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When I entered the house, I noticed that it was loved and the person who lived there took good care of it. The walls were yellow, and there was a strange staircase that Mom blocked of with her bulky form as she noticed me looking at it. There was a hallway to the right and the left.

"Welcome to your new home, my child! Let me show you your new room!" She started walking to the right, and I followed. Mom stopped in front of the first door and turned towards it. "This is your room! Feel free to check it out and sleep! It's getting late. Oh! Do I smell something burning? Excuse me!" and she ran off.

When I walked into the room, the first thing I noticed was that it was decorated for the needs of a child or a pre-teen. As soon as I sat down, I realized that I was tired. I lay down and immediately fell asleep.

When I woke up, I saw that Mom had left a slice of a pie. I picked it up and noticed that it smelled like… Butterscotch and cinnamon? Heh. So she couldn't decide. I put the slice of pie in my inventory and walked out of the room.

I decided to leave the stairs alone for now and continued down the hallway the room was in. there were two more rooms, the second one having a sign on it that said 'Room under renovations'. I went into the first of the two rooms and was kind of embarrassed. I had walked into Mom's most private space: her room.

From where I was standing, I noticed a few things. There was a large bed in a corner of the room, and there was a desk to my left that had an open book on it. There was also a pen beside it. A dairy maybe? There was also a bookshelf on the opposite side of the room. I left Mom's bedroom and decided to investigate the hallway to the left of the entrance.

I realized was that it wasn't a hallway, but a living room. Mom was there, sitting in an armchair reading a book that was called '107 facts about snails'. There were more bookshelves and a fireplace with a humongous, warm fire going.

"Hey, Mom!" She looked up from her book and noticed me. "Oh, my child! You're up quite early. Did you notice the piece of pie I left for you?

"Yep, sure did, Mom! I'm saving it for later!"

She laughed a bit. "Good to hear! It's my specialty: butterscotch-cinnamon pie!"

"Sounds delicious, Mom. I'm not that hungry right now, though."

"Oh, it is ok, my child. Do not worry. Is there anything you wanted to ask me?"

I thought for a moment. "Mom, where do the stairs lead?" Suddenly, her expression changed. Mom hastily tried to change the subject. "Would you like to hear an interesting fact about snails, my child? Did you know that sometimes, snails flip their digestive systems as they mature?"

I kept going. For some reason, I was Determined to know where those stairs would lead. "No mom, I want to know where those stairs lead."

She closed her book and got up. "Stay here, my child. I must do something." Mom then rushed towards the stairs.

I tried to follow her, but she was fast for someone her size. I went down the stairs, and there she was, standing there in the middle of the hallway, contemplating her choices.

"Mom, what are you doing? I just want to know where the stairs lead!" Mom saw me and held her head high and spoke. Her voice was a bit melancholy.

"I must do this, my child. I must break the door that is the exit of the ruins. I will not have another child to leave." She then kept going. I ran after her.

"Mom, come back! You don't have to do this!" Mom stopped.

"I am sorry Frisk, but I must. If you leave, you will end up like the rest. Murdered by him. King Asgore Dreemurr. My old husband." She kept going, not looking back.

I kept running, trying to catch up with her. "Mom, I'll be careful! I won't get murdered, even if I leave! I don't even want to leave!" But as I said that last statement, I realized that that was not true. I faltered in my running when that realization came upon me. I love Mom with all my heart, but I knew that… I couldn't stay here, even if I tried. This was bound to happen sooner or later, I would get bored and search for a way out. Might as well get it over with.

Mom noticed that I had paused. She stopped to talk once more. "See? Even you don't believe your own lies. You know you want to leave; they all want to leave. But I am not losing another child!" The goat lady kept going, also Determined, but less than me. I kept running.

Eventually, we reached a small chamber with a humongous door. She stopped in front of it and turned around. "Fine! If you want to leave so badly, the prove yourself! Prove yourself to me that you can survive out there!" The world flashes black and white, and a Fight starts.

No, no, no! I never wanted this! I reached to the ACT button and selected Talk. But Mom was Determined. "I am sorry my child, but this must be done." Then she attacked.

Her attacks consisted of fireballs and were fairly easy to avoid. I then remembered what one of the Froggits that didn't attack me said: "Maybe one day, you'll have to Spare someone who doesn't want to be Spared." So, on my turn, I selected MERCY and pushed Spare.

Toriel faltered; she was not expecting that. "Run or Fight, my child! What are you doing?" Then, she attacked again. I noticed that her attacks weren't as strong this time. On my turn I clicked Spare again. And again. And again. Until eventually, she stopped attacking.

"I am sorry my child. For you, I'll put aside my, beliefs, expectations, and protectiveness. I will let you pass through this door. Promise me one thing though: never return after you leave. It would break my heart too much." Oh, poor Goat Mom! I walked over to her and hugged her

"It's okay Mom. I promise. I'm sorry too. For not living up to your expectations, and not listening to you." I unhugged her and smiled. She smiled back.

"Have a safe journey, my child." And she walked off. Goodbye, Goat Mom.

I faced the doors and pushed them open.

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