Hello again! I am currently working with the story, and I hit a snag where I completely forgot about one of the two halves of who the only person able to take off moka's rosario would be, so I'm just going to go with the half I remembered/planned for, aka a person who truly means her no harm, with a bit of tweaking to it, so it's more importantly a person who holds no ill will towards her at all, as well as in general wanting the best for her. So while Sanji would not wish to ever do her harm, some of his more impure thoughts would be construed as 'ill will' and definitely wouldn't be a person wanting the best for her. It would make sense for that to be the case, which is the reason why, at certain times, That and some other things will make this a bit more interesting for me, as well as will make the story flow better, as I am not sure at this point if I even will have moka end up with any of the straw hats. Also I'm sorry about not posting recently. Work plus a general exhaustion kind of has kept me away from writing.

Anyways, enjoy.

As the day wore on, Luffy and Zoro soon found themselves faced with yet another strange piece of architecture. Luffy didn't seem to mind the 'dorms' that Moka told them would be where they would stay, but Zoro didn't seem to enjoy the creepy atmosphere. Not only that, but Zoro felt Luffy was getting a bit too used to this place. They needed to find a way back the the ship, and staying here was most likely not the best way to find out where they were, nor how to get back to the grand line.

"Isn't it cool! It's so full of dignity and character!" Moka at least seemed excited for the new living compartments. Luffy quickly agreed, with Zoro replying, simply, with a grunt.

"By the way, I was wondering what type of monster the two of you were?"

The question took them both by surprise. They seemed to look at each other, before looking at her, and then back to each other, unsure of how to respond. Moka gasped. "Oh! I'm sorry, I forgot the rules! We can't tell each other what type of monsters we are, can we?"

Zoro laughed nervously at that. Luffy, happy that the trouble had past, instantly said, "So, you're a vampire? Like, a real vampire?" Moka gave a nod. "Yup! Though I look like a normal human, I have this!" She spread the top of her uniform slightly, showing off her rosarie. "If I take this rosary on my chest off, I become the real thing, an evil and scary vampire! Since… well, my origional form was scary and… people didn't like me in it, I had my powers and my true form sealed away with this."

She barely finished the description before she felt a tug at her neck. She blinked in shock as she watched the rosario pull free in luffy's hands, Zoro staring in shock at his captain's nonchalant face as he looked over the cross.

Moka's eyes blazed, before slowly her entire body was surrounded in a bright light. Her hair, once pink, slowly turned a silver color, with her teeth also lengthening out, completing the look.

Luffy's eyes shone in amazement and excitement as the transformation was completed. "Awesome! You look so cool!" He barely dodged the kick sent at him by a very annoyed vampire. "Why don't you burn in the sunlight?" His voice still held the excited tinge, as if he didn't care that his opponent was trying to assault him.

She tried her best to calm down before snatching the rosario from him. "I thought that was obvious, dolt! Vampires don't burn in the sunlight! I can't believe I was awoken from my slumbers by some oaf who just wanted to see what I looked like." She started to straighten out her chain to reattach the rosario when she heard him say, "I just wanted to see why people would ever be mean to someone as nice as you for the way they look! To be honest, I think you look really cool! I don't understand why people would dislike you."

She started to grumble. "Because humans are assholes who don't understand people like me." She glared at Luffy once more, saying, "By the way, me and the other Moka are two different people. She might be fine with you doing this type of thing, but I won't be. And next time, I won't stop trying to knock your head off after one or two swings." Luffy just responded with a smile, to which she added, "And don't try taking it off again unless it's an emergency." When his face didn't change, except for letting out a small chuckle, she gave a final few grumbles before the rosario came back on.

Zoro and Luffy strode towards the school, Luffy's face showing his obvious drowsiness, while Zoro seemed awake enough to complain about how it didn't make sense that they had to follow the school's rules when they weren't even supposed to be going to it in the first place.

The complaints were abruptly halted by the appearance of an annoyance they had dealt with the day before. Saizou.

Abruptly, he grabbed Luffy and slammed him against the wall of the school. This elicited a grunt from Luffy, but nothing more, the strike not even winding the pirate. Saizou opened his mouth, about to start his bullying speech, when he felt the touch of steel on his neck.

He hadn't noticed the green haired guy's swords come out of its scabbard, and he definitely hadn't noticed it moving to its place at his throat. "Touch my captain like that again," he stated, his voice as cold as the steel he wielded, "and I will end you where you stand."

The freshman gulped, taking a step back and dropping Luffy. "Y-you'll regret that! I'll deal with you another time, mark my words!" And with that, he turned, running into the safety of the school.

"I could have handled him, Zoro!" Luffy sounded offended that he didn't get the chance to show the larger man the errors of his ways. "You were too slow, Luffy. I got to him first, so I got to threaten him. That's how it works."

Luffy responded by simply sticking his tongue out before the pirate captain got to his feet, brushing off the dirt before turning to the school. "Though, I hope that there are more people like Moka than like him. I don't like having to continuously deal with idiots like him, even if they are weaklings."

Zoro gave a small nod. "Let's just try to get some information about the place, and then move on."

Zoro quickly changed his mind about staging at the school when called up to the headmaster's office for the little scuffle outside. He came back into the classroom in a righteous fury, looking directly at Luffy before saying, "We're leaving. Come on."

