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Green greens, Dreamland

Adeleine was sitting comfortably under a tree, drawing in her sketchbook and humming a little tune. She loved the scenery Popstar had to offer, the whole planet was just filled to the brim with beauty and creative merit. Even the inhabitants were very colorful and creative as well, one could watch them interact and never get bored. It was truly an artist's paradise...

The young girl looked up at the sky and frowned a bit. Although the planet itself was beautiful regardless, the gray overcast in the distance made the artist feel somewhat uncomfortable. Perhaps of the possibility of rain or even a storm. She probably shouldn't really be out considering the possibility, but the clouds were still away a bit, so might as well take the opportunity to be outside while there was still light out. She was about to go back to doodling in her sketchbook when she heard a voice call to her.

"Addie! I've been looking for you!" The young girl looked back up and saw her pink-haired fairy companion Ribbon, flying up to her, a small smile on her face as usual.

"Hey Ribbon. What's going on?" Adeleine asked as she closed her sketch book, bookmarking the page she was drawing on with her pencil.

"Well, Dedede and Kirby need your help back at the castle. Driblee accidentally doused Burning Leo's head and then a fight broke out between them and they ended up trashing the garden." She sweatdropped and placed a hand on her head. "Ooooh… I had no idea a Driblee and burning Leo could cause that much damage to a location..."

"Oh! So, Kirby and Dedede just needs help fixing the garden?" Adeleine asked as she got up, before something dawned on her. "Wait… Since when did Dedede have a garden?"

"After the whole Void Termina and 'Another dimension' incident, he figured he needed a nice place to relax and stuff, so he had a little garden set up buy his castle. It's actually pretty impressive. Well... or at least it was before the big showdown that happened." Pushing the image out of her head she continued.

"He has the other dream friends there helping but thought he could use your help too. Because of your artistic eye." Adeleine smiled brightly at this, helping other was something she really enjoyed doing. So she tucked away her sketchbook and started walking from her spot.

"Alright! I'm more than happy to help! Let's go!" And the two made their way two castle Dedede, to assist in cleaning up a mess made by two rowdy helpers.

Dedede's castle

Adeleine stood at the entrance of the garden, eyes wide and mouth agape at the area in front of her. After several seconds of dumbfounded silence, she slowly lifted a single hand and pointed to the garden and managed to ask:

"...Driblee and Leo did all this?!"

To say the garden was a mess would be a huge understatement. There were shrubs and hedges either burnt to a crisp or still ablaze. Trees were knocked down, a statue was broken with there pieces scattered across the ground, flower beds were flooded, making the ground in some parts extra muddy, mud was plastered all across the area and even the castle wall, the sidewalks were cracked, and there were even a few craters scattered among the tarnished garden. As Ribbon stated earlier… How could a Driblee and burning Leo possibly do that much damage to a location?

"Yeah… that was basically everyone else's reaction when they saw the garden..." Bandana Dee sweatdropped while rubbing the side of his head. He thought for a minute and stopped rubbing his head as the atmosphere suddenly turned dark and ominous.

"Except for Gooey… he just… stared at it. With a blank expression and just drooled..." Adeleine and Ribbon looked at each other in concern, then atmosphere suddenly turned back to normal as Bandana causally shrugged it off.

"Eh. He's pretty weird. Anyway, Susie is right over there. She's got a list of things that need to be done. You should go see her to find any jobs you can do." The little dee pointed over to a slender young woman with magenta pink hair, speaking with a mouse in a red top hat and cape. Adeleine nodded and made her way over with ribbon trailing behind her. By then Susie finished her talk with Daroach and he left to go perform the task he was assigned with, as she wrote something down on the tablet she was holding. As soon as Adeleine was two feet away from her, she looked up from her tablet.

"Oh! Adeleine! Just the girl we wanted to see! There are a few things we need to get done that could use your area of expertise. The woman greeted cheerfully, but still retained an air of formality.

