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CSI: Miami fic, with features from CSI, Criminal Minds.

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Finding a killer wasn't easy. But Ryan was sure he had evidence to connect his homicide case to that of many similar murders in different parts of the country. Usually the FBI would've taken over the case by now, but Ryan supposed that he still needed more evidence. So he went through every piece of evidence he had, listing each of those that matched the UnSub's M.O. He wouldn't be working the case alone if the others hadn't taken other cases.

Chicago PD, Baltimore PD and Las Vegas PD sent over the evidence from their cases. Wolfe found a countless number of similarities. Victim's gender variated from male to female, each victim had their throat slashed and their wedding ring sawed off, leaving a tool impression on their hand and every unidentified DNA sample from the crime scenes matched his unknown contributer. This had to be the work of a practised serial killer.

But he couldn't find a serial killer all on his own. Not like this. He had the evidence, the probable cause and a killer responsible for four previous murders. Each crime scene has a photo of the next city the UnSub was going to kill in. Chicago had a picture of Baltimore, Baltimore had a picture of Las Vegas and Las Vegas had a picture of Miami. None of the CSIs from those PDs were able to get any prints from the photos. Ryan had an idea though. He wasn't looking for prints, he was looking for DNA.

At the crime scene, he'd found a bandana with saliva on it. He could match the sample when he found his killer. Ryan called up the lead CSIs on the cases and told them that he wanted to inform them on what he had. The young CSI set up a video call on his laptop, using the monitors in A/V to share his evidence reports. Knowing that they were looking for the same person was handy in some way.

CSI Catherine Willows from the LVPD Crime Lab, CSI Melissa Wiley from Baltimore PD's Crime Lab and Detective Danny West from Chicago PD's Crime Lab had all been anxious to hear from probably the only person who could establish a connection between their cases. Willows, Wiley and West weren't sure what Wolfe had to tell them but from what he had vaguely given them before the call - it was useful.

"Hey! You must be Ryan. I've heard things about you." Catherine said as she fixed her screen.

Ryan nodded. Melissa and Danny both waved to him. He held up the crime scene photo of the victim's throat. "You see the cut here, our ME determined that all victims victims were murdered with the same object creating a perfect symmetrical cut that almost decapitated them. The slash starts at the left and is efficiently cut all the way around to the right. We're dealing with a professional."

All three CSIs began making notes as Ryan gave them the updates. Wolfe had never been too great at team work but he was making one hell of an effort with this case. "DNA, collected from a trail of blood found in the vic's condo, matches the samples you guys collected. From what I've gathered, our serial killer is XY."


"Yeah.. is something wrong?"

CSI Wiley looked down at her notes and back at the screen. "We found unknown female DNA too. It was from a bandana." Willows and West nodded. "Me too."

Ryan picked up his own case notes, reading the DNA results from the bandana. He'd not had a chance to read them but he'd assumed that it was male.. however, they were right. The DNA was XX, not XY. "I've just read my results from the bandana and.. I've got the same."

"Do you think she might be the accomplice?" West asked.

Wolfe shrugged. There was definitely a serial killer involved yet the female DNA suggested that he had a female subordinate. That was unusual considering most cases involved a female dominant and a male subordinate. "Subordinate. Not accomplice." Ryan corrected him, trying to figure out a way that she could've contributed to the murders. She would be their best bet at catching the serial killer.

Catherine and Melissa sat back in their chairs, also attempting to theorize. Ryan had to rethink the murder all over again. Four victims. All had their throats slashed with a sharp object defined by it's unique shape and distinct tool mark. Deepness of the incision suggests lack of remorse or hesitation - someone familiar with the weapon. Each crime scene had a picture of the place his next murder would take place in. If the woman was the subordinate, then maybe she would've made a mistake that the killer didn't want to.

He sat up as he came to a conclusion. "Did you get any other finger prints from the postcard?"

"Yes." They all answered in unison.

"Great," He smiled. "I think I might have a lead on the case. I'll call back when I get something. It was great to meet you guys. I'll call Catherine and she'll pass the info on?"

"Sounds good."

Wiley and West left the call, leaving Catherine and Ryan in the call by themselves. CSI Willows knew that there was something.. special about this CSI. Horatio had mentioned his newest member but he seemed a little advanced for a newbie. Maybe he was just well trained? MDPD is one of the most efficient labs in the country. "So, Ryan, what do you need me to do?"

"I'm sending back the evidence. Any fingerprints that don't belong to the UnSub.. compare them to the prints Wiley and West will send over. I have a hunch."

"Okay. I like what you're thinking. If the woman has a record, she'll most likely be in AFIS. We never ran the unknown fingerprints then."

"Exactly," Ryan smiled. "The woman is the only way we'll be able to stop the killer."

Catherine nodded. She already liked Ryan, and she didn't like people easily. Kinda reminded her of Greg. "I'll get right on it." The blonde ended the call and immediately got to work as Ryan did. He sealed up the evidence boxes after he'd signed for the copies of the case reports and had them on their way back to the crime labs they came from.

Horatio was walking by the layout when he saw Ryan reading over his own evidence reports. He knew the young CSI was still getting a grip but he knew what he was doing. It's why he hired the former patrol officer. Because he knew what he was capable of. "Mr Wolfe,"

Ryan glanced up from his clipboard at his boss. "Hey lieutenant."

"I hear you suspect that your homicide case is actually one of the many murders of a serial killer." He inquired, slowly entering the room and observing the evidence.

"Yeah," Wolfe quickly followed up on his notes from the other CSIs, comparing them to his evidence reports, crime scene photos and physical evidence infront of him. Horatio had to admit that he was quite impressed by how much work he'd been doing since that incident with his reporter of a ex fling who really damaged his reputation even worse than it had already been. "You didn't need to come in on your day off."

"I got called in, and this case is becoming quite high profile. I'd like to stay ontop of it. We have a murder set to take place in Los Angeles and a serial killer and a subordinating accomplice to find."

"Sounds like quite a big case.. didn't you ask Eric or Calleigh to help you?"

"I thought they were working on the Everglades murder," He mumbled, his eyes scanning over his trace report.

Horatio smiled, shaking his head. "We're a team, Mr Wolfe. You can ask for help if you need it."

Delko and Duquesne joined them in the layout with smiles on their faces. Ryan thought he heard more footsteps and looked up, surprised to see him colleagues standing infront of him. He felt a little embarrassed about it now. That they'd give up their case to help him with his serial killer case. Wolfe supposed he was still adjusting to the idea of working as a team. Not only had he made a fool of himself last month, he also felt as though nobody really took him seriously.

"Would you be okay to brief us?" Calleigh questioned in her usual southern drawl.

Ryan flushed bright red. Even Eric looked happy to help. They were going to catch this guy. For the CSIs in Chicago, Baltimore and Las Vegas. And the justice of those killed by their killer.