Fire In the Blues

A/N: Hello Everyone, welcome back to a new story: D In this story Ace didn't die, somehow he survived the war (I think I might write a multi-chapter one about my vision of a time skip Ace) I hope you find it interesting and review please


He opened the bar's door casually, every infamous was seated at that bar, he was no exception. He rested at the stool and asked the bartender for beer, the latter stared with a dumbfounded look.

"I said I want a glass of beer "spoke Ace firmly.

He was aware of glares at his back; everyone was staring at him and talking behind his back … How did he survive. The rumors were spreading like wildfire, everyone knows Ace was dead, or so they believed.

He gulped his beer and wiped his mouth before speaking to the bartender once more.

"Where can I find a place to stay in?" he asked quietly.

"There is a motel near the harbor, but you must hurry, a storm is approaching and everyone will soon be looking for a shelter from the rain" answered the bartender.

Ace gave him few berries for his beer and walked through the stares and the glares out of the bar. He looked up at the sky, a storm was close indeed. He buttoned his coat and walked towards the harbor

Robin walked hurriedly trying to reach the motel she saw earlier when she was at the harbor was her crew. They stopped for supplies and she took her time roaming around the island , it was full of history and evidence of the ancient times , she thought a poneglyph might be resting somewhere in this island.

She tried contacting her crew but the stormy weather made it impossible for the Den-den mushi to send a signal for another.

"Better hurry before it starts raining" whispered Robin to herself. She buttoned her coat and covered her head with the hoodie.

At the motel reception, Ace found an old woman at the counter "Hello, I need a room for one please "he saluted and spoke politely.

Before the old woman can answer, Robin arrived and requested the same as Ace.

"I am sorry for you both but we are occupied" answered the old woman "but we are used to guests leaving at night, so why don't you both wait at our diner and enjoy a warm meal "she replied with a smile.

Ace shifted his sight to the figure next to him, the moment his eyes met Robin's, he felt his heart skip a beat.

Robin looked at him and gasped "Ace" she whispered to herself.

He smiled warmly at her "Looks like we have to stay at the diner, huh" he spoke casually, not realizing her

"Ace "spoke Robin "I am Robin, Nico Robin from the Strawhats pirates." She continued.

Ace eyes widened "You are Luffy's friend" he replied, she nodded with a smile.

"I know you of course, the infamous Nico Robin "spoke Ace as he pulled the chair for her at the diner's table. " I've always admired you" he spoke with a breath taking smile.

Robin replied with a smile and took her coat off revealing a sleeveless black shirt that exposed most of her cleavage.

Ace stared briefly at the exposed flesh and wondered when was the last time he had female company .He cleared his throat and looked at the bar behind Robin.

"How about a meal "he asked her, and she nodded.

The waiter came to take their orders; Robin ordered a hot chicken cream soup and salad while Ace ordered spaghetti and a grilled steak, and a bottle of red wine to match their dinner.

They talked about themselves and their adventures as they enjoyed their meals, Luffy was mentioned every once in a while in each of their conversations.

"It is pouring out there" said Ace as he sipped his wine.

"Yes , I tried contacting Luffy and the others but it failed because of the storm" spoke Robin and rested her eyes on Ace's chest , she watched as his chest moved up and down as he breathed , she noticed he didn't wear a shirt beneath his unbuttoned coat and her eyes lingered on his chest muscles and his exposed nipples , she wondered how it would feel to rub hers against them. She blushed and looked at the rain.

Ace noticed she was checking him out and remembered he unbuttoned his coat the moment he walked into the motel.

"Excuse me "the familiar voice of the old woman spoke interrupting the moment of sexual tension between them.

"We have an empty room … a suite for two actually, I know that you two are strangers and the idea of sharing a room might not be inappropriate but …" she was cut off by unison "It is fine"

"Very well then, please follow me "spoke the old lady.

"Here is your suite , I hope you sleep well" said the old lady as she handed Robin the keys.

The room was huge with a big bed and a private bathroom. There was a table with a fruit plate and a bottle of Champagne with a pair of glasses.

"Looks fancy for a simple motel" stated Ace.

"I will go take a shower." said Robin and headed to the bathroom.

She walked into the bathroom and left the door slightly open as she stripped, hoping that Ace might get her invitation. She never did this with a man, but Ace's charm and her need for company was controlling her actions.

