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[Speak through communication]

[IS Shield Points]




(Start Seiho Gakuen Gunpla Battle Bu OST from Gundam Build Fighters Try)

"Ha... Finally, I arrived in Japan.."

Aqilai, who just exited the Tokyo airport with his hoodie covered his head and a black sunglasses that covered his eyes immedeatly stretches his body.

"Ah yes! Riding the plane for 7 hours and a half straight is very tiresome..." He said as he put his backpack on his back while dragging his black suitcase with his left hand.

"Okay, time to search for a taxi..."

With that, he started to look around the airport to find an empty cab.

And then he found it.


Yep, he started yelling as he swaying his right hand so that the driver could see him.

Seeing that Aqilai is waving his hand, the driver immedeatly took notice of it.

"Ah, kokyaku-sama. Where do you want to go?" The Japanese driver asked him?

Hearing the question, he immediately tells him that he wanted to go to IS Academy, "Umm, I wanted to go to the Infinite Stratos Acadamy sir."

The driver pondered a bit before remembering the recent news, "IS Academy... Don't tell me are you!?—"

Before things went out of control, Aqilai immedeatly put his index finger in front of his mouth to cut him off, "Shhh... Yes, I am."

The driver just nodded as a response.

"Please sir, I don't want to attract any... Unnecessary attention." He said in a pleading tone before grinning widely "After all, I can't be late on my first day at school"

Hearing the answer the driver just laughed it off, "Ahaha, I definitely don't want to experience that too when I was young." He said as he gesturing Aqilai to sit in the cab, "Come, I'll take you there."

Smiling, Aqilai thanked the taxi driver "Thank you, sir."

"You're welcome"

Thus begin his school life in Japan.

'Hmm, looks like I will enjoying my stay at here for the next 3 years'

(End Seiho Gakuen Gunpla Battle Bu OST)


During the trip, Aqilai and the driver discussed many things. Sometimes Aqilai would ask about the Japanese culture and the driver would ask him about Indonesia's culture.

The mood becomes even more enjoyable when they discussed the IS Academy, especially when Aqilai said that "It'll be a living hell if the girls always stalk me for the rest 3 years," which made the old man laugh quite hard.

The topic changes again about the driver's life in Japan, like how much the payment that he always gets from being a Taxi driver, what does he need to get employed as a driver, how does a worker live his life in Japan, etc...

During this topic, Aqilai noticed that the driver's tone changed a little. Which made the mood a little bad.

He knows that he almost steps a bomb during this conversation.

When the driver finished talking, Aqilai quickly takes this chance to brighten up the mood by asking him where does he live. And follow it up by what kind of cultures that area had.

He was glad that he was able to change the sour mood.

Truly what a fun chat, although it would end as soon as they arrive at a district that would lead to the IS Academy.

"Yosh, we have arrived!" He said as the Cab brakes.

Before getting out, Aqilai ask's him which route should he pick to find the monorail that'll lead to the IS Academy.

The Driver said that he only need to walk past the shopping district before getting into the monorail station.

"Okay sir, Arigatou gozaimasu," Aqilai said while handing him the fee.

The drive took the money, as he put a smile on his face "Doitashimashite kokyaku-sama, I hope you enjoy your stay in Japan!"

"I will Sir!"

Before Aqilai could get off from the cab, the driver suddenly grabs his shoulder.

"Kokyaku-sama you forgot the change," The driver said in an uncomfortable tone.

Why? Because Aqilai gave the money a little too much, and the driver doesn't have the change.

Aqilai turned his head to look at his face with his carefree attitude, "It's okay sir, just take it as your tip for giving me a joyful trip."

Hearing the boy reply, the driver let go of his hand.

Looking back at the money, the driver still felt uneasy hearing his reply, "But Kokyaku— eh, Where did he go?"

When the driver looked back to see Aqilai, he's already gone.

The driver immediately got out of his cab to search for Aqilai if he is still around.

Unfortunately, there is no sign of his trace left.

Giving up, he decided to accept it.

Then the driver took another glimpse at the money before he started to tear up a bit.

"Kokyaku-sama... Arigatou, hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu..."


"I hope he's happy with it, " Aqilai said while sitting on the chair.

20 minutes have passed from that event.

Right now Aqilai is in the tram, sitting on a chair near the window without his sunglasses and hoodie covered his head.

Near the mirror, he could see the beautiful ocean around him.

