Chapter 1: Leverage fanfic, i don't own the characters

It started off as a normal job, this is the bad guy, insert evil thing they've done to regular citizen, citizen gets no help from the law, citizen goes to leverage.

"please Mr. Ford help us! Our lawyers say there's nothing more we can do, we signed off on what we thought was a normal investment. We didn't know he was doing anything wrong!"

"It's going to be alright, just calm down and tell us everything from the beginning."

They breathed in a sigh of relief as it seemed someone was finally willing to listen to their side of the story and not just what the evidence makes it look like happened. They proceeded to relate to Nate Ford their story from over a year ago and the struggles they've had to endure ever since.

"Alright Hardison, run it." The team gathered around the screen to hear the brief on their latest job. The screen went from black to a picture of their next target, "This is Jacob Markoff, he's a wealthy business tycoon who under his legal work helps move money for the mob and other big-name bad guys. We can assume he has at least 1 judge on his payroll, half the police force, and a few pocketed politicians as he's never been successfully charged. And a few laws have been amended to let him continue on with business as usual." More pictures of him and his known associates fly across the screen, his bank statements, known addresses and aliases are also brought up.

Hardison begins pointing out information as well, "he's locally untouchable, he does just enough legal work that his illegal work is all taken care of, no one has been able to bring a solid enough case against him yet." he pushes a few keys on his universal travel keyboard. "These are the Murphy's, they invested with Markoff hoping to be able to set up a nice nest egg for their future. He used their information to link their accounts to their investments holding and drained them dry, claiming it was just a small maintenance fee. Now they're about to lose their house, their daughter dropped out of college to help them with the bills. By the time they found the problem he had taken almost all of their money and no one will touch their case knowing that its basically an automatic loss for them.

Nate turned to his team, they had been through this song and dance several times already, he knew they knew what to do, but he tried to treat each case like this was a new thing, going slow because once you get cocky that's when mistakes happen. He remembers when he was struggling with drinking all the times, he should have made mistakes, or when luck happened to be on his side. So, each new case was treated like it was their first time to make sure the proper surveillance could be established, he didn't want another food company botch job like (insert episode name here).

"We know he's going to have top security, so be extra mindful of hidden players." He looked at the screen "He's sitting pretty up on top of that hill of his, but he's bound to have pissed quite a few people who will want him gone, watch out for other groups looking to get him. The FBI might even be on scene this looks like the type of guy they either work with to get leads or want to take down."

"His body guards in those pics look like ex-mossad..."

"Just how the hell can you tell that Elliot!" Hardison interrupted him.

"The way they hold their shoulders in those 3 pics, it's a very distinctive pose."

The girls just looked at each other, Parker shrugged she couldn't see how Elliot would not only see that from a picture but how he could remember all those weird "distinctive" styles of people so she didn't argue with him.

Sophie was used to this sibling fighting between her younger teammates, although she would never admit how much younger to them or even herself not that it was that important to them. When Parker looked at her and shrugged, she gave her a small smile enjoying how Parker let these things just roll right off her back. Parker has gotten so much better at being able to read people and open up to them she was so proud of how much progress she's made in the few years since they've met. She looked up at Nate as he just stood to the side plotting the next move in this job, letting the 'kids' argue amongst themselves while he thinks.

Finally, he figured out their first move and was ready for the team to stop messing around

"Alright, alright everyone calm down, Hardison please finish the rundown." Nate gestured towards Hardison to continue.

"Alright well it looks like he's pissed off a few people but with this state politicians in his pocket he's pretty well protected. Still he's upped his security several times for no reason so it looks like even though he doesn't mind stepping on people to get what he wants he's pretty paranoid."

Nate put his fingers over his lips as thought about the exact angle he wanted to play this, on one hand he could lean into this guys paranoia that someone is out to get him, or he could sell him a pretend invincible body guard. Elliot has gotten pretty good at doing small grifts especially if they stick to his strengths and he'd be an easy sell.

