In this story, Sniffles is going to be a mad scientist. Well, sort of. His goals are noble. To be honest, Nutty is more likely to beninsane in my fanfics.

But as one can imagine, his experiment is going to end in disaster. A bloody disaster.

You can't anything else from Happy Tree Friends. It'd be surprising if somebody DIDN'T die in this fanfic.

Lumpy: He's alive! Alive! Maybe not for long though.

Sniffles: It was only a matter of time before he tried creating life...considering the very nature of this show.

Cuddles: You'd think that since he was a bunny he would be luckier. But then again, the show wouldn't be as funny.

Lifty: Despite his name, he doesn't seem to lift weights. Though one wouldn't be surprised if he tried lifting a safe.

Shifty: It would take a miracle to shift his greedy perspective.

Russell: Perhaps he won't sleep with the fishes in this episode. But don't count on it.

Handy: He has a handy dandy notebook. And yes, that was a lame pun.

As usual, the Happy Tree Friends were expecting death.

The only question was...who was going to die today?

It could be anyone.

Even Splendid wasn't safe in this world...though he hardly seemed to die at all.

But there was one Happy Tree Friend that wasn't among them today.

For some strange reason, Lumpy was taking a while to come back to life after his latest death.

The Happy Tree Friends found that most unusual. Usually it only took 24 hours at the most for a Happy Tree Friend to come back from the dead. Perhaps Lumpy had decided to end his suffering permanently. To be honest, the other Happy Tree Friends wouldn't blame him for that. Cuddles in particular had lost count on how many times he had died.

Yesterday he had been hit by a truck which had splattered him all over the place. No less than seven Happy Tree Friends had been there to see the carnage.

Naturally, the Mole had been responsible. He was a very dangerous Happy Tree Friend.

Why he was driving despite his blindness was beyond everyone's guess.

They had considered getting him a seeing eye dog, but there was that killer puppy that mutilated anyone that dared to blow a whistle.

What a disaster it would be if Fliqpy somehow got his hands on one.

On the lighter side of things, they all seemed to be dying less often in his absence. He was the one Happy Tree Friend that was more lethal than Flippy.

That was REALLY saying something.

Well, maybe if Lumpy wouldn't come back to life on his own, maybe Sniffles could bring him back. He was a tree friend of silence.

Sniffles was the smartest of all the Happy Tree Friends...except when he went to eat those evil ants that lived a short distance from his house.

If he couldn't bring Lumpy back, then nobody could...well, except for the creators themselves. The sadistic creators.

Cuddles wondered why Lumpy wasn't coming back himself. Perhaps Mondo Media had decided that he looked and acted too much like Bullwinkle, and that they wanted to avoid a lawsuit.

Then again, since when was Bullwinkle blue?

Previously, he had considered asking Splendid to go back in time before the accident so that he could rescue Lumpy, but Splendid was an extremely dangerous Happy Tree Friend. He would probably only end up killing more of them.

Cuddles knocked on Sniffles' door.

Currently, Sniffles was wondering why he had teeth despite being an anteater. But perhaps he shouldn't question something that he liked. That way he didn't have to restrict his diet to insects.

He still liked insects though.

As soon as Sniffles heard the doorbell, he answered.

Personally he wondered who it was. He sure hoped that it wasn't Flippy during one of his psychotic breakdowns. He wasn't looking forward to being ripped in half.

He immediately recognized the yellow bunny at the door.

"Hey there, Sniffles!" greeted Cuddles.

"Hey, Cuddles." answered the anteater. It was nice seeing his friend again.

He didn't seem to be dead...yet.

Despite being a rabbit, Sniffles chose not to experiment on him. He didn't want him dying even more than he already did.

" you need something?" asked Sniffles. Happy Tree Friends typically asked him for help whenever they had problems. He was trying to locate a cursed idol so that he could destroy it. They might not die so much if they managed to destroy one.

If it was to exterminate some ants, he wasn't sure he should help. Those ants always seemed to torture him.

Last week he had been locked inside an iron maiden. Despite its name, Disco Bear would not like to go out on a date with one.

"Lumpy hasn't come back yet..." said the yellow bunny.

"That's unusual...according to my calculations, he should have returned to life about a few hours ago." remarked Sniffles. Why wasn't he back?

Then again, death worked in mysterious ways in their universe.

"Can you help?" asked Cuddles.

"Depends." answered Sniffles. Did he have Lumpy's DNA?

Cuddles handed Sniffles what was left of Lumpy's body. There wasn't a lot left.

Luckily, he had managed to salvage it without being run over.

Unsurprisingly, there were marks of tire tracks on the corpse.

The anteater covered his big nose in disgust.

"Ugh..." said Sniffles. It smelled awful.

