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Dom watches as one Brian O'Conner walks down the isle grinning like a fool. He had to admit, the kid looked good in his cap and gown. To be honest, he wasn't sure the kid was going to make it to this point. But it was official Brian O'Conner was graduating.

The family had all come to watch their kid graduate. Dom sat at the end with Mia because Brian had told them if they were going to come, they needed to sit at end of the row. Letty, Vince Leon, and Jesse had squeezed in to cheer for him as grabbed his diploma.

When everyone gets their diploma and sits back down, the super intendent stands and tells the guests that their graduates have a gift for them. Dom watches as Brian stands with a rose in his hand and walks toward them. He's still smiling when he reaches them, but his eyes have begun to mist.

"Thank you, guys, for everything," he whispers to them. He hands Mia the rose and rubs the back of his head in a sheepish manner.

Mia reaches for him and pulls him into a tight hug. Brian returns the hug, hanging on just as tight. The rest of the gang jumps in and surrounds the kid, messing with his hair, slapping him on the back, hugging him. Dom stands back and watches. After a few moments Brian separates himself from everyone and makes his way to Dom.

Dom smiles at the kid and opens his arms. Brian grins as he steps into the hug, wrapping his arms around the other man.

"Thanks for everything Dom," he says, before stepping back and heading toward his seat. Dom watches as Brian walks towards his seat. Dom can't help but smile and remember when he first met Brian.

Dominic Toretto stood in his house preparing to go to bed after a hard day of work, when he heard a loud noise coming from the garage. Not thinking of any dangers, he walked out of the house and toward the garage.

The door was open. Immediately, Dom was alarmed because like clockwork, Dom always shut and locked the door when he was done for the day. He made his way into the garage quietly for a man of his stature. That's when he saw it: a kid, who couldn't have been older than 6, trying to steel his tires.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing," Dom growled at the unsuspecting kid.

Surprised, the kid smacked his head into the car, causing Dom to wince. The kid didn't even hesitate though, he tried to make a run for it. Before he could even make it out of the garage, Dom grabbed the struggling kid around the waist.

"The hell do you think you're going, brat," Dom asks. The kid doesn't even get the chance to reply because Dom is dragging a struggling kid into his house.

He shuts the door and tosses the kid on the couch. It's there he finally gets a decent look at the kid. The first thing Dom notices is that the kid is dirty, not like a regular kind of dirt, no this is the kind of dirt someone acquires when they haven't seen a bath in weeks maybe even months. The second thing he notices is that the kid is small, maybe even younger than six with his height. The third thing is the fact that the kid is skinny, the kind of skinny where the kid looks like a toothpick. The final thing he notices is the fact that the kid has scrapes, bruises, and what looks like a head wound from smacking his head on the corner of the car.

"Mia," he yells because he's not exactly sure how to deal with a dirty grimy kid. He just wants to know what the hell this kid was thinking trying to rob him of all people.

Mia comes running into the living room alarmed, takes one look at the situation before rushing right back out to grab the med kit they keep under the sink. Dom is still watching the boy as the kid tries to move himself into the farthest corner of the couch.

"What's your name kid," Dom asks slowly.

"None of your fucking business," the kid mutters, not looking Dom in the eye.

He's no expert but he's pretty sure six-year olds aren't supposed to know those kinds of words and he tells the kid exactly that.

"I'm not six you dickhead, I'm eight," the kid tells him. Still, he's pretty sure kids at eight aren't supposed to be using those kinds of words either. Before he can tell the kid that, Mia comes in with med kit in hand ready to bandage the wounds.

"Hi, I'm Mia and that's Dom," Mia introduces herself and Dom softly. She reaches out to check the cut on the kid's head. The kid moves away and bares his teeth.

"Ya know, I'm pretty sure when adults try and touch kids without their permission that makes them pedophiles," the kid rudely remarks.

Mia looks absolutely shocked and appalled at what has come out of this kid's mouth. Dom is not as shocked as Mia, after spending less than five minutes with the kid, he knows the brat's got a mouth on him. He moves over to the kid to thump him on the forehead, giving him a look. The kid just looks at him eyes in shock and kind of awe, as if to say he's surprised, and amazed Dom would thump a little kid like him. Mia recovers after that and begins to work on the boy.

