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Genre: #Muslim #Islam #Romance #Slice of life #Mecha #Infinite Stratos #Gundam Build Divers Re: Rise #Gundam series

Disclaimer: Infinite Stratos is owned by Izuru Yumizuru and Gundam franchise is owned by Sunrise




[Speak through communication]

[IS shield points]



Prologue: The Beginning

Flames, he could see it everywhere...

The burning flames were gradually swallowing the lab, leaving the figure of a small 9-year-old boy who was hugged by a bleeding lab-coated woman on her abdomen that wearing a pink hijab, with full of care, ignoring her wound.

The boy could smell the scent of ash and burnt around the lab while trying to pick up the woman. Unfortunately, his efforts were unsuccessful because of his small figure.

And then he cried...


Because he knew that he couldn't save her.

She had a shallow wound on her abdomen, which could be fatal if it's not treated fast.

The woman, knowing that her little boy was crying, she immedeatly gently caressing his head. Whispering some calming words to his ear, so that he would calm down.

After a moment of love, she takes him with her right hand towards a wall. Pressing her left hand on the wall, it revealed a secret passcode.

When she finished typing, the wall is separated to the left and right, revealing a secret room containing some sort of exoskeleton mecha.

"Umi is that..." The boy said in a surprised tone.

Hearing the question his mother answers it with a weak, yet soothing smile "Yes, swee..tie... It's an... IS..."

Yes, it's an IS on its inactive form, as it stands for Infinite Stratos.

Although this is not your ordinary type of Infinite Stratos.

The IS design is very unorthodox.

You could see the most obvious difference between it is the size of it which is smaller than any normal IS. It didn't even have the IS binders nor the big sharp claws, instead of much more human-like metallic hand armor which made it much more proportioned to a human body. You also could see that the armor has good quality.

The left hand of the IS is holding a half like-shield that could be attached to something while his right hand was holding a type of a combinable beam gun. It had a pair of beam sabers attached on its thruster's rear sides in downwards and a pair of pockets on its hips.

The IS doesn't have any color, yet. Because it's still in the default form.


The mom dragged her son toward the exoskeleton mech before putting him inside the cockpit.

And (un)surprisingly, The IS reacted to the boy by activating automatically.

The boy was very surprised since normally. the IS only could be activated by women.

Casting aside his surprised thought, he finally could save her mom.

"Umi, with this we can get out of the lab!" He exclaimed happily before continuing "The controls are similar to the arcade pod machine you gave to me, so let's go—"

His mother put his index finger in front of the boy's mouth, causing him to stop speaking.

"Sweetie, listen carefully... Umi Doesn't have... Much time..."

A moment has passed before she continues,

"You must live... Sweetie... Even if Umi... Come with you... Umi... Will die.. due to... Lost of blood..."

The boy really wanted to deny his mother's statement, but he couldn't because it's true.

Then, her mother asks a rather weird question with the most lovely smile that the boy has ever seen.

"Sweetie... What's your... dream?"

"My dream? My dream is to become a businessman!" a moment passed before he started to speak "that's because..."

At this moment he can't hold his emotions back, Thus he started rambling and crying.

"I want to help people! I don't want to see someone suffering because of economic situations, especially our brothers and sisters! I want Umi to keep guide me from doing mistakes! I want Umi to keep watching me grow into a fine Muslim! I want Umi to teach me to become a fine businessman and Muslim!" A moment has passed before he spoke again "So p-p-please... Do-n-n't leave... Me-e-e... Not now..."

Hearing this, his mother can only tell one thing.

"Forgive me, sweetie, Mama can't... Do it... Which is why... Take it... Pilot the IS... It'll help you... Achieve your... Dream—Blergh!" Her words were interrupted by her bloody cough.

"Umi!" The boy concerned with her mom's condition.

His mother stopped coughing before chuckling a bit "but remember, always remember to pray to Allah... Always remember that Umi and Abi will always love you... Be grateful to Allah... Always remember that every... Living being will return to... Allah... So please... Don't be sad... Don't be selfish... Keep doing sholat... Keep studying, especially... About Islam."

