Harry Potter x Twitches Too

1: Bring It To Me

Camryn and Alex were sitting in class watching other students cast spells. Dueling wasn't their biggest thing, but they needed the practice. And observing was a good way to learn about your opponent.

Camryn was sorted into Hufflepuff while Alex was sorted into Ravenclaw.

They have made friends with many people. But their closest friends were always each other.

"Hey you two."

"Ginny! Luna! How nice to see you." Camryn said.

"Who is up next?" Luna asked.

"I'm not sure. Cam and I are just watching for now." Alex said.

"Yup. Eventually we'll get the chance to cast these spells and fight!" She said.

Alex scoffed. Camryn wasn't the best at spells and didn't want to fight at all. Thinking back to when they met on their birthday, is was a miracle that they made it to their mother and stopped their evil uncle.

"I'm sure you will. You'll get your chance."

"Who's next?" Someone asked.

"I can try." Ginny called up.

She was given the okay and headed up.

"Ginny is great with spells." Camryn said.

"Because she helped up with our spells homework. She is an adviser to the school." Alex said.

Camryn rolled her eyes. "She's still pretty nice."

Ginny may not be a student, but she was still the best at casting spells. She wasn't a teacher. Only an adviser. There have been an increase in wizards and witches with spell troubles. Like some can't cast them strong enough and then there's some that are TOO powerful at casting.

Ron, her brother, had asked her to come and help out.

Luna, Ron, Neville and Hermione are at least happy to be seeing her.

Ginny hasn't been out and around much since what happened with Voldamort. Harry has come around but Ginny has stayed away till this year.

Ginny seems to be more comfortable to be back now. No more nightmares of her seeing Harry dead and all that.

It scares everyone. But she's doing much better. "Reducto!" Ginny shouted.

And the wizard went flying.

"Ow! never go up against a teacher." He said.

"Alex. Why don't you try it? You've been better at these spells then me." Camryn said.

But then, "Why don't you go against each other? Your about the same level of magic with each other." Luna says.

"What?!" Both girls were shocked that Luna would make such a suggestion.

"Yea. That's a good idea. You both have good knowledge on the spells. Just try it. It's practice to cast them and use them at the right time." Ginny said.

"But we are still terrible at thee spells." Camryn said.

"I mean, I can try against someone else." Alex said.

Ginny crossed her arms. "I have many brothers. I've had to face them in a duel one way or another. Go and duel each other." She said.

Alex and Cam sighed.

They headed up and took their stand.

"Wands at the ready!"

They moved their wands in their faces then back down to their sides. They took their steps to opposite sides of the platform.


"Lumos!" Camryn shouted.

"Expelliarmus!" Alex said.

While Alex was blinded, Cam was hit and went flying back.

They both took a minute to stand back up.

"Disarm one another!" Ginny shouted.

"Wingardium Leviosa." Alex said. And she began lifting Cam up off the floor.

Everyone began laughing.

But Cam wasn't liking it. "Lumos!" She shouted again.

Alex dodged it, dropping Camryn back in place.

Alex quickly said another spell. "Stupify!"

Cam was hit, she was feeling dizzy. Her vision was blurry.

But she wanted to do another spell. "Expelliarmus!" She said.

But she missed Alex.

Alex lined herself up and said one more spell to end the duel. "Accio!"

And she took Camryn's wand out of her hands.

Cam could see again and was going to yell, but it was called. "Alex is the winner."

Everyone was clapping.

"Hey. You did good too, Camryn." Luna said smiling.

Camryn took that as a good sign. She was practicing. She just needed a little more of it.

"Can you bring me my wand back?" Camryn asked looking to her sister. Alex smiled and walked to her giving her wand back and heading off the platform together.

"You did good. But don't repeat the same spell. Same one you use or one I have used." Alex told her.

"I didn't know what else to do." Camryn shrugged.

"Well, compared to our first day, this is much better of an improvement then when we first started." Alex said.

"Oh yes! I wonder if I can find a Starbuck here? I haven't looked yet." Camryn said.

Alex laughed and rolled her eyes. "Camryn. You won't change at all."

"Neither will you. We are staying the same as we always are." She said.

They headed to their room and laid in their bed.

"I'm ready to go home when this year is over." Camryn said.

"Miss your pool time that much?" Alex asked.

"I little. But I miss both of our parents. I'm sure you miss them too." Camryn said.

"i guess. I haven't thought much about them. I have thought about how many books i'm going to have to read when I AM home. And what stories I'll be writing. You haven't been drawing anything, have you?" Alex asked.

Camryn shook her head. "Nope. Nothing. But I don't have any paper in here." She said.

"They did take a few of our things. Mostly your nail polish and other beauty things." Alex said.

"I still get to keep the dryer." Cam smiled about that at least.

But thinking for a second, as Alex looked away, Camryn looked in her chest, she did have something. She had been drawing. But she didn't know what.

She didn't want to worry Alex, but as the year was getting close to ending, she didn't know what would happen if her drawings came true.

To Be Continued...