Hello. So, I wanted to start this off by saying I'm sorry. I know if you're following me, you probably have completely forgotten who I am. If you aren't, well then, hello. I used to write quite a bit, and apparently had a pretty popular story. I am here to say I won't be continuing that, or at least not right now and not with the character I currently have in it. I'm sorry if you don't like that, but I've had a lot of time to think in the past 3 years of basically never writing another story except for some offbrand stuff and a lot of RPing. I realized I hated, like absolutely hated thinking back on my writing, because I felt like I was always judging myself, wondering what I could have done better, kicking myself for not being as good as others. In addition to that, I'm not a fan of people putting OCs into crossover stories, and I realized that I shouldn't do that as well, as it's more interesting having characters people know and love be thrust into another world than some random OC. For that reason, as well as the fact that, at the time I had written my last chapter of that, I was going through naval nuke school, I had decided better leave it in the past for now. Throughout nuke school I developed strong anxiety and depression, which only compounded my hatred of my previous stories, as well as killed my interest for writing at all, instead forcing my head into games to try and deal with the depression and anxiety. It's worked, for the most part. Got my emotions all bottled up nice and tight, and they don't normally explode out. But you probably don't want to hear about my story other than I'm going to try to write more. This will be one of two stories I will be putting out. Might end up coming out with more, but for now, it's this one and one other one. My reason for coming back is less because I want to write stories more, but more because I want to be better at the things I enjoy. I love RPing, and I am going to be using this to become better at it, in addition to using it to become more comfortable with holding myself to a higher standard while doing so. But that isn't the only thing. In addition to that, I'll be doing this to get better at one of my other favorite hobbies, DnD. It takes RPing ability for that, of course, but it's more because I want to get better at storytelling, so I can be a better GM. For this reason, I'm taking all criticism. I don't mind, as long as you're telling me what I do wrong. I've got thick skin, don't worry. As long as you're not saying stuff along the lines of "Ur mum gae lol," I will take your suggestions to heart.

This story will be taking place after Thriller Bark in the One Piece series, and right at the beginning of the manga, which is what I'll mostly be following for the chain of events that take place.

(If you wish for me to write a RWBY X MGQ story, but with team RWBY instead of my old OC, I would be up to doing that. But probably won't for now.)

Just wanted to let everyone know that Sherri's a meanie. Thank you for reading my story. I will do my best to make sure you enjoy it~

Chills crawled along Nami's spine, spreading out slowly across her body. Soon, her entire skin was crawling from some unknown feeling of danger that struck her. The winds. The weather. It was all wrong. All horribly wrong. While she couldn't understand why the overwhelming feeling of dread loomed over her head, she did know better than to not trust her instincts. Her hands left the tiller as she turned, her eyes desperately roving to the door. She sprinted towards it, bursting out onto the deck just as she felt it heave.

She didn't lose her footing, just barely, as her and her crewmates were used to the perilous and erratic conditions of the Grand Line. Her mind was racing, her heart pounding in her chest as she wondered what could be the cause of this. A hundred things popped into her head, each one worse than the last. However, she had to thrust those ideas to the side, as well as do her best to push away the fear that crept along as a companion to those thoughts. Neither would help at this point. One single wrong move could cost them the ship, and perhaps, even their lives.

Her eyes lifted up towards the bow, looking at an eye of a beast. This beast was not living, however. No, that would have been far too easy to deal with. This was a beast of the waves, a natural phenomenon that they couldn't just fight with their fists. She opened up her mouth to scream right as she heard Usopp yell out, "WHIRLPOOL!"

Immediately, the crew sprung into action, each one of them moving to secure the ship and try and stop it from sinking deeper into the murky depths below them. Zoro and Sanji were furling the sails as Franky passed belowdecks to check on their cola supplies. Nami knew what he was going to do, and once she did, her stomach slowly dipped down from its normal position to her toes. They didn't have enough. She helped keep a list of their supplies, along with Sanji, and so she knew that as a fact. They had planned on resupplying on the next island, as the previous one they had gone through, Thriller Bark, didn't have anything like Cola to get their ship up and running. The Cola supplies couldn't support a Coup De Burst.

