So I am currently running a quest on Spacebattles, a RWBY/Mass Effect empire builder, and I wanted to get some thoughts, reviews, or corrections on the story bits of it. This will just be the story parts and omakes for this, not the actual voting. Feel free to comment

Out of the Frying Pan: Story Only

Ten years ago, the discovery of space travel revolutionized the world, setting off a wave of improvements in science and technology. The governments of the world of Remnant came together to prepare for their future with funding for space faring technology and the creation of a space based government so that the technology, materials, and industry could be shared without favoring any one Kingdom. Now ten years later, the final checks have been done, and Remnants voyage into space will finally begin.

Started during the Krogan Rebellion, in the Local Cluster

The Krogan Rebellion is getting close to its end and has been going for ninety years at this point. There are still ten years before it ends. The Turians have been assisting in the war and the release of the Genophage eighty years ago has caused the Krogan's numbers to dwindle. In to this time of chaos and war, the people of Remnant have made their first steps into space, and nothing will slow them down now.

With Remnants start as one of the oldest spacefaring races, it has the chance to become something legendary, or something that fades away into history before it even begins. It is now up to you to prevent Remnant from just being a footnote in the history of some younger race. But like all races, fortune has favored you and hated you at times, sometimes simultaneously. Now that you are beginning your reach for the stars you can only hope that fortune favors you again, and if not, that she at least makes it interesting.

Chose 'Eezo on Remnant', 'Hidden Planet', and Aura and 'Biotics don't Mix'

The new Dust type discovered just one month ago is rather strange. Unlike most Dust, it is not crystalline. In fact, if there hadn't been some lightning Dust nearby, you probably would have just thought it some strange new rock. But what could it be but Dust when its activation reshaped the very land itself.

It would be quite awhile before you discover biotics, barring any incidents, but even when you did you would notice a curious fact. The people of Remnant seem to have a much lower rate of biotics than you would expect, and biotic people have more difficulty activating aura and it is weaker as well. So, it's become a simple fact that Aura and Biotics don't mix.

You don't know what the strange gases and materials surrounding your area are from, but it has made long range scanning very difficult. Trying to send a pulse to figure out anything outside of your system seems almost impossible when your scans return completely nonsensical numbers and ranges. Hopefully other races, if they exist, will have just as much trouble as you did.

Turn 1

"With the discovery of the Gravity Drive ten years ago, the Kingdoms of Remnant have prepared and built-up all in preparation for this day. Launch day. The day we finally escape the Grimm. The day we explore and colonize a new frontier. The day that everyone gets a second chance. With the donations of Airships and Bullheads by the Kingdoms of Remnant and the work of our scientists to make them space capable, we finally have the ability to expand once more, free from the Grimm. Let today be a day of celebration, because today we finally reach the stars." - Concordiat Leader during the Launch Day speech

Explore Home System:

The sight of the Grimm Eye of Jupiter made the entire bridge go silent. The raging storm that had been moving across the surface of the gas giant since longer than the people of Remnant had even known about the planet seemed to fill those members with a sense of wonder. After the roasted surface of Mercury, the acid rain of Venus, and the empty windswept plains of Mars, these explorers thought they knew what to expect from the planets. After sighting this glorious example of nature's power, they were not so sure anymore. The captain, snapping out of the fugue, gave a grin at the sight of her crew.

"Alright everyone, we still have to finish the survey and start on the rest. Let's get back to work. Helmsman give us a path to the nearest moon."

Yes, Catelina Nyan could tell she was going to enjoy this trip. Captain of her own ship The Second Dawn, plenty of places to explore, and barely any oversight. It really didn't get any better than this. Hopefully she could convince them to give her the next trip when they started exploring past the gas cloud that surrounded their solar system. It's always been said that wolf faunus have good noses, and right now her nose was smelling adventure.

Create a Diplomacy Department:

"Look, all I'm saying is that maybe placing representatives from Menagerie next to representatives from Atlas might not be the best idea. The SDC might be cleaning up their act recently with Weiss Schnee taking over, but that still doesn't help the fact that some of their less tasteful policies were accepted in Atlas. Everyone knows that they were making a good Lien off of the profit the SDC brought in and thus didn't look too closely. Wouldn't it be better to set them closer to representatives from Vacuo?"

"Okay, that might work a bit better. But we also need to make sure Mr. Carna doesn't run into Miss Danam. The two apparently get along horribly, until they don't. The back and forth has caused more than a few to make noise complaints. Maybe place them on opposite shifts?"

One man sat up from the diagram, smoothing his hair back while stretching his aching back. The amount of difficulty in setting up one department was unbelievable. This was supposed to be the diplomacy department, why couldn't the people in it be a bit more...diplomatic.

"Alright, that can be accommodated. Let's hope no other issues pop up soon. I think setting this place up was about all the stress i can handle for at least another week."

The other man leans back, giving a quick smile.

"Hey, at least it's over now. Everything's setup and settled and we're done with pretty much everything. With the placement of representatives finished and the only thing really left is building the facility, what's the worst that could happen now?"

The first man sighed, praying to the Two Brothers that fate didn't take up his offer, or at least restrict it to his partner.

Construct Shipyard

The first shipyard made in space honestly probably wouldn't be too impressive to most. It's rough appearance makes it obvious that station was built without much care for appearance. It was designed for two things, to survive the surface of the moon it was built on, and to make ships. Of course, that didn't stop the gruff old Airship mechanic from looking upon it with a grin. Sydney "Call me Syd" Fanta was from a long line of Airship builders and mechanics, and when she got the offer to redesign Airships to survive in space, she took it in a heartbeat. When after seeing her design she was offered the chance to run the first Shipyard, well she never had been a fan of Vale anyways. Everyone was too happy all the time. Though she thought with a smirk about how her apprentices running the shop back home would react to the sight of her smiling now.

"Yeah, this is the life."

She took a big inhale, breathing in the scent of metal, oil, and Dust that she was so familiar with. She was ready for anything. Then the sound of something heavy and metal crashing to the ground interrupted her. The grin rapidly slid off her face.

'Looks like the first thing I'm gonna have to do is whip these kids into something with at least some skill and sense in their heads so they're ready once this place is done.'

She stalked off after the sound, the shipyard's sleeping machines whirring quietly around her.

Build mine on planetary body

"So how are the mines coming along? I heard the second mine was having some issues, is that all fixed up?"

"The first mine went just fine. We found the minerals where we were expecting them so we went ahead and dropped the materials to setup. The second one was having so much trouble because what we thought was a mineral deposit exposed by the cracking of the moon turned out to only be surface level. We did, however, find another mineral deposit relatively close, so we just moved the mine. Luckily we weren't setup yet or that may have been a bit difficult."

The pair looked over the estimations of deposit's for the surface of the moon. Honestly, they could probably only support one more permanent mine based on what they know.

"Gonna have to hope those scientist fellers whip up something to help us find more pockets. Let them know that for me, ya hear? I ain't gonna have us run into anymore fake pockets."

Research Upgraded Ship Type

"Look, our designs failed. Simple as that. The new design for the construction ship was supposed to be better at mining, but it looks like in practical design, they found out that a design quirk makes miners grind to a halt before crunching up the rotary system. Something to do with low gravity making the thing pull strangely. Funny enough, it apparently would work better than normal on high gravity planets. So let's get back to the drawing board, try this again, and this time give them something that i can brag about."

Syd looked out to the group of designers and engineers. Though this design may have failed, she could tell none of them were ready to back-down. Now all she had to do was convince the Council to let her team have another crack at it, and she knew they'd come at it with a fire in their eyes that'd put the previous design to shame.