I'M BAAAACK~! So I got writing motivation again, and just generally felt bad for the people who actually await updates of this story, so I forced myself to write. But anyway, here's a short chapter. It's short, but basically another Frisk breakdown (If you haven't noticed, I enjoy making characters break down a biiit too much). Enjoy!

Words and events swirled in front of me. I was floating, floating in a black void. I looked around and tried to make out what was happening around me. As I turned, I heard something. I whipped around to see who it was… no one was there. I frantically looked about to see where the sound was coming from, before pausing briefly to try and make out the words. Then suddenly... it all came back to me.


"That's a wonderful idea!"

"If you think I'm going to give up on hope, you're wrong!"

"do you wanna have a bad time?"

"Do… Do you really hate me that much...?"

"I guess you… don't want to join my Fanclub?"


I recognized those words, all of them… yet I couldn't place where they were from? They sounded so familiar like I'd heard them thousands of times before. As I tried to place them, the images in front of me slowly came into focus. It was me… With various weapons… Killing Monsters… With a smile on my face.

I gasped as everything came rushing back... everything… everything I had done.

I collapsed. Something compelled me to look up, so I did.

There was a memory in front of me… a very recent one.

Papyrus, lying on the ground, Flowey before him, with a twisted grin on his face.

"D I E"

I spectated as I stepped forward and slashed the Toy Knife across Flowey's stem from behind.

His face… his expression... that broken smile, frozen in place… he hadn't expected this. But I still killed him. There were hundreds of other things I could've done at that moment, and thousands of things I should've done instead of what I had. I could've stepped in front of Papyrus when Flowey attacked, I could've landed a non-lethal blow, I could've screamed for Sans' help or anyone's help at all. I could've grabbed Flowey's stem and yanked him out of the ground, I could've… I could've…

But instead, I killed him, with little to no hesitation at all, no regret, no care. I had even ridden on the high for a moment, enjoying it. I enjoyed destroying Flowey. I looked away from the repulsive memory and looked elsewhere. A… word was floating in front of me. I squinted, then reeled back when it came into focus.

LV 3

I scrambled to get away from the sight. I haven't checked my LV since I had killed Flowey.

This… this was it.

I tried to get further away from the whirlwind of memories, images of my past, but it was hopeless. I was getting sucked back in, back into my regret and guilt.

I wanted to get away from it all, to get away from all that I had done, but it was impossible then, it is impossible now, and it will forever be impossible.

I cried out for help. I just wanted a to catch a break… a break from all this… I cried out for help, for someone, anyone, to help.


So I figured out a little update schedule. I'll try to get out an update for at least one of my stories a week. Next to be updated is going to be my Gravity Falls x Undertale fanfic, School of Wonders. Then Underself. Then back around to this. Also, have I mentioned the new cover yet? I drew it myself! Anyway- Thanks for Reading!

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