This was intended to be a one shot

Anne woke the next day sure that she would be stiff from sleeping in a chair all night only to find herself in a bed covered with blankets though granted still in yesterday's clothes how did she get her she put it down to someone moving her into a guest room. She shook out her dress and wiped her face so she looked fairly clean and did her hair up in a knot at the back of her head before walking into the kitchen "good afternoon Anne" was the greeting she received from Mr Blythe while Mrs Blythe smiled at her "John found you asleep in the armchair of Gilbert's room this morning and carried you in to the spare"

"Thank you very much Mr Blythe" said Anne

"You are welcome child Marilla came by as well and dropped off a bag for you she would have insisted on taking you home as well but I told it was best to let you sleep" John told her and pointed to a familiar traveling bag of Anne's

"You go and change Anne, Gilbert's awake and has been asking for you but I thought you may like to change first" Mrs Blythe said "I'll tell him you'll be there in a bit and Marilla is coming by later to pick you up"

Grateful Anne took her bag into the guest room and changed into a simple blue day dress not of the elegant style but the type she liked to wear when adventuring. When she was ready she went back to Gilbert's room. If Anne could describe the look on his face when he saw her she would say he looked like a two year on Christmas day his face still a rather pale and flushed with fever mixed with happiness and that goofy smile which he only ever reserved for her.

"Morning Gil" she said softly.

"Anne girl it is wonderful to see you, you are looking well" he said with a smile

"And you are looking skinny" Anne replied good naturedly

"Oh how you wound me fair maiden" he said pressing a hand to his heart. Anne snorted and felt his forehead "your still warm, must be the fever talking" Gilbert caught her hand as she moved it away.

"Anne you must let me thank you for doing all this mother told me what you did for me last night, when I am well let me do something nice for you" he said

"You do not need to thank me Gil if I had not come and seen you then if you had died…" a choked sob escaped her telling Gilbert all he needed to know

"Anne do not cry I am well" he murmured kissing her hand

"You do not understand" cried Anne

"tell me then what do I not understand?"

"When Dianna told me, you were not well my whole world fell apart and my heart felt like it had shattered in thousands of tiny shards"

"I'm not going to leave you my dear Anne not ever." He gripped her hand tightly there was a pause then he asked "Anne, you know what? I've never heard you sing. I'd imagine your voice would be sweeter than a nightingale if you were to do so" he said yawning.

"I can't say I'm good but for you my dashing knight I will" Gilbert's heart leapt in his chest first she agreed to a picnic then she called him her dashing knight

"I'd a pluck a fair Rose for my love,

I'd a pluck a fair Rose growing

Love's in my heart so I'd tried to prove

My heart is knowing" he listened all through the song not taking his eyes of her for the duration of the song there was a knock on the door and Marilla looked in smiling

"Anne my dear girl" Marilla swept her adoptive daughter into a hug "and Gilbert you are looking so much better. Now I really hate to break this up but I need to take Anne home I require her company and news"

"Let me say goodbye first Marilla I'll be along in a bit" Marilla left the room Anne moved back to Gilbert and gave him one of her small smiles

"I must go now though I wish I didn't have to leave you now" Anne whispered holding his hand

"Go so that you can come back tomorrow and sing and read to me some more" he told her with a charmingly boyish grin

"I'll see you tomorrow then Gil do rest"

"Till tomorrow my fair Lily maid" he said kissing her softly on the cheek.