RATING: this story is being rated t, bordering on m, for some hot and heavy make out sessions, suggestive scenes, mental health discussions, graphic fight scenes, and a whole lot of unresolved drama between kimberly hart and tommy oliver.

NOTE: these first few chapters wont be very action heavy, focusing on character. there is an looming threat ofc but it wont be revealed, only suggested, until later chapters. Some of these episodes will be out of order just for the sake of plot. do expect to see old faces though and the return of an evil ranger! I've also taken creative liberty to come up with the time range for the different power ranger series and event ts. Also if there's any english mistakes please let me know! Tommy and kim will be a central couple in the story and be a driving force, but expect a slow burn and lots of angst to come!

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Chapter One : New Beginnings, Old Faces

Her lungs had started to burn.

As she held her breath under the water, Daphne desperately clawed at the sea. She tried to fight back, tearing through the current to break free from the water. She kicked and clawed, limbs flailing about as she tried to resist being pulled into the dark waters. However, the murky figure below her kept an iron grip on her ankle, pulling her deeper and deeper into the abyss.

It was getting harder to hold her breath the farther she was pulled down, ears popping as they descended lower below the surface.

God, she was so desperate for that sweet taste of oxygen. She wanted to believe that she could breathe- but she knew that she couldn't.

Her hands went to her throat, holding it tightly to keep herself from inhaling the best she could despite the pressure making her feel as though she were exploding. Her entire body felt like every nerve was on fire. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears, the only thing she could hear.

She couldn't take it anymore.

She opened her mouth against her own wishes, inhaling only to find herself swallowing freezing water.

Her sight began to blur, spots appearing in her vision. The world began to feel like it was spinning on the wrong axis. She was dizzy. She was tired. She was weak. She didn't want to fight anymore.

From the surface, high above her, she swore she saw a hand breaking through the waves to reach for her. Yet she couldn't find the strength to reach out and grab the hand for help.

All she could do was drown...

"Daphne! If you don't get your butt out of bed, you're walking to school!"

The sound of her mother's booming voice broke through Daphne's dreams, causing the brunette girl to jolt awake. Sitting up in her bed, her hands gripped the white bedsheets. Despite being awake, there was a chill running up and down her spine, left over by the hazy dream she'd had.

She breathed heavily, hand going to her throat as she thanked whatever God for her dream not being real. She wasn't drowning, she was on shore. There was plenty of oxygen for her to breathe. There was no dark figure pulling her to her doom.

"Daphne Elizabeth Hart! Don't make me come up there!"

Blinking the sleep from her brown eyes, Daphne took a deep breath and tried to steady her heartbeat. "I'm up, I'm up!" She called back down to her mother from her new room, now rising only to stub her tow on one of the many cardboard boxes that were scattered across her room.

"Fuck!" She exclaimed, face twisting from the throbbing pain. Maybe she should've listened to her mom and unpacked over the weekend. Her room was a complete disaster.

Boxes littered the wood floors of Daphne's new room. She hadn't bothered to unpack since they arrived in Reefside, deciding to leave her things in cardboard as she spent the first few days helping her mom unpack the rest of the house.

The few things she'd brought out was her bedding, toiletries, and a few clothes to wear until she could unpack all of her things and set up her furniture. Even her bed was just a mattress with a sheet and pillow, placed in the center of the room on the floor. No bed frame or anything else.

"After school," she thought to herself as she began to get ready, "after school I'll finish unpacking."

As she got herself ready, Daphne's mind wandered to the dream.

Ever since they'd moved to Reefside, it had become more frequent. Each night she was haunted by the scene of her being pulled under the ocean. When the hand would break through the surface, reaching out for her, Daphne would wake up, leading her to wonder just what the hell was going on inside her head.

She'd stopped calling it a dream at this point. Several times the dream had felt so real she could've sworn she woke up smelling the salt water and body cold from the ocean. Yet she told herself it was all pretend. Merely a manifestation of her anxiety, nothing more...but why did it always feel so real?

