Chapter Four:

While Blake had slept in/on just about everything, she couldn't help but admit that an actual bed was the most comfortable. She could just as easily sleep on a particularly thick tree branch, but an actual bed, or even just a futon, was a lot more comfortable than just a tree branch. While she appreciated the bed, she was mildly annoyed by the where she got to sleep, not that she had a real problem with it. And the where she got stuck sleeping was the female fourth year dorms amongst the Gryffindors. To her own enjoyment (unknown to the girls who shared their dorm with her), she did at least get to enjoy some free (unknowingly provided) eye candy, as she was something of a pervert in the closet, and didn't really care when the other girls attempted to subtly return the favor, either glaring at her larger chest, or staring at her ass or muscles, sporting a more buxom figure and more muscle than the other girls and (in the muscle-department at least) guys (at Hogwarts at least) her age, finding amusement in their frustration and envy.

Once she reached the Great Hall in order to eat breakfast, she would just have entered without much thought at all, but she didn't due to the rather large crowd that surrounded a few students of Hogwarts having a rather loud argument outside the entrance of the Great Hall. The two involved in the argument turned out to be a redheaded male ant and a blonde male worm. The ant wore the same colors as the other ant Blake met yesterday, Charlie Potter if she recalled correctly, red and gold. Whereas the worm wore the colors of silver and green. Though what the two bugs were arguing about wasn't something that Blake was really paying attention to in favor of just watching the argument as a form of entertainment, though why she found their argument entertaining wasn't something she entirely sure of, probably her mom, Ophis', influence.

Anyway, after using a short series of solid magic circles as stepping stones, Blake made a larger one in the air, a couple of meters above the argument, and sat down on it, watching the argument from above and listening to the two participating bugs attempts at pissing off the other with their attempts at witty banter… not that the banter actually was witty compared to the more… creative insults and banter that Blake has heard adults throw at each other in the streets all over the world she and Ophis went throughout the years, even if all of them were in the language that Blake perceived every language in, British English, having transcended the barrier of languages thanks to her status as an Infinite Demi-Dragon Goddess. Possessing the ability commonly known as simply Language amongst members of the Supernatural World. The power to perfectly translate any language into the language the subconscious user of the ability use, which in the case of reincarnated beings (and those who transcended their humanity), are their original native tongue. A minor thing about the ability is that reincarnated beings and beings that are partially human, like Blake, always have an accent of whatever language that they perceive other language as in their speech, regardless of what language others perceive them speaking, meaning that regardless of what language others perceive Blake speaking, she'll always have a British accent.

As Blake continued watching the two bugs argue, she suddenly remembered something that she forgot to do yesterday. Feeding her pet/familiar. And said pet/familiar was a particularly small Viper Tobi-Kadachi, a subspecies of the Tobi-Kadachi, which by itself was a species of Wyvern under the classification of Fanged Wyvern. Blake's Viper Tobi-Kadachi was a male that she had affectionately named Chomp, due to his habit of biting anything, anyone, everything and everyone except for his owner, Blake. Using a summoning circle, the Infinite Demi-Dragon Goddess summoned her familiar next to her. Who, once he appeared, happily leaped into Blake's lap and nuzzled against her exposed abdomen. Chomp kind of looked like a three way hybrid between a viper, a large lizard and a mammal. Sporting the head of a viper, the body structure and fur of a mammal (kind of like a mix between a wolverine and a (believe it or not) flying squirrel) and finally the claws and feet of a large reptile (like a Komodo dragon). He was roughly the same size as a large cat.

Chomp, before becoming Blake's familiar, originally lived on an island in a large collection of islands hidden from the outside world in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. On those islands, several ecosystems housing a massive variety of species of Wyvern and Beast exist. The term Wyvern referred to a supernatural (or at least not documented by normal people) creature with primarily reptilian traits, while Beast referred to the opposite, a creature with primarily mammalian traits. Both classifications had subcategories based on the creatures' physique and behavior.

Using another summoning circle to summon a rat from a random sewer, Blake let Chomp chase it on the larger magic circle the Infinite Demi-Dragon Goddess was sitting on. She found it adorable seeing her familiar getting some stimuli while also getting food. Deciding to ignore her familiar's antics for a bit, Blake turned her attention elsewhere, but not towards the argument between the two bugs. What she turned her attention towards instead was something that caught her interest, something that was very difficult to do. Something or someone had a Divine magical signature, meaning that someone within the walls of Hogwarts was part god, and it wasn't just Blake. Though she was technically part Dragon Goddess, and not part normal god, as if normal was a word that could be applied for gods.

"Hmm. Now this is interesting. It seems that I was somewhat wrong about this… castle? It doesn't seem to be infested with ants, but also a few caterpillars as well." Mused Blake in her thoughts as she searched for the divine signature in an approaching crowd of Hogwarts students wearing the colors of blue and bronze. While Blake could feel the Divine signature somewhere in the crowd, the sheer amount of bugs made it difficult for her to sense a single caterpillar amongst them. "Whoever you are little caterpillar, I will find you. And when I do… we'll see what happens."