"Hi Susie." Adeleine nodded, but the girl knew that Susie was someone who took work rather seriously, so it was best to just get the point of the matter. "Bandana Dee said you had a list of things that need to get done. what is it we need to do?" Susie looked down at her tablet and scrolled through it for a few moments...

"Well, the statue over there could use some work," She started as she jabbed her thumb towards an empty podium where, The animal buddies, Bandana Dee, Meta knight, Marx, King Dedede, and a (few helpers Consisting of a bonkers, knuckle Joe, Bugzzy, and Como.) were gather pieces of the broken statue and trying to reconstruct them. Well, Dedede was more off to the side, crying about the broken work of art and talking down everyone's ears about to be careful with each piece and such. Marx looked like he was resisting the urge to tackle the fat king, as he was gritting his teeth while kicking a large rock over to the others.

"We don't have many tools such as buckets, so if you could paint some up to help clear away some of the flood waters that would be much appreciated." She then moved her hand towards one of the many various flood waters over saturating the landscape.

"And if you could help out with some of the flower beds too. Since most of the flowers were decimated in the fight. Taranza can help you with that when he's done with his chores." Adeleine and ribbon looked at each other, then back at the former secretary.

"So, that's it?" Ribbon asked, a little surprised that was all that had been asked of them. Adeleine shared the same look of surprise. Granted, it's not as though they wanted to work all day, but they figured that they would be given more things to do.

"Yes. With all the extra hands we should be done very soon." She tucked away the tablet, and began walking away.

"Now, If you two would excuse me, I must tend to my own tasks in the garden. I trust you two can handle this just fine." the young women explained simply, leaving the pair standing there for a moment.

"Well, might as well we help with the statue first." Ribbon shrugged. And so, the pair proceeded to walk over to the team that was carrying and placing together several rocks into two sections. The statue was supposed to depict King Dedede... Although, only his feet and lower waist were complete… his torso and head were still being pasted back together. Bandana Dee had finished trying to paste a piece of the king's face back in to place, but the little waddle Dee looked at the appearance of the head with uncertainty. He seemed to lighten up a bit.

"O-Oh! Adeleine!" He said. A bit surprised that the girl was assigned to assist them. "I didn't think you'd actually be helping out here. But, I'm glad you're here anyway!" he looked back at the statue's head.

"Did I put the piece in right? Because, I think the statue looks kind of off..." The young artist turned to look at the large stone head of the king herself. As to be expected, there were still several cracks covering it's surface and there were still giant chunks missing. But it took the aspiring artist less than a second where Bandana Dee had gone wrong in placing the rock chunk.

"Alright. It's in the right spot, it's just upside down." She explained as she walked over and pulled at the rock chunk. Thankfully the glue was still pretty wet, so the piece of stone popped off only after a few tugs. She rotated the piece around and pasted it back onto it's original spot. She stepped back, put her hands on her hips and nodded approvingly at the statue.

"Yep! that's much better!" She stated. As she looked at the broken statue, she began to ponder.

"Hey, Dedede!" She called catching the king's attention rather quickly.

"Yeah Adeleine?" He asked rather decently. Adeleine was probably one of King Dedede's favorite people out of everyone in dreamland. After the adventures of the crystal shards, he really took a liking to the girl (Not that way, ya weirdo!) and was even ecstatic when she joined along during the Jamba heart crisis.

"Do you think you could make the same pose your statue had? I'd like to make a reference so it'll be easier to put together."

"Well, sure thing little lady! Your the best artist I know! Vividria comes at a close second, but your still the first artist I'd hire." He then made a rather simple, yet cheesy pose. Dedede stood straight up, put his left hand on his hip, and raised his right arm, making a peace sign with his hand, and grinned a wide toothy grin. Adeleine wasn't that surprised by the pose. She summoned her canvas and went to work painting the pose. She looked at the king from different angles to paint each side of him, she also used a gray color scheme to match the pallet of the statue. As she was making her reference, she could over here Marx asking Coo for help in lifting a stone that was much to heavy for him to do on his own. Coo agreed to assist with annoyance, most likely so the jester wouldn't pester him. The artist didn't really pay too much attention to it and simply continued to paint. In a few moments later she finished and nodded. Bandana Dee, Ribbon, Meta knight and Dedede then came over to look at what she had created.

