Embry's POV

Shay has been bouncing up and down for over an hour now. We got to the airport in Seattle really early because everyone is so excited to welcome Kai back. She's just expecting her parents, but they asked us to come along as a fun surprise.

I know they miss her greatly, so it was really generous of them to ask us to come along. I thought they'd want this time with her to themselves but they told us that they'd at least gotten to go see her and that Shay and I haven't seen her since she left.

Man that day… that day sucked. She was so young, so quiet, so innocent looking. Her long messy hair thrown up into a ponytail and her overly baggy clothes she wore trying to hide what she called her "mountains of chub"... she wasn't chubby, and I'm not just saying that because she's my best friend.

Quil and Jacob had always had a crush on her, though that's changed since they've imprinted, but they always commented about how beautiful and curvy she was. It was definitely different than the other girls on the res who resembled Shay more in being stick thin. Kai always stood out among them.

I missed her. She was truly my closest friend. If it wasn't for her Shay and I wouldn't be together anymore… we wouldn't be getting married. It would have ended very differently.

I remembered when Kai called me. It was a week and a half after I phased for the first time and after I joined the pack. I wasn't going to answer. I let it ring and ring and ring… but then this nagging voice in the back of my head told me I should pick it up, so I did.

The silence that followed was deafening! I didn't know what to say, I already knew she knew a little about what was going on. When she did speak I couldn't answer. I was at a loss for words… until she mentioned Sam. That snapped something inside of me and I lashed out at her.

The ass-chewing that followed really shook me to my core.

Kai had never, in all our years of being friends, yelled at me. Her going off on me and then hanging up on me prompted me to call Shay and invite her over to talk.

I waited on my porch for her and when she walked up I took a deep breath and looked into her eyes… and my heart sank.

She wasn't my imprint.

How… HOW could it NOT be Shay?! We'd been together for years, known each other and helped each other and loved each other… it was cruel. I remember crying that night. I also remember thinking if it wasn't Shay, then I couldn't have an imprint because I couldn't love anyone more than her.

We talked for hours. She cried most of the time. Then she told me I didn't have to tell her what was going on, I didn't have to introduce her to my new friends, I just couldn't give up on us. She'd be there for me forever.

I told Sam that night my intentions to stay with her. He was upset, warned me that it wasn't a good idea, told me to think about her feelings… and I did. I wanted to be with her. She made me happy, and I made her happy too.

She didn't meet the pack until well after the almost war with the bloodsuckers. None of them had even laid an eye on her, that's how serious she took her word to me to be. She never pushed to meet them either.

After all the crazy shit was over and I felt things were relatively normal I asked if she would like to meet the pack, or who was left. Jacob and Seth had left with the Cullens. Jacob for his imprint, Seth for the education Edward offered him. He said he'd be back in two years time once he completed his degree.

She met the pack, they liked her of course, but they were still wary of her. She couldn't know our secret since she wasn't an imprint, which was the hardest part for me. I hated lying to her and I know she knew there was something we were keeping from her. She never pried though. She took it in stride and made a place for herself. After almost four years of us being together while I was a wolf, I asked her to marry me.

Sam again warned me of what could happen. I assured him I wasn't going to imprint if I didn't imprint on Shay. He shook his head, but stopped arguing.

Five months of wedding planning flew by, and then we hear from Kai that she's moving home! I felt whole again. I had my two childhood best friends, and my pack, I was content.

Squealing pulled me from my thoughts and I saw a little blue run into her parents arms. I was a little shocked. I haven't seen Kai in so long that the last memory I have was from the day we said goodbye in the airport… this Kai is… she's grown up.

When she stood up to hug Shay I got a better look.

Her long messy hair had been cut off into a choppy bob that barely touched her shoulders. She had traded in her baggy clothes for a dark green crop top and fitted black jeans. A tattoo peaked out from underneath the hem of her crop top on her side. Her "mountains of chub" had been replaced with muscle, and her natural curves had been firmed from years of walking and lugging things around New York. She was not the girl we sent off 4 years ago.

I cleared my throat and Shay chuckled.

"Sorry sorry, I'm sure Embry wants to hug you too. He missed you almost as much as I did!" And she stepped aside. Kai smiles in my direction and I saw her eyes trailing my body, taking in all the changes I'd made since we last saw each other.