As her eyes fell upon the whirlpool once more, her eyes misted up. The wave of depression seemed to hit her all at once as she knew they wouldn't make it out of this one. Defeating three different warlords, seeing so much, only to be defeated because of carelessness in a merciless sea. What a cruel fate to befall a crew with pasts so rife with hardship.

However, her sadness evaporated into pure anger once she saw what their captain was doing. He was perched up on the bow of the ship, laughing! Didn't he know how large of a predicament the crew was in? Didn't he care that they were likely to die, and that these were their final moments?

The orange haired woman's footsteps were barely audible due to the roaring of the sea as she sprinted up to the front of the ship, yelling at Luffy, saying, "Hey, captain! Not sure if you noticed, but we're heading into a WHIRLPOOL! Don't you care if you drown?" He turned to her, smile wide, as he said, "Oh, come on, Nami, this is fun!"

The grinding of her teeth, while making less sound than her feet had previously, seemed to be even louder as her anger built higher. Finally, she exploded. "LUFFY, WE'RE GOING TO DIE!" She stared at him, who seemed to not be caring about the horrible dilemma they were in. Finally, she swooned to the ground, seeming more self pitying than actually sad as she exclaimed, "I'm going to die with nobody to know what happened to me, and my captain doesn't even care."

Once she said that, she felt something. It was a comforting hand on her shoulder. She turned her head up, looking at her captain's amused, yet caring eyes turned down on her. "Nami, I do care. I just know we aren't going to die here!" The lady gave a small sniffle, before replying, her voice shaky. "R-really? How do you know that?"

Once the question was asked, there were a few precious moments of silence. Nami's gaze stayed glued to her captain's waiting for a response, before finally getting one, though perhaps not exactly the answer she had wished for. "Instinct."

She wasn't sure if it reassured her or not, but she knew she wasn't getting any other answer than that. She gave a small sigh before standing up, trying to muster up a courageous smile, her stomach seeming to rise a few inches as a trickle of hope started to fill her. "Well, if you believe we'll be fine, I won't give up-"

Before she finished the sentence, she felt her feet leave the ground. She was confused, wondering what could have happened, her mind disoriented, before landing on her face, the deck of the ship having lurched out from under her. She slowly got up, her mind sluggish from the blow it had taken, but it was cognizant enough for her to look up and see her captain flying into the middle of the whirlpool, flung off the ship by the pitching of the floor.

Her mouth opened, time seeming to stand still. She didn't even hear the bloodcurdling scream that was ripped from her throat, screaming out her captain's name, nor see the swordsman of the crew leap after the foolish captain. Her mind was frozen, her blood running cold. After what seemed like hours, her captain landed in the waves, sinking like a rock.

She burst into tears, not noticing the lurching of the ship, nor the fact that it was getting closer to the center of the whirlpool. He said everything was going to be alright. He had lied to her.

Weak. That was how Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, felt the moment he hit the water. All of his strength drained out of him as his body sunk towards the bottom, as if every molecule had been turned from rubber to lead.

Bubbles rushed from his mouth, shooting up as his lungs let go of their precious supply of air. However, with all of this happening, he didn't feel scared. He felt calm, as his instincts still told him that it would be alright, and at this point he knew he might as well trust those, since freaking out wouldn't get him anywhere at this point.

His eyes turned upward, seeing Zoro swimming down, moving with the strong downward pull of the current to catch up to Luffy. He looked more annoyed than anything, as if cross with his captain for being that much of an idiot. Luffy didn't mind too much, happy his crewmate cared enough for him to leap into action so quickly.

The swordsman's arm reached out, grasping onto the arm of the rubberman, giving a tug towards the surface. Normally, even with a current this strong, Zoro would be able to drag him up, but the current seemed to have a mind of its own, and increased the speed of the two going down the instant the mosshead latched on. In the manner of a few seconds, it had drawn them even farther from the surface than before, until suddenly-


Solid ground.

