Chapter One:

The birth of a child. One of the happiest moments in a parent's life. Two of these people were the wizard and witch by the names of James and Lily Potter, the father and mother of a pair of newly born twins. One boy and one girl. It was the happiest time in their lives.

Sadly, the good times didn't last more than a few days. The girl was born weak and would have died under most circumstances. In desperation, Lily searched for a way to save her daughter, even if it meant going against the laws of society or nature. At the peak of her desperation, something that should have been impossible happened. She accidentally summoned an entity that should have been impossible to even intentionally summon. A god. And the who that was summoned wasn't just anyone, but one of the oldest and most powerful beings in existence.

Ophis, the Infinite Dragon-God. Sometimes also known as the Ouroboros. To say that it was surprised to be summoned by a human witch, let alone at all, was a major understatement. After overcoming the initial surprise, the Dragon-God started to take note of its surroundings. It had clearly been summoned in a ritual room and, judging by the witch's shocked expression, possibly by accident. After about a minute of looking around the room in obvious disinterest, something happened that not only caught the witch's attention but also caused something resembling curiosity to rise from the Dragon-God's mind. The weak cry of a baby. As the witch attended to what was clearly her child, Ophis spoke.

"Hmm. Now this is interesting. It should be impossible to intentionally summon me, to say nothing about the odds of doing so accidentally." Stated the Dragon-God in a tone reminiscent of curiosity. "You clearly had to be very desperate for something. And since you now have my interest, I might be willing to help. If only to see how this turns out in the future. That being said, what do want?"

"It's my daughter. She was born very weak and won't survive for long. Please! I'm begging you! Help her!" Exclaimed Lily pleadingly, her voice filled to the brim with desperation. Much to the witch's frustration, the entity she summoned merely raised an eyebrow in either confusion or curiosity.

"What you ask are within my capabilities. I could just give her the strength to live a full life-"

"Oh thank Merlin!"

"But I won't."


"Instead I'll do something more than just that. Something more interesting." Now that made Lily start worrying about what the being she summoned was gonna do to her daughter. The witch practically panicked when a small pitch black snake came into existence before the Dragon-God proceeded to drop said snake onto the baby in the witch's arms, which literally sunk into the baby's body, causing a blindingly bright pale purple light to shine from her daughter.

Once the light died down and Lily regained her sight, she let out a gasp of surprise (and possibly joy) at what she saw. Her daughter was still in her arms, fast asleep, but noticeably changed. The most notable change being the ears. Gone were normal ears of a human, and in their place were a pair of pointed ones, similar to the one who caused the change. Another thing that was noticed was a small pale purple crest located on the left side of the baby's neck. The crest consisted of a pair of snakes biting each other's tails, forming a stylized infinity symbol with center of the symbol at the center of a circle.

"Hmm? Now that's an unexpected but interesting development." Exclaimed the Dragon-God in a tone akin to surprise as its eyes widened in curiosity.

"What's interesting?" Asked Lily worryingly.

"It appears that my snake caused more changes than I expected it to do to your… daughter was it?" A nervous nod from the mother prompted the Dragon-God to continue. "She has become like me… or at least something close enough that it doesn't make much of a difference."

"And what would that be? And for that matter, who are you?"

"An Infinite Dragon-God, a slightly lesser one but a Dragon-God nonetheless… or I guess an Infinite Demi-Dragon-Goddess is more accurate. And as for who I am? My name is Ophis, the Infinite Dragon-God, and as of this moment, according to what you humans call genetics and the will of magic itself, this little ones second parent. And with that said I'll take my leave." And with that, Ophis vanished, seemingly dissolving into pale purple motes of energy. After staring at the spot the Dragon-God had occupied for a minute or so, Lily turned her attention to her daughter.

"Ophis huh? Sounds like a good middle name. Blake Ophis Potter. It just feels right." Muttered the witch to herself, repeating the name of her daughter a few times under her breath. The now christened Blake Ophis Potter, woke up at some point and released a giggle. "Oh? You like that name don't you?" The only response the mother got was another giggle from her daughter.