"Alright sweetheart, I'm going to check your head now," she tells him before slowly moving her hands towards the kid's face.

This time however, the kid lets her check his head. Mia's careful when she's cleaning the small cut on his head. She's about as gentle as she can be when she brings out antiseptic to ward off any type infection. Dom sits down in the chair next to the couch watching the process.

"What's your name," Dom tries again. He can see the wheels in the kid's head turning as he has an internal debate of whether or not to tell him.

"Brian," the kid finally answers.

"You got a last name Brian," Dom asks, trying to get just a little more information. Brian just shrugs and gives him a look.

Mia finishes with cleaning the wound on the kid's head and cups his cheek gently. Mia has Brian's full attention now, especially as she gently strokes his cheek in a familial way.

"Alright kiddo," she tells Brian, "I think you could use some food and a nice bath."

She stands and leads him upstairs into the bathroom, Dom following behind. She turns the water on, filling the bath and making sure the water is nice and warm. She looks over at Brian, who's regarding her cautiously.

"Take your clothes off," she orders.

Brian looks at her. "I'm not taking my clothes off in front of a girl," he tells her.

Mia smiles gently at him and leaves the bathroom, heading for the kitchen to fix the kid a plate. Dom returns to his room, before remembering one important detail about the bathroom, there is a window. Not necessarily a large window but big enough for a crazy kid like Brian to try and climb out and jump from the second story.

Dom rushes to the bathroom, throwing open the door to find exactly what he theorized to be happening. He grabs the back of the kid's pants and drags him back inside. He glares at the kid, and the kid glares right back.

"Strip," Dom orders.

Brian gives him a devious smirk, asking, "Are you sure you're not a pedophile? I mean you're asking a kid to strip."

Dom rolls his eyes and thumps the kid on the forehead, careful of the band aid Mia had put on his head.

"Get in the bath. Apparently, you can't be trusted in the bathroom so, I'll sit here until you're done," Dom tells the kid. The kid looks at him cautiously.

"Look, we're both guys, we have the same parts. It's nothing I haven't seen before. Now, hop in the tub before the water gets cold," Dom tries again in a softer tone. This time Brian does what he says and strips, facing away from Dom, and hopping into the tub.

Dom watches for a minute as Brian sits there looking confused on what to do. He sighs and grabs the stool that sits in the bathroom and slides it to the tub where he takes a seat. Brian eyes him warily.

"You want me to wash your hair," Dom asks. Brian looks at him before shyly nodding his head yes.

Dom grabs the shampoo that Mia has in there and plops some in his hand, he slowly brings his hands to Brian's head and massages the shampoo into the hair. The entire time Dom watches the kid's reaction to him. He watches as the kid leans into the touch, like a touched starved animal, the poor kid even gives a little hum the longer Dom scrubs his hair. After a few minutes he washes his hands and grabs a cup that's under the sink. He fills it with water, Brian watching him curiously.

"Close your eyes and tilt your head," Dom orders him softly, even as the hand not holding the cup moves to protect the kid's eyes from the soap. He dumps the water onto Brian's head and does this process a couple of times before he's sure he's got all the soap out of Brian's hair. Dom looks at the water then back at Brian before he sighs.

"Alright kiddo, you're going to have to stand up in a second. After we clean you off, we're going to need a second round to wash you off," Dom tells the kid. Dom grabs the washcloth Mia had got out and put his own bodywash on it, figuring the kid didn't want to smell like a girl. He goes to hand it to the kid, but all he gets is a confused look.

"I'll tell you what," Dom says to him, "I'll wash everything except your privates, that's on you."

Brian nods in agreement and Dom sets to work. He's careful in every movement he makes starting from the tiny feet, to the kid's skinny arms, to the careful scrubbing on his back and stomach. He refuses to wash the kid's face with the water being brown at the moment, so he hands over the washcloth and turns away to grab a clean one, as Brian clean himself.

Dom takes the washcloth runs it under warm water in the sink and puts a little soap on it and sits back down. He carefully moves the washcloth against the boy's face, attempting to rid the grime that had accumulated after who knows how long. Dom even washes behind the kid's ears, pretending to scrub extra hard behind them. Surprisingly, it earns him a small giggle, which shocks Brian himself, and makes Dom smile.

