"Hopefully i'll return to my propper Size. I hate being this small." Cuddles said to Toothy.

"You don't have to worry Cuddles. I'm sure we'll get this fixed."

"I hope so."

Both of them decided to close their Eyes and just relax but unexpectingly ended up falling asleep.

After 8 Hours Toothy woke up from his Nap. Looking to his left he sees Cuddles, who's still asleep.

"But before we take care of your Size, we'll be having some Fun."

Toothy stood up and sat back down infront of Cuddles. He lifted his left Foot up and put it down on Cuddles' Legs. He then lifted his Foot up a little bit and trapped his lower Body underneath it as well.

Cuddles then woke up from feeling a lot of Pain in his lower Body and was surprised to find out that Toothy had stepped on it.

"What are you doing Toothy ?" Cuddles said

"I just want to have some fun before we get this entire Sizeproblem fixed" Toothy responded.

"I'm sure that you'll be enjoying it as much as i will." Toothy said teasing Cuddles

Cuddles tried to free himself from Toothy's Foot but the Pressure was too much. Now Toothy really let the Fun kick in. He pulls his Foot back a little, dragging Cuddles along with it, and trapped the Rest of Cuddles' Body underneath it. Toothy made sure that nothing of his Body is sticking out. He wants his entire Friend under his Foot.

"This Day really couldn't get any worse." Cuddles said quietly to himself

Something else that Cuddles had to fight with under Toothy's Foot is the Heat. His Body quickly started to heat up from the intense Temperature and started to sweat.

"Oh that's not all Cuddles. I have a lot more Surprises for you ." Toothy said

He began to twist his Foot around for a while. His next Step was it to get Cuddles stuck to his Sole. Toothy knew that Cuddles must be sweating down there and took full advantage of it by getting him stuck to his Foot.

Cuddles has only two Things going through his Mind. Either Toothy twists his Foot ontop of him to spread Cuddles' Sweat onto Toothy's Foot so he has to struggle with bad Smell now, or he's trying to crush his Body completey.

Toothy lifted his Foot up but Cuddles was nowhere to be seen. It worked. Cuddles is stuck to his Sole now.

"You make quite the good Foot Toy you know ?" Toothy said

"Please let this end. I don't enjoy this." A scared Cuddles said

"I don't think i will. This is too much fun." Toothy replied before continuing

Toothy didn't think twice abou stopping. He pulls Cuddles from his Foot and sets him back down on the Ground. Before he got the Chance to run away he gets crushed by Toothy's right Foot. This Time Cuddles' upper Body is under Toothy's Foot, making only his Legs and Hips stick out.

"Cute little Bunny Slippers you got there Cuddles. I better take these of for you." Toothy said and removes both of his Slippers. He keeps them to himself during Toothy's Fun.

He repeats the whole Process again. Trapping the Rest of his Body under his Foot, twisting it around to make him get stuck again.

Toothy doesn't pull Cuddles from his Foot this Time and keeps him stuck to it.

"I'm so excited for what's coming up now." Toothy said with Joy in his Voice.

"Please, just let me go." Cuddles said with his Voice all muffled from being pressed into Toothy's Sole.

Toothy put both his Feet together and starts rubbing them with Cuddles in between them for some Time. Toothy pulls his Feet apart, pulls Cuddles from his Foot and steps on him again. Only now he wants that Cuddles is at the Tip of his Foot. He gets him stuck again and rubs him between his Feet again but for much longer than before.

"I hope you're enjoying this Cuddles because i for sure do." Toothy said with a chuckle

He parts his Feet for a Moment to talk to Cuddles.

"I do not enjoy this. It hurts and it starts to smell bad." Cuddles said

"Sounds good." Toothy said knowing what Cuddles will experience soon

Toothy goes back to rubbing his Feet together. Cuddles starts to sweat harder and harder and his sweat starts to get attached to Toothy's Sole. With every Breath Cuddles takes, he can feel Toothy's Feet smelling worse and worse. Cuddles then uses his remaining Strengh to pull his Head out of Toothy's Feet.

"Toothy, please make it stop. It hurts and smells really bad." Cuddles said with a sad look on his Face

"Play Time is not over yet Cuddles. Get back in there." Toothy then pushes his Head back into his Feet

Toothy then stops rubbing five Minutes later and pulls Cuddles from his Foot. The Sight of Cuddles defeated by Toothy's Feet made him smile.

"You definetly make a good Foot Toy for me Cuddles. We'll for sure be doing it again tomorrow." Toothy said to an unresponsive Cuddles.

"Actually, i'll be thinking twice about giving your normal Size back."

Toothy then goes back to sleep and to make sure Cuddles doesn't run away, he keeps him in his Hand.