The boy could only keep nodding at each of his mother's words.

Seeing her boy response, she smiled.

"Masyaallah... I'm so proud of you... Aqilai..."

And then her mother suddenly fell down while saying syahadat, slowly and painly. Dematerializing the shield and the gun, the boy immedeatly moved the IS to put his mother at his lap as he sat down on the floor, ignoring the pool of blood that started to flood the floor. He also keeps saying syahadat, which makes her mother died with less suffering...

He could see the peaceful smile at her face...

(Start UNICORN OST from Gundam Unicorn)

At this point, he has stopped crying.

The flames are starting crept into the room which causes some explosions. His brown eyes no longer had the dim expression of sadness. Instead, it was filled with determination, an unbreakable will.

He picks up his deceased mother in bridal style to carry her out from this place. Despite the event that has occurred in front of him, he was grateful for everything his parents have done to him. Furthermore, He's very grateful to Allah for giving him this trial.

Because the spark of passion has shone in his heart, it is the light within the human heart.

'Umi... Abi... Thank you for everything... Alhamdulillah, even if you have been called by Allah, I am very grateful that I was born as your son...' He thought for a while before the sea of flames starting to flood the room.


Another explosion has occurred, makes the panorama become very amazing as you can see a warrior clad in a shining armor carrying a wounded woman.

Boom! Boom!

Wasting no more, he materialized the helmet, fully covering his head. The helmet has V-fins along with a metallic mouthplate with a pair of green LED eyes. The eyes lit up as he faces upwards to fire the 10 to 15-meter tall ceiling with his beam Vulcans in full output. While firing the Vulcans, he started the thrusters to fly towards the ceiling.

As he got near to the top, he could see that the ceiling was melting because of the beam Vulcans barrage.

He keeps firing until he was very close to it while positioning his mother to his left hand as she leans on his chest. When he is close enough, he stopped firing before summoning the half-shield at his right hand for ramming the ceiling.


He passed it.

As he flies towards the sky, he could see that it is nighttime. He was glancing back at the burning lab in the middle of the forest for a moment before landing near a tree, putting his mother under it.

His helmet radar detecting 3 figures on it as a 'WARNING' screen as another screen popped up, showing 2 figures piloting an unknown IS along with the other IS that his mother successfully developed which is stolen, hovering above the lab.

Detecting his presence, the 2 unknown IS was charging at him while the stolen one is fleeing.

Seeing the situation in front of him, the 9-year-old Aqilai grabs his shield to wielding it left-handed while summoning his beam gun on his right hand.

'Umi, Abi...' He thought as he glanced his mom for a moment before dashing towards his enemy while saying bismillah

'I'm going!'


(Start Power Resonance OST from Gundam Build Fighters)

Dashing towards the enemy, his system could recognize the IS as it is listed as a Valkrie A type IS, with a red paint job.

If he still remembers his mother's lesson about many types of IS, both of them have at least 700 shield points.

The IS-es has a pair of shields containing 6-tube missile pods on it, a pair of high output beam rifles in their hands, along with a pair sword of swords on their hips.

Aqilai knew that they are skilled pilots, but that doesn't scare him at all. Because this fight felt nothing to him than the hellish arcade pod game her mother made for could he say that? Because his mother gives the game a 'HELLMODE' system level from the start till the end, it was a nightmare but definitely enjoyable. He still remembers the 99-streak losses at the first stage, although after he succeeded in the first stage he only needs 3-9 times loses until he could fight the final boss. Which surprisingly, he could defeat it on the first try.

Besides that, he was trained by his father when he was five until eight, and he attended one of the silat's clubs at his school.

"Alpha-01, the enemy IS is closing in!" One of the Valkrie pilots exclaimed as she charged the rifle "Open fire!"

"Copy that Alpha-02!"

Both of them fired their beam rifles, shooting Aqilai without mercy.

Aqilai immedeatly barrel rolling to his right side repeatedly while slowly changing it into an extreme maneuver from time to time to close their distance.