The painting was of four stone Dededes in each corner of the canvas, each facing a different direction.

"Wow! Thanks Addie this is great!" Bandana Dee praised brightly.

"Yes, this will help quite nicely." Meta knight nodded

"You really don't disappoint kiddo!" Dedede laughed lightheartedly, while putting his hands on his hips.

Suddenly there was a loud pop noise followed by a screech and splat. Everyone turned around and saw Coo laying face first in a large mud puddle with a rock laying on the ground a few feet away from him. But surprisingly, on top of the rock was a large party popper, painted gray like the rest of the rock, with a small trail of smoke emitting from the noise maker. Marx, meanwhile, was hooting at the result of the prank. The owl glared darkly as he got up of the ground.

"Marx! I swear! That's the third time this week you've gotten gunk in my feathers!" Coo snapped at the arm-less jester while trying to groom all the mud out of his wings. "First it was peanut-butter, then cotton candy! Do you have any idea how long it takes to clean those out?!" Marx took a few moments to calm down a bit after his loud laughter, before bringing out his wings to shrug.

"Well, in my defense, cleaning the garden is pretty boring. I'm just trying to spice things up a bit." Meta knight merely scoffed at Marx's excuse.

"Believe me… that fight between those two helpers was enough to, how you say 'spice things up a bit.'" he looked away and muttered under his breath. "Who knew they were actually so capable..."

"Gee, I really missed out on something good huh?" Marx pouted a bit then gave a devilish grin, "Well, I guess I could always ask for an encore performance..."

"NO!" he jumped a little when Dedede, Bandana Dee, Meta knight, and even a few helpers yelled at him. Some in anger and other in a panic. After a moment of awkward tension, everyone who shouted relaxed a bit and just turned back to what they were doing, still slightly embarrassed for their reaction.

"Anyway… STOP. We already have enough to worry about now, and we don't need you screwing with us right now." Coo snapped with finality as he finally managed to groom the last of the mud out. However the rope, some of the helper were using to move the lower-half of the statue, snapped and the hulking mass ended up falling forward towards the unsuspecting animal buddies. By the time they realized what had happened… It was too late. The statue had completely toppled down on them, pinning them under the massive weight, catching the attention of everyone around them. Marx quickly looked wide eyed at the shocked faces around him.

"Okay! That wasn't me that time! Everyone saw that right?" he said, before every quickly ran to the animal buddies' aid. Adeleine quickly painted up a giant purple ninja, jumped on it's back, and moved it toward the fallen statue. The helpers had tied some of Como's webbing to the statue and attempted to pull it back up with Bandana Dee, Meta knight, Dedede, Marx, and Adeleine's ninja hoisting it off the ground and off the squished animals. Thankfully, with all their combined strength, the hulking piece of rock was lifted back up and onto it's feet where it belonged. After that was done Dedede gasped in concern, quickly rushed over, passed Rick, Kine, and Coo (Who were on the ground moaning in pain), and up to the half of his statue.

"Is the statue gonna be okay!?" The king asked in complete concern as if it were a child that had fallen down. Meta knight facepalmed in disbelief and exasperation while Marx let out a loud "Hah!" at the king's ego. Meanwhile, Adeleine hopped off her ninja (Which disappeared in a splash of multicolored paint), and quickly went over the trio's aid.

"Are you guys okay?!" She asked frantically as she, Ribbon, and Bandana Dee helped up the animal buddies to their feet.

"Owww… Could be better." Rick admitted as he rubbed his head in pain. "We're not exactly full of stuffing y'know!"

