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Dom woke up to an empty bed and began to panic. He opened his eyes and looked around for Brian when he heard Vince's voice.

"Who the fuck are you," Vince shouted. Dom didn't hear what Brian said, but from the way Vince was gearing up for a fight, he was pretty sure it wasn't going to end well.

Dom hopped out of bed and threw a pair of jeans on and rushed to the kitchen. He took in the sight of Vince holding Brian by the front of his shirt off the ground.

"Really Vince, you're picking on little kids so early in the morning," Dom asked.

Vince turned to look at him, taking his eyes off of Brian. Brian took full advantage of Vince not looking at him; Brian swung his leg back and kicked Vince in the shin. Surprised, Vince dropped Brian and grabbed his leg in pain. Brian ran behind Dom, hiding behind the other man. The kid peaked his head out from behind Dom to stick his tongue out at Vince.

"Who's the Buster," Vince grunted. Dom ignored him and turned to Brian.

"Go take a seat and I'll make you some breakfast Bri," Dom told the kid as he ruffled his hair.

The kid leaned into the touch before turning back to the table. He eyed Vince suspiciously and Vince eyed the kid back.

"Who's the street rat," Vince repeated the question.

"That's Brian," Dom gave as a way of explanation.

Mia came in a few seconds later sitting next to Brian and brushed the child's curly hair back. Letty, Leon, and Jesse came through the back door to see Dom at the stove, Vince glaring at a kid, and Mia talking softly to said kid. They didn't ask any questions about the situation, figuring Dom had picked up another stray.

"You cooking," Letty asked as she leaned in and gave Dom a kiss on the cheek. Dom grunted in confirmation.

They worked as a team, making eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast. They set the table with food, plates, and silverware before taking their seats. Dom sat at the head of the table next to Brian and watched as the kid grabbed a piece of bacon.

Without thinking he said, "Since you grabbed the first piece of food, you get to say Grace."

The kid looked at him in confusion.

"Do you know how to say Grace," Dom asked. Brian flushed a bit in embarrassment and started fidgeting before shaking his head no.

"That's alright," Mia consoled, "I'll say Grace for you this time."

"Dear Lord, we thank you for those you have put in our life and the food you've provided. Amen," Mia says, bowing her head.

Dom grabbed some of the eggs and scooped some onto Brian's plate as the kid munched on a piece of bacon. They ate and chatted, ignoring the fact that only Dom and Mia knew who the kid at the table was.

"Slow down Brian," Mia ordered, watching the kid shovel another bite of eggs in his mouth.

"After you're done, I've got to check your head," Mia said brushing Brian's hair off his forehead to look at the bandage. Brian nodded his head.

"After I check his head, I've got to head to class. So, you've got to take him with you to work," Mia told Dom. The man nodded his head as he took a drink of his juice eyeing the two next to him.

When breakfast was finished Mia guided Brian to the living room to check his head. Dom sat in the kitchen with the others and began explaining the Brian situation. Starting from how the kid had try to steal his tires. Jesse and Leon looked appalled, Vince looked ready to beat the kid, and Letty was laughing at him.

"The Buster really tried to steal your tires," Letty cackled out. Dom smiled fondly.

"Yeah, kid tried to steal my tires. Seems like a good kid though," Dom tells them

"You want to bring the brat with us to work in a garage, after he tried to hijack your tires," Vince asked incredulously.

"It'll be fine," Dom replied, not even a bit worried about the situation. Mia and Brian came back into the kitchen.

"Dom, before you head off to work, Brian needs some clothes that actually fit," Mia told her brother. She then turned to Brian.

"Alright, Sweetie, I'm off and I'll be back a little later to check on you at the garage and maybe I'll take you to the café," she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek and then grabbing her stuff and heading for the door.

Brian turned to Dom with expecting eyes.

"Come on Kiddo. We'll brush your teeth and try and run a comb through those curls," Dom said ruffling the kid's head and then picking him up. The rest of the gang took that as cue to leave and headed off to the garage for work.

They went to the bathroom where Dom grabbed a spare toothbrush and put a small dab of his own toothpaste on the bristles. He watched as the kid grimaced at the minty sting of the toothpaste and snorted. He'd have to add kid friendly soap and toothpaste to the shopping list.

"Alright Bri, we've got to head to the store and then we'll head to the garage," Dom told the kid as they walked to the car. Dom opened the back door of the Mazda and Brian crawled inside.