Ace watched her strip and felt his pants get tighter; he wanted to stroke himself but decided to take his chance and get into the shower with the beauty goddess.

Robin turned on the hot water and enjoyed the feeling of the steam filling the bathroom , she heard the bathroom door getting closed .

"I didn't want you to catch a cold" whispered Ace to her ear and kissed her neck as his hands caressed her breasts.

Robin moaned to his touch and pulled him for a kiss; she parted her lips for his tongue and he obeyed.

As the kiss got deeper, Robin's hands sneaked to lightly brush Ace's nipples, he moaned at her lips.

He broke the kiss and moved lower to flicker her nipple with his tongue as he pinched the other one. Robin moaned his name.

She noticed how hard he grew and decided to tease him; she rubbed his organ with her hands as he sucked roughly at both of her breasts. He was really experienced for someone who seemed really shy.

Ace groaned when he felt her hand rub against his erected shaft, so he released her breasts and threw his head back in pleasure.

"Suck me "he whispered to her ear.

"Not here, let's get into bed" she whispered back and let go of his member.

Ace groaned and threw Robin on his shoulder and carried her to bed, she laughed at his eagerness.

He laid her on the bed and crawled on top of her kissing her lips fervently.

"Lay on your back" ordered Robin, the enthralled Ace obeyed.

She positioned herself between his legs and captured his shaft in her mouth; teasing the head with her tongue and licking his long shaft, biting and sucking it occasionally.

Robin used his soft hands to squeeze his balls, Ace let out a loud moan; he was in heaven.

His head was spinning was pleasure and to his surprise, he felt Robin insert a finger into his butthole and massaging his gland.

"W..What are you doing?" he asked between his breaths.

"Relax , I'll make you feel great" she spoke in a sultry tone.

She kept sucking his member as one of her hands squeezed at his balls and the other's fingers explored his insides. Ace never felt such a pleasure.

"Robin … I am gonna cum" he spoke weekly, she replied by moaning. He released his seed into her mouth, she swallowed it. "You taste amazing" she spoke seductively.

Robin crawled and topped the panting Ace, she stared at his eyes and he stared back ; noticing the burning lust in her blue orbs.

He kissed her lips and rolled her over so he is on top of her, their lips still sealed.

"Fuck me" she spoke quietly and licked his earlobe, Ace replied with a smirk.

He placed her legs on his shoulders , caressing and licking the soft skin , Robin released more juices in response.

He spread her wet folds and licked her wet core; she writhed with pleasure and grabbed the sheets tightly.

He licked the bundle of nerves and buried his face deeper into her folds, savoring the nectars she is releasing

Robin screamed his name as she reached her orgasm and pulled at his silky hair, Ace smirked as his face was covered with her sweet release.

He spread her legs widely and held his member, positing it at her entrance. Robin closed her eyes, anticipating the wave of pleasure.

She let out a loud moan as his huge organ stretched the walls of her butthole, Ace chuckled darkly.

"How is it?" he asked with a smirk.

"Huge, you are tearing me into half" she screamed at him, tears gathering at the corners of her eyes.

He didn't wait for her to adjust to his size, he was so turned on. He rocked himself in and out of her, enjoying the screams of the woman beneath him.

She reached multiple orgasms and rubbed her clit as he rocked her butthole wildly, Ace felt himself close to climax, so he pulled himself out of her butt.

Before he could clear his head , Robin pushed him on his back and straddled his long shaft , earning a loud scream from both of them.

Ace squeezed Robin's breasts and rubbed her clit occasionally as she wildly slammed herself against his monstrous member.

With one last slam, Ace released himself inside of her and she released the mixed fluids. She laid on his chest panting heavily, Ace rubbed her back and panted too.

When their erratic breaths relaxed, Robin laid quietly next to Ace.

"I will try to contact Luffy and the others in the morning, how about you join us?" asked Robin "Luffy will be ecstatic to see you." She continued, hoping to convince him.

"I need to find Marco and the others, but since I don't have a ship or a destination, I will join you for a while I guess." Answered Ace and kissed Robin's lips, she smiled in response.

Ace's narcolepsy arrived and he fell asleep suddenly. Robin watched with surprised eyes.

She smiled warmly at his childish gesture and cuddled next to him , catching some sleep herself.

Till Next Time.