"But if we were, wouldn't that make us more… vulnerable to the elements?" Kine asked with his typical dopey nature.

"Kine. Figure of speech."

"Well, it would be a whole lot of fun!" Marx called, overhearing the small discussion. "You wouldn't have to worry about getting hurt too badly. But then again, I guess it would be easier to bust your guts!" then the jester began to cackle at his joke, only earning him a few unamused looks. However, Adeleine did giggle a tiny bit. She always seemed to find Marx's jokes (If they weren't featured around insulting people) funny. Even if the joke itself was bad, the tone he would say them in seemed to make up for it. Sometimes Ribbon would make a small chuckle of her own, and Kirby would smile and laugh too. He always cared about others feelings. However, the others don't exactly share the same sentiment...

"Marx that was terrible!" Coo squawked angrily ruffling his feathers and shaking his head disapprovingly.

"Aw, come on! It wasn't that bad. Adeleine gets me!"

"You just get back to fixing up my glorious head, clown boy!" Dedede groaned as stood next to the incomplete second half of his statue. "If I hear one more prank or lousy joke outta you, you'll be helping Driblee and Burning Leo with their chores!"

"What are they doing?" Ribbon asked with a tilt of her head. Dedede smirked at the question and looked to his castle.

In the halls of Castle Dedede…

Several guard waddle dees and waddle doo were standing over Burning Leo and Driblee. Watching them intently as the two helpers were on their knees, scrubbing the long castle hallway floor with toothbrushes. Toothbrushes!

"Keep scrubbing boys!" The tiny cyclops demanded. "The king says you two gotta clean the floor of every hallway and every room in this castle!"

Back in the garden…

"Uhhh… isn't that a bit… excessive?" Ribbon asked as she sweatdropped with a nervous smile on her face. Dedede merely laughed, and pulled out his hammer.

"Hey! Serves those two right for trashing my garden! They're lucky I didn't choose to give `em a whacking!" he spun the hammer in his hand for a moment. But then it flew out of his grasp and smashed into the statue, causing a large section of it's head and the peace sign making arm, to fall off. Everyone stared at the scene silently with flabbergasted expressions on their faces, processing what just happened. And then the horrified shriek that emitted from Dedede's throat, rivaled the death cry of Marx soul himself. Soon followed the mixed sounds of Marx and a few helpers laughing, the animal buddies groaning in agony at the set back, and Bandana Dee trying to calm the king who was near hysterics. The aspiring artist looked around at what going on and an expression of concern blossomed on her face, she then proceed to take a few steps towards the group.

Seeing where this was headed, Meta knight sighed, walked over to Adeleine and gently put his hand on her arm. Therefore stopping her in her tracks and causing her to look down at him.

"Ermm... Adeleine… Perhaps it would be best if you did something else." He said calmly as he guided her away from the madness. "I believe you've done enough here. We'll finish up the statue."

"Really? But, I can-"

"We can handle it. You already made a perfect reference for us to go off of. Besides, you and Ribbon should par take in something without such… insanity."

"But I-" Adeleine went to protest but stopped when she saw Ribbon shaking her head. Clearly not wanting to partake in the scuffle that was occurring behind them. Adeleine looked at Meta knight and gently nodded.

"Alright, we can find something else to work on." She sighed as she and her fairy companion walked away from the small construction site. Kirby was walking by when he spotted them, and began to dash over to them with a bubbly smile.

"Addie! Ribbon! Poyo!" He said happily as he approached the two girls, who looked down at him in surprise yet delight.

"Kirby! Hey! I'm happy to see you today." Adeleine said happily once the puffball was in front of her. Kirby smiled back, then gently grabbed the sleeve of her smock and began leading her through the garden and over to a large pool of water that was currently occupying on of the flower beds. Several helpers consisting NESP, Poppy bros. jr., Gim, Wester, and Chef Kawasaki. She was surprised to see Taranza was also there, holding about three buckets.

