Harry Potter x Lemonade Mouth

1: Turn It Up!

Harry and Ron sat downstairs in the basement of the school waiting for detention to be done and over.

But who knows when it would actually start.

"Alright. Miss Reznick will be your detention teacher for the week. You'll be coming down here, every week, after school, and sort out all the mess in this basement." Principle Brenigan said to the other students that came in.

Harry knew one of them being cousins with Ron. Wendell Gifford. Or Wen as most have called him.

He was pretty quiet for the most part.

But the thing Harry and Ron knew was he liked a girl. The blonde who also came in. Olivia White.

The other students, Harry wasn't sure of. Well, not at first.

"Wait up Mo." One other student came in.

Hermione Granger. Ron and Harry knew her for a few years. But some reason, she stopped talking to them.

Harry didn't know why, but Ron explained that it was his fault.

Hermione texted Harry for holidays and birthday. Even sending him a gift. So it wasn't anything he did for sure.

"Well, have fun." The principle said and left.

"Alright. There's a drink machine outside of you need anything. No talking, texting, no chewing gun. Just quiet and do your homework." Miss Reznick said to them.

"Now, I'll be right back. Don't do anything.' She said and headed out the door.

Harry and Ron looked to each other like this really wasn't what she wanted to do.

But the principle wasn't the best kind of guy. All he cared about was sports.

"What are you doing here, Hermione?" Mo asked.

"I wasn't going to let you go into this alone. Scott is a jerk to have gotten into trouble and not punished." She said.

Mo smiled. "Thanks."

"I get some free reading and homework time in anyway. Better then my parents asking me how my day was." Hermione said.

"This really stinks." Said the other girl.

"No kidding." Ron agreed.

"Can we please just do what Miss Riznick said?" Mo said to everyone.

"What are you guys in here for? Normally it's only us two." Ron asked.

"You don't want to know." Wen said.

"That's non of your business." Hermione snapped.

"Good to see you too." Harry said.

"I was just reading." Said the blonde.

"Wearing this shirt. And questioning the rules." Said the other one.

"Hermione. Please help us?" Mo asked.

"What's Mo for? Shorter name right?" Ron asked.

Both girls glared at him.

"Okay. I think we should help now." Harry said pulling Ron out of the chair and to the back where the stuff was.

Cleaning wasn't Ron's think. He already cleans is house enough with his older brothers around. Even his sister has had enough of the cleaning.

"Girlfriend came to class. She and I switched papers. And I called the teacher stupid because he thought, she was my "mother" and I just lost it." Wen said.

"Dude. That's insane. She's too young to be your mother." Ron said.

"Ron. Keep your voice down." Harry said.

"I'm just saying-"

"Well, don't." Wen spoke up. "She'll never, be my mother." He said.

"That's why." Harry said.

Ron sighed. He didn't want to hurt Wen's feelings. It is his cousin after all.

"How did you get detention with just a shirt?" Hermione asked.

"I was standing up for what I believed in. Free speech." Said the girl.

"Sorry. I forgot to tell you at the opening." Mo said.

"Wait. You mean this was in the gym? I missed that?! Wow." Hermione said.

"I'm Charlie. We should at least know each other's names." Said the only other one sitting.

"Hermione. And that's Mohini. Mo for short for some of you." She said.


"Ron. My cousin." Ron pointed to Wen.

"Wen. Just call me Wen." He said.

"Olivia." Said the blonde.

"Call me Stella." Said the other girl.

"I do like your shirt, Stella. At least someone stood up to the lousy principle." Ron said.

"Seriously. Do you ever keep something to yourself?" Harry asked.

"If I did, you and I wouldn't be friends." Ron said grinning.

Soon it was quiet again.

Charlie still sat in his chair while everyone else cleaned up. He began tapping his fingers on the desk. After a little bit, Wen was juggling a set of keys.

Ron and Harry weren't sure what was happening, till Charlie snapped his fingers and Stella began clapping.

"A rhythm." Ron said.

"Music." Harry said.

He pulled out something in his pocket and waved it in the air where no one saw.

Soon everyone was moving. Hermione wasn't sure what was happening.

Ron and Harry joined in on the fun and the music played.

*Playing first song in the movie.

They finished and noticed Miss Reznick standing right there.

"Oops." Ron said.

o sat right back in her chair followed by Olivia.

"I need to think." Miss Reznick was saying while shhing everyone else.

"You." She pointed at Olivia.

"Olivia. You have a beautiful voice! Your a band. It's a gift." Miss Reznick was looking to everyone like this was some kind of hope.

"We aren't...a band." Wen said.

'We don't even know each other." Charlie said.

Harry and Ron watched Hermione bolt out as fast as she could.

"I was hoping to talk to her." Harry said.

"Why? It's my fault she left." Ron said.

Harry just wanted them to be friends again.

"You all have a gift. You can make a band. Try out for Rising Star. Just think about it." Everyone just left except for Stella.

"Hey. Stella right?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. And your Harry."

"Do you think everyone can come together and play a band?" He asked.

She shrugged. "I don't know."

"Maybe it put the principle in his place. Plus...this place-"

"All the schools extracurricular activities have been moved to here. I saw all of them on my way down." She said.

"Well, maybe there's a way we can use being a band, to change it." Harry said.