Luffy glanced around groggily, his body still under the effects of the seawater. Zoro was there, and he seemed to be much more wide awake than his captain. The swordsman scanned the surrounding area, his right hand resting on his swords

Around them was a very strange and alien world. It reminded them of the last island they had landed on due to the general aesthetics, but this place had a greenish-yellow, almost sickly looking sky, and a small ways off Zoro could almost see a blood red ocean. In general, extremely sketchy, and a place that definitely put the samurai on edge.

He stood up, ignoring the moaning and groaning coming from Luffy as the captain was slowly becoming more lucid. This place wasn't right, and Zoro wouldn't let his guard down for a second. His ear twitched, his eyes turning towards the source of squeaking coming from nearby. It was getting closer with each passing second, and it sounded fairly ominous. The swordsman didn't take any chances, putting both his hands on the swords at his waist, prepared to strike if whatever came out showed him any malice.

The strike never came. His eyes caught what was making the noise, causing him to lower his hands. It was a just a silly little bat. A strange looking one, but a bat all the same. He closed his eyes, giving a small scoff at the tenseness that he had shown before as he heard, "It's just me, a bat! Weeeeeeeee!"

He opened his eyes, his face turning from relief to confusion as he heard his captain yell out, "DID THAT BAT JUST TALK! AWESOME!" Zoro's eyes, of course, shot down to his captain then back to the back in confusion just as a strong force drove right into his jaw, driving him to the floor. The hit was strong, not as strong as so many others he had taken, but still surprisingly strong.

Whatever hit him seemed to clatter away some yards from the two pirates, and, as the swordsman tried to get his bearings, he noticed that the two of them were not, in fact, alone. An extra member had joined in, one that was definitely different from most people he had seen before.

It was a girl, around Luffy's age. Pink hair, face with a smoothness almost like that of a porcelain doll. As a man, it gave him pause, causing a small blush to form on his face, but nothing more. It was obvious she hadn't meant to hit him with that bike of hers, as she would have most likely been in a less compromising position if this was a planned attack. However, even with that reassurance, Zoro was instantly on guard.

"I'm so sorry… Not enough blood… I'm all dizzy…" She blushed a bit of hair out of her eyes and looked up, her eyes slightly unfocused from said wooziness, but even still the strikingly beautiful green eyes shown out, captivating the swordsman for a few seconds before his gaze hardened once more. He finally got his mouth to work once more, the blow to the head no longer leaving a lasting effect except for one. "Do you know where we are?" His voice was stern, having very little tact.

Her response was quick, if nervous, "O-oh! We're near Yokai Academy! Are you st-" Her voice cut off quickly as her eyes wandered down to his lip, were a small trickle of blood was coming out from where he had been previously struck. "Oh my god! Y-you're bleeding! Are you alright? H-here, let me help!" She reached into her front left pocket, pulling out a handkerchief. He held up his hands as if trying to say it wasn't necessary, but she ignored that, lifting the cloth up.

Her face grew close to his, much to the swordsman's chagrin, as she wiped off the small amount of blood that had slightly pooled in the area. But as she did so, her nose twitched. A blush spread across her face as she started to splutter, seeming to get nervous, a blush spreading across her face. Her breathing became labored, her eyes slightly misting over as she said, "I-I can't… I shouldn't… But that smell… It's affecting me."

Zoro sighed in response, his patience starting to wear thin with this beauty before him. "Listen, I've met doctors who hate the smell and sight of blood. If that's a problem for you, I don't need any help. In fact, I didn't really need help in the first place, so if you'll excuse me…" He started to stand, but felt the girl grasp onto him as she stared up with a face that could only be described as full of lust.