'Woah... It's been very long since the last time I saw this scene...'

As he waited for the train to arrive at the Academy, he decided to pick his android. Messaging his grandmother to tell that he has arrived in Japan.

[Assalamualaikum Omah, alhamdulillah Aqilai Sudah sampai di Jepang hehe..]/Assalamualaikum Grandma, alhamdulillah Aqilai has arrived in Japan hehe...

[Sekarang Aqilai sedang naik kereta listrik, sebentar lagi sampai sekolahnya ;)]/Right now Aqilai is riding an electric train, almost reached the school ;)

After a minute, there is a reply from his grandma.

[Waalaikumsalam sayang, alhamdulillah :) ]/Waalaikumsalam dear, alhamdulilllah :)

[Hati-hati, di sekolah kamu itu pergaulannya luas, jadi kamu harus lebih waspada terhadap teman yang akan kamu pilih]/Becareful, your school has a wide society, so you need to be more conscious about the friends that you'll choose.

[Siap 86 mah]/Ready 86 grandma.

[Jangan lupa selalu jaga kondisi Aqilai :D, Omah akan selalu mendo'akan Aqilai untuk selalu dalam perlindungan Allah SWT]/Don't forgot to always take care of your health Aqilai :D, Grandma will always pray so that Aqilai will be always in Allah SWT care.

[Aamiin, Arigatou gozaimasu do'anya Omah :3] /Aamiin, thank you very much for the dua grandma :3

When Aqilai uses the Japanese language to reply to the message, his grandma Javanese language blurted out of nowhere.

[Ojo make basa Jepang to nak, Omah ora paham —_—]/Please don't use Japanese language dear, Omah couldn't understand it —_—

[Yen basa Inggris rapopo, iki Omah esek iso paham...]/But if it's English, then Omah would still be able to understand it...

[Wkwkwk, inggih mah inggihh]/Wkwkwk, okay grandma okay.

Suddenly, the train speakers noticed the passengers that it will arrive at IS Academy in 5 minutes.

[Yauwis, iki Aqilai pamit dulu. mangkemaneh aku arep tekan sekolahan e. Assalamualaikum Omah]/Okay then, Aqilai will ask to leave for a while. In a minute I will arrive at the school. Assalamualaikum grandma.

[Waalaikumsalam, ati-ati]/Waalaikumsaalam, be careful.

Turning off the android, Aqilai prepared himself as the train stopped before he went out of the train.

When he got out, he saw a beautiful long black-haired woman with clear brown eyes is waiting for him. She is wearing a white worker shirt under a black suit with a black formal skirt, black stocking, and black high heels. It seems that she is in her middle twenties.

Aqilai knew who is this person, she is Orimura Chifuyu. The champion of the Mondo Grosso tournament who only used 1 sword to defeat her enemies, which gives her the nickname Brunhilde.

Sadly, she suddenly fortified at the 2nd Mondo Grosso tournament for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, it didn't reduce his admiration for her as the first generation IS user and champion.

Then the black-haired woman greeted with stern eyes while analyzing him.

"So you must be Aqilai, the full representative from Indonesia and the youngest IS researcher of the Makmur Enterprise I presume?" She said in a stern and unsurprising tone, "Welcome to IS Academy, my name is Orimura Chifuyu and I will become your homeroom teacher."

"Yes Orimura sensei," He said in a serious tone, "I am Aqilaikram Haribawa Rafino, it is a pleasure to meet you." after that he bowed.

Seeing his response, she only gave him a nod.

"Now follow me," she then starts to walk from the station, leading him towards the school.

Knowing the signal, Aqilai stopped bowing and followed her from behind.

"From now on you will live, eat, sleep, study, and socialize here for the next three years. You even may be asked to spar with the instructors or your fellow students, therefore I suggest you keep training and studying hard to not fall behind," a moment passed before she tilted her head a little to see Aqilai in the face, "Am I understood?"

"Yes, Orimura-sensei!" Aqilai replied with a serious expression and raising his volume a little.

"Good, now since you haven't done the entrance match we will hold it now in the practice stadium where you will be put up against one of our instructors, any questions?"

Hearing this, Aqilai takes the initiative to ask regarding his religion.

"Actually sensei, can I ask something out of the topic?" He asked with concern.

"As long as it's regarding the Academy, then go ahead," Chifuyu said while keep walking.

