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Whitney didn't know how Clark had found the disk so easily, but he wasn't going to complain about the weirdness that was Clark Kent when it was helping him right the wrongs he had gotten caught up in the last few days.

Stupid, stupid. How could I have gotten into this mess so easily?

But he knew how. Whitney had been in a bad mood with his dad's health, and with his grades failing and the lost scholarship...he was an easy target. And he hated it.

"Kent, you're a life saver. Let's get out of here."

"Not so fast," came a voice, and Whitney closed his eyes in defeat.

Clark backed up, his shoulder shielding him a little, but Whitney could still see the cold stare that nearly bit into his soul coming from Blake.

"You screwed up Rookie," Blake said. And then he was reaching his hand forward, and punching his fist into Clark's body. Whitney watched, horrified and unsure of what to do.

"Leave him alone!" Whitney finally shouted.

Clark fell, gasping, his hands clutching protectively at his chest. Whitney, against his better judgment, fell to his knees beside the stockier teen. His hands hovered uncertainly over him, and he looked back up to the former jocks still standing around him.

"You're next," Blake said. Whitney felt the blood drain from his face.

"Wait!" Clark gasped. "You said you wanted money for Lex's disk. But I destroyed it."

"Yeah, you did!" Blake snapped, and gave Clark a swift kick in the side. Clark grunted, but then he continued. Whitney wanted to tell the boy scout to shut up, but the panic that was crawling through him had also seemed to take away his ability to talk. He now understood the phrase, "tongue tied."

"Lex is my friend, and he's soon to be business partners with his girlfriend," Clark said, gesturing to Whitney. "Take us, and call Lex. He'll give you actual money for us rather than the disk. You can tell him I destroyed it. But he's told me himself that he would do anything for his friends."

Whitney stared at Clark, eyes wide. "Kent, what the hell?" he hissed.

Clark just stared up at him. "Trust me," he said.

Blake stared at him, and then nodded.

"I'll tell him about you. I saw you and your girlfriend at the mansion last week when we first robbed the place, and I've heard about how you're his only friend in town. But him..." Blake jutted his chin at Whitney, and he felt his blood run cold. Chad moved to stand behind him, and the next thing Whitney knew he was being yanked back to his feet and an arm was being wrapped around his neck.

"You, not so much dude," Blake finished. "Tie him up, and get him to the car. If they're here, they probably told someone and I don't want to take the chance of getting caught before we hit pay dirt."

Tim made a face. "How can I tie him up with only one arm?"

Blake smirked, and then he pulled out a gun. He didn't blink, and Whitney barely had time to register that there was even a weapon before he heard the shot. He didn't feel it at first, but then his knees felt weak, and he was suddenly falling down this time not of his own volition. He registered that Clark was staring at him in shock, and then he was curled up on the floor arms wrapped around his middle, the world suddenly graying out.

"Whitney! No!" Whitney barely heard Clark as all that was registering was the sound of his blood roaring in his ears.

Whitney was fairly certain he had blacked out for a moment, but then the world jerked back into focus rather abruptly. He blinked, and realized he was alone in the room. He moved to sit up, and cried out as pain shot through him. He reached down and realized his shirt was slick with blood, and he could only stare in shock for a moment.

I've been shot.

And then he remembered Clark and his stupid idea. Dumb, stupid farm boy!

Whitney would later peg it to adrenaline, but he managed to pull himself to his feet, and he stumbled out the back door of the den, blinking at the light of the garage beyond. Passing a few cars, he listened, hoping to hear something that would show that he hadn't been out that long, that Clark and the gang were still there somewhere.

Stumbling forward, he was rewarded by seeing that Blake was leading Clark to the back of the garage, where the car they had used the night before was parked. Whitney didn't know what he was going to do, but he didn't want them to get away with hurting someone.

"Blake!" he shouted. Blake turned around, his eyes widening.

"Jeez kid, I thought I managed to kill you."

"Let him go."

