Cuddles now spent an entire day inside Toothy's mouth, therefore Toothy decides to finally let him out. He opens his mouth, sticks out his tongue and makes Cuddles slowly slide from his tongue and onto his hand. Toothy couldn't help but giggle about his toy now completely covered in his drool.

"Hopefully we'll be doing this again. It for sure was fun". Toothy said to his small bunny.

Cuddles however didn't respond. All these hours he spent inside Toothy's mouth made him very dizzy and can therefore just lay on Toothy's hand helplessly and open to any fate Toothy has for him.

"My poor bunny. You must be all tired and out of energy. Maybe i can help you recover quickly". Toothy said thinking of a way to help Cuddles get back up again.

"I know of a place that will for sure make you feel much better. You can trust me".

He puts Cuddles down on the ground again and whipes the saliva from his hands before looking down on Cuddles. Toothy has a smile on his face knowing exactly how to cure Cuddles' dizzyness.

"I have the perfect place for you to recover quickly".

Toothy sits down on the ground and pins Cuddles to the ground with his right foot. He then proceeds to move his foot from left to right for a while. As soon he's done with that, he moves his left foot forward and starts rubbing his sole all over Cuddles' face. Because he's pinned to the ground by Toothy's foot, he can't move away and his dizzyness causes him to be unable to move propperly, exposing him to the smell he was experiencing before.

Toothy is rubbing his foot on Cuddles' face for a very long time and keeps on giggling as Cuddles' nose keeps on tickling his sole. When he decides to stop rubbing his face, he does the same with the right foot, which he now rubs on Cuddles' face for another very long time.

"So much fun i'm getting from this. I don't understand how you can not enjoy this". Said Toothy.

Cuddles still doesn't respond. Even if his dizzyness would be gone, he has Toothy's foot on his face, which would make it difficult for him to talk. All He can do at this point is let Toothy toy around with him once again. Because he's still covered in Toothy's saliva, the smell of Toothy' feet can attach itself much easier onto Cuddles.

After a long, excrutiating moment Toothy finally stops rubbing his foot on Cuddles' face and removes his feet from Cuddles, only to take him in his left hand and rub his body all over his right foot. Toothy does the same with the other foot. After this is done, Cuddles gets placed back on the ground and gets crushed by both of Toothy's feet. He moves both his feet up and down Cuddles' body to spread the smell once more and at the same time give his feet a little "massage". When Toothy devides that it's enough, he removes both his feet from Cuddles and takes a look at the mess he's made. His soles were covered in saliva and in between his feet was Cuddles, laying on the ground, completely covered in saliva and now in Toothy's foot smell as well.

"Alright.I guess that'll be it. For now". Toothy said with a huge smile on his face.

Toothy picks up Cuddles and gives his body another huge lick before putting him back in the ground again. Toothy lifts up his right foot and steps on Cuddles. Lifting up his foot, Cuddles dissappeared once more. The new layer of saliva made it possible for Cuddles to get stuck immediately, and cover him in more of Toothy's smell to. Toothy then relaxes against a tree with his right foot on the ground so Cuddles won't free himself and for Cuddles to only smell the scent of his foot.