"Do you need a car seat," Dom asked as he watched Brian buckle himself in.

Brian shrugged his shoulders. "The last time I was in a car my parents just threw me in a trunk and left me in the middle of nowhere."

Dom looked at the kid and couldn't tell if he was serious or not. He had a feeling the kid wasn't joking, the longer he studied him. Dom noticed that the kid was definitely going to need at least a booster seat for the seatbelt to fit on him comfortably. They drove in comfortable silence as they headed to the nearest store.

They walked inside, a tiny Brian holding Dom's much larger hand. The two headed for the children's section. Dom pushed the cart as Brian followed at a slower pace before Dom got tired and tossed the kid in the cart. Brian laughed as he was plopped in the cart.

Dom grabbed a pack of underwear and held it up to Brian. Brian gave him a blank look.

"Do I look like a fucking dinosaur kid," Brian asked. Behind them Dom could hear a lady gasp.

"Language you brat," Dom snorted. Dom grabbed another pack underwear, this time it had cars on it. Brian grudgingly shrugged in agreement to the underwear. Dom rolled his eyes at the kid.

They then moved onto shirts. Dom picked up a pack of regular t-shirts that came in a pack. He then moved to some of the graphic tees holding each up for Brian's approval. At one point he held up a shirt with a monster truck on it.

"I'm eight, you jackass, not four," Brian deadpanned. The lady who had been following them after hearing Brian first swear huffed. Before Dom could chastise Brian, the lady approached.

"You're just going to let him get away with that? Why I should call CPS on you for you not disciplining your kid." She then turned to look at Brian and was about to start going at him, when the kid held up a hand.

"Back off Karen or I'll start crying and claiming the 'mean lady' was yelling at my big brother and me. And who are they going to believe," Brain asked smiling like the cat that got the cream.

"You little shit," the lady started and lifted her hand. Before she could get any farther, Brian let out a high-pitched wail. Immediately, a worker was in front of them demanding to know what was going on.

"She w-was y-yell-yelling at my bwo-bwother and I-I towld hew no. A-And th-then she tried to hit me," Brian sobbed out.

The worker took one look at the lady with her arm still in the air and nodded his head.

"Ma'am, I'm going to need you to come with me," the worker commanded as he dragged the lady away.

Dom watched as Brian wiped away the alligator tears and stared at Dom. He wasn't sure whether to be impressed or not from the little show.

"I got really good at acting like I was okay, so it's easy to pretend that I'm not," Brian confides in Dom. That one sentenced worried Dom more than he wanted to admit, he also filed the information away for when he would eventually have to ask Jesse to look up who Brian was exactly.

As they went through the store, they repeated the process of Dom picking up clothes and Brian being the little shit he was and giving unnecessarily rude opinions. When they got to the kids soap isle, Brian watched curiously as Dom picked up certain containers and showed them to him. Dom would open them, give them a sniff, and then let Brian give a sniff. They found a two-in-one shampoo for Brian and a dove bodywash with a nice scent for the kid. Dom also snagged a thing of kids toothpaste before leaving the isle.

Dom knew the moment Brian had decided to stay the night and not vanish in the morning, he was going to keep the kid and he figured Mia knew too. So, he headed toward the sheets and told Brian to pick some out for the twin bed they had in one of the spare rooms.

"Are you sure? Are you going to keep me," Brian asked, scared for the answer he was going to receive.

"Do you want to go back where you came from," Dom asked. Brian shook his head quickly to signal that he very much did not want to return to where he was from.

"Alright Buster, I'm going to level with you. I've got to know who you are so I can keep you. I need your last name buddy," Dom said looking Brian in the eye.

"O'Conner," the small voice whispered.

Dom was going to have Jesse look it up as soon as they got to the shop. He'd been studying Brian's behavior since he'd found him, and he knew abuse when he saw it. Dom was going to need Jesse to print off some adoption forms, while he was at it, because as soon as he found Brian's parents, he was going to force them to sign over their custody of him.

As they headed to the check out, Dom watched as something caught Brian's eye. He turned to look at what the object was and saw that it was a small model car building kit of a 1970 Dodge Charger. Dom couldn't contain the snort.

"You couldn't get your hands on the real thing, so I guess the model will have to do, huh," Dom joked as he grabbed the kit. Brian couldn't help the blush that blossomed on his cheeks as Dom ruffled his hair fondly.