Finishing tying on a pair of wedge white sneakers, Daphne dismissed her thoughts. She was being stupid. It was just a dream. She tightened her ponytail, choosing to leave her dream in her bed, before heading downstairs to meet her mother.

Upon entering the kitchen, a pop tart on a napkin was shoved into Daphne's hands without warning. The warmed pastry almost dropped from her grasp for a moment as Daphne adjusted her tote bag for school. "C'mon, we gotta get going."

The woman that handed her the breakfast item was her mother, Kimberly Ann Hart. Though her days of being a Power Ranger were long behind her, she still composed herself with grace and had a strong will that refused to be ignored.

She'd aged well. While she was no longer that all pink wearing-valley girl from Angel Grove, Kimberly still sported her favorite color in the form of a silk pink blouse that matched with her grey pencil skirt. Her hair still rested a little below her shoulders, framing her face well. At age thirty four, she was still as vibrant and beautiful as ever.

"You look cute." Kimberly commented as the two Hart women stepped into the family's SUV.

Daphne had dressed herself in a sleeveless white crop top to match her clunky white sneakers. She'd put on a pair of dark green cargo pants, held up by a black belt. A well put together ensemble. Daphne Hart had inherited the same passion for fashion from her mother, making sure each of her outfits were carefully planned with hair and make up to match.

"First day: I have to make a good impression." She replied, which of course was an understatement. Daphne was transferring in halfway into the first semester of school. To top it off, it was supposed to be her senior year. "Why couldn't I just finish up homeschooling?" Daphne asked, inspecting her winged liner in the car mirror.

Kimberly released a sigh. They'd had this talk more than once in the past few days. "Baby, Reefside is supposed to be a fresh start for us," Kim said in a warm voice, "I don't want you spending your senior year alone in your room."

Kim blamed herself for her daughter's social habits. Since Daphne was born, the two had moved from place to place. They never stayed in one town for more than a year, leading to Kim choosing to enroll Daphne in online schooling rather than deal with grueling transfer paperwork. Because of this, Daphne spent most of her time at one of the three places: home, whatever ballet studio she'd enrolled in, or at her mother's work. And though Daphne could carry a conversation, she never made the effort to make new friends or keep in touch with old ones. Daphne had grown so accustomed to the constant moving that she opted to make few connections to make the next move easier.

However, now that Daphne's senior year was starting, Kimberly decided it would be nice for her daughter to stay in one place to finish up her senior year. Maybe even make some friends. So, Kim had settled on moving them to Reefside. With her job as a fashion magazine editor, Kim could move around as she pleased, not having to worry about her boss being mad at her for changing locations. As long as she made her deadlines, she was in the clear.

"Just give it a chance. For me? Please?" Kimberly begged as they pulled into the parking lot of Reefside High School.

Daphne bit down onto her lower lip in thought for a moment. "Okay, I'll give it a chance."

Kimberly sighed in relief, giving her daughter a thankful look. "Okay, then I guess you better get your little butt moving," Reaching over to her daughter, Kim gave a hug and a kiss to Daphne's cheek, "You'll be amazing."

Pulling away from her mother, Daphne gave a smile and curt nod. "Yeah, amazing…"

Opening the car door, she stepped onto the Reefside High campus. It was larger than most high school's she'd seen. Hell, it looked more like a small college than a high school. Students were everywhere, all laughing and chatting, enjoying the beautiful blue skies.

Daphne couldn't help but feel even smaller than before now. Her grip tightened on her tote bag, inhaling sharply as she started to walk farther from her mother's car- farther away from safety and comfort she'd known most of her life.

"Well, Hart, let's give this new beginning a try." She spoke to herself, entering into the main hall with her head held high despite her shaking hands.

It was now a new beginning for the Hart women in Reefside, one they soon wouldn't forget.

A/N: that's the first chapter of our story starring miss daphne hart, kimberly's daughter, and of course the first pink ranger! Now that the two have relocated themselves to reefside, there's bound to be some trouble coming their way- especially with an original ranger in town and daphne's weird dreams acting up. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, thank you for reading! Check in for a new chapter soon!

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