Chapter 16. 34 weeks of pregnancy

Two weeks had passed since Tasha introduced Harry Doyle to the team. Since that day, he gradually took his marks with the help of the policewoman. The young man had adapted perfectly to the situation. He used his legendary humor and his abilities as a super-secret agent to integrate without worry. The Hispanic had also taken the opportunity to reunite her loving family and her CIA teammates around a good dinner. Unsurprisingly, they all got along wonderfully. On the side of the two future parents, everything was going for the best. Even if the policewoman was very tired and on the nerves at the end of pregnancy. She still considered herself lucky to have a wonderful man by her side, caring friends, and a caring family. On the team side, everything was going very well. Jane and Kurt had happy days with Avery but also Bethany, whom they saw much more often. Alison and Connor had adapted perfectly to their new unit and their return to New York. Both Marshalls even started talking about marriage. Rich and Boston were considering moving in together when they were not spending their time messing around with the system. Finally, Patterson and Conrad had reached a level serious enough in their relationship that the blonde introduced him to her parents.

It was a weekday like any other. Zapata was starting to get bored staying alone at home, so her father and her brothers had come for lunch during their respective poses. They were setting the table while chatting when Michael took a stack of plates from his daughter.

"Hey, I am not sick. I can still carry dishes."

"I know, but you need to rest. I don't know, we told you, but giving life can be a bit tiring," the doctor said ironically, indicating to her to sit down. They finished preparing the meal and sat down at the table while discussing.

"So, sister, you are not too nervous as the childbirth approaches. I know Maya was very apprehensive when we had Nathan," the oldest of her brothers asked, talking about the birth of his oldest son.

"To be honest, I am a little. The worst part is that I am not even sure why. After all, I have read everything there is to know about childbirth and babies. As for the pain, I have already been shot enough times to be sure I can take it."

"Is it supposed to be reassuring?" Her father sneered nervously. He had barely come to terms with this new role, and although it had never been the case since they had met, due to her pregnancy, the doctor found it hard to imagine her struggling with terrorists and other crazy people of all kinds.

The discussion continued until when she got up, the Hispanic stopped speaking.

"Tash', is everything okay?" The youngest of her brothers asked.

"Yes, all is well only… You remember that my doctor said that I could be ahead of my term. You have to believe that she was right since my waters broke," the future mother announced in a calm voice. The young woman found it hard to realize that the time had finally come. She was going to have her baby girl.

"What? Are you sure? Is it now ?" He panicked at the idea of his big sister giving birth now.

"No, it's for in two weeks," the first brother joked, getting up. It instantly made everyone laugh for two seconds and then the doctor in Michael caught his reflexes.

"Have you had contractions lately?"

"Some but the doctor said it was possible for the last few weeks. Besides, they were not extraordinarily strong. I did not weigh that … Well, I should have been a little more careful. It's two weeks too early," the expectant mother said, panicking under the effect of hormones.

"Honey, you haven't done anything wrong. Small contractions are quite common at the end of a pregnancy. On top of that, your obstetrician said that your little chip was perfectly developed. She is ready to go out. She is already a go-getter like her mother. Okay, now we are going to have to take you to the hospital," the oldest of them pointed out before helping his daughter up from her chair while trying to calm her down as best as possible.

"We have to warn Edgar… He is in a special meeting, so he will not have the means to communicate, but we still have to warn him. He has to be there. He will want to be there ."

"Of course Tash', but how do you want us to do that," one of her brothers began hesitantly. The young woman took a deep breath and concentrated to gather her spirits by switching to "super-agent who can handle anything" mode since it was what she knew best, the role in which she was the best.

"Ok, we've been preparing for this for months and everything is going to be fine. Dad, in the baby's room, right next to the bed, you will find a big bag. Inside there is everything we need for the hospital. Boys give me my phone. I'll make a phone call to warn Reade," the brunette said authoritatively. Knowing the strong character of the young woman, the three men did exactly as she told them.

"Sister I thought you couldn't call him because …"

"He is at a top-secret meeting so he doesn't have his phone, but I know who to call so he can get the information quickly. Rich! I know you have a job and Reade is in a meeting, but I just lost my water. My father and brothers are taking me to the hospital, but please let him know," she announced bluntlyonce her colleague picked up the phone. She knew the IT guy had his phone nearby and would get back to her quickly. She was also sure that he would do as quickly as possible to alert the rest of the team that her birth was imminent.

"What? Baby's coming, like now. I… I will tell everyone. We'll all be there as quickly as possible," hestammered panicked and surprised by the phone call. He spoke these words very quickly then hung up to warn their friends at full speed.

For her part, Natasha put on her coat and shoes and walked to the door. Before going out, she leaned against the wall and put a hand on her stomach with a moved expression. When she saw the worried looks of the members of her family, she had to reassure them.

"That's it. It is time. I am going to have my baby," the expectant mother breathed, gripped by intense and contradictory emotions.

"Yes, in a few hours you will be able to hold your little girl in your arms. It's huge and particularly important, but now we're going to have to go to the hospital because it would surprise me if you wanted to give birth in the car and without an epidural," Michael retorted, kissing her on the forehead. It immediately made her snicker.

"It is true. Let us go !" She concluded before hitting the road.

Approximately fifteen minutes and two contractions later, the four companions arrived at the hospital. In just a few minutes, Edgar and the rest of the team arrived with a bang. The agents went to reception immediately without even realizing Zapata's presence at the other end of the room. She was sitting in a wheelchair, her dad next to her, filling out paperwork. The expectant mother was ready to be taken to a room.

"Edgar," shecalled out breathlessly. The young man turned and ran to her side.

"My love, I am here. How do you feel?"

"I am fine. The contractions are not close together or very painful, well for now. My dad filled out the papers and the nurse told me he would take me to a room right after. I am really happy to see you."

"I would not have missed it for the world. Besides, I can tell Rich was pretty efficient by warning me," the deputy principal remarked, kneeling beside his girlfriend with his hands on hers. This immediately made the various people present smile. A few tens of seconds later a doctor took the young couple to settle in a delivery room while the rest of the team remained in the waiting room. It was the moment they had been waiting for months. Their baby would finally arrive.