He goes over the pictures of his bank statements and offshore accounts he notices a theme with them all, there's no more than two hundred and fifty thousand at most in the accounts but he's not broke by any means which means he's putting a lot of effort into hiding the vast majority of his wealth. It made him think about the book "A Scandal in Bohemia" and he thinks that would be the best way in. In the story, Sherlock Holmes is tasked with finding a scandalous picture of the king of Bohemia and Irene Adler, the king has had no luck finding this picture and is desperate for it. Sherlock comes up with a plan, by scaring Ms. Adler into showing him the hiding spot of the picture. Just like Sherlock he was going to scare Mr. Markoff into showing him, his most valuable possession I.e. his hidden money.

"I've got it, we're going to pull to do the Bohemian."

Sophie knew exactly what he was thinking, it was one of her favorite stories, especially because the woman wins in the end.

"I need like 3 weeks, a couple of buckets of worms, and some rope..."

"I'm sorry what?" Sophie was snapped out of her thoughts by Hardison strange request, "you don't need any of that for the Bohemian, are you even thinking of the same thing?"

"Yes! it's the bohemian!" Hardison looked at Nate and Sophie, slowly questioning if they meant a different con, or if he's thought the Bohemian was another con entirely. The looks that they were giving him has him seriously thinking it's the latter. "... for the sake of Parker and Elliot maybe you should explain the con."

"It's simple, clearly he's hiding the majority of his money, look at these accounts and the amounts that are in them. He's not broke look at how he lives, what he's buying, it looks like he's living outside of his means but if you look at the bigger picture the accounts never get below a certain level there is always money in his accounts but it looks like he's going broke. He's set up a very clever bank scam, it works for his taxes so he doesn't get put into a higher tax bracket, but he doesn't lose any of the benefits. Im not sure how he's doing it but that's where the Bohemian comes in. Pack up people we're going to Colorado city, lets steal some secrets."

Nate walked off, he always enjoyed the ending of the meetings when his team was on board but unsure of the plan and had questions. It was silly but he really enjoyed how the followed after him with their questions, Elliot and Hardison would usually argue, Parker would make some comments here and there and he and Sophie would share small glances and smiles because she always knew what he was thinking. It was these small moments he would admit to himself that this was his family and he was actually happy, but only in his mind would he say this, saying it out loud was not an option for him.

Sophie caught up to him first and threaded her arm in his, she really loved him and wanted to shake him violently till he admitted he loved her too, but was content with these small walks with him arm in arm. They had started living together a couple months ago and she was going to soak in all the honeymoon phase she could.

The team all went their separate ways getting ready to fly out to Colorado in the morning to start their plan.

Meanwhile in Colorado City, Jacob Markoff was getting ready for his day to come to an end he motioned to his personal guard to bring in his daughter for their end of day talk.

She walked in his room "father, to what do I owe the pleasure of your summons?" She's been antsy with him for a while now, since she decided she was a grown up. Oh how he missed the days when she thought he was a superhero.

"It's the end of the night, as per usual I would like an update on your day." He would never win father of the year but he at least knew what his daughter looked like, which is more than could be said for many of his associates.

"Woke up, got coffee, went to school, got hit with at least one pop quiz, skipped gym didn't feel like going, came home, ate food, and now I'm here. That about sums up my day."

She rarely if ever asked about his day and the last time he demanded she did, it didn't end well for either of them at least this way it was civil. He sighed "alright go on."

She used to feel a connection to him when they had their nightly talks but not so much so anymore since she found out that he only did it, cuz mom threatened him with something bad. It made her sad that he didn't seem to actually want to get to know her. So she acted out, it used to be to get his attention now it was mostly just to see what he would and wouldn't do, what kind of punishments would he give her, if any. It was all very scientific she even kept a journal of her findings to see if there was a pattern or if it was random, to anyone looking on from the outside she seemed a typical spoiled rich kid causing chaos because daddy's money would take care of whatever trouble she caused. At one point that was the case but she grew tired of that trope and wanted different things for her life than, party, smoke, drink, wake up and start it all over again.

Jacob Markoff finished dressing for bed, and went to his bedside picked up his newspaper that he always had his servants place there for him to read before bed. He opened and a folded piece of paper was inside the fold of his paper, the same as every night opening it he read it before reading his paper. He went to bed knowing that he and his family were protected by the best money could buy, unaware of the trouble heading his way.

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