Blake laughed. "You're in no position to be bargaining with me," he scoffed. Whitney was about to reply, when he felt the unfortunate familiar presence of Chad behind him as an arm once again wrapped around his neck.

Whitney could see Tim out of the corner of his eye, and his heart sank when he realized what was going on.

"I got him dude! Go for it!" Chad yelled. Blake laughed from across the room.

Then everything happened all at once. Whitney knew it must have been a matter of seconds, but it seemed longer, like he was watching in slow motion. Tim pushed the button, and the car above his head started to fall. Whitney was going to close his eyes, but he happened to lock eyes with Clark from across the room, and Clark's gaze, which had been panicked a moment ago, had hardened into steely resolve, and suddenly he was there. Whitney was one moment waiting for his death underneath the car, and the next, Clark was hitting him like a boulder, and pushing him back out of the way.

Whitney coughed, and stared up at Clark in surprise. And then the pain came roaring back. He groaned, and curled up around his side.

"Whitney, hey, stay awake!"

Whitney didn't realize his eyes had shut, but he pried them back open to see Clark anxiously hovering over him.

"How did you do that?" he asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

"How did I do what?" Clark asked.

"You moved across twenty yards in a second and pushed me out of the way of a falling car. I was staring at you the whole time."

Clark shook his head. "You must have been imagining things."

Whitney shook his head. "Cut the crap man, I'm not as stupid as I look. I'm in pain and possibly bleeding out but my head is pretty clear. You moved faster than I could blink."

Clark just stared at him. In the distance, Whitney could hear the sound of sirens going off.

"Don't tell anyone what happened, and I'll explain things later, I promise," he said.

Whitney stared at him, the puzzle that was Clark Kent seeming to intensify even more. Whitney was sure that this wasn't the first time Clark had done something unexplainable around him, but this was the first time that it was so blatant.

"I'm holding you to that Kent," he said. And then the world turned gray again, and the next while was nothing but a blur as he barely registered the hovering paramedics and more pain and then blissful darkness.

When Blake had pulled the gun out, Clark had not had time to register it until he heard the shot, Whitney's pained grunt, and the fall to the floor. He just lay on the ground, horrified at what had just happened. If it wasn't for the damned meteorite rock, he could have stopped it. As it was, his insides still felt like scrambled eggs. Blake reached down and tugged Clark to his feet, and then turned him around. One of the gang, Clark didn't know which one, was wrapping some type of cord around his wrists. All Clark had eyes for was the still form of Whitney on the ground, blood slowly pooling around him.

Oh god, what was he going to tell Lana?

"Move!" Blake said, shoving Clark forward with the tip of his gun digging into the small of his back.

Clark stumbled forward, the effect of whatever meteorite tattoo Blake had active still affecting him. He felt sick, and his vision wavered.

"Grab the keys," he told Tim.

Clark stumbled out the door and into the garage. Blake continued to prod him along, and Clark's mind was racing. He had no doubt that Lex would pay the money for him, but he hadn't expected them to actually shoot Whitney. And he didn't know how long the tattoos were going to last, or if they were going to stop affecting him when they did "turn off."

They were almost to the red car at the end of the garage when there was a shout that had Clark's heart soaring.

"Blake!" Blake whirled Clark around, and Clark blinked in surprise and relief as he caught sight of Whitney. His relief turned to concern quickly though. Whitney was hunched over, an arm wrapped around his middle, blood staining the light gray t-shirt and green jacked Whitney was wearing. The amount of blood on his shirt alarmed Clark. He wasn't sure how the football jockey was even standing.

"Jeez kid, I thought I managed to kill you," Blake said, his grip on Clark loosening minutely.

"Let him go!" Whitney shouted, managing to straighten a little. What he didn't see was that Chad had just walked up behind him. Clark was going to shout a warning but Chad was too fast, and had wrapped an arm around Whitney's neck.

"You're in no position to be bargaining with me," Blake shouted from behind Clark.