"We'll start building it together after dinner," Dom promised.

After they had checked out, Dom set up the booster seat and handed Brian some clothes. The kid now had clothes that fit and was wearing a plain black t-shirt, jeans, and black converse. They drove to the garage with Dom pointing out what a heartbreaker Brian was, teasing the kid just to see him pout, blush, and giggle all at once. They exited the car and Dom showed Brian the Chevelle he was working on.

Dom let Brian look at the car while he approached Jesse at his computer.

"I need you to look up Brian O'Conner and find out who his parents are, where he's from, all that information. I'm also going to need some adoption papers," Dom said to Jesse. Jesse nodded and got to work.

Dom headed back to the car and stood watching as Brian looked at the car in complete awe. He smiled at the kid and ruffled his head as he headed for his toolbox.

"You going to help me Buster," Dom asked.

"Hell yeah," Brian agreed. Dom rolled his eyes as he rolled himself under the car. Brian followed eagerly in order to watch Dom work.

"I need a 3/8-inch torque wrench."

Brian reached into the toolbox taking a moment to find what he believed to be the right wrench. He handed the tool off to Dom.

"You sure that ones right," Dom asked without looking up or taking the tool. Brian double checked it before putting it back and reaching back into the toolbox to grab the right tool. Dom grabbed it this time and smiled.

"Good job, Kid," Dom praised.

The two continued the process for a bit, every once in a while, Dom would pause and explain what he was doing and why. Brian listened in fascination, watching Dom's every move. After being under the car, Dom slid out form under. The man turned to see if Brian had followed and noticed that he hadn't. Sighing Dom grabbed the kid's ankles and slid him out from under the car.

Brian laughed in glee and Dom smiled as he saw the grease staining the kid's forehead. Letty looked over and chuckled at a grease covered Brian and a smiling Dom. It had been a while since she had seen Dom this happy after his father had passed. She watched as Dom led Brian over to the small fridge and grabbed him a water and one for himself.

Dom and Brian spent their morning like this; under a car, with Dom explaining to Brian, and Brian asking questions. Around noon, Dom asked Brian to pass him another wrench only to get no response. When he looked over, he saw the kid asleep. Dom grinned and came out from under the car, dragging Brian with him. The kid didn't even flinch as Dom picked him up and moved him to the couch. He brushed the kid's bangs off his head and listened while the kid hummed in his sleep. Pausing he did it again to see if he would get the same reaction, and again Brian hummed in his sleep as Dom ran a hand through the curls.

"You guys come over here," Dom ordered laughing. The gang surrounded the couch. "Listen."

They watched and listened as Dam ran his fingers through the kid's hair only to hear a soft purr like sound coming from the kid.

Letty snorted, "Did he just purr?"

Dom grinned at the others and they continued to watch and listen until Mia arrived a little bit past noon to take Brian to the café.

"What are you guys doing," Mia asked as she slowly approached the group. They held their fingers to their mouths as they shh-ed her. Mia got closer and watched as Dom once again rubbed the kid's head and heard the purr.

"Did he just purr," Mia asked excitedly. They all grinned and nodded, even Vince had to admit the kid was kind of cute asleep.

"I'll take him to the café and then we'll meet back up at the house," Mia told Dom, not even looking up from watching Brian sleep. Sitting on the back of the couch Mia stroked Brian's cheek and got the same reaction Dom had received when brushing the kid's hair. She smiled fondly before turning back to Dom.

"Did you get stuff for him," she questioned.

"Yeah. Even got the Buster a booster seat while I was at it," Dom replied. Mia nodded.

"Find anything out about him," Mia interrogated.

"I have Jesse running a search on him and we'll hopefully be able to find out where he's from." Dom hesitated to tell Mia the other thing he had Jesse do.

"We'll talk more after dinner tonight. Do you want me to put him in your car or do you want to wake him up," Dom asked.

"It would probably be best if we just put him in the car," Mia responded.

Dom gently lifted Brian up and carried him to Mia's car. He noticed that while he and Letty had been talking, someone on his team had taken the booster seat out of his car and put it in Mia's. He slid the buster into the seats and buckled him in before grabbing a wet rag Mia had handed him and cleaned some of the oil and grease that was left on Brian's face. Once he was sure Brian was clean enough for Mia to handle, he shut the door and let his sister leave.

