Chapter Seventy One:

When Blake Ouroboros and Luna Lovegood (finally) got out of bed and dressed, Luna in the casual clothes she arrived in (which she had cleaned up using the Scouring Charm) and Blake in a freshly conjured set of clothes that were slightly different from her normal getup (the only difference being her replacing her usual black long coat with a black leather jacket with the crest of Infinity on the back), simply dispelling yesterday's getup laying scattered on the floor, the first thing they did was head down for breakfast. A rather pleasant experience for the lovebirds, with Luna noting that it was the first time she had hotel breakfast while Blake merely noted that it had been quite some time since the last time she had it, both of them enjoying their breakfast while being on the receiving end of various looks (some of disapproval while the majority of the onlookers thought the two girls made an adorable couple, especially when the two playfully stole from each other's plates). When the time to pay and leave came, Blake simply pulled out a credit card (that Luna was pretty sure didn't belong to her mate) and blipped it.

As the two girls wandered through the streets of Venice, simply enjoying the sights, Luna asked the question that had been on her mind since breakfast.

"Who's credit card is it and how did you get your hands on it?" Asked Luna her mate, who had just used the mentioned credit card to pay for two bottles of soda from a vending machine.

"The card is the local mafia boss's. I think his name is Don Octavio or something. As for how I got his credit card… the reason he and his whole setup actually got started a few years ago is because someone who knows someone I know made an investment in a few of Octavio's underground casinos." Replied Blake rather nonchalantly as she handed Luna one of the sodas.

"Okay… you didn't answer my question though."

"Don't worry about it. He'll get it back by the time we decide to leave Italy. How much money that's left on it though… depends on how we decide to spend his money."

"Not sure how to feel about using someone else's money."

"Meh. He got it through his illegal casinos from both innocent and not-so people. If anything, we're putting it back in the legal system again."

"… I take it back. Let's hit the nearest mall and see if we can find some souvenirs for the kids!" Declared Luna cheerfully as she started to add a slight skip to her step, something that earned her a chuckle (or at least something resembling one) from her mate, who's eyes were more or less locked on Luna's bouncing posterior. "Blake…"


"Stop staring at my ass and let's get moving. Those souvenirs won't buy themselves."

"Sure sure, but how can I not stare? It's the best behind in the entire Supernatural World."

"Wrong. The best behind in the Supernatural World is yours."

"How about we just call it a tie?"

"Hmm… I can live with that."

"So can I, Luna. So can I."

"By the way, there's something that's been gnawing on my mind for a while now and I don't really feel like holding off the question any longer."

"Okay? Shoot."

"Is your full Dragon-form similar to the Animagus-transformation or is it a seperate transformation available through your Dragon-God-heritage?" The question regarding Blake's Draconic transformation actually made the Demi-Dragon Goddess pause and think about it.

"I'm not actually sure. But I think my Dragon-form and Animagus-form, if I choose to attempt it, might not be the same thing. I wonder what form my magic would deem as the truest expression of… me."

"Doesn't everyone? Think Rouge might be willing to help us indulge in that curiosity?"

"Knowing her… probably."