(Zoey and her friends wake up)

"Happy birthday Zoey." Lola said.

"Happy birthday." Quinn said.

"Thanks you guys." Zoey said.

(The gang goes to the hall)

"There's the birthday girl." Michael said.

"Happy birthday Zoes." Chase said.

"Happy birthday." Logan said.

"Happy birthday big sis." Dustin said.

"Thank you guys." Zoey said.

(Just then Dean Rivers walks in)

"Zoey Brooks is it really your birthday?" Dean asked.

"Yes Dean." Zoey said.

"Well happy birthday." Dean said.

"Okay it's all set up." Coco said.

"What's all set up?" Zoey asked.

"We set up a party for you." Lola said.

"Aw you guys." Zoey said.

"Hey why's there a piano?" Chase asked.

"Dustin is going to play it." Quinn said.

"You know how to play a piano?" Michael asked.

"Yes." Dustin said.

"Our parents gave him piano recites." Zoey said.

"That was nice of them." Coco said.

"You better play well or else I'll give you detention." Dean said.

"You're really going to give me detention if I play bad?" Dustin said.

"I'm just messing with you." Dean said.

(Dustin changes his clothes. He is wearing a black shirt, blue shorts, black shoes and socks)

"Dustin how did you change your clothes so fast?" Lola asked.

"We can worry about that later. Let's get this party started." Logan said.

(The party starts)

"Happy birthday to the best roommate ever." Lola said.

"Zoey you helped me stop snoring and I wanted to thank you for that. Happy birthday you wonderful roommate." Quinn said.

(Dustin starts playing Keyboard Cat on the piano)

"Wow Dustin is good." Coco said.

"What's he playing?" Logan asked.

"Uh a piano." Chase said.

"He meant what song." Michael said.

"Keyboard Cat. It's something I listened to off SplashFace." Dustin said.

"Are there any lyrics?" Dean asked.

"Uh no it's just a video of a cat playing a piano so I decided to see if I could play it like him. Or her." Dustin said.

"Have you been playing that a lot in your dorm?" Lola asked.

"Yes I have. I've been training to see if I could play it like that cat." Dustin said.

"You're playing it very well." Michael said.

"Yeah. You should play it for the talent show." Quinn said.

"Really?" Dustin said.

"Yeah you should." Coco said.

"Okay everyone 1 2 3." Chase said.

(They start singing happy birthday)

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Zoey. Happy birthday to you. And many more." Everyone sang.

"Thanks guys. This has been the best birthday ever." Zoey said.