Yes, I just said I was gonna work on Realmtale. And I was, and still am going to, but I wrote this last night and even though it's short, I wanted to put it on here. I'll keep working on Realmtale now, I promise.

Michael sighed and grabbed the hand of his best friend.

"Dude, please. Stop saying all that stuff it taught you. Listen to me, okay?" Michael took a deep breath in and gently sang the line, "Everything about you is already just wonderful."

Jeremy continued to stare at the ground blankly, his shoulders hunched, as if expecting at any second to be shocked.

"Everything about me is just terrible." His quiet voice sounded, repeating the words his SQUIP taught him.

"No! Come on Jeremy, listen to me. Everything about you is already just so alive,"

"Everything about me makes me wanna die," His voice almost seized up as he looked Michael in the eye on the last word.

"You are not left out anymore," Michael's quiet, yet confident, voice sang, slowly standing up while still holding onto Jeremy's hand.

Jeremy went quiet, his eyes flickering back to the ground and staying there.

"You are not ugly, never were," Michael sang gently, firmly holding onto Jeremy's hand as he helped his best friend stand, "Because," Jeremy's eyes finally met Michael's . "Everything about you is already just," Michael sang.

"Cool," Michael sang as Jeremy mouthed the word. Michael wasn't sure if that meant he was getting through or not, but he figured he'd continue, "and powerful," Again, Michael sang the line as Jeremy mouthed it.

"And so awesome," Michael sang, catching Jeremy off-guard.

"Incredible!" The two sang at the same time.

"You are," Michael sang, reaching forwards and hugging Jeremy, "My best friend,"

"Your best friend," Jeremy softly echoed, before quickly returning the hug.

"I missed you, man."

"I-" Jeremy started crying, cutting off his words. In between sobs, he said, I missed you too, Michael."

Aaaaaaand there we go! Sorry that was freakishly short, it'll just be that one-shot unless this blows up or something, (which'll never happen) but thanks for reading, review and favorite, all that fun stuff, and I promise I'll go finish the first chapter of the Realmtale rewrite now sorry about that.

Oh yeah and also this was based on some random youtube comment saying this would be cool that I saw like, a year ago, probably on the video for Be More Chill Part 2. Michael's lyrics were written by me.