"Yes Sensei, actually is there any mosque/prayer area in IS Academy?" Aqilai said before continuing, "You see, I am actually a Muslim sensei, so every day I must do prayers 5 times a day and do Friday prayer at the mosque every week. I am sorry if my religion will sometime interrupt your lessons, but can I ask for leniency?"

Chifuyu then answered his question in a commanding voice, "If it's about that then rest assured, the school may not have any mosque but we have agreed to let the students do any of their prayers from their respective faith." Then she said some unexpected info, "You are not the only Muslim in the school."

Hearing that, Aqilai couldn't help but felt really delighted, "Thank you for the info Orimura sensei." He thanked the Brunhilde.

"You're welcome, is there anything else?" She asked with a stern but assuring tone.

"Actually... Is it okay for me to use my personal IS suit? It's a prototype from the company before it's ready to sold." Aqilai asked sheepishly.

"Yes, you may."

"Once again, thank you very much Orimura Sensei."

With that, the two of them walked in silence for the rest of the tour.

'As much as I want to strike a conversation, it seems that she isn't a very talkative person... Gotta remember that' Aqilai mentally noted to himself.

This makes Aqilai quite anxious because the tour is really long before they reached the stadium, he couldn't strike a conversation without any clear topic to discuss.

And thankfully, they finally arrived at the practice stadium. The two of them got inside as they walked through the hallway and stopped at a room with the sign changing room in hiragana.

Chifuyu then turns around to face Aqilai with her arms crossed "Aqilai, your uniform and pilot suit are in the lockers, although you may not need the pilot suit since you already have your own." She sighed a bit before reminding him, "Don't take too long because you will have homeroom with me after this is over."

"Understood Orimura Sensei."

After Aqilai replied to her, he immedeatly went into the locker to change himself with his personal pilot suit.

When he's in the room, he is dumbfounded at how spacious it is. Deciding not to stay too long, he searched for his locker. When he found his locker with his name on it, although it's in katakana, he immediately opened it.

Inside it, he could see that there is his male uniform and the normal IS suit.

'Sorry suit, but you are not my type.'

Then he opened his backpack to pick his personal IS suit.

For starters, the suit looked like a spacesuit from sci-fi action movies, which is a full bodysuit. Its base color is black with red trims, some armor parts on the chest along with a backpack that has a parachute function.

But one thing for sure, his suit is not tight, unlike the normal IS suit.

After he finished changing, he put his bag and his black suitcase inside his locker, which is surprisingly quite spacious considering his suitcase is big.

Finished, he immedeatly went out to meet the waiting teacher.

Chifuyu noticed the difference between the pilot suit with the regular ones but kept quiet about it.

"Let's go to the arena sensei."

Nodding, Chifuyu guided him to the arena where he will take his exam.

It only takes several minutes before they arrived at the launching area. Chifuyu told Aqilai to get prepared because his opponent is already waiting for him in the arena.

When Chifuyu left him on his own as she heads to the observation room.

'Okay, let's do this partner!'

Raising his left hand to the air, his white wristwatch glowed as light covered his body.

When the light has dimmed, Aqilai's body is donned in a white exoskeleton mecha, with his helmet covering his head. But unlike the first time he activated his IS, right now it has a blue jet with some sort of shield above it and a rail beam under the jet cockpit, this is the Earth Armor.

Aqilai then put the earth armor on the hangar launch area before he sits above it.

Looking at it, Chifuyu was shocked to see that his IS design is very... Unnatural.

She knows it since she has read the basic information of his IS, but looking it with her own eyes... It felt very different. The fact that the IS itself has a smaller size than a normal IS and carries a support jet is... extremely abnormal.

Thinking about it Chifuyu looked at the IS with calculating gaze, 'Core Gundam... Indonesia's newest exclusive IS as reference for its new mass-produced models, huh? I know that IS are always defected, but this is taking it to another level.' she thought while sitting in the observation room, 'also the fact that he could react to an IS was revealed two days after my brother is... Very unsettling...'

Shaking her head, she reached the microphone in front of her.

[Now here are the requirements, you have to either defeat the instructor by draining their shield points to zero or last against her for 7 minutes, do you understand Rafino?]

[Yes, I am Sensei.]

[Alright, now launch!]

With that signal, Aqilai positioned himself.

[Aqilaikrom Haribawa Rafino, Core Gundam and Earth Armor Launching!]

Then he propelled himself to meet his opponent.

'... That was unexpected,' Chifuyu thought to herself, amused.

