Jake didn't feel like he belonged. It wasn't like the other kids were mean, or that they were rude to him, he just didn't feel like he belonged with them. From a young age he hung out with the other misfits. The kids that if they tried hard enough they could probably fit in, but didn't.

Trixie was too ungirly. She was loud, quick-tempered, and hated girly things. She didn't like playing with dolls or wearing dresses, or talking about what happened in the other classroom. She liked running in the fields, and chasing the football with the other boys: she always beat them, Jake including. He found her pretty cool.

When he saw her sitting alone at lunch, he stood there and tried to talk to her. She just stared down at him with a haughty look. Taking pity, she allowed him to sit with her.

She invited him over to dinner one day.

"My granma wants see you." she told him.

"Really?" Jake beamed at her. This would be the first time he'd be over to a friend's house for dinner.

"Yeah." she nodded.

He came in the afternoon and met granma Pattie. He bowed to her on the front door, and the old woman smiled fondly.

"My mom told me to give this to you." He handed over a bag of fruits.

"Oh, you didn't need to." Trixie wrinkled her nose, finally realizing why Jake had brought over the bag.

"It's nice to finally meet Trixie's friend. She's told me a lot of good things about you. What do you want for dinner?" Cooed Trixie's grandmother. He felt like he belonged.

"I'm fine with anything."

"There must be something you want." Granma peered down at him with an intense stare. Jake hesitated, unsure of what to say.

"Oh granma! Lay off of him, he says he's fine with whatever." Trixie rolled her eyes. She grabbed him and marched to her room upstairs.

"Fine, then I'm making hamburger steak, okay baby?" Granma hollered from downstairs.


The two kids played snakes and ladders and different card games until dinner. They were both competitive and hated losing. Whenever Jake won one too many games, Trixie would accuse him of cheating, and vice versa.

"No, it was clearly a six, I rolled a six!" growled Trixie.

"Yeah right! You're just jealous 'cause you're behind." Jake snapped back.

"No, I'm not! You're just a liar!" Trixie was one step from throwing the dice at him. But Jake wasn't cowed at all.

"Sore loser! Sore loser!"

Trixie pounced from her seat and the two devolved into a mess.

"No fighting you two!" yelled granma.

Sheepishly the two parted. Usually Jake was all for fighting until he was the last one standing, but he was anxious from being in someone else's house.

"Truce?" he offered.

"Truce." sniffed Trixie.

Dinner was nice. Hamburger steak, with rice, and mini-salad. They had a good dinner, and Jake went home later that night. As he sat in the car, watching the streetlights go by, his mother asked-

"Did you have fun?"

"Yeah." He replied. "It was new, but fun."

"That's good to hear." Then after a moment, "You should invite her over too, why don't you ask her about it?"


It wasn't until later they met Spud. His real name was Arthur, but everyone called him Spud instead. It was a weird thing nobody bothered to ask why or question, but it was definitely a thing. When Jake was waiting for Trixie during lunch, she came late, irritated, and the boy in tow.

Apparently Spud thought that Trixie was giving off 'good-luck vibes' and it would be best if he stuck with her. "It's real, like, I feel good vibes."

Trixie looked one step away from homicide. Jake wondered what sort of good vibes that was. "What part of LEAVE ME ALONE do you not understand?"

"Leaves? Sounds good. Skating is really fun." Spud said airily, completely ignoring Trixie.

"Skating?" asked Jake. "Do you skate?"

"No." Spud gave a dopey smile. Jake stared at him.

"I said. Stop. Leaning. On. Me." Trixie hissed.

"But, like, the vibes." He whined.

Spud's screams echoed in the cafeteria that day. Trixie wormed out of detention once again with the finesse of a cat burglar. Strangely enough, he kept hanging out with them, but now kept a healthy distance from Trixie's reach.

They picked up skating, which all of them got really into.

"You really like it, huh." Spud noted.

"Yeah!" It felt pretty cool, to glide along the pavement, a bit like flying. For an odd moment he was struck with intense longing to. . .fly?

"Why'd ya stop?" Trixie asked. He hadn't even noticed he had stopped skating.

"Oh, nah, just got a really weird mental image." Jake shook his head.

"Like a monkey riding a unicycle?" Spud asked. "They're always in my head."

Jake learned that you either got used to Spud real fast or you didn't at all.

For most part of Jake's life everything went along neatly. Trixie, Spud, and Jake were practically attached by the hip for most of elementary school. It wasn't until he was skate-boarding home one day without either Trixie or Spud, his life went wayward.

He definitely felt uncomfortable and strange without them. Trixie was probably caught up in mandatory choir practice and Spud was doing a quiz retake. Trixie wasn't a fan of choir, but her granma had insisted. And strangely, if Spud failed the quiz the first time around then he would always fail the retake. But he still went and did it.

He decided to take a detour to the park, to take the scenic view for once. It was also strangely empty and devoid of people, so he took advantage of that to practice some small tricks. He heard high-pitched neighing, sharp from pain and the grumbles of other people.