Brian woke to a gentle hand stroking his cheek and shaking his shoulder. He hummed and tried to make his eyes open, but they wouldn't. He heard a soft feminine chuckle when he finally managed to crack open one eye.

"Wakey, wakey, sweetheart. Once you've washed up a bit, I'll make you a sandwich," Mia told him. "What do you want for a sandwich?"

"Tuna," Brian grunted out as he rolled his tiny body into stretching and trying to wake itself up.

Mia gave a disgusted look, but if the kid wanted tuna, she would let him have the tuna. Brian stepped out of the car and followed Mia into the small café and sat at the bar watching as the young woman got to work.

"So why tuna," Mia probed.

"It's the only thing my mom would let me eat," Brian retorted, shrugging his small shoulders.

"You mean it's the only thing you guys could eat," Mia tried clarifying.

"No. It's the only food my mom would give me. My mom and dad could eat whatever they wanted, but I only get tuna," Brian shot back.

Mia stopped making the sandwich and looked at Brian. She felt the dread curdle in her stomach as she studied Brian. She had this indescribable feeling to just hold the kid and protect him from everything that could go wrong in the world.

"Mmmm, well, if tuna is the only thing you've only had, how about we try something different," Mia asked. Brian looked up at her in awe and nodded eager to try something new.

"Are you allergic to anything," she asked pausing.

"Well I guess we'll find out, huh?" Brian smirked.

"No, we will not be finding out what you allergic to Brian," Mia scolded.

Mia got back to work making a sandwich, this time with turkey, lettuce, and mayo. She put the plate in front of Brian and watched as the kid devoured it.

"When you're done, Dom left something for you in the front seat to do while you're with me," Mia told him.

Brian got up once he was finished, not a crumb on the plate, and walked back to Mia's car. He opened the door to find the bag that held the model Charger Dom had bought for him. He grabbed the bag and brought it to Mia, who smiled at him.

"Dom said, he wanted you to get it started and then he'll help with some of the more complicated parts," Mia replied to the questioning look Brian gave her.

"Go into the back office and you can do that until we have to leave later," Mie instructed.

Brian went to the office and began working on the Charger, following every step to a T. Mia served the few customers that came through. Their day continued like this until about six, and then the two headed home for the day.

Dom was behind the barbeque, while the rest of the family was making sides or drinking a Corona on the porch. When the food was prepared, they sat at the table, Brian refused to be the first to make a grab for the food this time. He had learned his lesson earlier and wasn't going to be the one to say Grace this time.

Dom decided he'd save the poor kid from trying to say Grace and said it for the entire family. They ate and laughed as a family, enjoying their time together, before they knew it, the time was nine o'clock and time for Brian to get washed up and go to bed.

"You alright washing yourself this time," Dom asked, turning to a sleepy Brian. He nodded and headed back into the house.

Mia and Dom sat in silence for a few moments. Before Dom began to speak.

"I had Jesse look into Brian and his family."

Mia studied her brother before nodding her head for him to continue.

"He found that his parents are from Arizona, their names are Mary and Earl O'Conner. Brian has spent most of his life going in and out of the hospital for broken bones, concussions, the mix. They've sent CPS over multiple times but they've yet to do anything about the situation," Dom growled.

The more Dom told her the sicker Mia felt.

"We can't give him back to them. They'll just hurt him again," Mia managed to get out.

Dom nodded in agreement. "I also got Jesse to print off some custody papers."

Mia looked at him and smiled. "You're telling me, we're getting a little brother?"

"I figured we'd go pay the O'Conner parents a little visit and persuade them to hand over their rights for the kiddo," Dom smirked.

Brian came to the porch door to find Mia and Dom sitting and talking. He opened the door and peaked his head out, the two siblings paused in whatever they were talking about to look at him.

"You ready for bed Buster," Dom asked. Brian nodded his head and Dom got up.

"Alright, give me a minute and I'll meet you in the room," Dom told him.

Brian ran to Dom's room hopping on the bed and waiting for the man to return. Dom showered off the dirt and grease from a hard day of work and went to his room to find Brian half asleep. He tucked Brian in under the covers and gave the kid a kiss on the forehead, before crawling into the other side.

"Are you going to bring me back to my parents," Brian whispered.

"Naw, you're stuck with us kiddo."

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