Although, the flies that were swarming him tasted good. They were fruit flies so they tasted...fruity.

Luckily, they weren't sadists like those evil ants that lived in the outskirts of town. Eating them was perfectly safe.

Perhaps he would leave Lumpy's body alone so that he could continue eating flies.

However, he figured that Cuddles would want the job done quickly.

"Come back tomorrow, alright?" asked Sniffles. He expected that he would able to finish the job overnight...though they did say that success didn't come overnight.

Though to be honest, maybe he should give up on trying to eat those killer ants. Perhaps those ants were more trouble than they were worth.

Although...not a lot of restaurants seemed to have insects to eat.

Cuddles nodded. He didn't expect miracles to happen instantly.

Sniffles got to work trying to bring Lumpy back to life.

Why he was working on a dark, stormy night, he wasn't sure. Though maybe if he was lucky the lightning would hit the anthill where those evil ants lived. It was probably wishful thinking though considering his luck with the foursome.

Fortunately, he had a variety of surgical tools. In a few Happy Tree Friends episodes, he had been a doctor. He figured he would sign up given how dangerous the world they lived in was. He had been killed a few times while doing so, but he felt that it was worth the effort.

He didn't recommend Lumpy be a doctor though. He remembered the time that he had stitched Petunia and Handy together.

A bird came by...and well, things didn't turn out so well for Petunia and Handy.

On the lighter side of things, they were still dating, and Petunia had her hands back.

Handy never seemed to regrow his hands though for some reason.

Perhaps when he was finished with Lumpy he could do something about that.

For the experiment, Sniffles wore a white lab coat...he figured things might get messy.

It wasn't exactly his first time being covered with blood, but still.

Eventually, he managed to reconstruct Lumpy.

However, he still didn't seem to come back to life.

Was all his work a waste of his time?

He sure hoped not. Considering death was lurking around every corner, he didn't exactly have all the time in the world.

Perhaps he needed to do something creative.

He decided to wait to see if a spark came to him.

Wait...maybe that was it.

He decided to electrocute the deceased moose using doctor's equipment.

Fortunately, he wore rubber gloves so he didn't electrocute himself. You couldn't be too careful in a deadly world such as this.

It worked like a charm.

Frankenlumpy suddenly came to life.

He still greatly resembled his past self, but he still had some of Frankenstein's monster's characteristics. Like the green skin for instance.

The smart anteater raised his hands in the air.

It looked as if the experiment was a success.

"He's alive! Alive!" cheered Sniffles.

Although, considering the nature of their town, perhaps that wouldn't last long.

Still, it was pretty impressive that he had created life.

He woke up the next day and gave Cuddles a phone call.

Though for some strange reason, there seemed to be about Frankenlumpy.

He figured it was probably nothing.

Cuddles was happy to hear the good news.

A wide smile formed on his face.

Of course, he always seemed to smile when he wasn't getting brutally killed.

"Yeah!" cheered Cuddles.

He decided to head over to Sniffles' house to see the new and improved Lumpy.

Sure enough, Frankenlumpy was there to greet him.

Cuddles was happy that Lumpy had returned.

He decided to shake Frankenlumpy's hand.

However, Frankenlumpy ripped it off.

Cuddles screamed in horror.

The now evil moose then began to munch on his hand.

Sniffles gasped.

Shortly after mutilating the surprisingly unfortunate rabbit, Frankenlumpy then ripped off Cuddles' ears, exposing his brain.

Cuddles collapsed to the ground, dead. His eyes rolled into their sockets.

The monster then began to drink Cuddles' brain fluid.

Lumpy licked his lips with satisfaction.

He should really look for more victims.

Sniffles was astonished at the mortifying event.

Perhaps instead of simply creating life, he also created a monster.

It occurred to him that maybe he should take action. Clean up his mess. There was nobody better suited for the job.

So, Sniffles went to arm himself.

He just so happened to be in possession of a flamethrower. He was going to use it to torch the ants' anthill...but he figured it wasn't a good idea. What if they set HIS house on fire?

Unfortunately, the reanimated moose was left to his own devices.

He began to look around for more Happy Tree Friends to kill.

Frankenlumpy continued walking across Happy Tree City.

The Happy Tree Friends all wondered what had happened to Lumpy.

There seemed to be something off about him.

It was scary.

Of course, the only people who realized what had happened were Sniffles and Cuddles...and the latter was currently dead.

Nearby, Lifty and Shifty were admiring the treasure chest they stole from Russell.

They both snickered in unison.

The only question was what they were going to spend it on.

They sure hoped that it wasn't a cursed chest.

It wouldn't be surprising considering the universe that they lived in.

If so, they might be in trouble.

