9 Hours have passed since Toothy had his Play Time with Cuddles. Toothy wasn't in the mood to use him as a foot toy again and thinks through what else he could do with him.

Toothy made up a new Plan and immediately wakes up Cuddles before he forgets it later. Since he kept him in his hand for the night, he shakes him around so he can wake up.

"Time to wake up Cuddles. We still have some playing to do."

It didn't take long for him to wake up. Cuddles was still a bit terrified about what happened to him yesterday and all he wants right now is to be far away from Toothy as possible.

"Why are you doing this to me Toothy ?" said Cuddles with fear in his Voice.

"I want to step our friendship up a little the way i want to. Today you'll know how i'm going to do just that."

Toothy spent ten seconds to look all over Cuddles' Body and started to drool.

"Toothy ? Why are you drooling like that ?" His voice filling with more Fear.

"Maybe i should've done this first." Toothy said who was still drooling.

"Do what ?" Cuddles asked confused

Toothy brought Cuddles closer to his face and stuck out his tongue and gave Cuddles' cheeks a lick. His cheeks were immediately covered in saliva.

"That was really gross." Cuddles said in disgust

Toothy brought Cuddles closer to his Mouth and slurped his Head in and started sucking on it. Toothy closed his Eyes in Pleasure while doing that. He later removed Cuddles from his Mouth and couldn't help but laugh to see his Head completely drenched in Saliva.

Cuddles whiped his Eyes clean so he could see again. Toothy licking his Lips is the first Thing he sees.

"Do you know how hard it is to get this out of my Fur ?" Cuddles said trying to clean his Ears.

"Doesn't matter. What really matters now is that you taste good." Toothy said still licking his Lips.

"I need to taste more of you."

Toothy stuck his Tongue out again and licked Cuddles from his Feet to his Head three Times. This made Toothy drool even more.

"I guess it's Time that we're getting closer now." Toothy said

He brings Cuddles close to his Mouth again and puts his Feet on his Tongue and sucks them into his Mouth. Despite Cuddles being scared, he couldn't hold his Laughing in as Toothy tickled his Feet with his Tongue. Toothy sucks him in further until only his Head and Arms were sticking out.

"Don't do this to me Toothy. I don't want to be inside your Stomach."

Toothy gave a little Smile and sucked Cuddles completely into his Mouth. He did not intend on swallowing him. He instead throwes Cuddles around in his Mouth and rolles his Tongue around him where Toothy keeps Cuddles in for three Minutes before letting him go.

Cuddles' Fur is now completely covered in Toothy's Saliva. He attempts to escape but before he could reach Toothy's Lips, he gets stopped by his Tongue which pins him to the Roof of Toothy's Mouth.

"I give up. There's no way i can get out of here." said Cuddles

He lets himself fall limp and let Toothy do whatever he wants to do with him.

Toothy feels Cuddles not struggling anymore and just lets him lay on his Tongue. Cuddles not struggling anymore allows more Saliva to form and drench him further until he's laying in a Puddle of Saliva.

Toothy still couldn't get enough of Cuddles' Flavor and keeps him in his Mouth for the Rest of the Day. While Toothy keeps him in there he spends the Time just walking around and if he should feel Cuddles start moving again he'll make him struggle with his Tongue again until he gives up again.