Curious he went over to the more secluded areas of the park. Masked people in red uniforms were trying to get at a horse with a. . .horn? He pulled his hoodie over his head, to try and cover his face-ignoring the fact that he was wearing a yellow hoodie which completely stuck out in the greenery.

The strange horse had a rope tied around the neck, and one of the people was approaching with a spear. The person made a swiping motion at the horse, the spear stabbing into the skin. The horse screamed in pain, and blood splattered onto the green grass. It fell to the ground, whimpering in pain and writhing.

"Ugh, just shut it up already." groaned one of the men.

"I feel bad for it, poor bastard." the other men sighed, nudging the dying horse with his foot. "Oh well, at least that horn is worth 5 grand."

"Yeah right, dream a little lower won't you." sniped in another masked person.

Jake felt like he was witnessing something he shouldn't have seen. It reeked of bad news. He stepped away, carefully and quietly. They didn't see him at all, and he quickly walked to the nearest exit. Trixie and Spud were not going to believe this.

He was so engaged with his own thoughts that he didn't notice one of the masked men pointing a spear at him until he nearly walked into it.

"Ack!" He stumbled back. There was one of the masked people looking down at him.

"Humans aren't supposed to be able to come in." the masked man growled, his voice deep and ominous. "Hey I found something!"

"What? There shouldn't be anything else!" called back one of the masked people from the horse. Jake's heart was beating rapidly and his mind was racing. He felt small, he felt scared.

"Kill it! It's obviously another magical creature." shouted back another.

"Looks real human!" shouted back the man in front of Jake.

"Whatever it is, it knows too much! Boss will get mad if any of this leaks, just deal with it!" a shrill voice flippantly called back. Jake was officially sweating now and swearing so many bad words inside his head.

He started running in the opposite direction, but didn't get far, as the spear swept him off his feet. The sharp end of the spear cut into his skin. He yelped in pain as he fell to the floor, tears beading up from pain. He got up anyways and started running again, but he didn't get far and fell. His legs were hurting and he was in pain, he couldn't breath-he was busying choking back on his own tears.

"Sorry, about this." The man casually walked towards Jake, slowly raising the spear. "Ugh, the ones that sound like kids are the worst."

Horrified and barely coherent from the pain, he watched as the spear pointed down like judgement personified. Terror filled his body, he was going to die. He was going to die! But he couldn't move at all! His hands were just trembling uselessly, and all he could see was the blurry outline of the green spear.

He didn't want to die! He still had to speak with Trixie and Spud, and his mom was letting them eat pizza tonight because he got all A's, and, and, and-HE REFUSED TO DIE!

The spear swung down, and Jake screamed. But instead of the shrill screaming of a kid, it was the roar of a dragon.

"The fuck." The man gaped. Instead of a kid in a yellow hoodie, there was now a dragon. A real-life red-scaled dragon, red eyes wide in fear.

For a good minute the dragon and the man stared at each other in shock. Then the pain hit Jake in a tidal wave, causing him to stumble back to life. The dragon took off running out of the park.

"HEY THERE'S A DRAGON IN THE PARK! CODE RED, ENGAGE COMBAT!" The man shouted behind Jake, before giving a chase.

Jake wasn't thinking at all, he was running on fear, ardenline, and feral instinct. Instinct that told him that he had to get out of here. However, going out of the park and into the busy streets of New York City was a bad idea.

Everything was too noisy and loud! People were gaping and talking, and traffic was pounding against his ears, and the men were right behind him! He started running down the streets, pushing aside people as they yelped in surprise.

Something fierce and fiery hot burned against his foot. He roared from the pain. The masked men were shooting strange beams of energy. He was losing his mind from the panic and the pain. Just had to leave!

Wildly and in untrained flaps of his wings-he had wings now, that was a thing-he tried to fly, but he couldn't get anywhere. One of the men threw their spear, and it pierced into his body. He was thrown into one of the back allies, his blood skidding across the ground like some sort of demented paintbrush. He roared in pain again, but it was gurgling.

"Oh yes!" one of the masked men shouted. "First dragon kill! I am definitely getting that promotion."

Jake was hissing and growling, flailing wildly, trying to get them to BACK OFF. But they just kept coming closer.

"Go! Away!" He screamed. The masked people just laughed.

"Go away? What sort of hunters would we be if we just left." Chuckled one.

"It looks like it's just a baby though. Do you think they'd care? It's so tiny, I could barely put it's skull over my head." Another one mused. Jake started whimpering. They were going to take his skull?

"Oh god, the paperwork we have to do to cover this mess up! Do you guys not care about all those people who saw us?"

"Yeah, but, it's a dragon!"

Pain kept ripping into the side of his body and his head hurt. He felt dizzy and tired. The masked men stepped on his limbs, and all he could do was hiss in pain.

"I call dibs on killing it!" one of them crowed.

Then, another roar, and a blast of fire filled Jake's vision. The last thing he saw before passing out was a blue dragon, and a dog rushing to him, talking?

"Hey kid! You'll be alright, just hang in there-"

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