"Up," is all Dom says and Brian is standing up facing away from the man. Dom empties the water and then fills the tub again. This time when Brian sits in the tub, the water doesn't immediately turn black, if anything its pretty clear. Dom takes his time as he washes the kid down again.

"Why are you being so nice to me," Brian asks softly.

Dom pauses as he's scrubbing the kid's shoulders and looks at him. He gives a thoughtful hum under his breath.

"Maybe it's because I saw a little street rat trying to hijack the tires on my car and thought that you were either too ballsy for your own good or you were just a kid trying to survive," Dom tells him honestly

"And which am I," Brian asks.

"You're a bit of both," Dom tells him giving a light laugh.

They resume their comfortable silence and Dom finishes up washing the kid for a second time. He hands the washcloth back to Brian and gives him a look as if to say you clean the rest, and Brian does. Meanwhile, Dom puts a small amount of Mia's conditioner in his hand and moves his hands back to the Brian's hair. They repeat the same process as the shampoo and then Brian is finally clean. Dom reaches for a towel as the kid stands and wraps the child in the towel, lifting him out of the tub.

"Now would you look at that, underneath all the dirt and grime was a blonde haired child and not a little gremlin," Dom jests, poking at the kids. Brian gives him a pout, but his eyes are shining with humor.

"Stay here and I'll bring you some clothes," Dom orders.

He heads to his room, where he grabs a clean sweatshirt and an old pair of basketball shorts. He goes back to the bathroom and hands the clothes over to Brian. The kid changes and Dom can't help but let out a snort as he watches the sweatshirt dwarf the kid and the basketball shorts fall down. Brian scowls at him. At this point, Dom doesn't stop the laugh that comes out and makes his way to the kid, pulling the shorts up, tightening them as tight as possible and then rolling them to make them stay.

He leads Brian into the kitchen where Mia has soup made, which is probably a good idea, considering they don't know the last time the kid ate. Dom and Mia sit at the table making sure Brian doesn't eat to fast and asking questions.

"Where are your parents' sweetheart," Mia asks. Brian just gives a shrug.

"Do you have someone we can call for you? I bet someone's worried sick," Mia tries again. Brian gives another shrug, focusing on the soup.

"If you don't have anywhere to go, do you want to spend the night here," Dom asks before Mia has the chance to ask any more questions about who they can call why he's out there.

Brian looks up at that. "Can I," he asks quietly.

Dom gives him a small smile and nods his head. He looks at Mia and gestures to go talk in the living room as they leave Brian to eat his soup.

"What the hell Dom, we can't just keep the kid here, that's kidnapping," Mia whisper shouts at him.

Dom sighs, "The kid was trying to steal the tires off my car. I don't think his parents are in the picture Mia. I mean, you saw him, he was beat up and dirty."

Mia pauses at the new information of the fact that the kid tried to steal tires off one of the cars Dom had in the garage. She can't help but snort.

"The kid really tried to boost the tires," she asks still laughing.

Dom nods his head completely serious, before giving in and giving a small smile at the situation.

"Alright," Mia tells him, "he can stay, but you've got to watch him for the night and we'll gather supplies and start looking for his parents tomorrow."

They head back to the kitchen to find Brian almost completely asleep in the chair. He was leaned back, head tilted backward, and mouth slightly open. They both can't help but give a soft smile at the sight. Dom makes his way toward the kid and bends down to pick him up.

Brian stirs softly, but Dom just hushes him and makes his way to his room. He's extremely careful walking up the stairs and walking into his room not to jostle the kid too much or accidentally hit the kid's head on the wall.

As gently as possible, Dom lays Brian on one half of the bed, covering him with the blanket. He then proceeds to strip into his boxers and keeps his wifebeater before getting in bed. He's almost completely asleep when he feels the weight of Brian on top of him, in that way that only kids can sleep on top of people, but Dom doesn't complain, just rests his hand on Brian's back in a comforting manner.

"Thanks Dom," Brian mutters drowsily into his chest. Dom doesn't say anything, he just moves his hand to the back of Brian's head and gently ruffles his hair. Soon, they both fall asleep, lulled by the sound of one another's breathing.

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