, they all had hoped that Leo was with one of them – like normal. "We need to find him," said Mia. She always felt responsible for Leo. It was her job to look after him since he was a lonely little boy. She feel more responsibility since she had carried his lifeless body for the lake. It was her that helped Leo coped after that with the Synth technology in his head.

"Leo went west when we started to run," said Fred at once. "They must have been followed him. They can't be the people looking for us,"

"We need to find, Leo," said Mia, at once.

It took a few hours of no sign when Leo got a call from Max. "I have found him." Said Max and he send the coordinates of his current location. Mia knew something had happen – Leo hadn't spoke to her. He would have done if he was able – he knew how much she worried when things like this happen.

Mia got to the location quickly. To find Max checking Leo who was laying on the ground. Niska was also there – and she knew Fred was also heading in their direction. "What happen to him?" asked Mia keeling down and touch Leo's arm. "His clothes are wet."

"He must have got chased towards the river," said Max, "We need to find shelter, he need to get warm." Max picked up Leo with ease.

"They is an abandoned house – less than a mile away," said Niska "We can stay there for the night,"

It didn't take long to arrive at the abandoned house. It was dirty but dry. Mia doubted that the electricity would work. They had a little power left in their back up battery. Luckily – they are all over fifty percent charged. They would have to get into town tomorrow and get more power. But right now they have to help Leo. Max lay Leo on an old table – it was dirty and not the ideal place to put someone ill on – Mia hoped Leo had no injuries that could get infected.

"Leo…Leo…can you hear me?" asked Mia touching Leo's face – he was cold…. Too cold. Almost like…when she got him out of the lake….. But he was still alive….still breathing. "I think he lost consciousness due to the cold water." She said "And he weaker because he hasn't eaten properly for a few days, and he needs to charge…."

"He cannot charge when he still wet," said Fred going though Leo's bag and pulling out dry clothes. "If we do it will do more damage,"

Niska looked around the room "There is not electricity here but there is a fireplace," she said "I will get and get some wood." Niska left and Mia went with her. Leaving Fred and Max to take care of Leo.

"He hates the water," said Mia as they walked. Leo had hated the water since the lake. Mia could remember the fear on his face he was trapped in the car – unable to get out. How he ended up in the river Mia didn't know.

"He had to escape." Said Niska at once "We cannot get caught. It may have been his only option."

"He sometimes forgets he is part human," said Mia

"I don't blame him," said Niska "Who wants to be human?"

When they got back. Leo was in dry clothes and was charging. He looked better and that was something, it had been a while since Leo had been ill.

"He is going to be alright," said Fred smiling "he is weak at the moment – but he is going to be alright, he could wake up soon – he is currently dreaming."

"His wires are undamaged?" asked Mia. Leo didn't have a neat tiny charging port like the others. He had a long scar and wires. Mia could see they was a new bandage around Leo's middle.

"They are undamaged," said Fred

It took an hour before Leo began to wake up. Slowly and a little confused. Mia was by his side – like she did when he was little and had gotten ill.

Leo open his eyes "We all got away?" he asked

"Yes." Said Mia "What happen Leo? What happen when you ran?"

"They were chasing me – there was no were to go." Said Leo slowly "So I held my breath was went under the water, they went away, and then I tried to get back….then everything went black."

Mia closed her eyes – Leo nearly got caught – this had been a close one. They didn't know what this gang wanted but it couldn't have been good. "You need to rest – then we leave in the morning." She said. Leo nodded his head – he still seemed cold – but not as cold as before. He might avoid getting ill – but there was a change he could. Mia was going to keep a closer eye on Leo for the next couple of days – as were the others. "And Leo," said Mia

"Yes?" asked Leo looking at Mia

"Stay away from water."

Leo nodded his head. "Planning on it," he says, before going back to a light sleep.