"I'm sorry, but I can't help it. It's 'cuz I'm a vampire!" And with that, he felt teeth sink into his neck and a strange feeling spreading out from that spot. He wasn't even sure how to respond. Luckily for him, it wasn't he who responded first. It was his captain, who was watching the whole thing, and only now decided to intervene. "What! What are you doing! Are you turning Zoro into a vampire?" His eyes looked scared as he ran over, prying them apart, almost crying as he said, "Zoro! Are you a vampire? Are you going to burn up?" He looked at the sky before screaming in terror. "Zoro! It's daytime! We need to get you in a coffin before you burn up!"

The grinding of teeth was audible before Zoro lifted a fist and gave Luffy a good smack on the head. "Luffy, it obviously isn't like that. If I were going to die from being in the sunlight as a vampire, then why wouldn't she be dead?" He tilted his head towards the new person before giving her a glare. "You got a lot of nerve just biting me out of the blue like that." He fully didn't believe the person in front of him was a vampire, but better to not get involved with crazies.

However, it didn't seem like it was his choice, as the girl started instantly apologizing. "I'm so sorry! I couldn't help myself! I've been almost bloodstarved, and you smelled so good! I'm sorry. Don't be angry with me?"

Zoro continued with his glare, but finally relented, deciding it was best to not cause more strife. However, he would keep his neck away from this weirdo in the future. "I forgive you. Now, could you answer my question?"

She tilted her head, confused. Finally, she remembered the asked question, and opened her mouth just before closing it again in surprise from the appearance of a big, grinning face in front of her. "So, you're really a vampire? What is it like? Are you super strong? What type of powers do you have?"

The barrage of questions flustered the poor girl, but she did her best to answer them as they came, until finally another strike to the back of the head, and a loud, "SHUT UP" from the swordsman quieted the captain down. "Look, can you please just tell us where we are?"

She looked from one to the other, before saying, "You're just outside of Yokai academy, like I said! Are you going to be going there?"

His captain opened his mouth to deny it, but Zoro quickly talked over him. Better to pretend they were in order to get to a place that they could get their bearings at. "Yes, we are. Though, we would like some directions, if you wouldn't mind." Luffy gave Zoro a perplexed look, which Zoro promptly ignored.

"Oh, I'm fine with that! I'll even walk with you, if you would be alright with that! Better to spend more time with you to learn about the people I'm going to be spending the year with!" She smiled down at them as she stood up, brushing herself off, a new vigor in each movement. Whether that was from the blood or from just shaking off the dizziness from the crash, Zoro couldn't be sure. She picked up her bike, and once Luffy came up next to her, they started walking, Luffy pestering her with questions, as she answered them, she almost didn't notice Zoro wasn't walking with them. She glanced around and noticed he was walking a way that was almost perpendicular to the way she was. Her eyes grew concerned. Did she scare him away? She hoped she didn't. Though… it might be that… "Z-Zoro! It's this way!" He turned his eyes to her, a confused look plastered all over his face, before he rolled his eyes as if he had known that already. He jogged to catch up, not noticing the concerned and nervous look that had grown on the pink haired girl. "Umm, do you two mind if I ask you something?"

The two turned, Zoro raising an eyebrow, while Luffy just stared at her blankly. She continued on, saying, "So, about vampires… Do you not like them?" They were silent for a few second, just walking, before Zoro finally spoke up. "I don't care what you call yourself. It's the actions that speak for a person, not what they like to call themselves." He gave her an annoyed look. "Though I'd prefer if you didn't just randomly bite my neck." She looked a bit ashamed, but that was wiped away by Luffy's response.

"Vampires are cool, but also scary. But… you don't really seem like either." She looked shocked, her mouth agape. Multiple emotions flashed through her mind, culminating in her saying, "I… don't know if that was an insult or a compliment." A gruff response came from her other companion. "Just take it as a compliment and move on."

Sorry if it got clunky towards the later half. I'm a bit better at writing more dramatic scenes than normal talking. There's just more to do than "Person A talks, then Person B talks." Anyways, I really do hope you enjoyed this. I tried to make it enjoyable to read, but I still probably won't go back and read it after I upload it, for the sake of my sanity. Have a nice day!