"These were all that were left in the shack." He explained as he placed them on the ground.

"How 'bout painting some buckets to help? Poyo?" he asked, reminding her of the other assignment that Susie had informed her of earlier.

"Oh! Right! Hold on!" Her canvas appeared beside her once again, and with a few strokes of her brush, she had painted a portrait of a small tower of empty metal buckets. In a moment several buckets tumbled out of the canvas and onto the ground. Each helper grabbed one, (while Kawasaki grabbed two), and they all scooped up the as much water as the buckets could hold and began marching out of the garden and over to the back cliff, where a huge lake was behind the mountain.

Adeleine painted up some more buckets to deal with the miniature lakes that had formed in the garden, Ribbon and Kirby each snatched one, while Taranza grabbed four, holding one in each hand. As they were scooping up all the water Taranza stopped after the fourth bucket and stared at the water with an unreadable expression in his eye. For a second, he swore he saw Sectonia staring back at him… as Ribbon and Kirby went off to dump their buckets, Adeleine noticed Taranza's odd behavior and decided to walk over to him. She keeled down next to him and looked into the water as well.

"Hey. Are you okay Taranza?" she asked gently, the mage jumped a bit when he heard Adeleine's voice, spilling some water from the filled buckets he was holding. He had been so focused on looking at his reflection he hadn't noticed her approach. He then sighed and ran a free hand through his hair.

"I suppose I could be better..." He admitted. "It's just rather difficult to move on from...*sigh* sorry. I-I don't want to pester you with some silly personal issues." he quickly got up, and forced a smile. He didn't want Adeleine, or any girl for that matter, to see him in such a state.

"I'll be alright, don't worry about me. You just...focus on your work, I'll focus on mine." Adeleine still wasn't convinced by this.

"Are you really sure you're alright? I'm always here to talk."

"Absolutely!" He said confidently as he turned around and began moving towards the moat keeping his head turned and focused on Adeleine. "I assure you I have everything under control."

And then he collided with Magolor and Daroach, dropping the buckets he was holding, and drenching them and himself in water. Adeleine cringed at the turn of events. He did not have things under control…

"Taranza! Dude! Watch where your going!" Magolor scolded as he and Daroach glared at the anarchic. "If you have eyes on the back of your head then I'd think it would be more beneficial to use them."

"Sorry, I am pretty clumsy." Taranza sighed in embarrassment as he picked up the buckets he dropped. Daroach gave a heavy sigh and began to wring some of the water out of his cape.

"It shows. But next time, try to throw the water onto any embers and not us. And I already had a bath this morning, thank you very much!"

Adeleine, thinking quickly, painted up some towels and ran them over to the three who were still soaked.

"Here. Uhhh, how about you guys go dry off? And we'll handle… whatever it is you were doing."

"Well… Me and Daroach were on our way to help Susie and Gooey clear away some of the dead plants." Magolor explained as he wrapped the towel around himself. "Besides, aren't you and Ribbon already helping with clearing away the water?" Then right after he said that, Ribbon came flying back with the empty bucket, but paused when she saw the three boys soaked and covered with towels.

"Uhhh… what happened to you guys?" she asked. Magolor and Daroach then proceeded to glare at Taranza again, who then proceeded to look away awkwardly.

"Nothing to worry about." Adeleine quickly interjected before the mage and thief could start pointing fingers at Taranza again. "There's been a little change of plans Ribbon, we need to help out Susie and Gooey now."

"Adeleine. You don't have to do that." Daroach insisted, despite still being wet. "We can manage just fine, you two still have a job here. It wouldn't be right to give you more work."

"Besides, Taranza can help us after dousing us in water!" Magolor added cheerily earning a shocked look from the floria regent.

"What!? B-But I-" he stammered. But he was then being pushed by both the mage and the thief before he could slip away.