'Ugh! I used to do this maneuvers at the game, but my current body can't handle the G-force for too long!' Aqilai thought while dodging the beams 'I need to tone it down a bit!'

Seeing their enemy insane maneuvers, they were quite surprised.

Regaining their focus, they immediately change their strategy.

Alpha-01 Valkryie dematerialized her beam rifles, exchanging it by dual-wielding her swords to get in close-quarter combat fight while Alpha-02 fly to the side as she launched all of her shield missiles and giving some cover beam shots as support.

Aqilai kept dodging the beams while keep moving forward to engage combat with Alpha-01.

When Alpha-01 is very close with Aqilai, Aqilai immedeatly throws his shield at her like Captain Amerika.


Alpha-01 was caught off guard by the sudden movement. Not having much time to evade, the shield successfully hitting her face, hard.

At this exact moment, Aqilai used it to close the distance between them. When the shield dematerialized mid-air, Aqilai started to deliver a series of punch on her abdomen, an uppercut using his opened right palm, and ending it by grabbing her IS arms with of his hands before crushing it. Which made her release the sword.


Knowing this, Alpha-02 immedeatly gave Aqilai another barrage of beam shots to cover her friend.

Not out of wit, Aqilai immedeatly grab his enemy armor chest with his right hand, pulling her right arm with his left to spun her a little for covering himself from the shots.



Them he cracks her arm, leaving a big cracking sound.



Seeing this, Alpha-02 stop gave some cover. Felt guilty for accidently shot her ally.

[Alpha-01 Valkrie A shield points: 700–595]

Normally, such moves would be hard to execute due to Aqilai's small figure, but his IS made it possible since it is one of the new types of IS his mother has created.

His screen suddenly popped up, showing a 'CAUTION' sign that behind him a lot of missiles have locked on him.

Out of reflex, he immediately tosses his grabbed enemy into his back.

"Gah! That hurts you bitc—"


She collided with it, creating an explosion.

[Alpha-01Valkrie A shield points: 595-372]

Alpha-02 was shocked by this development, seeing her friend being thrown towards the storm of missiles was very unexpected.

Not wasting her chance, she immedeatly aims Aqilai.

'Got you!'

But before she could shoot it, the smoke is covering Aqilai which surprised her.

'What!? This chick is very lucky. Or does she expecting me to shoot her after finished beating my friend? Which is why she let the distance between the missiles and Alpha-01 too close in the first place?' She was thinking for a while before aiming her rifles 'y' know what, screw it.'

Aqilai has stopped moving for a while as he is covered by the smoke.

"It seems that was a good idea to let her and the missiles came too close," he says before surprised to see a green beam came from his side, barely misses him.

Surprised, he immedeatly summons his half-shield left-handed before a second shot hit him on the shield. It still felt quite painfully.

[Aqilai IS shield points: 350–305]

'Such high firepower! Even when I use my shield to block it, it could give a lot amount of damage... I need to finish this quick!'

And with that, he used the smoke to cover himself. Letting his opponent fire another time, with the help of the system installed on his IS, he could use the trajectory of the shot to locate her position.

'Let's see...' He thought as he summoned his beam gun while evading the third shot, using his IS systems to track his enemy

"Over there!"

Then he starts to fire a volley of pinkish beam shots from his gun and Vulcans as he came charging at her.

Surprisingly, the volley of shots could hit both of Alpha-02 beam rifles. Seeing this, she immedeatly throw them before it explodes to avoid bigger damage as she materializes both of her shield to defend.


[Alpha-02 Valkrie A shield points: 700–680]

When she stops covering herself, her IS was sending an alarm to alert her. But it was all in vain because she was greeted by a kick from Aqilai, creating another distance between them.

Grunted, the Valkrie pilot quickly retaliated by summoning then throwing a sword, hitting Aqilai's face.

[Aqilai IS shield points: 305–280]

Aqilai head started to bleed a little, but he ignored the pain as he immediately took both of his beam sabers from the back, dashing her to execute a fast omnislash.

