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"Hem Hem" Umbridge coughed standing before the students and staff alike, her eyes alight with malicious intent and Daphne's mood soured as she thought whatever the old hag was going to say was not going to bode well with her.

Daphne's feeling of dread doubled when she saw Draco Malfoy smirk at her, what on earth could that foolish boy have done now she thought? She glanced around to find Tracy glaring at the blond ponce while Blaise had focused his attention back on the pink hag. Daphne narrowed her eyes at the witch as she continued.

"The Ministry has deemed it necessary to help you find loving partners as the wizarding population has been dwindling since the last war, where several upstanding members of the community have been wiped out or down to their last heir" she simpered "Therefor, there will be a ceremony this Friday where the ministry will select couples based on their compatibility as deemed by the ministry" Umbridge said obviously pleased with herself

Daphne's mind raced at the new information. Surely Malfoy didn't get his daddy to go to all this trouble simply to bed her? No, there must be other advantages as well.

She looked towards the Headmaster to find him looking very grave, the usual twinkle gone from his eyes as he surveyed the students.

"Now to go into the details: this only applies to heirs and heiresses of a high status house, above the age of fifteen. As many of you already know, those with traditional marriage contracts or engagements will be exempt from this ruling as they already have a chosen partner. However, the ministry will be monitoring all relationships to ensure they progress successfully." Umbrage smiled down at them, causing Daphne to have a sudden desire to punch her in the face.

"Now that all of this is settled, if you would all come back here tomorrow morning for the ceremony that would be lovely" Umbdirge simpered, looking slightly disappointed towards the Gryffindor section.

Daphne had watched the little witch try and bate Harry Potter all year, but so far she hadn't received anything. That didn't stop her from finding silly reasons to give him detention, but Daphne could tell the older witch was becoming increasingly frustrated with the young man. As was her own head of house…Potter seemed to have an unusual grasp on his emotions this year, and Daphne suspected he'd been occluding. Although why he suddenly chose to do that was beyond her.

She was just thankful her sister was two years under the restriction and would hopefully be sorted out of this ridiculous ministry by the time her sister turned fifteen…if they extended the favour to other members of the noble and ancient houses.