"Come now, it's only fair." Daroach stated, nudging the protesting archaic along. Leaving the Artist and confused fairy behind. The former looked behind her to see the flooded area had shrunk significantly, due to the helpers scooping up most of the water while Adeleine was having a conversation with the males who had just left.

About half an hour later, due to Adeleine, Ribbon, Kirby, and the helpers combined efforts, most of the flooded area were reduced to much smaller puddles. Adeleine was hauling one final bucket as she made her way to the side of the cliff to dump it out.

"Alright! We're just about done here!" Ribbon cheered as she flew ahead, a bit of the water contained in her bucket, sloshing out as she flew. Adeleine smiled at her friend's optimism. However, her smiled faded a bit when she thought back to Taranza… The sad look in his eyes, how he quickly tried to mask it when she asked… She knew that he had a troubled past, many of them did, but it still made her feel kind of bad that she couldn't properly comfort him.

"I just wish I could-"

She was cut off when she slipped in the mud, dropping her own bucket, slid down a steep slope, and nearly fell into a patch of Gordos. However, the back of her smock got caught on an exposed root, so she was left dangling over the long spikes. Everyone turned their heads after hearing her scream and saw the apparent peril she was in. Dedede, being the closest to her at the moment, rushed over… and nearly wet himself when he saw all the gordo spikes that were sticking up at him. And seeing that Adeleine was dangling out of arm's reach… Dedede took a deep breath, pulled out his hammer, and jumped into the gordo patch.

Several of the Star Allies facepalmed when they heard Dedede's own horrified shriek. Deciding to take action, Magolor teleported over to where Dedede was now clinging onto the root with one hand, and grabbing Adeleine's arm, trying to hold her away from the gordos, with the other. Seeing the wizard, Dedede quickly held Adeleine towards him, insinuating him to take her. Magolor, (after internally eye-rolling at the King's cowardliness) floated down, took Adeleine, hoisted her up over his shoulder, floated back up, and set her back down on solid ground. Then he turned around to look at the gordo pit, just in time to see Dedede scrambling to pull himself up onto the edge and out of the pit. By then many of the Star allies had come over to check on Adeleine and/or laugh at Dedede's expense.

It was mostly the latter.

"Hahahaha! Oh man! That was rich!" Marx laughed loudly, his little body shaking with laughter. "Not only were you dumb enough to jump into the pit, but you shrieked louder than Addie did!"

"So, our 'great king' can look at a dark entity of mass destruction in the eye, but can't handle a patch of gordos?" Daroach chuckled a bit himself, he too did find the king's reaction humorous. Dedede's face instantly turned red at the thief's remark.

"Hey! Just so you know! Gordos are practically indestructible! At...At least that weird Void thing had a weakness! Meanwhile, these spike balls can survive a nuclear explosion for all I know!"

"Which probably isn't much~!" Marx added as he twirled and balanced perfectly on one foot. He was suddenly met with a large hammer just inches away from his face.

"You trying to say I'm some kind of idiot, ya freak show?" Dedede asked darkly, looking more than ready to punt the limbless jester to the other side of Dreamland. Marx stared at the hammer threatening his face for a solid ten seconds before looking up at King Dedede and sticking his tongue out at him for a brief moment before saying:

"You said it not me!" the jester then dodged a hammer swing at his head, and soon the two were running all across the area with Dedede trying to whack Marx and the boy laughing and dodging every swing. Everyone watched them, unsuprised by the development. Marx always seemed to get on Dedede's nerves from time to time, which isn't too big of a surprise as the jester always had a thing for causing mischief and the king never took much of a liking to those hi-jinks. It didn't help that the boy also had some dirt on his record, as he tried to take over Popstar once in past before. During the Jamba heart and Void Termina crisis, everyone had gotten pretty used to Marx trying start up something that would hit a nerve with the self-proclaimed king. To the point where it was even kind of entertaining.

"Hey Kirby, remember when that used to be you and the king?" Bandana Dee asked as he pointed to the scene. Kirby smiled innocently and nodded.

"Still is, sometimes."