Suddenly, Frankenlumpy approached them.

"Huh?" asked Lifty.

It was Lumpy, alright, but something was very off about him.

They couldn't quite put a paw on it.

Suddenly, Frankenlumpy smashed their two heads together.

"Hehheh!" laughed the monstrous moose.

Their brains were splattered.

He then began to munch on their bones.

"Delish!" exclaimed Frankenlumpy as he gorged himself.

Nearby, Russell screamed.

He had witnessed the entire thing.

Although, he couldn't say that he felt too sorry for them.

For some strange reason, no matter how many times they got killed, they never seemed to learn their lesson, and they went back to larceny.

One of these days, these two were going to die alone.

Oh wait, they already had.

However, it became apparent that perhaps he should leave before he got killed too.

Immediately, he went on a speedboat and began to sail away.

But he discovered that Frankenlumpy was pursuing him...on a rowing boat.

Russell gasped.

Frankenlumpy continued to chase him.

He fired a cannonball at Russell.

Russell screamed.

Inevitably, there was a leak in the boat.

The otter screamed.

The boat then tipped over, and Russell fell into the ocean.

Fortunately, he figured he could swim to safety. He was an otter after all.

But his hopes were quickly dashed.

Shortly after he fell in, he was devoured by a piranha.

The same piranha that had killed him and a bunch of other Happy Tree Friends last month, ironically. Did they really taste that delicious?

Strangely enough, that wasn't what the reborn moose had expected to happen.

But it worked in his favor.

Suddenly, he noticed Handy. He was driving a bulldozer.

A wide smile formed on his face.

Meanwhile, Sniffles wondered why Frankenlumpy had turned out so violent.

Lumpy might have killed Happy Tree Friends regularly, but it was usually on accident...not intentionally.

Surely there had to be a reason for it.

He then discovered that he had given Lumpy the brain of the turtle that had devoured him once by accident...instead of the brain of a regular moose.

That turtle needed to be euthanized, so it was euthanized. Given that he had a large shell, it wasn't easy.

Ultimately, however, the job had been done.

But it seemed that his brain had somehow found its way into his lab...and he had used it to resurrect Lumpy.


Cuddles had actually supplied him with Lumpy's actual brain, but it was so small that Sniffles simply didn't notice it. Maybe he should have brought his magnifying glass.

Well, he now had a flamethrower.

It was time to hunt down the monster moose.

He went looking for him not a moment too soon, as he heard the sound of screaming.

He went to investigate.

Frankenlumpy was running Handy over with his own bulldozer.

As Handy was murdered, his blood splattered over everything.

Ironically enough, one of the buildings that was splattered was his very own house.

It had a doorknob...even though there was no real way for Handy to turn it.

Frankenlumpy then licked up the blood that was on the pavement.

He then took his leave.

Quickly, Sniffles went to chase after Frankenlumpy.

Oddly, he seemed to be heading away from civilization...but Sniffles decided not to question that.

He discovered his monstrous creation at the cemetery.

And yes, even though Happy Tree Friends typically resurrected, they still had a cemetery.

Sniffles didn't know why.

Although, sometimes, Happy Tree Friends seemed to die permanently, like Cub's mother.

At least her death wasn't gory. It had taken place before all the carnage had began, so perhaps she had gotten off lucky.

For some strange reason, he was digging up bodies.

Sniffles found that to be unethical.

It then occurred to him what he might be doing.

Perhaps he was trying to make himself a wife.

If so, Sniffles had a crisis on his hands.

If Frankenlumpy built himself a wife, it would most likely essentially double the carnage.

And there was already enough death in Happy Tree City as it was.

Sniffles had to stop him here and now.

Though he did wonder what the wife of Frankenlumpy would look like.

Quickly, he pulled out his flamethrower.

"Huh?" asked the rebuilt moose.

Sniffles burned Frankenlumpy to a crisp.

The moose was reduced to ash, screaming the entire time.

The anteater sighed in relief once the deed was done.

Though he wondered if Lumpy was gone for good.

He was going to miss him, stupid as he was.

Suddenly, the normal Lumpy appeared in a puff of smoke.

Sniffles gasped.

It seemed that Lumpy had finally returned to life.

"Where were you?" asked Sniffles.

"I was at the all-you-can-eat buffet!" exclaimed Lumpy.

Sniffles shrugged.

He and Lumpy went back home.

Moral: Don't play God!

Well, that's the end of this Happy Tree Friends story. If you create life, try not to create a monster like Sniffles did by accident.

Rest assured, Lumpy is back to his normal self. Status quo is god, right?

I bet you're surprised he killed so many Happy Tree Friends.

Then again, he's killed Happy Tree Friends even when he isn't the work of a mad scientist.