Closing her eyes, Alpha-02 immedeatly summons her other sword on her right hand, positioning it at her side as if she was putting her sword in a katana scabbard.

Seeing this, Aqilai kept dashing to the front while slowly altering the thruster trajectory a bit from a straight line to a little right as he could.

After that, Alpha-02 delivered a quick horizontal slash only to miss the tip of Aqilai's head.


Seeing his enemy shocked, he immediately gave her a double slash at her left side, which made her scream.

Then he comes back to give another slash at her again, again, again, and again. This action was repeated 13 times, resulting in 26 combos since he used 2 swords.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

And he ends it with a spiral kick, knocking her out cold as she falls to the ground, creating a huge crater and smoke.

[Alpha-02 Valkrie A shield points: 680–0]

And since his enemy shield has reached zero, she couldn't fight anymore.

Aqilai was pretty exhausted, mentally. He didn't know that fighting in a life and death situation could be this exhausting.

Relaxing a bit, he looked at the big hole that he made "Well, only one le—" only to prove that it was his biggest mistake since he had taken 2 hits from green beams, which one of it took down the thrusters.

Boom! Boom!

Alpha-01 showed up from above while holding her beam rifle left-handed.

"Surprised huh you little shit!" Alpha-01 shouted, her IS damaged quite badly.

Her shoulders were busted, her left arm is paralyzed, and the thrusters are barely functioning.

She then gave another storm of beam shots "this is for my friend!"

"Ackh!" He screamed.

Aqilai slowly falling down to the ground, but he keeps trying to balancing his IS while evading the shots with its thrusters.

Although some still hit him.

As he landed, hard rough. A smoke formes around him.

[Aqilai IS shield points: 280–119]

"HAHA! Finally, die you annoying cockroach!"And then she summoned both of her shields while ignoring her paralyzed right hand. She gave him a barrage of all of her missiles along with her beam rifle shots.

Blaar! Blaar! Blaar! Boom!

Seeing that the target doesn't give a response, she dematerializes all of her weapons, concluding her victory.

She started to rambling some random things after the fierce fight "Okay then, time to pick–OW!... Alpha-02... yeah..." as she rubbed her right hand a little because of the earlier action," and stole that goddamn chibi IS. Sheesh, I never thought that the Indonesians IS engineers would make such an unorthodox IS." Sighing for a moment before continuing " though I got to admit, the cockroach is really fast and very skilled despite the small size of the IS..."

Suddenly, her screen pops up to show the condition of her enemy. And surprisingly, her enemy raised its shield to defend himself from the barrage.

Although it looked like the IS didn't suffer a significant amount of damage.

"Wait, how!? I am sure that those attacks will end him for good. How is she still alive!?"

Let's rewind it a little, shall we?

Several seconds ago, when Aqilai crashed to the ground. His IS screen gives him a 'DANGER' notice, meaning that his enemy must be giving all of her volley of shots.

He remembers that this woman hasn't used its missiles at that time, which means that she will use it now due to his vulnerable state.

As much as he wanted to dodge to the side, his left leg is stuck to the ground. Knowing that he didn't have any option left, he reluctantly summons his shield to defend himself.

But suddenly, his IS suddenly glowing a bit for a moment. After it died, his IS has changed its color. And has a little bigger size than before.

His IS now is no longer colorless. It's chest mostly has a black-greyish color with the exception of the lower torso which is red, the rear front ventilation part and rear top armor which is yellow, and clear green triangle gem in reverse position under the rear armor.

The front skirt armor has a combination of red in the middle and yellow on its sides. Its upper hips have black-greyish color while the lower hips are pure white. It has white color from the shoulders till it's arms, with the exception of the hands being gray colored. His head and V-antenna is white-colored, although it has a big red gem between the antenna. And the last but not the least is that the beam sabers handlers at his back and his shield has changed from pure gray into white, although the shields only had it sides that changed colors.

This is Aqilai's IS First shift, which means that the IS has fully synchronized with him, resulting in the previous changes of the IS.

After that, his rear shield is extended, revealing a hidden gimmick that produces clear blue particles as it formed into a big flat circle in the shield, covering the whole front of his body.