After Aqilai takes off to the arena, She picked up a brown envelope document that had the label Classified.

Opening it, she took one of the papers that Contain Core Gundam specifications.

Name: Core Gundam

Model No: PFF-X7

Classification: Custom Prototype All-Rounder Personal IS

Power Plant: 2x IS Core no.469 no.468 with 1x Diver Crystal Reactor.

Armor: G-Alloy

Armaments: 2x Beam Vulcan, Core Spray Gun, 2x Core saber, Core Shield, 2x Core Golok, Beam-Area Generator, Core Anchor/Whip.

One-Off Ability: Unknown

Special Equipment Features: PLANETS System, G.U.N.D.A.M System, Earth Armor, Venus Armor, Mars Armor, Mercury Armor, Jupiter Armor, Uranus Armor, Saturnix Armor, Heat resistance film.

No matter how many times Orimura Chifuyu read it, it felt very unbelievable. First of all, the IS specs are off the normal charts. Not only that, but an IS with 2 cores that were not created among the 467 IS cores by Tabane? Also Diver Crytal Drive? She didn't understand any of that. If she doesn't have the fact that she owes a favor to her friend in Indonesia, she would've interrogated him about many things.

'What are you planning muscle-brain? If your damn scheme threatens the Academy especially my brother, I will make sure to make you regret it.'

(Start The Crimson Comet Three Times the Passion of Ordinar OST from Gundam Build Fighters)

Flying to the arena Aqilai saw his opponent uses a green colored Rafale Revive, a second-generation mass-produced IS from France.

Both of them met in the middle of the arena while floating several feet away from the ground.

The instructor noticed him then asked, "Are you ready?" While ignoring the fact that her foe IS is smaller than a normal IS.

Her answer is a nod from Aqilai as he materialized his core-shield left-handed and core spray gun right-handed.

"Good, now let's begin," she says as she summoned her sniper rifle and give a shot to Aqilai.

With his reflexes, Aqilai quickly shoots the bullets 3 times with his core spray gun, one of his beams erased it as it hit the shocked instructed who shielded herself with her left arm.

Clang! Dar! Dar!

[Ravale Revive shield points: 650–613]

'He erased the bullet—' "—By clashing it with his beam bullet!" The instructor and Chifuyu thought/says at the same time.

Aqilai then dashed forward hovering the Earth Armor while changing his gun with his core saber.

'It's fast!'

As Aqilai dashed to her, she fired another volley of shots from her sniper rifle, only to be sliced by Aqilai Core Saber.

Frustrated, the teacher distanced herself from him while materializing her Smg P90 on the other hand to keep their distance.

She kept firing with both of her weapons at him even though it'll be either to be sliced or dodged.

'This boy is no amateur... I need to get serious.'

Then she decided to speed up to him while shooting so that he wouldn't be able to dodge to the side.

As they close in, Aqilai who was only either slicing or dodging her attacks suddenly jumped from the Earth Armor to the sky while whirling to the front and changed to the side several times.

The teacher was surprised for a moment but she quickly aimed at him with her sniper rifle.


But it misses the target, hence the reason why Aqilai kept spinning in the air.

'Seriously, this is why I hate doing this kind of work.'

Too absorbed in her own world, she forgot the Earth Armor existence.

Aqilai, still spinning in the air immedeatly sent a mental signal to Earth Armor to ram the opponent while charging the rifle in full output to compensate the time-lag with the length between them.

Then the Earth Armor does what it has been ordered.

As the instructor shoot at Aqilai, her screen suddenly popped up a 'WARNING' sign as she looked to her side only to get rammed by Earth Armor.


"Guhk!" She cried out of pain.

[Ravale Revive shield points: 613—597]

Still being dragged by the Earth Armor, she swapped out her ranged weapons with the combat knives. Before she could thrust the knives, the Earth Armor shot the beams since it has finished charging, throwing her to the ground.



[Ravale Revive shield points: 597—350]

She got slammed to the ground as the smoke is formed around the hurted instructor.

When she was about to move, another volley of pinkish beam is coming from the sky. Thanks to her IS warning, she could dodge it in time to the left.

When she comes out from the smoke, Aqilai already waited for her from outside, dual-wielding his beam sabers. Surprised, she quickly summoned her sniper rifle but immedeatly got slashed by Aqilai's sword and got kicked in the abdomen. Creating another distance between them.

"It's over sensei," then Aqilai dashed to her, with both of his swords on his side.