Luffy glanced up at his first mate, confusion plain on his face as he was brought out of a small conversation with Moka. "After the warning I gave the bastard this morning, the headmaster wants to confiscate my swords for a whole month so I can "learn to not misuse them".

Luffy's eyes widened, his mouth forming into an "O", and without another word, he stood up and walked out with Zoro, leaving a confused Moka in his wake.

The vampire waited for a few moments before finally standing up and following the two, knowing she would be missing the second period, but not also knowing that she needed to find out what was going on.

She finally caught up to them when they were about to leave the walled area around the school, yelling, "W-wait! What's going on? Where are you going?"

Zoro and Luffy turned towards her, both of them having serious expressions on their faces. Zoro spoke first. "I ain't parting with my swords for that long. I can fight without them, but if I'm going to become the greatest swordsman in the world, being told to leave them for such long periods of time, not just leaving them in a locker or something during whatever bullshit classes we have, is an insult."

Luffy gave a reassuring smile. "Don't worry! I remember them saying there's some sort of thing that can bring us into the human area around here. We'll be fine!"

That caused Moka to almost look anguished before she yelled out, "N-no! No way! You can't go to some human school! Humans are horrible! I hate them!"

Luffy and Zoro traded looks at that, before looking back at her, surprise on their faces as she continued, her words spilling out from her lips. "I-I actually went to a human school up through middle school! I was isolated. Nobody believed that monsters were real. They thought I was weird. That I was different from everyone. That it'd be better if I wasn't there. That it'd be better if I disappeared."

She paused, tears coming to the corners of her eyes. She wiped them away, her face brightening as she looked up at the two of them. "B-but the two of you said that you didn't mind if I was a vampire! It was the first time in my life that I didn't feel alone! S-so, don't go, please?"

Zoro averted his gaze while Luffy started to rub the back of his neck uncomfortably. "So… you see... " He paused, trying to figure out what to say, before finally saying, "What if I said we were two of those humans that you hate? What would you do?"

Her eyes were filled with confusion, not understanding what he was asking. "Huh?"

"We're humans."

Moka took a step back, her face filled with confusion. "W-what? B-but that can't be! There's no way a human could be here!"

Zoro gave Luffy a meaningful look before turning and starting to run away, fixing his swords in their rightful place at his hip. He was sure Moka wouldn't get them into trouble, but he couldn't be too careful. Luffy quickly caught up with him as they slowed to a jog, sure they were far enough away from the school to be able to conserve their energy. "I hope we didn't hurt her too much." The swordsman was looking down slightly, his mouth crooked in a small grimace. It needed to be done, but that didn't mean it felt any better.

For a few minutes, Moka stared at them leaving, tears starting to trickle down her face. She slowly started to walk after them through the cemetery on the way to the bus stop, the tears still flowing. "No way. Even though I finally made friends… Even though it was the first time in my life… I thought I wasn't alone… and had friends."

A grip like iron on her wrist made her jump, her eyes turning to focus on the perpetrator. "Hey! Seems like your friends left you, didn't they?" He licked his lips, a wicked look in his eyes. "You shouldn't be lonely when you can be with a man like me~"

Moka screamed as Saizou flung ur into one of the nearby tombstones, the high schooler cackling maliciously. "Your beauty is incomparable to the humans I've molested!" His wolfish grin grew as he slowly started to transform, growing in size and strength. "Arrghhh! I can't stop myself! I can't stay in my human form anymore!" He grinned down at her, his slimy disgusting tongue slowly snaking out to caress her cheek, leaving a trail of saliva. "I'm going to enjoy this violation of school rules."

Moka looked up at him in terror, whimpering out, "S-someone… help." However, her voice was hopeless, as if she thought nobody would help her. She clenched her eyes shut, shying away more as she prepared for the worst.

The sound of a fist smacking flesh echoed through the woods around them, and then the crashing of a body through trees. Moka slowly opened her clenched eyes, hoping against all hope that someone had come to save her. What she saw almost brought her to tears.

Luffy and Zoro stood there, Luffy cracking his fist after sending the ogre flying through a few trees, evident by the path cleared in the forest by the large body rocketing through. The two glanced at her, small, small apologetic smiles on their faces. "I'm sorry, Moka. I made a mistake," the straw hatted pirate said. "I was so caught up in trying to get back to my crew, I didn't think of what I was putting you through."

Zoro sighed. "Yeah, that and the fact that the damn curly eyebrowed cook would never let us live down leaving a woman to the advances of such a pervert." He laid his hands on his swords, but his captain waved him off. "You got your fun last time. I got the first hit, so I get to finish this." Zoro looked at him, before, with a shrug, he walked over to a tombstone and sat, back against it, to watch the show. "I was more thinking that you shouldn't trouble yourself with such a weakling. But if you want, I won't stop you, captain."

Luffy chuckled, and spun around in and instant, his fist driving the other freshman's face into the ground with a devastating punch. He waited for his opponent to stand back up. However, Saizou never did. Luffy had already taken "Arlong was a more difficult fight than you. Maybe you should train more before you fight a person who can fight back." He turned, his eyes hooded by his hat as he walked to Moka. She was staring in shock at the ogre, before looking up in fear at Luffy as he loomed over her, but her fear was turned to relief as he smiled the widest grin she had ever seen in her life. "So, do you forgive me?"

She swallowed back her tears as she said, her voice filled with joy, "Yes. Yes I do."

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