Chapter Sixty One:

The reception of the death of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Magic, Delores Umbridge, was mixed. While the newspaper of the Ministry tried to paint the Demi-Dragon Goddess of Infinity as a villain and monster murdering Umbridge in cold blood, only the most naive or fanatical believed them, seeing as the Undersecretary was not a person anyone really liked. Which made many, especially those who had been victims of Umbridge's discrimination, feel nothing but joy as one of their greatest tormentors had been removed from the realm of the living and wanted to give the silvery grey eyed girl an award or a price for public service.

Unfortunately for those who wanted to praise the one who removed Umbridge from the realm of the living, Blake Ophis Ouroboros never cared about the opinions of those who weren't precious to her. To top it off, the Demi-Dragon Goddess of Infinity was currently experiencing something that she never experienced before and she hated it with every fiber of her being. Her entire body ached and she had caught herself one nasty cough, leaving her stuck in (Luna's) bed. On the one hand, it made her feel weak, which had never happened before due to understandable reasons. On the other hand, she did appreciate the attention that she was receiving from her mate and daughters, even if she would most likely never admit it to anyone but them.

Being the one who was the closest to a qualified doctor, Entoma came to the conclusion that Blake was suffering from overworked muscle pain and a literally scorched throat. Having received similar symptoms from Shou Tucker's experiments, especially after her Alchemical fusion with the Rakna-Kadaki and before her new physiology (most notably her new ability to unleash streams of burning gas thanks to her fire-sack burning her throat before her nigh-immunity to fire) had stabilized. While the Temnoceran girl wasn't entirely sure, she theorized that her fire-sack was located somewhere in her chest as that area of her body always felt hotter (in the literal sense) whenever she released a stream of burning gas, which was probably methane or some similar kind of gas. While the exact why behind why Blake was suffering from those symptoms wasn't something that Entoma was entirely sure of, she had a very plausible theory.

Seeing as yesterday evening was the first time Blake fully assumed her Dragon-form and used a variation of breath attack for the first time it put a massive strain on her body that was too great for her to simply walk it off… so to speak. And much to Blake's annoyance and chagrin, she couldn't help but agree that the theory was probably true.

Seeing that trying to move simply made her body ache, Blake resigned herself from protesting her mate's attempts at taking care of her, mostly because she secretly liked the idea (though the mental image of the Demi-Goddess of Chaos in a very tight nurse-outfit brought forth by Luna's choice of words might also have something to do with it). And Luna somehow seemed to know what Blake was thinking as the Demi-Goddess of Chaos gave her mate a light slap, which stung more than it would have under normal circumstances, while playfully calling the Demi-Dragon Goddess a pervert despite lacking any real indication on what she was thinking… outside having slightly slitted pupils. Less round than normal but not to the same extent as when she was really emotional, usually angry, or whenever her draconic instincts were stirring.

Considering the mental health of her daughters, Blake conjured a pair of panties and a significantly oversized T-shirt that left a decent portion of her cleavage exposed, which Luna couldn't stop herself from staring at. Something that the Demi-Dragon Goddess of Infinity clearly wanted to happen if her snarky comment was anything to go on.

"Like what you're seeing, Luna?" Asked Blake in a low voice and rather flirtatious tone, for her at least.

"Yes." Replied Luna in an equally low voice.

"That's what I like to hear, but that does beg the question… who's the pervert now?"

"Oh hush. We're mates. We're allowed to look and think of each other that way, so neither one of us can say anything about it without being hypocritical."

"Then stop talking and kiss me already."

"As enjoyable as that sounds, you need to recover from last night."

"Damn it. Care for a Dragon ride at a later date?"

"Nothing kinky until after the third date at the earliest."

"Not what I meant. I was wondering if you would want to enjoy a flight. Bareback."

"That sounds fun actually. I might actually take you up on the offer… once you've recovered."

"… I can live with that."