"Why is there even a gordo patch here in the garden anyway?!" Taranza asked completely bewildered by the fact that a pit full of gordos was even present. Why would such a thing even be needed for a garden of all things?!

"I know his majesty tends to… Favor gordos, as both a defense and a weapon. So, it's very possible he could have added it as the garden was in development. Maybe as a means to train." Meta knight suggested, but it was evident in his tone that he was just as baffled as Taranza. Suddenly they heard giggling and heads turned to see the halacandran wizard laughing cheekily to himself. He opened on eye and stood up straight when he noticed the attention had now shifted on to him.

"Actually… That was my idea." Magolor confessed, but he was still smiling behind his scarf and his eyes didn't lose that spark. "When Dedede was still building the place I suggested maybe installing one." Unsurprisingly this earned him a lot of strange looks from everyone. (besides Dedede and Marx who were still running around)

"And why, pray tell?" Meta knight asked eyeing the halcandran suspiciously. Magolor merely shrugged in response.

"I don't know. I just thought it would be funny." He giggled. Everyone looked at him in disbelief for a long moment before Coo flew up to a small, dry, dead tree that was right by the mage, and launched a wind cutter right at the tall piece of wood. Causing it to fall and land right on top of Magolor, who went from a giggling pest, to groaning in pain. Of course, the tree wasn't enough to actually cause him serious pain, but it still managed to hurt. (Plus he now had a few splinters, and those can hurt!) The magician narrowed his eyes in anger and two orange flames flared up in his hands. He not only burned the truck that had fallen on him, but he even shot a fire ball at the owl, who quickly pulled up to avoid being scorched by the flames. However, the blaze of fire did up hitting Dark Meta knight...

Daroach and Meta knight were suddenly holding back the blood thirsty mirror warrior from attacking the magician, who was being held back by Bandana Dee, Taranza and Rick from attacking Coo. Kirby was in the middle of it, trying to calm everyone down, while also being forced to dodge attacks, with Coo perched on his head. And Gooey was just sitting there, chewing on a random stick.

Adeleine, Ribbon, and Susie just stood there in disbeilf at what was occurring. Apparently, leave it to the Star Allies to defeat a literal god and yet, turn chores into an impossible fighting ground. Adeleine feeling responsible for all the bickering taking place, felt obligated to jump in and do something. So, she began waving her arms in hopes to catch everyone's attention.

"Hey! Guys! Quit it!" She called but she was ignored unfortunately. She pulled out her paintbrush and was about to paint up a creature to catch more attention. But Susie gently placed a hand on her arm, and pushed it down.

"Leave it to me to solve these antics." Susie stated as if it were just another day at the office, (Honestly, she had half a mind to scream and pull her hair out at the display of events before her… but let's be real here, nothing was worse than working with customer service…She could handle this.) and casually pulled out her remote and pressed a button on it. In an instant, her huge bulky mech, also known as her business suit, teleported in front of her. She jumped up into it's cockpit, put down her visor, and swung the bot's arms down onto the ground. Doing so caused a loud banging sound and even generated a small shock-wave, which knocked Dedede and Marx off balance. Adeleine even stumbled a lot after the attack and she and her fairy companion looked up at the giant suit with wide eyes.

Everyone who was messing around stopped and looked over at her, a few of them even slunk back at seeing her in her business suit (Mainly Dedede). Susie slowly lifted the arms of her mech up of the ground, turned her head to the Star allies…

Then raised her visor and smiled brightly.

"Ok! Now that I have your attention, the garden is still 50% in disrepair. If we continue our current routines as planned, I estimate we should be done at around late afternoon." She stated causally, as if she were just holding a normal conversation, causing everyone there to anime fall at her change of tone. She then proceeded to jump out of the cockpit, land on the ground, and press another button on her remote. And in a flash, her business suit teleported out of the garden.

