Screen Title: #TheBeach

(Sam and Cat are dressing up to go to the beach)

"I can't wait til we go to the beach." Sam said.

"Me too. One time my friends and I went to the beach but my friends ended up getting trapped in an RV and I didn't realize since I was hanging out with these guys." Cat said.

"I think Jade told me about that." Sam said.

"It was during a massive heat wave." Cat said.

"Hey back in Seattle we had a heat wave and the power went out. Spencer had this generator to let us have air but a million people kept coming into Carly's place. Luckily the power came back on." Sam said.

"That must have sucked." Cat said.

"Oh it did." Sam said.

(Cat brings a cooler filled with water and soda)

"I'm bringing a cooler with me." Cat said.

"Okay. After the beach we should all go to Bots." Sam says.

"I was just thinking that." Cat said.

(Jade sends a text)

"Oh they're here." Cat said.

"Let's go." Sam said.

"Bye house." Cat said.

"Don't say bye to the house." Sam said.

"Sorry." Cat said.

Cat Valentine TheSlap Update: Heading to the beach with my friends. It's going to be fun. FEELING: Beachy

"Man we're going to have so much fun at the beach." Tori said.

"Let's hope we don't get trapped again." Trina says.

"This is a nice RV Beck." Sam said.

"Thanks Sam." Beck said.

"Is this your first time going to the beach Sam?" André asked.

"Yes André. I heard it's pretty cool." Sam said.

"Aren't all beaches cool?" Tori asked.

"Cat I see you brought a cooler." Jade said.

"Yeah. It's filled with water and soda." Cat says.

"What about food?" Trina asked.

"After the beach we're going to Bots." Sam said.

"That cool restaurant where the waiters are robots?" Beck asked.

"That's the one." Sam said.

"It's kind of cool that there's a restaurant with robot waiters." Trina says.

"When Sam and I went there we made a robot go malfunction." Jade said.

"Why?" André asked.

"He was being helpful." Sam said.

"I can see why you two are friends." André said.

(Beck parks the RV at the beach)

"My friends, we have arrived." Beck said.

"Finally." Jade said.

"Let's quickly get out so we don't get stuck again." Tori said.

"Yeah I don't want to get all sweaty again. That was so gross." Jade said.

"I still can't believe you never sweated before." Robbie said.

"Well believe it." Jade said.

(The gang unloads their stuff)

"I'm going surfing." Cat said.

"I'll come with." Tori said.

"Me too." Sam said.

"Trina you want to come?" Tori said.

"No thanks. I don't like surfing." Trina said.

"I'm going to have a soda." André said.

"Give me one." Beck said.

(Trina is putting on sunscreen)

"Trina give me some sunscreen." Jade said.

"Why?" Trina asked.

"Just give it to me!" Jade yelled.

"Okay don't kill me." Trina said scared.

(Sam and Tori come back from surfing)

"Surfing is so much fun." Sam said.

"Right." Tori said.

(Storm clouds are forming as thunder hits)

"Oh crud it's thundering." Robbie said.

"And Cat's still out there." Trina said.

(Cat falls off her board)

"Oh god she fell off!" Tori yelled.

"I'm coming to save you Cat." Sam said as she runs into the ocean.

"Be careful Sam." André said.

"Thanks for the tip André." Sam said.

(Sam grabs Cat and swims back to the others)

"Is she okay?" Beck asked.

"She's still breathing but she's unconscious. Tori go call an ambulance." Sam said.

"Okay, Sam." Tori said.

"Wake up little red." André said.

(Tori gets off the phone)

"Did you call an ambulance?" Trina asked.

"Yeah. They're on their way." Tori said.

"I better let Dice and Nona know." Sam said.

(Scene cuts to the hospital)

"Please be okay, Cat." Robbie said.

(Nona and Dice arrive)

"Sam we're here." Nona said.

"What happened?" Dice asked.

"We were at the beach, Cat, Sam, and Tori went surfing, Sam and Tori came back but a storm came out of nowhere and Cat fell off her board so Sam went to save her and now she's unconscious." Jade explained.

"Oh dear. Sam thanks for saving her." Nona said.

"She's my roommate and one of my best friends. I care about her." Sam said.

"Well aren't you sweet." André said.

"She doesn't like to be called sweet." Dice.

"It's fine. I'm a little sweet." Sam said.

(Cat begins to wake up)

"Hey Cat's waking up." Beck said.

"Ugh what happened?" Cat asked.

"You had an accident at the beach." Trina said.

"You fell off your board when a storm came out of nowhere and Sam came to save you." Tori said.

"Aw thanks Sam." Cat said.

"Hey you would have done the same thing for me." Sam said.

"I don't know if this is a good time but are we still going to Bots?" Robbie asked.

"Yeah I'm hungry." Jade said.

"Sure. Dice, Nona you want to come with us?" Sam asked.

"I'm good. I already ate before you texted me." Nona said.

"So did I. Plus I got to train Goomer soon." Dice said.

"Who's Goomer?" André asked.

"An MMA fighter." Dice said.

"You know an MMA fighter?" Trina asked.

"Yes. Nona can you drive me to Punchy's?" Dice asked.

"Sure." Nona said.

(Nona and Dice leave)

"Must be nice for him to know an MMA fighter." André said.

"He's so lucky." Robbie said.

"Goomer is alright but he is kind of dimwitted." Sam said.

"Yeah it's true." Cat said.

"Then why does Dice train him?" Jade asked.

"For money." Sam said.

"That's a good reason." Jade said.

"Alright who's ready to go to Bots?" Beck asked.

"Me." Everyone else said.

"You'll love the restaurant. It's so cool." Sam said.

"I've heard." Beck said.

"We're glad you're okay Cat." Tori said.

"Thanks Tori." Cat said.

(They all hug Cat)