And with that, all of the shooting barrages didn't hurt Aqilai at all.

3 seconds after the barrage, the shield has changed to its normal form.

'It's time to finish this fight! But first...'

After that, Aqilai fires his Vulcans at the remaining IS while running towards her.

She dodges the attack, but a scratch of the beams still hits her.

[Alpha-01Valkrie A shield points: 472-470]

'Tchh, Only if my other hand is not paralyzed!'

Seeing his enemy sluggish movement, he materialized his beam gun to provide more force.

Even if they mostly miss, it's enough.

Because he gonna give her another shield throw, Captain Amerika(or Indonesia I guess?) Style.

With that, he summons the shield on his left hand. Activating the secret gimmick which makes the same flat circle field like before, albeit its size is much smaller than before like any normal small shield.

Then he throws the shield while giving 2 seconds of interval before gave 3 shots with his beam gun at it, full output.

'Please work!'

"THE SAME TRICK WON'T WORK TWICE!" she shouts as she summons her beam rifle left-handed.

Then she fired.

Before the shot hit the beam, one of Aqilai's early shots hit the flat part of the shield first, which made it bounced off the shield that made the shield changes its trajectory even further before Aqilai's shot hitting the enemy beam, dispersing it.


Her face couldn't hide the surprise expression seeing her beam was dispersed by such weird method.

Which made her fail to realize that the shield has passed her left side in a big rotation before strucking her thrusters.


And without the thrusters to keep her fly, she started to falling down to the ground in upside-down.

Alpha-01 then summon one of her shields left-handed, shielding her head to reduce the damage when she hit the ground.

Aqilai then put much more strength on his legs to run towards the enemy with both of his beam sabers on his hands

When Alpha-01 see Aqilai sprint very fast, she reflexly put the shield in front of her abdomen horizontally.

Although her shoulders don't get covered.

After Aqilai got close to her, as she is still several centimeters above the ground. He quickly stabbed his beam sabers, one on her right shoulder and the other one on the left-wing binder.

Which occurs a big explosion.


Then we could see that Alpha-01 thrown to the side.

[Alpha-01Valkrie A shield points: 372-0]

(End of Power Resonance OST)

Aqilai has won the fight.

"Haah... Haah..."

His breath is getting heavier from time to time, exhausted from the fight. Especially the mental stress.

He just lost his mom, received an IS as his memento, and he forced to fight to survive, which a normal boy shouldn't experience.

'Ugh... My head... Hurts...'

And then he passed out.


"Hnggg... Uh..."

'Huh... A dream?'

An 18-year-old boy with spiky black hair opened his sleepy brownish eyes.

Groaning, he positioned his body in a more comfortable posture on the chair.

Currently, he is wearing a plain red hoodie jacket with dark-green cargo pants and a pair of black shoes.

He looked at his big white wristwatch with black stripes along with a reverse triangle clear green-gem glass on it.

It shows that it is 05:15 A.M

Ah, it has reached shubuh.

It's time to do shubuh prayer.

Now he needs to go to the toilet on the plane to take wudhu.

With that, he gets up and went to the toilet.

'Now that I think about it, that dream was very detailed, considering that I will study at Infinite Stratos Academy...'

As he is on the way towards the toiled, he could hear that the pilot's crew were announcing something.

[Attention to all passengers. We will arrive in Japan for approximately 2 hours. I hope that everyone will enjoy the rest of the flight.]

And with that, Aqilai will enjoy the rest of the trip by sleeping on the plane after he finishes his prayer.

Regarding his past, he still remembers that day clearly, the day where he lost his parents, the day where he must become an IS pilot.

And now...

He wants to become a better person than his parents.


He is a Muslim and the very first Gundam type IS male pilot in the world.

This is the story of a young man who wants to learn more about Islam, along with Infinite Stratos. Where he struggles to achieve his dream and the secrets of IS while overcoming the trials in his life.

This is his story...

The story of Aqilaikrom Haribawa Rafino.



To be continued


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