"I'll be clearing away the remaining burned shrubs. I still have the list of things that need to be done written down, so if you need any reminders come talk to me. Ok? Ok! Buh-bye!" And with that she swiftly spun back and made her way back to the dead plants she was clearing out prior to Adeleine's situation. After that intimidating presentation from the woman, everyone looked at each other for a moment... Then awkwardly went back to doing their jobs. Adeleine stood there for a moment longer, watching everyone go before deciding to go find another chore to do.

Ten minutes later...

Adeleine was on her knees planting some tulips in one of the cleaned areas of the garden, further away from everyone else. However, she seemed rather distracted and even frustrated and didn't notice Ribbon or Kirby who appeared right behind her.

"Adeleine?" The fairly asked gently, causing the artist to jump a bit at the surprise arrivals. She looked over her shoulder and confirmed it was indeed Kirby and her pink haired companion holding a watering can.

"You okay? Poyo?" the little puffball asked with that worried expression.

"Sorry guys… It's just… Well, Everyone is just driving me crazy… A little bit. It almost feels like, I'm not needed..."

"What?! Of course you're needed! You are such a big help!"

"Why you think that?" Kirby asked confused by this. He understood that the painter could get frustrated with some of the Star allies antics at time (granted not as much as others) but he couldn't understand why she would feel unneeded.

"Well… I could be doing more to help..."

"You're doing fine!" He insisted.

"Yeah! Lots of things wouldn't be able to have gotten done without you!" Ribbon added firmly. "there's the reference you painted up for King Dedede's statue You helped paint more buckets, and even hauled some of the water. And even now! You're planting flowers! So, there's no way you haven't been helping." The artist sighed but made a small smile, appreciating her friends support.

"I guess you guys have a point." She said politely, however inside… she said something else…

"That's not what I didn't feel needed about..." She then turned her attention to the watering can in Ribbon's hands.

"Ribbon, do you think the flowers are really going to need that can? I mean look." She pointed over to the approaching dark clouds that swallowed the light blue sky more and more with each passing hour."Looks like there's some rain coming our way."

"Oh! Well, I guess you're right. There won't be much need for this after all." The fairy stated with a slightly embarrassed smile for not noticing the forecast earlier.

"Well, we should be able to get done soon before the storm hits! Anyway, me and Kirby are going to go help Daroach prune some hedges, but we'll come over once we're done!"

"Okay." She nodded and the pink pair ran off to complete their new task. After she saw them leave, Adeleine let out a long sigh.

She knew everyone was happy with her help in the garden. And she knew she was playing her part well. But, what she was upset about is how whenever she tried to help someone or try to solve a conflict, she would just be waved aside. She knew she could help, but no one seemed to be letting her assist… Maybe she was being nosy. After all, everyone had things they want to keep to themselves and didn't want to drag others into fights. But… it still made her feel bad.

Adeleine looked at the view of dreamland from the high elevation she was on. She was about to turn back to planting some more tulips but something caught her eye. In the sky a small portal appeared and two figures fell out, one smaller than the other. The artist raised a hand above her eyes to focus more on what she was seeing, and spotted the two figures seemingly float down into a slightly more wooded area that wasn't too far away from mount Dedede. This was enough to peak the child's curiosity. She looked at the small area she was tending to. She wouldn't lie, she felt guilty for running off and leaving her task. But then again, everyone seemed to have everything under control, and she'd try to make this quick.

So Adeleine painted a kracko as quickly and quietly as she could. When the cloudy creature popped into reality, she quickly climbed on the turned to see if anyone in the garden had noticed. Everyone was still quite some distance away, focused on their own things, but she figured it wouldn't hurt to be sure. When she confirmed that no one had spotted her, she looked back over the edge or the rocky mountain that Castle Dedede perched upon, and ever so gently urged the painted kracko to float down. A few minutes pass, but Adeleine finally managed to make it to the bottom before hopping off the painted cloud and onto the green grass. She took a breath and began walking away from mount Dedede to investigate what she saw.