Chapter Fifty Seven:

The castle that was known as Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry could quite easily be called a strange place. Full of secrets and wonder. One such secret was the strange room on the seventh floor known as the Room of Requirement. A room that changed itself to fulfill the user's needs. In the case of the little family and Entoma, that need was for a quiet place where they could have their dinner in peace, away from the eyes of those who would bring them, or rather Entoma, harm. The Demi-Dragon Goddess of Infinity discovered the Room of Requirement partially by accident last year while exploring the castle in order to relieve her boredom derived from having basically nothing to do while Luna was busy with school. When the Demigoddess of Chaos asked her mate about when it happened, Blake replied that it was before she and Luna became a couple, more specifically when Blake was referring to Luna by the title of caterpillar instead of her name.

Once their respective plates of food arrived thanks to some house-elves, each one containing different ratios of meat and vegetables. While Luna and Karna's plates had a rather balanced ratio between meat and vegetables, Blake and Entoma had more meat than vegetables on their plates, with the Temnoceran girl having the highest ratio of meat to vegetables out of all of them. Though given the fact that she was alchemically fused with a Rakna-Kadaki, her nigh-carnivorous diet made sense. While Blake also preferred meat, the Demi-Dragon Goddess of Infinity was a bit more omnivorous. While she clearly liked to eat meat over vegetables, it wasn't really to the same degree as Entoma, being slightly above a human with a preference for meat over vegetables.

Something that the little family had learned during the summer was that certain social inhibitors, such as table manners, got more or less disabled when the Chimera was particularly desperate for something, such as food. But when Entoma wasn't necessarily desperate for something, her survival instincts, heightened by the alchemical fusion, didn't make her enter an almost primal state of mind and allowed her to think and act rationally. Over the course of the summer, the little family had learned that the Temnoceran girl was not only intelligent and had the smarts to survive on her own, but also that said intelligence was at times not available due to the heightened survival instincts clouding her mind. Entoma made sure to migrate her heightened survival instincts and need to eat by almost always having something edible on her person, mainly pieces of jerky with various flavors which she kept in a glass jar, keeping the heightened instincts in check. Which meant that Entoma wasn't in a state of hunger that caused the predatory instincts of the Rakna-Kadaki to make her practically go feral, given the fact that she was eating her dinner in a calm and rational manner.

"You wanted to tell us something, Entoma?" Asked Luna as she proceeded to put another piece of food in her mouth.

"Yup. I've… I've sort of grown attached to you guys and… not being with you is uncomfortable. *BURP* excuse me." Replied Entoma before taking a few gulps of drink, a soft drink, and releasing a burp. "I'd like to stay with you… if it's alright with you."

"I see no reason to object." Stated Blake.

"Me neither. I for one wouldn't say no to having Entoma as a big sister." Stated Karna, earning interested looks from her parents and a look of surprise from Entoma as the Reincarnation said the last part. "I said the last part out loud, didn't I?"

"Yes." Was Blake's blunt response without missing a beat in the slightest. While Karna did blush slightly, Entoma didn't, or rather couldn't due to the fact that she had a purple carapace covering her body instead of skin, which according to the Chimera had been rather pale when she still had skin.

"Do you… do you really mean it, Karna?" Asked Entoma this some apparent difficulty, seeming to be on the verge of crying.

"Of course I do! I wouldn't have said it otherwise!"

"Even though I'm not exactly normal?"

"So? None of us can really be considered normal by any standard. So what if you have similarities with a giant spider? It just makes you unique. It makes you, you. And I think I speak for everyone that none of us would want you any other way. Right?"

"Well said Karna."


"So… does this mean…"

"Welcome to family Entoma."

"*sob* happy to *sob* be a part *sob* of it." Managed the Temnoceran girl to get out between sobs as tears of happiness poured out of her eyes. All eight of them.