Finally her eyes met mine and everything stopped. She and I were alone, my heart was beating out of my chest, and I knew that I would do ANYTHING to protect her and make her happy. I wanted to make her smile for the rest of her life. I felt so complete, so whole, so warm.

My imprint.

I could hear her heartbeat racing. Her body flushed as she reacted to the imprint. She was so beautiful. So amazing… why had I never noticed when we were growing up with…


My heart plummeted. I felt worry pour off of Kai's body. The imprint bond was already so strong between us. Guilt washed over me as I heard Shay laugh, mistaking this for friendly surprise and awkwardness. If only she knew.

No she can't know. She can't figure out. It would destroy her. I needed to play along.

I stepped forward and engulfed Kai in a hug. Feeling her wrap her delicate arms around my waist sent shockwaves through my body. I buried my face in her hair and sent up a silent prayer to the spirits.

Not Kai… nonononononono… please…. please!

Her father told us he would go and get the car while we helped Kai through the airport with all of her bags. I immediately jumped into action by grabbing as many as I could… which was all of them. Shay laughed and called me a show-off while Kai just smiled and said 'thank you'... God her voice was enticing.

I followed behind Shay, Kai and her mom through the airport. I noticed several guys staring in their direction. Thanks to my GREAT wolf hearing I had the PLEASURE of hearing what they were saying.

"Damn! That on in the crop top is hot as hell! Oooo I'd hit that for SURE!"

"Yeah man I mean look at that ass… she THICC. Her rack is top notch too. Perfect tits."

"You know she a freak man! I mean look at her, girls who look like that HAVE to be!"

I spun around and sent out the most hateful glare I could, warning them silently if they keep it up I'll rip their throats out.

They got the message.

We made it to the car and I was seething. I began loading up Kai's bags in the back while they got in. Once I closed the trunk I walked around to see Shay next to the window and Kai in the middle leaving only the seat next to her open… great.

"Why are you so mad Em? Is it cause those guys were checking us out?" Shay joked. This caused Kai to bust out laughing… a sound I wanted to hear every day for the rest of my life.

"Yeah right! They were definitely looking at you! That's why he's so mad, you're drop dead gorgeous Shay!" I felt my blood boil. How could she be so naive?! Shay has nothing on her. She's so sexy it physically HURTS. She is the one who is drop dead gorgeous, not Shay!


What am I thinking?! I need to get my mind back on track. I love Shay!

We want Kai…

My wolf was right… but I had to shove that voice down into the back of my mind.

I crawled into the seat next to Kai and closed the door. I could feel her body pushed up against mine and I was biting back my excitement… and my fantasies.

I was having a hard time NOT picturing my hands running up her waist, revealing that tattoo, pushing her crop top up and up to reveal her perfect round brea—

"Right, babe?" Shay's voice was like a cold shower. I wasn't entirely paying attention so instead I opted for the good ole smile and nod. Worked like a charm.

I felt a rush of emotion, only it wasn't my emotions.

Jealousy… anger… sadness… loneliness… sorrow…

They were crushing me. I looked down to see Kai was staring at her hands, which were shaking. She was trying to control her breathing. Oh my God, she was going to have an anxiety attack. I did the only thing I could think of, I slid my hand into hers. She tended but I ignored that and leaned closer to her ear.

"Stop panicking. I'm right here. Just breathe Kai."

And then her body relaxed. She began breathing evenly, I felt her tension melting off. She met my eyes and smiled. I'm sure she could hear my heart beating out of my chest. I felt happy though. I helped my imprint through her anxiety. I helped her calm down. She was happy now. I wanted to lean over and kis—

"...and the CAKE! Oh my God the cake is amazing!"


Why do I keep forgetting about her?! Stupid imprinted brain! I let go of Kai's hand and turned to look out of the window instead. I needed to focus until I could get home and talk to Sam.

I felt sadness roll off of Kai but ignored it… no matter how much it hurt to do so.

Why did I have to imprint on Kai?!

None of these first four chapters are edited. I wrote them all today so I wanted to upload them before I begin on the next few chapters. I hope you enjoy!