one of the thousands upon thousands of Granger family reunion works. you probably know the drill. Draco goes to Hermione's family reunion, with a little twist.

Hermione was not happy. in fact she was anything but happy, why is that you may ask? well that's because she was holding an invitation she seriously considered burning , that was until she saw the letter from her parents that accompanied it, informing her that she Had to go this year.

the invitation was to the Granger's annual summer Family reunion at the Lunar Eclipse Resorts. briefly she thought about getting Harry to cancel the reservations, after all. it was his resort, inspired by his wife and Hermione's best friend, Luna.

But no, she couldn't ruin the entire reunion just because she didn't want to go. she had successfully avoided them since she started Hogwarts, always inventing long summer essays that she just had to complete that day. and then after the war she made excuses about balls, functions and weddings. though the last one wasn't an excuse, Luna and Harry did get married last year on the same weekend as the reunion, she just didn't mention that she asked Luna to move the date up by a week when she got the invitation.

now it was three years after the war, she was 21 and not happy one bit about going to her family reunion. why's that you may ask? because of her horrible cousins. all six of them, they always looked down on Hermione's branch of the family.

while Hermione's uncle Rupert, aunt Melinda and uncle Brian all had high paying jobs. her father Daniel Granger decided to be a dentist, being the only child in the family who went on to do what he loved.

Uncle Rupert was a very successful attorney in the heart of London, making a six figure salary. his wife was an equally successful Real estate agent. Aunt Melinda owned a posh restaurant. just outside of London. and uncle Brian was a surgeon. they constantly boasted and loved to point out that they had always done so much better than her father and mother, even though her branch of the family lived quite comfortably.

they even looked down on her father because he only had one daughter while they all had two. it was maddening. and Hermione despised her parents for making her go.

with a huff she stuffed the invitation into her purse and headed out to work at Malfoy Enterprises. after the war Lucius and Narcissa converted most of their family fortune into muggle money and decided to build a business empire, mainly since they were more or less shunned after the war.

only they didn't know how, that's where she came in. on one of Their Patrols as head boy and girl Draco pretty much sank to his knees and begged her to help his family. and honestly he looked so pathetic she agreed, though not even she could have seen where agreeing to desperate plea's of Draco Malfoy would lead her.

it took a year but in the end the Malfoy's owned successful chains of boutiques, restaurants and one very lucrative office building that charged into the thousands just for a month. throughput the entire process Lucius, Narcissa and Draco grew to respect her, and the muggle world in general, not only that but the fact that they employed tens of thousands of Muggles and muggle Born's gained them favor in the Wizarding world.

up until that point Hermione had simply been the on call business consultant. that was until Lucius surprised her by offering her the job as his personal assistant. the salary nearly made her faint. it was almost as much as her uncle Brian made!

Hermione sighed as she walked out of the elevator into the top floor of Malfoy Enterprises where Lucius had his office, something about wanting to look down upon his empire, Hermione Rolled her eyes, he was still a Slytherin at heart.

taking a deep breath she knocked on Lucius's office door. " Come in!" came the smooth voice of her boss. Hermione walked into the room. "Good morning Lucius." She said pleasantly. Lucius looked up from his computer. " good morning Hermione, what's on the schedule for today?" he asked.

" you have a meeting with the manager of The Serpents Den. in an hour to go over the staffing at the restaurant, mainly the hostess who happens to be his neice, we've been getting reports of terrible service by her and it's starting to bring down our profits by a marginal yet noticable amount.

then you have to speak with the head of sales for Cissia's boutique. and meet with the fabric distributor for the summer lines. then you have lunch with Narcissa and Draco, after that your good for the rest of the day. " she said.

Lucius smiled at her. " thank you Hermione, why don't you join us for lunch?" he offered. Hermione smiled. " sure, thanks Lucius." she said before going back out to her desk.


at lunch she headed into the private dining area down the hall where Lucius Always ate when he was having Narcissa and Draco over for lunch. as expected they were there already. Hermione had told Lucius to go on ahead as she had gotten a call from her mother reminding her about the family reunion and telling ger that "family was everything" Hermione got pissed off and snapped that Harry had his family arrested for child abuse and hung up the phone before turning it off.

she sighed as she sat down trying to wipe the frustration off her face. " why so frustrated dear? " Narcissa asked. Hermione sighed. " its my parents, they're making me go to my family reunion that ive always avoided because my relatives are horrible, their complete snobs and act like they're better than everyone else, especially me and my parents.

I've avoided the reunion since i started Hogwarts with various excuses but my mother wont let me back out this year and im dreading having to listen to them go on and on about how much better they all are than me, what makes it worse is that Katie my cousin is dating this male model and she's bound to rub it in my face especially.

i think I'll leave my wand at home in case i want to curse anyone." she said sighing. " but you know wandless magic." Draco said. Hermione smirked " yes that's why I'll be leaving my wand at home." she said. the Malfoy's chuckled quietly.

Narcissa then got this glint in her eye that meant trouble for someone. " oh I've just had the most wonderful idea!" She exclaimed. Hermione quirked an eyebrow, knowing that look. "what is it?" She asked hesitantly. " Draco can go to the reunion with you and pretend to be your fiance!" She exclaimed happily.

"No!" Hermione and Draco exclaimed simultaneously


How did this happen? Hermione thought as Draco drove them to her family reunion at Harry's resort. Never mind, she knew how it happened. Narcissa Tempted her with the feeling of finally putting her cousins in Their place. after that she crumbled, and Draco followed soon after she gave him what Harry called her 'kryptonite pout'.

she sighed as they pulled up to the resort. " lets get this over with." she grumbled as she fiddled with the gaudy ring on her finger, Narcissa had leant it to her to act as her engagement ring. it was a ten carrot diamond in a typical cut surrounded by emeralds set into a platinum band embellished with small intricate golden orchids about the size of a fly. it was gaudy and completely not her style.

"Let's get this over with" she murmured as they got out the car.

that's it for now. this was a plot bunny I had, this Will be a three part fic.