"I got him dude, go for it!" Chad yelled, and Clark noticed that Tim was standing to the side, a remote of some type in his one hand. Clark quickly realized that it would control the hook that was holding the car above Whitney's head. And if Chad could control his phasing and Whitney couldn't, then the car would do the job that the bullet hadn't.

But then suddenly, Clark felt his strength return. He locked eyes with Whitney across the room, seeing the resignation in there, and ran. He barely registered that he shoved Blake backward, knocking him out, snapping the cords that had tied his hands together, and then he was beside Whitney, pushing him back and down. In hind sight, it was probably not the greatest idea given Whitney's wound, but Clark was still dizzy and he had tripped.

The car hit the ground, and Chad, with a crash. Clark quickly realized that the man had not been able to phase through the car, and was now dead. He felt guilt rise up just for a moment, and then he heard Whitney groan and he the guilty feelings fell away.

And then Whitney asked him how he had moved so fast. Clark went to give his normal response, that Whitney must have been seeing things. But Whitney, for all the pain he was in, looked at Clark with a clear expression, and suddenly Clark heard himself saying, "Don't tell anyone what happened, and I'll explain things later, I promise."

Whitney stared at him and said, "I'm holding you to that Kent," and then his eyes fluttered and the paramedics were suddenly there.

Out of the corner of his eye, Clark saw Lex walk up.

"The quarterback was shot?" he asked, shock coloring his tone.

Clark nodded his head jerkily. "Lex, what are you going to tell..."

Lex put his hand on Clark's shoulder. "The truth. That these three guys stole from me, and you and Whitney decided to play hero and got hurt in the process. Now, go ride in the ambulance with Whitney, and maybe call Lana to tell her her boyfriend is in the hospital."

Clark nodded again, and climbed into the ambulance on autopilot, his emotions and thoughts churning as he stared at Whitney's chalk white face under an oxygen mask.


When Whitney opened his eyes, it seemed to take all the effort in the world. He heard a strange beeping in the background, and looked cross eyed down at his nose, realizing that he was in the hospital and he was wearing a nasal capula.. He moved, just a little, and pain flared up his side, and he inadvertently let out a groan.

"Oh my god, Whitney?" he heard, and turned to see Lana leaning over his bed. The sight of her after everything that had gone down, plus probably what was going on with whatever medication he was probably on, brought all his churning emotions to the surface and he was unsurprised to feel hot tears roll down the sides of his face, hitting his ears.

"Oh Whitney," Lana sighed, and reached forward to pull him into an embrace. Whitney didn't know how long he sat there, staining Lana's lavender shirt with his tears, but he barely registered that there was a nurse who came in to check his vitals and then leave again. After his tears seemed to dry out, he reached up and wiped half heatedly at his eyes, making a face at the iv in the back of his hand.

There was a knock at the door, and Lana turned, giving Whitney a good view of Clark poking his head into the room.

Clark. Yeah. Right.

"Hey Whitney, how are you feeling?"

Whitney shrugged with one shoulder. "Like I got shot."

Clark smirked, but then his expression turned guilty.

Lana looked between the two, and rubbed her hands on her jeans nervously. "I think I'm going to go for a quick walk, stretch my legs and maybe get a drink of water. I'll be back."

Clark moved aside as she slipped out, shooting one last glance back at Whitney.

Clark shuffled awkwardly over to the chair that Lana had been occupying, and he sat down.

"So, mind telling me what's up with being faster than a speeding bullet Kent?"

Clark scoffed. "If I was faster than a speeding bullet, then you wouldn't have gotten shot."

Whitney stared at him. "Mind explaining all the nuances of this thing?"

Clark fidgeted a little more. " might take a while. And...Whitney. I can't begin to say how imperative it is that you don't share this."

Whitney stared into Clark's intense gaze, and realized that he had never really realized just how much of a person, deep and layered, that Clark was.

Whitney took a deep breath, and gave a small smile.

"You be straight with me, and I won't tell a soul."

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