Out of reflex, the teacher summoned her Smg P90 aimed at Aqilai while he just dodges to the side in a zig-zag pattern while sometimes lowers his body or jumping to the air with the help his thrusters.

'Why I can't hit him!?'

When Aqilai has gotten close to her, he fires his beam Vulcans. Hitting and destroying the P90.

She throws the destroyed P90 to Aqilai while he just sidestepped to his left.

Deciding to wrap this up, Aqilai increased his thrusters to dash at his opponent. His opponent summoned her combat knife on her right as she thrust it at him, but immedeatly got tossed away as he overpowered It with his right blade horizontal slash from his bottom left to his upper right side, giving a clean cut on her opponent shoulder left shoulder.

She then summoned her other knife on her left but also had the same fate as the other knife, also giving her another clean cut on her right shoulder.

And as the last move, he cut both of the shield wing binders from above to the bottom with both of his Core Sabers.

[Ravale Revive shield points: 350—0]

Then both of the binders to the ground.

(End The Crimson Comet Three Times the Passion of Ordinar OST)

"Alright, it's my loss." The instructor said as she raised both of her hands.

Getting out from Rafale Revive cockpit, the instructor comes to greet Aqilai.

"That was a nice fight, although I was obliterated by you..." She murmured the last part while walking to him.

Hearing the last part, Aqilai felt that he went a little too much, "I'm sorry if I went... Overboard, haha..."

"It's okay, maybe I really need to practice again." She waved her right hand while putting her left on the side "My skills have gotten rusty."

Aqilai just laughed it off with his goofy smile while sweat dropping.

Then Chifuyu suddenly cut their conversation with the coms.

[I expect nothing less from a full representative, now go change your uniform. You have a class to attend.]

[Yes Orimura Sensei.]

'Finally, the exam is over. I hope things will progress smoothly for the rest of the day...'

When Chifuyu cut the coms, she couldn't help but chuckle a bit after seeing his piloting skills, those tactics, his fighting style... Now everything makes sense why that Muscle-Brain won't give her any excuse when he asked for her assistance, and to keep quiet about this boy IS specs from any government.

"Goddamn it... You have given me another troublesome brat to take care of teach."


After the exam, Aqilai immedeatly went back to the launching area before excusing himself to Chifuyu to get changed into his school male uniform.

After he finished changing, he is guided by Chifuyu to class 1-1.

When he arrived in front of the class, Chifuyu told him to wait at the outside for a while until she called him to walk in.

After acknowledging her orders, she went into the classroom first. Several seconds after she left, he could hear that the class suddenly went into chaos as the girls were shouting some lines that are either admiring or worshipping the Brunhilde.

'I take it back what I said earlier in the arena, today will be a... VERY eventful day' he thought as he covered his ears from the girls outburst, it was really painful.

Then he could hear the girls were gossiping and mumbling something, so he decided to close his eyes and focused his hearing senses to the max.

"Hey, did you hear that?"

"We will get another male in our class!"

"Oh my gosh, we already have Orimura-kun in here but having another one assigned to our class would be very blissful!"

"Ah, I hope he is the cool type guy who is easy to get along with."

That doesn't sit well with Aqilai, should he stop his kind and carefree attitude while attending this academy? Because he really considering it.

"Shut up you Idiots! If you have that much energy then try to study harder about the IS!"

Or not. That seems to be Orimura sensei, thank you Allah for making her his homeroom teacher.

"It seems no matter how many years have passed, only idiots would only list up to this school... Rafino, you may come in."

'That's my cue, okay you got this Aqilai...' He walked to the class as he scanned it.

When he looked around the class, he noticed that there is another teacher with short green hair who wears glasses.

Not only that, but he also notices most of his classmates are females, well except for one, a boy with black hair and brownish eyes just like him. His name is Orimura Ichika, the first official male IS pilot and the younger brother of Orimura Chiyufu

And right now he is crying while putting up his hands in front of him while muttering something about no longer being the only male in the school.

Then Aqilai stops walking as he faced toward his new friends to introduce himself, confident and politely.

"Konnichiwa minna-san, my name is Aqilaikrom Haribawa Rafino. If you find my name is quite mouthful, you can just call me Aqilai since I am much more used to it." He paused before continuing, "I just arrived in Japan this morning so please go easy on me." Then he bowed, "I hope that everyone will take care of me for the next three years."



To be Continued


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