Chapter Fifty Four:

Over the course of about a month, nothing in particular happened at Hogwarts… outside of Rouge Rubedo pranking the pink worm whenever the child of Great Red got the chance, much to the worm's embarrassment and just about everyone else's entertainment. Slowly but surely, the worm's reputation was being turned into the laughing stock of the castle. All for the rather simple reason that Rouge was bored and didn't like the worm.

It was during a weekend that a letter from Xenophilius, addressed to both Luna and Blake, arrived with the mail one morning. The letter explained that Entoma, who had chosen to stay behind at the Lovegood-residence, had been acting very fidgety lately. After Xenophilius confronted the Chimera, it was revealed that the Temnoceran girl was missing the members of the little family. She was feeling lonely, even with her Rachniods to keep her company, so Xenophilius asked in the letter if Blake could come over and visit before returning or perhaps even bring Entoma and the Rachnoids back with her to Hogwarts and let the Chimera stay with her, Rouge and Karna in the Shrieking Shack, which they had informed him that they were staying in when Blake and Karna wasn't at Hogwarts with Luna. The letter also informed the Supernatural girls at Hogwarts that Entoma had something that she wanted to confess, which she had told Xenophilius but asked him not to tell what it was.

When Luna left the classroom of her final lesson for the day she spotted her mate and her daughter walking around the hallways, seemingly searching for something with Entoma's Rachniods trotting not far behind the two. The quartet of spider-like creatures accidentally scaring, or at least surprising in the case of the Ravenclaws, the students who spotted them.

"Hi Blake!" Exclaimed Luna as she walked up to the Demi-Dragon Goddess in question.

"Hi Luna." Replied Blake in her usual tone similar to a deadpan.

"Mommy!" Exclaimed Karna, who ran up to Luna and gave her a hug, who returned it.

"It's nice to see you two Karna. What are you two doing?"

"Trying to find Entoma. The little weaver ran off somewhere when she and I got to the castle via teleportation circle."

"Why did she run away in the first place?"

"Partially due to poor timing on my part and a case of phamsophobia." Admitted Blake while putting a hand on her neck in a kind of sheepish manner.

"Pham-what-now?" Wondered Karna with a tilt of her head.


"So Entoma's afraid of ghosts and judging by your comment about poor timing, a ghost either showed up or was the first thing Entoma saw when you two arrived in the castle." Summarized Luna.

"Close enough."

"So how long have you two been trying to find her?"

"A little over an hour."

"*sigh* I'll help. Let's make sure that we find her before Umbridge or her goons do."


"Heck yeah!"